20 Best Spring Break Destinations In Ireland


Ireland is one of European countries that should be on your travel bucket list for the spring break.

Ireland is indeed a small country, but this country is known for its reputation for its beautiful landscapes and well-preserved historical remains.

Not only that, Ireland is also a country that is known to tourists.

You should consider Ireland and its beautiful tourist destinations in the next spring break.

So, if you have the opportunity to have a vacation in Ireland, here are the 20 best spring break destinations in Irekand that you can visit.



The area around Glenveagh Castle is Ireland's second largest National Park, after the Wicklow Mountains and covering most of the Derryveagh Mountains. The icy basin known as the Poisoned Glen, a mistranslation of its Irish name, Heavenly Glen and part of Mount Errigal, Donegal's highest peak. It is also home to Ireland's largest herd of red deer.

Glenveagh National Park

An absolutely stunning place to visit or hike with breathtaking views.

You can also rent a bike in the parking lot which is very convenient.

If you want to go somewhere nice and spend the whole day around nature this is the place to be.

Address : Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, Ireland


The Ring of Kerry is a line of vehicles that travels through the Iveragh Peninsula in southwest Ireland in County Kerry. Has a length of 179 kilometers, this path provides a beautiful view and a track that is quite challenging. You can enjoy the scenery along this route such as Skelling Michael, rocky island, and others. If you like the outdoors, you might consider the Ring of Kerry for a walk.

Ring of Kerry

If you are adventurous and want some fresh air, this is your place.

Offers a path surrounded by mountains and a flowing river.

Address : Ring of Kerry, Inchinaleega East, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland


Donegal is one of the cities in Ireland which is known for its magnificent palaces on its rocky coastline and has stunning mountains such as Mount Errigal. In addition, this city also has the Glenveagh National Park which is suitable for nature lovers. If you like green scenery with old buildings, Donegal is a suitable place to visit.


This is an attractive town that offers a variety of tourist attractions.

There are charming harbors, serene beaches and the remains of the stoic rock of centuries ago.

Address : Donegal, Ireland


This port city in Ireland has a beautiful typical Irish landscape. Sligo is also known to be a beautiful destination and one of the best places to visit in Ireland for adventure lovers. This city is also very suitable for surfers because it has big waves and you can also explore the rolling hills around this city while hiking.


This is an interesting place to visit with aesthetic houses.

This place is full of colorful houses and flowing rivers.

Address : Sligo, Ireland


Connemara is a district in western Ireland. This place has many beautiful places which are dominated by mountains and green landscapes, lakes, old buildings, and national parks. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Connemara can be a promising destination for outdoor activities. There are many castles and historical buildings here so you will love them.


The best place to spend your time and feel the fresh air.

Many narrow streets invite you to Rumkurven and its beautiful corner of Ireland.

Address : letterfrack Lodge , Letterfrack, Letterfrack, connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland


Burren, located south and north of the Clare and Kerry areas. One of the tourist attractions in Ireland this is a large area covered with limestone. Sound boring? In contrast, the Burren is another tourist area in Ireland shrouded in mystery. Plants grown on the Burren will not grow anywhere else in the world. If you want to use your spare time in Burren to do other activities, then you can try canoeing in the Lake, or you can also explore the caves in this place.

The Burren

Beautiful place with lots of cliffs that are pleasing to the eye and worth climbing to see them all.

Walking on it really makes you reflect on that natural beauty.

Address : Oughtdarra, Co. Clare, Ireland


Altamont Gardens is a garden that offers green views, a combination of formal and informal gardens. With an area of about 40 acres, this park is the center of recreation in the city of Carlow. You can see a fascinating walk through the Arboretum, Ice Age Glen and Bog Garden. Here you can also find old trees and several other historical sites.

Altamont Gardens

This is a lovely estate with a couple of different walks over meadows and along a river.

There are large shrubs, trees, flowers and waterways.

A pit stop for tea and cake in the cafe and lovely walled garden.

Address : Altamont, Co. Carlow, R93 N882, Ireland


Rowallane Garden is a garden owned by the Natonal Trust, located south of Saintfield, County Down. This park is famous for its extensive collection of rhododendrons and azaleas. You can see a green landscape with a fresh atmosphere and rare plants. This garden is also home to the National Collection of penstemons.

Rowallane Garden

Beautiful garden with lots of trees for children to explore and climb.

A variety of short walks are also suitable for children.

It's a must-visit for this lovely place to take a walk and enjoy the fall colors.

Address : Crossgar Rd, Saintfield, Ballynahinch BT24 7LH, UK


Many Irish people don't realize that their country is home to some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe and they are not the cliffs of Moher. At 601 meters, the cliffs at Slieve League in Donegal are almost three times higher than their more famous Clare County counterparts. This cliff is one of the favorite places for tourists who want to see the big waves hitting the cliffs below. You must visit this place.

Slieve League

Stunning walks with the most breathtaking views and cliffs.

The hike can be as easy as you want.

100% recommend if you are in donegal or even just in ireland.

Address : Slieve League, Shanbally, Co. Donegal, Ireland


The Great Western Greenway is a green line with a length of 43 kilometers. This track in County Mayo is very popular as a cycling destination through green scenery, lakes and mountains. You will also pass Clew Bay which allows you to take a break to enjoy its beauty. This path is deliberately intended for walking and cycling.

Great Western Greenway

This is the best spot for taking a leisurely walk or cycling with your friends.

Offers well-maintained trails with stunning views.

Address : 1 Springfield, Gorteendrunagh, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, F23 XD77, Ireland


Dunluce Castle is a historical fortress built by the MacQuillan family in around 1500. But you need to remember, Dunluce Castel is located in northern Ireland, precisely in Ulster Province, North County Antrim. As we know, the territory of northern Ireland is still part of Great Britain.

Dunluce Castle

Great place to spend a couple of hours Visited on a showery day which worked very well. A dramatic castle with good information about its history, informative guides and amazing views. Well worth a visit

Defo worth a stop! My kids loved running through the ruins - although I was a bit nervous for their safety! There were stunning views. Not pram suitable. And a short walk from the car park is a field where you can get the classic...

Fun short visit with kids Came in the new world. Mildly frustrating that route down cliffs and gift shop were shut but this is understandable. Enjoyed the visit and it felt very safe. Good for the children’s imagination and...

Address : 87 Dunluce Road Co. Antrim, Portrush BT57 8UY Northern Ireland


Mussenden Temple has a beautiful view, because it is right at the end of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. However, the condition of Mussenden Temple is a bit worrying because from year to year the building is threatened with abrasion. However, the local government has taken measures so that this unique building does not disappear.

Mussenden Temple

Mussenden Temple has a beautiful view, because it is right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Address : Sea Coast Rd, Coleraine BT51 4RH, UK


One of the most iconic tourist attractions in the Northern Ireland region is the Giant's Causeway. Yup, this is one of the tours that must be visited by tourists. This giant's Causeway is a collection of hexagonal rocks from volcanic eruption magma deposits billions of years ago. Giants Causeway is also still located in Northern Ireland, Ulster province, County Antrim.

Giant's Causeway

Basalt columns jut upwards out of the sea at this iconic landform with a modern visitor's centre.

Address : Bushmills BT57 8SU, UK


Skellig Michael or also commonly called the Great Skellig is located in the Republic of Ireland, precisely in the County of Kerry. It is a small, uninhabited island that is protected and named a cultural heritage site by UNESCO because this island is a natural habitat for many species of living things. If you want to explore this island, make sure you have a real intention and prepare everything carefully.

Skellig Michael

The Highlight of ourTrip to Ireland We booked a land tour with Skellig Force Awakens with owner/operator Brendan and David Walsh. They are a father and son team that were just AMAZING!! They put safety above all else and were...

Amazing experience Make sure you book well in advance - landing season starts in May and ends in September/October depending on the weather. For planning, dont plan any other activities for the same day. There will likely be...

Beautiful view! Such a beautiful view. We couldn't go ONTO the island of course, but the coastal view was amazing! The gift shop had so many neat things for Star Wards fans!

Address : Ballinskeillig Bay Ireland


Dunquin itself is a village in the Republic of Ireland, but there is a beautiful spot on a small pier, the Sheep Highway. As the name implies, the small and steep path at the end of the cliff is indeed a special path for sheep up and down the cliff. But besides that, the view is also not to be missed, because the sheep highway goes off the coast, which is cool and beautiful.

Dunquin Harbour

As the name implies, the small and steep path at the end of the cliff is indeed a special path for sheep up and down the cliff.

Address : Ballyickeen Commons, Co. Kerry, Ireland


If you love the outdoors, then the Cliffs of Moher are the right choice. Through these cliffs, you can enjoy the most amazing views of the entire island. The beauty of the Cliffs of Moher itself is a natural phenomenon that was carved by the giant river delta more than 320 million years ago. At the top of this stretch are lush green meadows, while the bottom is bathed in the musical sounds of the majestic Galway Bay.

Cliffs of Moher

Nature at its best. Amazing views and great photo ops. Nice gift shop and visitor centre. Large car park and your parking/ entry ticket allows you to return for 7 days...very handy if the weather isnu2019t the best on the day you...

What a place! It's been fifteen years since we last visited the cliffs. As lockdown eased it was a great opportunity to get out and see some sights around the country. The cliffs are as stunning as ever, but it was extra special...

Great experience but PJ made it extra special!! My partner and I are just back from a short break in County Clare and it was a lovely staycation. We visited the Cliffs of Moher on Saturday morning, the weather was good, a bit on...

Address : Lislorkan North, Liscannor Ireland


Connemara National Park is one of 6 national parks in Northern Ireland. Connemara National Park, located in the Galway region of the Republic of Ireland, is a tourist spot that has very beautiful natural scenery. If you really like nature activities, you can go hiking and exploring in this national park.

Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park, located in the Galway region of the Republic of Ireland, is a tourist spot that has very beautiful natural scenery.

Address : Letterfrack, Co. Galway, Ireland


O'brien's Tower is a marker building as the highest point of the Cliffs of Moher. From here, when the weather is clear, if you are lucky enough you can see the small island across from it, namely Aran Island, an island which is famous for having historical sites in Ireland. The most interesting thing about O'brien's tower itself is the view, so if you come here don't forget to take photos.

O'Brien's Tower

From here, when the weather is clear, if you are lucky enough you can see the small island across from it, namely Aran Island, an island which is famous for having historical sites in Ireland.

Address : Burren Way, Lislorkan North, Co. Clare, Ireland


Glendalough is known as one of the most interesting places in Ireland to visit when the holiday season arrives. Glendalough itself is a valley that is also home to the most important monastic site in Ireland. These vast medieval ruins have a compelling story to tell about their fascinating history as well as their breathtaking natural landscapes.


Glendalough itself is a valley that is also home to the most important monastic site in Ireland.

Address : Derrybawn, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Carraig Phádraig or also often referred to as the Rock of Cashel is a magnificent ancient building in Ireland. This gothic architecture building was the residence of the kings of ancient Ireland for more than seven centuries. Among other medieval architecture, this building features the High Cross, Romanesque Chapel, a castle, round tower, and a gothic cathedral that brings you back to its former glory.

Rock of Cashel

Lovely Afternoon Out Very nice site with incredibly well-perserved carvings and tombs. There weren't any guided tours due to Covid, but all the staff were very knowledgable and were happy to give a short talk about the site. It is...

Very nice -- make sure to get there before closing time We barely made it on time -- last admission is at 6:15 pm, strictly (and we walked in the door at around 6:15 pm... but they let us in!). We would have been disappointed if we...

Good Experience & Religious Site The Rock of Cashel was a huge draw for me to come to Ireland. Unfortunately I would say other castles were in less ruin and more put together for tourists. It is an impressive site from the bottom...

Address : Rock Vista Moor Lane, Cashel Ireland