20 Best Spring Break Destinations in Philippines

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The Philippines is one of South-east Asia countries that have many beautiful islands on it and those islands have to be on your spring holiday list!

The Philippines has famous tourist attractions such as beaches, caves, waterfalls, lakes, and rice terraces.

This country also has some historical architectural buildings and landmarks such as Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, and many more!

Put the Philippines on your spring break holiday list and get the extraordinary experience there.

You don't need to think twice, get unforgettable memories on these 20 Best Spring Break Destinations in the Philippines! Let's go!



This historical church is located in Metro Manila, Philippines. San Agustin Church was built in the 16th century (1589) with vaulted ceilings & detailed frescoes. The survival of this church is very struggling, it through seven earthquakes and two fires accidents. This church also the oldest church in the Philippines. The interior design of San Agustin Church is pretty impressive, you will face the wooden doors in the main entrance.

Then, the indoor is full of Mexican interior and the ceiling is filled with 3D painting. This place is also available for wedding ceremony or baptism, it's flexible area. So, make sure this Church to be on your spring holiday list!

San Agustin Church, Manila

What a fantastic treasure trove tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Intramuros.

Original art, beautiful gardens, 400+ year old doors and stunning 3D painted ceilings.

The ceiling is filled with 3D paintings that look and feel like 3D carvings, it's simply amazing.

This museum is a must visit for its peaceful and serene environment.

Address : General Luna St, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines


One of the most visiting places in the Philippines, here in Puerto Galera for you guys. This beach offers you a lot of beautiful things and places such as its wonderful beaches, diversity of marine species, and diving spot. The popular beaches in Puer to Galera are Sabang Beach and White Beach, nearby of the beach there are some shopping stores, dining spot, and some luxury hotels and resorts.

There are a lot of places that you can visit in this island such as exploring Talipanan Beach, or just chill and relax in Aninuan Beach while see the beautiful of white sand. Puerto Galera also is one of the best snorkeling spots in the Philippines, do it here to see some of Asia's best coral reefs and hundreds of fish species.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a perfect paradise that offers many tourist attractions.

Many clear water beaches and beautiful resorts.

Address : Puerto Galera, Poblacion, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines


Have you ever hear about the underground river? does it really exist in this world? Yes, it is! Here for you Puerto Princesa Underground River which located in Palawan, Philippines. This underground river is one of the UNESCO World Heritage site. You need to take a boat tour to explore the mesmerizing five-mile of the underground river, is surrounded by a lot of limestone cliff inside. If you are a wildlife adventures lovers, this place could be the right choice, it can visit in any season including the spring holiday.

There is a wonderful bat cave around the river and you'll see some large bats there. You can also enjoy the stunning rock formation inside the cave while doing a boat ride, so don't miss the chance to see the beauty of God's creature.

Puerto Princesa Underground River

A vacation to remember A hidden gem! Photos are not enough to express the beauty of this place. What adds more to the experience are the amazing tour guides and locals who are at the top of their game, making each guests feel...

Must see The underground trip is amazing. I bet every tourists enjoyed a lot. The way the tourists are being managed is superb. Going to the underground river we have complete gears for protections. We also have a lapel and a...

Fantastic day trip high value for the money I remember reading reviews before I went. Some people questioned whether you should go. The answer now that I’ve done it is yes definitely you need to go to the underground river....

Address : Sabang, Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island 5300 Philippines


Donsol is located in Sorsogon Province, the Philippines. It offers you some wonderful places such as epic waterfalls, beautiful beaches, caves, and more. The famous place of Donsol is Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Center, a place that you can see the whale sharks directly with your own eyes. Specifically, it has a boat trip for tourist to explore the Donsol Whale Sharks Interaction Center, you will be accompanied by an expert guide there.

You can also swim and snorkeling with a few whale sharks directly here, but you don't have to worry, you will guide by the expert to do it. Spend your spring holiday in Donsol, and enjoy every second of it, a very worthy place to visit.


Donsol is a big destination in Bicoland.

Feel the sensation of swimming with a giant fish called Butanding.

Address : Donsol, Sorsogon, Philippines


Your trip is not completed if you do not visit this iconic, epic, and beautiful Banaue Rice Terraces. It is located in Ifugao, the Philippines and it offers you a splendid landscape, a good environment, and the kindness of local people. it was carved from the mountain ranges about 2,000 years ago by Ifugao tribes. The locals' people still plant vegetables and rice there and it makes natural.

To explore the whole Banaue Rice Terraces, you should rent drivers or tricycle because it has sneaky roads. There are also has a few places to stay if you want to enjoy the night there. The atmosphere is good and calming, a perfect place to visit and it should on your spring holiday list.

Banaue Rice Terraces

These terraces were carved by the ancestors of the local community to grow rice and vegetables.

Natural springs from the mountains allow them to plant and harvest rice all year round.

The terraces have been preserved for future generations to see.

Address : Nueva Vizcaya - Ifugao - Mountain Province Rd, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines


Maligcong is located in Mountain Province, the Philippines. This place offers you some beautiful places and one of the best is Maligcong Rice Terraces. If you want to see the full stunning rice terraces in Bontoc, might be this the best one. The local people here also kind and friendly, it just like paradise because of its wonderful scenery there.

Hiking is the activity that you can do here, hike the top of mountain Fato, and see the stunning view of the terraces on it. The terrace is perfect for photography, you can take some photos to perpetuate the memories there, a great place to spend your spring holiday.


One of the best places where you can see native terraced rice fields in the Philippines.

Address : Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines


If you are nature and beach lovers, this place is suitable for you. Caramoan Island-hopping which is located in Camarines Sur has so many beautiful places that you need to visit. You will find a beautiful place to get relaxing and peaceful scenery, it also has very clear water so you can see clearly the hundred species of chorals and tons of fishes. The island is surrounded by trees and stunning white sand on the seashore, the place is also not too crowded.

There is a hill that you can explore here, Rocky Hill. To explore it, you need to do climbing and hiking to get through the top of the hills. You can also swim on a few beaches here but don's swim first if you want to climb Rocky Hill because it's a little bit slippery. Caramoan Island-hopping is one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines, enjoy the breathtaking experienced here, highly recommended.

Caramoan Islandhopping

It is one of the most beautiful islands that tourists & nature lovers must visit.

The island is promising, crystal blue waters, the perfect place to swim.

Perfect for relaxing & memories spent here will surely be cherished.

Address : Presentacion - Caramoan Rd, Caramoan, 4429 Camarines Sur, Philippines


Mindanao is the second-largest island in the Philippines and it is home to some beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, and adventure sports. Why we recommend this place to you to spend your spring holiday because it offers you interesting and fun things to do. Mindanao is famous for its traditional dances, white water rafting, and bamboo buildings.

You can do Hiking to get to the top of the Apo Volcano there. Then, biking is also one of the favorites activities that everyone's doing here. There are also historic places and museums that you can visit too. It also has a breathtaking waterfall, Tinago Falls, and wildlife adventure spots in the Hinatuan Enchanted River.


The island of Mindanao is known for its rich land and green hills and mountains.

Address : Mindanao, Philippines


Fort Santiago is located in Metro Manila, and it is one of the historical landmarks in the capital. If you love all about history and museums, this place might be perfect for you because it has an architectural structure, and the park houses good-preserved legacies from the Spanish colonial period. This place is also a national hero of the Philippines' legacy, Jose P. Rizal.

The dungeon is open for public now, so you and your friend can explore it with your friend or family. The fee of this landmark is not too expensive, so it's gonna be a perfect spring holiday if you come to Manila.

Fort Santiago, Manila

If you like museums and history, this is the one stop for you.

Well-preserved heritage house garden from the Spanish Colonial period.

The structure and architectural characteristics are still visible from the past.

Address : Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila, Philippines


The spring holiday could be perfect if you spend it in some lakes, and the Philippines has it. It's called Kayangan Lake which located in Coron and one of the iconic destinations in the Philippines. This lake has clear water and it serves you a beautiful view on it such as the dreamy mix of blues and green waters and stunning limestone cliffs. You can see clearly the rocks at the bottom of this lake because the water is very clear.

Swimming, snorkeling, and climbing are the favorites activities here before you go swimming in the lake, don't forget to wear life jackets. Then, don't forget to bring GoPro while snorkeling because the corals underwater are beautiful. The atmosphere that you will get here is a peaceful and calming ambiance. A very worthy place to visit at least once in your life.

Kayangan Lake

It is the most popular tourist destination in Coron.

You can take a small boat with a gentle breeze, clear blue sky and water, rock formations on lakes and beaches.

There is a small wooden walkway and a platform to store your belongings if you go swimming.

If you did not visit this area on your visit to the Philippines then your trip is not complete.

Address : Swimming Area, Island Hopping - Kayangan Lake, Bayan ng Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Another beautiful lake in the Philippines that you should visit beside Kayangan Lake, it's called Lake Sebu. It's located in South Cotabato Province, Philippines, and one of the hidden gems in this country. There are many interesting places to visit here such as 7 falls zipline for someone who wants to trigger the adrenaline or someone who loves extreme sport.

If you want to enjoy nature, see the beauty of The Philippines, you can visit Hikong Bente, Hikong Alu, Punta Isla lake resort, Lake Seleton, Mountain Log Resort, Lake Sebu view deck, and 7 falls hike. Put Lake Sebu into your spring holiday list, a very beautiful place to visit.

Lake Sebu

Wonderful natural lake known for its paragliding experience with beautiful panorama.

Address : Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, Philippines


The Philippines has a lot of beautiful islands that very interesting to visit, but not many tourists explore Manila. The capital of the Philippines actually has a lot of unique places to stop, and one of them is Rizal Park. This is a park that you should explore in Manila because it is surrounded by some historical places. There are a few monuments that you can explore such as The Independence Flag Pole, Rizal Monument, Lapu-Lapu Monument, Dr. Jose Rizal Execution.

Then, you can visit the Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden to enjoy the day there. This park is also good for family picnic and tourists for an educational visit. It is a match for spending the spring holiday because the weather is so nice, the atmosphere of this park also gives you a calm and peaceful ambiance.

Rizal Park

The 140-acre park has grass, gardens, outdoor events and a monument to the hero José Rizal


Boracay is one of many stunning islands that the Philippines has. This town has a beautiful beach called White beach and interesting to explore. Just like its name the sand of this beach is clearly white like crystal sand, this beach provides one of the best spots to do swimming and snorkeling because the water is relatively flat, a comfortable place to get the relaxing and comforting ambiance.

White Beach also provides a few water sports, and the most favorites are scuba diving, banana-ride, and snorkeling. You can also enjoy an amazing sunset view of this beach, so many beautiful things here are highly recommended to visit.

White Beach

Beach of tropical archipelago island ideal for swimming & snorkeling, with diverse lodging & dining.

Address : White Beach, Boracay, Aklan, Philippines


Hanging Coffins located in Sagada Province, the Philippines. This could be the thing that not most people in this world can see. The Hanging Coffins are suspended in Echo Valley and these ceremonial only for wealthy tribesmen. You can go to this place by buying a ticket, you can go with a tour guide or on your own, the ticket is cheap tho. It offers you some secret spots and they will tell you the history of this place (if you go with a tour guide).

If you want to see the coffins closely and explore them deeply, you must do a little bit hike but don't worry because trekking is easy to do. When you arrive in Hanging Coffins, please lower your voice down and don't make any such noise, do respect all of the coffins.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada

A great burial tradition in Sagada with some amazing local artefacts.

Address : Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines


Biri is one of the hidden gems in the Philippines, located in Northern Samar this place offers you a stunning view of the island. This remote island has a beautiful formation of rock that is carved perfectly by nature if you want to get a nice view you have to go to the top peaks in Biri and see the massive sea waves crashing through the rocks.

This island offers you a few activities, you can enjoy every second of it with your family by just walking in the seashore. Biri Island is also good for photography, capture the best part of this island wonderful island. This God creation is must visit place while you coming to the Philippines, what a place.

Biri Island

Part of the Balicuatro archipelago, this island stands on the edge of the San Bernardino Strait.

Address : Biri Island, Bayan ng Biri, Hilagang Samar, Philippines


This is might be not famous as Banaue Rice Terraces, but Batad Rice Terraces will never let you down. Located in Ifugao, the scenery of these rice terraces is a breathtaking, not too crowded place and the people are kind and friendly. To get the best view of these rice terraces you should do hiking, but before doing it, make sure you need to bring a lot of water because it can make you exhausted.

This place has no road and is not crowded, so it's a remote island and if you looking for a calm, relaxing, and peaceful atmosphere, this could be a perfect choice. The Philippines is famous for its rice terraces and this one is highly recommended for you to spending your spring break.

Batad Rice Terraces

Landmark rice paddies noted for their dramatic, cascading layout over an amphitheater-like hillside.

Address : Batad Rice Terraces, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines


Hanging Bridge is located in Loboc, Bohol, the Philippines, and it's open 24 hours. Before you come to visit this place, there is some warning for you. This place is not recommended for you who have a heart attack and afraid of heights. The bridge gives you a beautiful view around it, a slowly flowing river also has a nice view from the top.

To capture the beautiful moment in Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge, you can rent a photographer there if you want to willing to pay them. You can find many local people sell a fresh coconut drink if you feel exhausted. It's kinda scary if a group of people is walking together but still a place that you have to visit in the Philippines.

Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge

Pair of sturdy, swinging bamboo bridges spanning forested river banks, a popular spot for photos.

Address : Loboc, Bohol, Philippines


A lot of tourists come to the Philippines to visit the beautiful islands such as Taal Volcano, El Nido, Coron, Cebu, Palawan, and more. But, they forget that Manila as the capital of this country has many interesting places to visit. There are someplace if you want to explore the history of the city such as Intramuros, Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, Casa Manila, Rizal Park, National Museum Complex, and Binondo Church.

Manila also offers you some culinary trip in the restaurant either street food, it is also surrounded by some historical architectural buildings and landmarks. A worthy place to visit to spend your spring holiday.

Casa Manila

Tourism places


Apo Island is located in Dauin, Philippines. This island is famous for its beautiful coral garden and tons of fish species. Then, the special thing here you can see several turtles around the waters of Apo Island and it's called a turtle conservation area. You can also do snorkeling here with the turtles, it gives you a wonderful experience.

Apo island can be a perfect gateway, you can relish all the feeling by doing dive and see the epic corals underwater. The view of this island is always perfect, the blue sky, clean water, and a relaxing atmosphere are the things that you can get here. One of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines.

Apo Island

Secluded volcanic island with a marine sanctuary for snorkeling, with coral, sea turtles & fish.

Address : Apo Island, Dauin, Philippines


This place is different from other places, you will not see the beach, caves, or rice terraces here. Baguio which is located in Benguet, Philippines is the place that offers you a cool scene, a park that fills up with pines, and urban comforts. There are also has many nice restaurants to visit with its delicious and tasty foods. Trinidad strawberry and flower farms are other places that you need to visit while coming to this town.

You can visit a few tourist attraction in Baguio which has very interesting outdoor adventure such as Bridal Veil Falls, Lion's head, Mountain Pulag National Park. But, if you looking for simple attractions or historical places, you can visit Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, Baguio City Market, and Emilio F. Aguinald Museum.


Called the “City of Pines,” it’s particularly popular in summer due to unusually cool weather.

Address : Baguio, Benguet, Philippines