Kabul: Best Things to Do

Image by Alexis Zakkarias from Flickr - Kabul City View

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan

The city is located in the eastern part of the country

Located in a narrow valley, you can see the Asmai and Sherdawaza mountain ranges from the city

The city tourism is best known for the vast gardens, beautiful mosques, and historical palaces

The best attractions you can visit during your trip to the city are Gardens of Babur, Darul Aman Palace, Abdul Rahman Mosque, and many more to discover on this page

Don't forget to taste the authentic traditional Afghan cuisines in local favorite restaurants!



Have a sightseeing tour in Kabul's gardens. One of the best sightseeing gardens you can visit is the Gardens of Babur or Bagh-e Babu. It is a vast green park located in the city center. Once destroyed during the civil war, this garden area is used as a public park. This park offers a vast open space to have a relaxing walking tour around with the richness of culture and history. You can find a museum inside, a restaurant, and other facilities in the park.

Gardens of Babur (Bagh Babur)

UNESCO World Heritage-listed park with 15 terraces & the burial site of Mughal Emperor Babur

Address : 34.503°N 69., Block 157-158 Walkway, Kabul, Afghanistan


Kabul downtown is filled with modern style buildings around. In the center of the town, you will see the important square named Massoud Circle. As the city main roundabout, the circle is usually crowded. Not far from the square, you will also see the Zarnegar Park. It is the largest urban park in the downtown where the famous Abdur Rahman mosque is located. This green space offers a beautiful view of the mosque.

Zarnegar Park

The largest urban park in the downtown where the famous Abdur Rahman mosque is located


There aren't many shopping centers in Kabul. But, you can go to Kabul City Center for shopping. It is a nine-stories-tall mall lined by many local and international stores. This mall is the first modern indoor shopping place in Afghanistan. Located in Downtown, this shopping mall is always filled with locals.

Kabul City Center

Modern-style indoor shopping mall in Kabul


Try the original taste of Afghan cuisines in Kabul. Considered as an Afghan national dish, Kabuli pulao is the top recommendation food to try in the city. It is a steamed rice dish mixed with raisins, carrots, and lamb. And for the authentic drink, you can try Dough. It is an authentic Afghan yogurt drink with cucumber and mint flavor. You can find the drink and cuisine in the local restaurants and cafes in the city.


The culture in the city is mostly influenced by the Islamic religion. But, the city is known to have a diverse culture that can be seen by the foods and the building architecture. The official language used in the city is Dari and Pashto.


What kind of trip do you expect in Kabul? If you are there for outdoor traveling, it's best to visit around June to September. Around the time, the city has the most suitable temperature to travel outside.


Located only 1 km away from the city center, Kabul Serena Hotel offers the best deal for your stay in Kabul. This hotel room is decorated in an Afghan accent and featured with a flat-screen TV, speedy wifi, a private bathroom, and a seating area to relax. There are also an outdoor pool and restaurant in the hotel that will complete your stay. But if you are looking for a cheaper hotel with a comfortable stay, Park Star Hotel can be one of your options. Located only 20 minutes from the city airport, this hotel offers a nice ambiance to stay with a contemporary style room.

Kabul Serena Hotel

Safe hotel in Kabul with friendly staff

Address : Froshgah Street، Afghanistan

Park Star Hotel

Strategic hotel in Kabul with contemporary style room

Address : G5J8+76 Kabul, Afghanistan


Kabul has numerous tasty restaurants in the city. If you are looking for an authentic Afghan restaurant in the city, the Sufi restaurant can be one of your options. Not only serving the original taste of Afghan cuisines, but this restaurant also features great decor, nice music, and comfortable seating. You can choose to eat inside the venue, in the garden, or dining on the rooftop terrace. But if you are looking for a restaurant with more than Afghan cuisine, Table Talk is where you go. Not only serving the local cuisines, but this restaurant also serves tasty international foods. This restaurant has the best steak in town.

The Sufi Restaurant

Authentic Afghani restaurant in town

Table Talk

The restaurant serves tasty international foods & Afghani cuisines

Address : Street 3, Taimani, Kabul, Afghanistan


Start your day in Kabul by having breakfast at Khanagi. This good vibe cafe serves a variety of kinds of breakfast you can enjoy. The most recommended cuisines of the cafe are the Blue Cheese Pizza. But, if you are looking for a nice cafe to relax, iCafe is where you go. This cafe provides a comfortable seating and traditional Afghan interior to enjoy. If you don't drink caffeine drinks, you can try their fresh juices. This cafe is one of the best coffee shops to take a rest from your long trip.


Comfy cafe with taste of a homemade dishes

Address : Esmat Muslim Street, Shahre Naw, Kabul, Afghanistan


Comfortable seating and traditional Afghani interior to enjoy here


As alcohol is prohibited in Afghan cities, so there is no bar and nightclub available in the city.


Afghanistan has many cultural and historical sites to visit. Abdul Rahman Mosque is one of the largest museums in Afghanistan with three-stories high and 3.5 acres wide. Adore the amazing interior of Quran verses in Islamic lettering and a golden exterior with 44 arched windows around. Another must-see attraction in Kabul is The National Museum of Afghanistan. Also known as the Kabul museum, it is the first museum in Afghanistan. This museum displays treasures from Kushan, early Buddhism, and early Islam. One of the most important artifacts in the museum is the Rabatak Inscription of King Kanishka. It is a famous inscription written on a rock with the Bactrian language and the Greek script. Explore the historical city of the museum!

Abdul Rahman Mosque

One of the largest mosques in Afghanistan

The National Museum of Afghanistan

Exhibits of archeological materials from societies that have occupied the area since ancient times

Address : Darulaman Rd, Kabul, Afghanistan


Capture the historical and cultural places of Kabul by your camera. The first recommendation to go is Darul Aman Palace. It is a hilltop palace located on a dusty valley. With a majestic interior and exterior, it's worthy to take a picture inside and outside the palace. To reach the building, you have to climb a narrow staircase that is also great to capture. Another great place to capture in the city is Shah Du Shamshira Mosque. It is one of the oldest mosques in Kabul. This yellow mosque is divided into multiple levels and designed in Italian baroque style and blue rooftop. With the unique mosque design of stucco detailing, you can also picture a lot of birds near the gate and mosque.

Darul Aman Palace

You have to climb a narrow staircase that is great to capture

Shah Du Shamshira Mosque

Unique mosque italian baroque style design