20 Best Spring Break Destinations In France

Paris, France - Photo by Eugene Dorosh from www.pexels.com

France is well-known as a romantic tourist destination.

As the capital city in Paris, every year this tourist destination becomes one of the popular destinations that can attract millions of travelers to explore its beauty.

If you are interested in exploring the beauty of France on a spring break vacation, you can visit the following places.

You can start from the most popular in the middle of the city, to the corners that are rarely known to people.

Here are the 20 best spring break destinations in France for your spring break holidays.



Calanque Morgiou is a small cove bordered by limestone walls. Calanque is located in the city of Marseille, a beautiful city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, France. This calanque is the largest of the other calanques that stretch from Marseille to Cassis for 20 km on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only that, this area is also protected and is included in the Calanques National Park.

In addition, there is a cave in this area, namely Cosquer Cave, which is located about 37 meters below sea level. Bordered by limestone cliffs, the beauty of this bay area is increasingly visible with the clear green water color. Reporting from the Guardian, this national park is also home to leaf geckos, Ocellated lizards and 13 species of bats. While in the sea, if you are lucky you will see dolphins, loggerhead turtles and fin whales in Cassis waters.

Calanques France

One of the most amazing places to hike with beautiful beaches and the sea at the finish line.

Address : Massif des Calanques, 13009 Marseille, France


No trip to France is complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower. As an icon of tourist attractions in Paris, Eiffel is one of the most famous and important monuments for France. Besides being able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Eiffel tower from a distance, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of Paris from the top of the tower. If you want to visit the Eiffel Tower, which is an icon of the City of Paris, it is recommended that you come at night. This is because the garden lights and tower lights make the tower look elegant and romantic.

To enter an area very close to the Eiffel foot, you only need to pass a non-permanent security post. Your bag will be opened and checked, metal detector will also explore the surface of your body, after that, please hang out for free under the tallest tower in the world that period 1889-1930. You can just sit around pretty or feed the pigeons. You can also snack on drinks and snacks.

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a landmark and an early example of wrought-iron construction on a gigantic scale.

It's surrounded by the glass wall and you have to pay to get very close to it or if u want to climb up.

At night, the tower will transform into glittering piece of art.

You can go up at the tower to see the overlooking city of Paris.

It's the most popular attraction in the world and for whatever reason.

Address : Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France


This next tourist spot in Paris must be on your wish-list. Built in 1988 and opened to the public in 1992, Disneyland Paris in the Marne-La-Valle area is a favorite leisure destination in Paris. Various Disneyland special rides such as Princess Disney castles and games with the concept of Disney films and animations will bring you and your family into the world of imagination and nostalgia for a pleasant childhood. It is the best place to take your family in the spring break holiday and having lots of fun.

Disneyland is more than just a theme park. Here you can experience the greatest "magical" Disney adventure of all time. There are more than 50 attractions, including the Pirates of the Caribbean ocean ride, Zoom Galaxy, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, a doll world tour and Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park.

Paris Disneyland

A famous spot with various special Disneyland rides such as castles and Princess Disney games with film and animation concepts.

It will take you and your family into a world of imagination and nostalgia for childhood fun.

Address : Boulevard de Parc, 77700 Chessy, France


Parc Borely is an urban park located on Allee Borely in the Gulf of Marseille region. This 17 hectare park was built in the 17th century by a French merchant, Joseph Borely. This beautiful garden is situated next to the Jardin Botanique E.M. Heckel. Inside the Parc Borely area is divided into 3 parts, including: Garden a la Francaise, English Garden, and a path (promenade) that connects this park with the shore of the Gulf of Marseille.

In this complex there is also Chateau Borely. Meanwhile, in the English Garden section, there is a miniature Notre-Dame de la Garde. In addition, Parc Borely is also included in the list of Notable Gardens of France. It is certain how beautiful this city park is. You can spend your spring break holiday in this place.

Parc Borély

The park is 17 hectares in size. It adjoins the Jardin botanique E.M. Heckel.

Address : Avenue du Parc Borély, 13008 Marseille, France


Vieux Port de Marseille or also commonly known as the Old Port of Marseille is a natural port with a beautiful nuance. This port is located at the end of La Canebiere street, Old Quarter area of Marseille. This port was built by the Greeks in the 6th century. This port is different from the port in general because the port area is limited by 2 forts, namely Fort Saint-Nicolas and Fort Saint-Jean. A natural port with its own uniqueness, make sure you don't miss it.

Today, Old Pport is a major tourist spot as well as the best location to sample Marseille specialties. In this area there are various restaurants, cafes and food stalls. At the end of the harbor is the Quai des Belges, a fish market that is open daily. Around the Old Port there are also several important landmarks such as St. Victor's Abbey, Pahre de Sainte Marie Lighthouse, Hotel de Ville and the Roman Dock Museum.

Le Vieux Port

Beautiful port A beautiful port but full of pocket thieves and a very small police patrols. Twice I was nearly to get robbed and I didn’t like it all. In a place full of tourists, it is a shame not p have a strong police...

Nice and lively “historical” place in Marseille Super lively place at all times. The place to be to visit the famous calanques or to take the small touristy train

Nice place but nothing exceptional. It's a nice enough place but nothing really exceptional. It's crowded with restaurants of course but most of them are really tourist traps.

Address : Quai des Bleges, 13002 Marseille France


There are many historical relics that you can visit while on vacation to France, one of which is the Palace of Versailles. Located in a suburb of Paris and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this historic French tourist attraction will spoil you with its architectural splendor as well as a captivating royal ambiance. Apart from the grandeur of the palace, when visiting this tourist spot in France you will be guided and told about the long history of the French empire as well as interesting facts about the palace of Versailles.

There are at least three major parts that we can visit in this palace, namely the Palace, Palace of Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Estate, and Gardens. Because the place is very large, it's impossible to explore everything in a day. Even so, there are at least a few places you shouldn't miss when you get there.

Palace of Versailles

Social distancing nightmare Could be an amazing experience. However social distancing is not possible at all. They don’t seem to be restricting numbers in anyway. It’s easy to see why there’s a spike in COVID cases in Paris...

Average Experience but priceless art & artefacts We live in Versailles from the last 2 years. Although we go very often to Run/ Bicycle around the lake and have also visited the Gardens for Fireworks and Fountain displays, this...

Golden palace We were excited to visit the Palace de Versailles and enjoyed the visit including the gardens, there were amazing things to see. However, social distancing was a challenge and this was not respected and not enforced...

Address : Place d'Armes, 78000, Versailles France


The Arc de Triomphe is a building that was established during the Napoleonic period around 1806. At the bottom of this building there is an anonymous soldier's grave which aims to commemorate the soldiers who died during World War I. If you want to visit Arc de Triomphe, it is highly recommended you to come at night. This is because the city lights make this building look beautiful.

The Arc de Triomphe is not just a historical building with artistic value. The building has many statues depicting events of the revolution as well as the imperial period. There is also an eternal fire and a museum that holds various things related to the history of the building. The top of the building offers great views of Paris. Apart from that, you can also observe patriotic symbols for unknown soldiers who died during the First World War.

Arc de triomphe de l'Étoile

The Arc de Triomphe is one of the world’s best-known commemorative neoclassical monuments.

There is a little video playing on the second floor which gives you details of its history.

lots of spiral stairs to climb, worth the view.

The access to the Arc is underground and is totally free.

Address : Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris, France


The Seine River is a river which is one of the romantic places to visit in Paris. This river flows through the City of Paris. So it is no wonder that the Seine River is already very well known by both local and foreign visitors. A calming river atmosphere wrapped in classic architecture from the City of Paris, coupled with the presence of several sailing ships, visiting this tourist attraction in Paris at golden hour can be a relaxing experience.

Walking on the bridge of the Seine River, you will find a strange sight, namely hundreds of padlocks with the names of couples lined up. This is the lock of love, couples who visit the Seine. They believe that by installing a padlock with a name written on it, then throwing the padlock into the bottom of the river their love will be eternal.

Seine River

is a 777-kilometre-long (483 mi) river and an important commercial waterway within the Paris Basin in the north of France


The Louvre Museum is home to hundreds of thousands of legendary works of world art. You can find them from ancient Egyptian heritage collections to Greek civilization at this favorite French tourist destination. Apart from works of art and historical artifacts, the attraction of this tourist attraction in France is the architecture of the buildings which are very charming. The combination of classic, elegant and luxurious modern architecture makes the Louvre museum a favorite destination for tourists who love photography.

It cannot be denied that the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is the most popular painting in the museum. However, don't just come to the Louvre Museum for the Mona Lisa, because there are many other works of art that you can enjoy. There is a painting of Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix, a statue of Winged Victory of Samothrace and a statue of Venus de Milo from Ancient Greece, a painting of the Coronation of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David, a painting of Raft of the Medusa, and thousands of other works of art that you can see.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is the largest art museum in the world and a historical monument in Paris, France.

This museum takes you into the era of art and makes you wonder about the extraordinary talents of ancient artists.

There are so many interesting items tucked into little corners.

It's amazing to be able to photograph such a famous masterpiece painting.

The Louvre is a must-visit whenever you are in Paris.

Address : Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France


Chateau de Villandry is a very beautiful garden with various types of plants that exist in this place. Not only that, this plant is also formed in such a way with unique patterns and attracts your heart. Talking about history, it turns out that the name Chateau de Villandry has been built since the 14th century. This park always changes ownership and changes its shape and structure.

Chateau de Villandry is famous for its vast gardens that form a giant labyrinth. Cycling is the most popular activity here. Pedal your bike along the Loire A Velo, a bicycle track that runs along the banks of the Loire River. Enjoy the cool breeze, warm sunshine, colorful flowers, and castles that stand majestically before your eyes.

Château de Villandry

One of the most stunning gardens with a magnificent castle and manicured grounds.

So many interesting things to look at, sit back and relax in the shadows and watch the beautiful surroundings.

It will be interesting to read the different passages and the reasons behind their arrangement.

Address : 3 Rue Principale, 37510 Villandry, France


Little Venice is located in Colmar. If you visit this place, you will be greeted with a view of the building with the old architectural style and the walls with various colors. In this place, there is a canal that attracts tourists. You can rent a boat to go down the canal while seeing the beauty of the buildings around it. As you walk down the canal, it will feel like you were in France in the old days.

This beautiful and romantic atmosphere is one of the places you must visit with your partner. The Little Venice is one of the best spring break destination you can visit in France. Its floating-alike town resembling the Venice in Italy and you can get around the place by getting on boat and sailing around through the canals.

Little Venice France

Beautiful river with authentic village.

Address : 18 Avenue Maréchal Joffre, 64200 Biarritz, France


The Notre Dame Cathedral is the largest church in France with a gothic-style architecture that is full of historical values. Meaning “Our Mother in Paris,” this church which is often a destination for religious tourism in France has a charming classic interior design to enjoy. From this church too, you can see a panoramic view of the beautiful Seine city.

Many national and international scale events are held in this place, making it one of the religious tourism spots visited by thousands of tourists every year. The south side tower of Notre Dame has a large bell named Emmanuel which was overhauled in 1961. This 3.5 meter diameter and 5 meter high bell will ring once an hour followed by another chime. This place can be your religious destination for your next spring break destination in France.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Gothic edifice, built from 1187 to 1439, with a 16th-century astronomical clock & a rose window

Address : Place de la Cathédrale, 67000 Strasbourg, France


The next tourist attraction in France is in the city of Montemarte, a small historic town full of classic atmosphere and high-class art. It is no wonder that the architecture of this city looks beautiful and has high artistic value. Considering that this city was the home of world artists such as Pablo Picasso and the legendary Vincent Van Gogh. You can make this destination as one of your wish list in France.

Many tourists visit Montmartre to visit the Sacré-Coeur and Moulin Rouge churches. However, many do not know that the area itself offers unique tours that seem endless to be explored. You can go to the Sacré-Coeur, which is a Catholic church located at the top of the Montmartre hill. Then there is also Rue Foyatier, a street in Montmartre that opened in 1867 and is a favorite object of photographers. In addition there is Abbesses, a subway station located in the center of Montmartre. Around the wall of the stairs, there are photos of the Montmartre area that you can see.

Montmartre France

If you are a lover of antique style, classic buildings, elegant and ancient, this is the tourist spot in France that must be visited.

It is fun to walk along the stairs to see the incredible monument.

This spot has a high historical value.

Address : Montmartre, 75018 Paris, France


Place De La Concorde is another tourist spot in France that will present a typical French view. Octagon-shaped square in between the Tuileries Gardens. Besides that, you can take a walk around the Champs Elysees which is beautifully designed with garden ornaments, fountains, and beautiful garden lights, especially at night.

In this place you can find two well-known fountains, namely Fontaine des Mers and Fontaine des Fleuves. This historical tourist spot used to be named Place Louis XV in honor of the king who ruled at that time. There is a statue of the king built by Edmé Bouchardon and completed by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle after Edmé Bouchardon's death. This place will be one of your best spring break destinations in France.

Place de la Concorde

Major Square in Paris A major Parisian square between the Champs-Elysees and the Tuileries Garden, this is a beauty. Decorated with statues and fountains, it was designed as a moat surrounded octagon. Not to be missed when in...

Lovely big square And thsts it really. Cool Egyptian obelisk, some lovely fountains but essentially a square between two places

One of the most beautiful iconic Parisian photo spots Stunning views of the best of Paris - one of the best places for photos. While Hotel de Crillon is still not open (due to open at the end of August), there is an old-fashioned...

Address : Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris France


Saint-Malo is a coastal tourist attraction in western France. This waterfront area that was transformed into a tourist destination in France was originally a fort built to protect the Rance river from pirates. Not only enjoying the beauty of the beach and playing in the shallow sea, there are various other French tourist attractions that can be visited in this area such as the Grand Aquarium, Grande Porte, Musee de la Ville, and also Porte St Vincent.

The Saint Vincent Gate was built for easy access to the city in Saint Malo. After you pass this gate, you will be in the old town. If you don't have enough time to visit all the places, taking a small train is a good idea as it will stop at all the famous spots in the city. Saint Malo can be your best travel destination during spring break in France.


The Saint-Malo Cathedral, in the center of the old town, is built in Romanesque and Gothic styles and features stained-glass windows depicting city history.

Address : Saint-Malo, France


Verdon Gorge is said to be the most beautiful panoramic cliff in Europe, a natural area that is a little far closer to the border between France and Italy. Even though it's a bit difficult to reach, the stunning natural landscape makes this tourist destination in France worth a visit. With green trees combined with exotic cliffs and turquoise waters, of course the natural scenery at Verdon Gorge can spoil the eyes and calm the mind in an instant.

Verdon Gorge offers turquoise water and white rocks will greet you. The charm of its natural beauty makes anyone want to jump right into the water. Its calm current is perfect for relaxing swimming. If you want to explore the river by boat, you can borrow a kayak from the loan shops in these two villages.

Verdon Gorge

Paths include the Blanc-Martel trail, ending at Point Sublime lookout.

Address : 83630 Aiguines, France


In France, to be precise in the City of Nimes, there is a historical tourist attraction that will remind you of the Colosseum in Italy. Known as Aresnes de Nimes, this tourist attraction in France has existed since ancient Roman times and has an architecture resembling a Colosseum building. The splendor and stunning architectural details that are still preserved today make it a tourist destination that is never empty of tourists.

Small town but touristic and sympathetic as it strolls down the cobbled streets. The restaurant, the eatery cafe mostly has a mix of French Provençal and Occitan interior decorations. The souvenirs offered around Nimes are also sometimes dominated by black bull images. Nïmes is also famous for its corridor parties, where bulls are released, chasing humans who run in fear but occasionally ridicule the beast's prowess, making the bulls even more angry.

Arenes de Nimes

Built around 70 CE, shortly after the Coliseum of Rome, it is one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world.

Address : Boulevard des Arènes, 30000 Nîmes, France


This tourist attraction in Paris can give you the experience of exploring an interesting city in the past. Le Marais is a historic district in Paris where there are buildings with historical importance to the city of Paris. Exploring this part of Paris will give you an overview and atmosphere of classic medieval Paris.

The Le Marais area is also often referred to as the Old City of Paris. Today, Le Marais is known as one of the trendy areas with its rows of restaurants, cafes, unique shops, and art galleries. As the city only has a small area, it will be easy to explore many places in a short time. In Le Marais there is the most famous restaurant, L'As du Fallafel. When you want to try this restaurant's cuisine, you will definitely get a very long queue. Worth to try, tho!

Le Marais

Long Lines Decent Food The brunch wait is obscene for what you end up getting. However, the boards are a great way to sample a lot of items that are pretty good.

Long Waits for Decent Fare We arrived for brunch and had to wait over an hour for a table. The food is comprised of baked goods and mostly pre-made dishes. I'm not certain why the service is so slow. The boards are a good deal, but...

A good place to be! I have visitied Le Marais several times in the last year. It's always a little different, always good. People work there, real people so sometimes the service is a little better that other times, but there is...

Address : 498 Sanchez St Castro, San Francisco, CA 94114-2027


The beautiful panorama of Le Jardin des Serres d'Auteuil (Greenhouses of Auteuil garden) with a giant greenhouse, you can enjoy a variety of artificial natural beauty ranging from beautiful orchid gardens. In addition there are gardens with classic decorations and fountains to various species of small birds that make this place their home. This park, which was built in the 18th century on the idea of King Louis XV, is a tourist destination in France that is well worth a visit.

Even more impressive, you will be happy with the statues and fountains in this park. There are many things that this garden tries to offer, one of which is the view of orchids. Apparently the beautiful orchid flower has even become a nest for a number of cute little birds. You are guaranteed to be satisfied and happy while you are in this place, especially when having recreation with your family.

Jardin des Serres d’auteuil

This is an excellent botanical garden offering a wide variety of flora, and cool views.

In the center of the square you have a large palm with a small lake and different species of birds.

If you love colors, shapes, smells, and of course flowers, this is a must-visit.

Address : 3 Avenue de la Porte d'Auteuil, 75016 Paris, France


Another recommendation for spring break holidays in France that you can visit is Mont Saint-Michel. This rocky island in Normadi deserves to be a favorite choice of tourist attractions in France because of its exotic beauty. Mont Saint Michel has its exotic beauty, which consists of historic old buildings framed with panoramic views of the ocean and natural rocks making this area a charming antique painting.

When visiting here, you can walk around this area and take a closer look at classical architecture. You will also find various merchants offering local snacks and trinkets that can be used as souvenirs after your vacation in France. It is an ideal spring break destination where you can spend your holiday with friends, couples, and family.

Mont Saint-Michel

The island lies approximately one kilometer off the country's northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 7 hectares in area.

Address : 50170 Mont Saint-Michel, France