20 Best Restaurants in Virginia

Photo by Daniel Halseth from Unsplash

Virginia is a state in the United States of America, which is also known as “the birthplace of a nation” because it’s one of the first permanent English settlements.

Virginia is a state that offers diverse tourist destinations in the US, from historical places, natural beauty, to shopping.

Virginia is also known for its Southern food. Because of the state that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia is a state that’s abundant in seafood.

Tripboba has compiled the 20 best restaurants in Virginia that are spread in several cities that you can explore while you’re visiting the states.



If you’re visiting Virginia Beach and looking for a great place to eat, then Waterman’s Surfside Grille is a great option. You can find this restaurant at 415 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, and it’s open seven days a week from lunchtime until dinner time.

Waterman’s Surfside Grille is a restaurant that serves seafood and grill dishes such as steaks and ribs. Here, you can even enjoy your food and the stunning view of the ocean at the same time. Also, make sure that you don’t miss their signature dishes, which include She Crab Soup and Original Orange Crush cocktail.

Waterman's Surfside Grille

If you’re looking for a family friendly, oceanfront spot with outstanding food, this is your spot.

They provide the freshest seafood and a great selection of cocktails.

The homemade chips are crispy and paired nicely with the hot crab dip.

Their crab cakes are also pretty good quality and lumpy as well.

Address : 415 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA


Another oceanfront dining in Virginia Beach that is worth checking out is Chix on the Beach that is located at 701 Atlantic Avenue. You can visit this restaurant from 11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday and from 11.00 a.m. until 02.00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Chix on the Beach is a casual restaurant that is perfect for dining, especially if you want to taste the deliciousness of the local seafood. This restaurant also features a full bar where you can get a drink and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere.

Chix on the Beach

Beachfront restaurant with local seafood & American food with full bar.

There is plenty of outdoor seating with a view of the beach with very good food.

Address : 701 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA


If you’re looking for an iconic breakfast spot in Virginia Beach, then look no further than Pocahontas Pancake House. This restaurant is located at 3420 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach and it’s open from 07.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. daily.

As the name suggests, Pocahontas Pancake House is a place where you will find many choices of pancakes, from buttermilk, blueberry, apple, gluten-free, and many more. Besides pancakes, you will also find many choices of yummy Belgian waffles, sandwiches, omelets, and other breakfast fares.

Pocahontas Pancake House

A seaside restaurant decorated with murals famous for pancakes & eggs.

They even feature a combo menu that includes pancakes, waffles, meat and egg options.

Address : 3420 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, USA


Leaping Lizard Café is a café in Virginia Beach that many locals love. This restaurant is located at 4408 Shore Drive and it’s open for brunch and lunch daily. Various brunch and lunch options are available for you, including sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

Leaping Lizard Café has unique and quirky decorations, and once you step into this restaurant you will be welcomed with various interesting items. There’s also an antique shop where you can buy some items to bring home as souvenirs.

Leaping Lizard Cafe

Family friendly cafe serving casual lunch & brunch with sandwiches, wraps & salads.

The menu at Leaping Lizard Café has a good variety and is delicious.

Address : 4408 Shore Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA


If you happen to be in Norfolk, then you should stop by Freemason Abbey Restaurant that is located at 209 W Freemason Street, Norfolk. This restaurant is seven days a week open from 11.00 a.m. until 09.00 p.m.

It’s not hard to spot this unique restaurant because it’s situated in a circa 1873 church with a tavern ambiance and stained glass. Here, you will be served with traditional American fare as well as pasta, seafood, fish, as well as steaks.

Freemason Abbey Restaurant

Freemason Abbey Restaurant has to be one of the classiest restaurants in Norfolk city.

While taste and hospitality are some of its best quality, the room setting will lead you to the next level of comfortable.

You should try their signature menu called She Crab Soup, the taste is exceptional.

The portion sizes are also good, not too little not too much.

Address : 209 W Freemason St, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States


No Frill Bar And Grill is a casual eating spot in Norfolk where you can get a variety of hearty meals to satisfy your hunger. You can find this restaurant at 806 Spotswood Avenue, Norfolk and it’s open from 11.00 a.m. until 09.00 p.m. daily.

From quesadillas, nachos, pierogies, pitas, sandwiches, burgers, platters, to salads, you can enjoy them all here. With the price and the portion that they serve, No Frill Bar And Grill is also a great option if you’re visiting the city with your family.

No Frill Bar and Grill

For another great experience with food, better visit No Frill Bar and Grill.

This casual American eatery comes with a board menu of comfort food, pitas, and salads in a colorful setting space.

As one of the most rated restaurants in Norfolk Virginia.

It allows you to enjoy delicious dishes like pitas, shrimp and grits, and cheese bread in a nice atmosphere room setting.

Address : 806 Spotswood Ave, Norfolk, VA 23517, United States


If you’re a grilled cheese lover, then you must visit the Grilled Cheese restaurant that is located at 345 Granby Street Norfolk. You can visit this restaurant from 11.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. on Wednesday and from 11.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday.

Grilled Cheese is a paradise for you who love grilled cheese because here, you will find plenty of choices of mouthwatering grilled cheese with different kinds of fillings. But one item that you can’t miss is the Don Quixote that won the predicate as the best-grilled cheese in Virginia.

Grilled Cheese

The elevated grilled cheese sandwich is the focus of this quaint cafe.

They have specialty grilled cheeses, Italian meatballs, great beer, cinnamon, etc.

Address : 345 Granby St, Norfolk, VA 23510, USA


Captain Groovy’s Grill & Raw Bar is another great eating place in Norfolk. You can find this restaurant at 8101 Shore Drive and it’s open from 11.00 a.m. until 09.00 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday.

The wharf-themed restaurant with a laid-back and fun atmosphere serves local seafood dishes that can satisfy your appetite. They also have a different special menu every day, so make sure you order it and treat yourself to some hearty and delicious dishes.

Captain Groovy's Grill & Raw Bar

Pier themed restaurant with regional seafood dishes & casual cuisine, with bar & terrace.

Provide clean and well stocked indoor and outdoor areas.

They also do an incredible weekend brunch.

Address : 8101 Shore Dr, Norfolk, VA 23518, USA


Chesapeake is another city in Virginia that has many great restaurants, and one of them is The Egg Bistro. This restaurant is located at 501 Kempsville Road, Chesapeake and it’s open from 07.00 a.m. until 02.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday and from 07.00 a.m. until 03.00 p.m. on the weekend.

The Egg Bistro is the go-to place for breakfast in Chesapeake since there are plenty of choices of breakfast dishes that are made from fresh local products. There are also vegan and vegetarian dishes for your special diet. If you love to drink, you should stop by the bar and order their bloody Mary’s that has the predicate as the best for 13 years.

The Egg Bistro

Ample breakfast menu during the day in a sunny American bistro.

This little place continues to impress customers with amazing and creative dishes.

Address : 501 Kempsville Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23320, USA


If you’re looking for a place that serves meat dishes in Chesapeake, then look no further than the Butcher’s Son that is located at 500 S Battlefield Boulevard. The Butcher’s Son is open for dinner from Monday to Saturday. Meanwhile, on Monday it’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At this local chophouse restaurant, you will find choices of meat dishes made from antibiotic-free, steroid-free, humanely treated beef, pork, and poultry. In addition, The Butcher’s Sun also offers freshly caught seafood every day, such as salmon, tuna, and scallops.

The Butcher's Son

Stylish chophouse with selected organic & seafood steaks.

They also have traditional beer & Sunday brunch.

Address : 500 S Battlefield Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23322, USA


If you want to eat something more interesting while you’re in Chesapeake, then you should come to Kervan Kebab House. You can find this Turkish restaurant in Parkview Shopping Center, approximately at 1757 Parkview Drive Suite B. Kevan Kebab House opens its door for the customers from 11.00 a.m. until 07.30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Choices of Turkish dishes, such as borek, beef doner, chicken doner, and kofte can be enjoyed here. And if you want some meal to go, there are tasty sandwiches available to accompany you on the way.

Kervan Kebab House

Fresh Food on decent Price Kabobs were fresh and well done. Price and service was great. If looking for quick fresh food without guilt of fast food, try this place.

Hello Lamb! Clean... I love lamb, few places get it right. I love this slow cooked, tender, gently seasoned lamb. The salads Light fruity-olive oil and lemon dressing has a 1001 uses. The dish was simple, not over salted “like...

Best Turkish Restaurant Me and my family were visiting the area for my daughters softball tournament, wanted to have dinner after a long drive. Googled the place had very good dinner. The portions were good, we had chicken skewers...

Address : 1757 Parkview Dr Ste B, Chesapeake, VA 23320-2630


Just in case you’re craving some Japanese food while you’re in Chesapeake, there’s a great Japanese restaurant that you can visit called Yama Sushi. Yama Sushi is located at 109 Volvo Parkway #8 and it’s open seven days a week from lunchtime until dinner time.

Once you entered Yama Sushi, you will be welcomed in a vibrant space with booths. At this restaurant, you will find traditional sushi rolls such as shrimp tempura roll, tuna roll, salmon roll, and many more. Make sure to also try the Yama Special Roll and noodle dishes to make your dining experience even more complete.

Yama Sushi Chesapeake

Vibrant dining space serving up traditional sushi rolls & Japanese entrees, plus lunch specials.

The restaurant is very clean and the decor is interesting.

Address : 109 Volvo Pkwy #8, Chesapeake, VA 23320, USA


Visiting Arlington is not complete without stopping by at the great restaurants that the city has, and one of them is Ambar Clarendon that is located at 2901 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington. This restaurant is open for business seven days a week from 11.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m.

Ambar Clarendon is a restaurant that serves traditional Balkan dishes for brunch, lunch, and dinner. If you have an allergy, you don’t have to worry because Ambar Clarendon provides menus that can be modified to your needs. And if you’re a vegan or vegetarian, they also have special menus to cater to your diet.

Ambar Clarendon

Traditional small & large Balkan dishes, plus regional spirits served in window-clad corner space.

If you like Eastern European food, and a relaxed atmosphere, it's a great place to visit.

Address : 2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, USA


Lyon Hall is the place to go if you’re looking for a place that serves French dishes. You can find this restaurant at 3100 Washington Boulevard, Arlington and it’s open for dinner time from Monday to Thursday. Meanwhile, from Friday to Sunday, Lyon Hall is open for lunch and dinner.

This trendy eatery serves many kinds of dishes that will definitely pamper your taste buds, from house-made sausage & schnitzel, mussel pots, freshly baked bread, and many more. Pair your meal with the selections of drinks, including wines, beers, and craft cocktails.

Lyon Hall

Trendy French-German brasserie offering a meat-heavy menu & a unique beer selection.

Menu has a variety of choices both omnivores and vegetarians

Address : 3100 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, USA

15. PHO 75

Getting yourself something soupy and warm to eat is never a bad idea, and Pho 75 is the place where you can enjoy warm and hearty Vietnamese soups. You can visit Pho 75 in the Colonial Village Shopping Center, approximately at 1721 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, and it’s open from 10.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. daily.

This cash-only restaurant serves delicious pho with choices of meat and vegetables in affordable prices. The broth tastes pho-nomenal that you want to bottle it and take it home. The quick service of the restaurant will make you able to enjoy your pho in no time.

Pho 75

BYOB featuring the best Pho in Philly. This place is friendly and very inexpensive . We come here periodically. The location is interesting ( we always stop at the Asian Supermarket on Wing Phat Plaza) but the parking is not always...

Best phone in philly and beyond I live in s.e. Asia 7 months out of the year frequenting Vietnam often and the pho here is comparable if I dare say even better then over there. When I'm living and working in philly I always come...

Excellent Pho in Philadelphia Food, service and facility were outstanding. The Washington Avenue location is in a mall that features a great “Costco” type Vietnamese grocery store. If you need great Pho, produce, fresh seafood...

Address : 1122 Washington Ave Wing Phat Plaza, Philadelphia, PA 19147-3800

16. RUS UZ

Another place in Arlington that serves global dishes is Rus Uz. This restaurant specifically serves dishes that are inspired by Russian and Uzbek cuisine. You can find Rus Uz at 1000 N Randolph St #3a, Arlington, and it’s open from lunch until dinner time every day.

Here, you will find many appetizing dishes, such as vareniki, lamb shashlyk, plov, goluptsi, and many more. If you love to drink, you should try the traditional and infused vodkas. And if you’re not a drinker, tea, compot, and kvas are available for you to enjoy.

Rus Uz - Arlington

Great Valentines Day Special We planned to be in town on Valentines Day and made a reservation in advance. They had a special pre fixe menu with many options at a very reasonable price which included dessert and a bottle of...

Great Russian food with an Uzbek twist. Great food in a convenient area of town. Very nice atmosphere with good seating and great service.I recommend the Borscht and a pot of Black Tea.Be sure to check out their market next...

Neignbood gem This is my fourth time at this restaurant, after many years. It was always a luxury to go because the food is heavy and I don’t always feel like I want to feel stuffed. However, it is such a nice place, with great...

Address : 1000 N Randolph St, Arlington, VA 22201-5627


Richmon is the capital city of Virginia, and there are also many great restaurants that are worth visiting, and one of them is Stella’s which is located at 1012 Lafayette Street. This restaurant opens its door for the customer for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday and for dinner only on Saturday.

At Stella’s, you will be able to enjoy modern Greek fare made from high-quality ingredients at a nice portion. The atmosphere and tastes of the dishes that Stella’s offers will make you feel like you’re truly taking a trip to Greece and make you want to come back again.

Estella's Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food in Ganado We eat here at least once a month and the Enchiladas are always good. Being a creature of habit, I always eat the same thing. Their guacamole has always tasted good to me - fresh and just made. They do have a...

Good Food - Great Prices A local little Mexican food place with good food, friendly service and great prices for what you get. The tacos were good but the chalupas were a little different. They were just beans spread on the chip,...

Great food Nice friendly restaurant. The Garne guisada was what I'd been looking for, their's was as flavorful as I've found. Fast service and great flavored Mexican food!!

Address : 109 S 3rd St, Ganado, TX 77962

Stella's, Richmond

A restaurant features modern Greek food.

They serve high quality food, great cocktails and friendly service.

The food is definitely fresh and everything is very tasty.

Address : 1012 Lafayette St, Richmond, VA 23221, USA


Another eatery that you must check out while you’re in Richmond is Perly’s. This restaurant is located at 111 E Grace Street and it’s open seven days a week from 09.00 a.m. until 03.00 p.m.

Perly’s is a Jewish restaurant and deli that serves yummy traditional Jewish cuisine with a modern twist. They have plenty of choices of foods, ranging from meat, seafood, eggs, and salads. While you’re here make sure to try their specialty sandwiches that are guarantee to make you want more.

Perly's, Richmond

A funky retro restaurant decorated with old photos.

They offer creative Jewish snacks & dinner.

Address : 111 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA


If you’re looking for a great spot in Richmond that serves exceptional food in an interesting space, then look no further than Supper. You can visit Supper at 1215 Summit Avenue and it’s open from 11.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday, and from 10.00 a.m. until 09.00 p.m. on the weekend.

Once you entered this restaurant, you will be welcomed in a rustic space with quirky and unique decoration. Here, you can enjoy salads, bowls, burgers, appetizers, and many more. Don’t miss to try their signature dishes such as salmon, boneless braised short ribs, fried chicken, and bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

Supper, Richmond

Homey vibe to enjoy delicious southern style food.

Serving innovative American food as well as a brunch menu.

There are beef short ribs with Mac & cheese bacon, Texas toast, sandwiches and drinks

Address : 1215 Summit Ave, Richmond, VA 23230, USA


In Richmond, there’s also a great restaurant that serves Cuban dishes, namely Kuba Kuba. This restaurant is located at 1601 Park Avenue, Richmond and it’s open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week.

Although it’s tiny, Kuba Kuba houses numerous Cuban fare that is served in a vibrant and fun atmosphere. From Cuban sandwich, turkey press, to Kuban roast pork, you can enjoy them all here. Treat yourself to the desserts they offer to end your eating experience on a sweet note.

Kuba Kuba

It is really great Cuban restaurant.

They serve casual Cuban dishes with wine, beer & brunch.

Address : 1601 Park Ave, Richmond, VA 23220, USA