Tigre: Best Things to Do

Flickr - Photo by Mariano Mantel

Tigre is one of famous city in Argentina. It is famous for naval and ship building.

Getting to know the city from a unique perspective by boats in Catamarans Delta will give you an amazing experience.

If you have some interests in naval and ships history, visiting Museo Naval de la Nación is a must when in Tigre.

Whether you are into gambling or not, Trilenium Casino always worth to visit.

The grand majestic building of Museo de Arte de Tigre should not be missed from your camera lens.

Puerto de Frutos is originally a fruit market located in along the Tigre river, Argentina.



Getting to know the city from a unique perspective by boats in Catamarans Delta will give you an amazing experience. You can learn about how the local life in the rural island and if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of grocery boats, medical boats, or school boats. There a lot of activities that you can plan in this boat riding such as picnic, birdwatching, fishing or just enjoy nature while having a cold beer in your hand.

Catamarans Delta

Great boat trip around Tigre on large catamaran

The catamaran is very comfortable and well kept, it even has a nice clean restroom onboard.

They take you along the river where you can see the sarmiento house.

It has a confectionery and they also sell empanadas.

Address : CMI, Lavalle 499, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Located in the heart of Tigre, Rotonda De Tigre is always packed with the tourists and locals to take some snaps in this historical landmark. There are a lot of activities to do in this area such as bike riding, jogging, or just enjoying the scenery of the waterfront.

Rotonda De Tigre

One of the few places where cars slow down when you want to cross the street.

It is nice to travel all the part of the tiger coast.

The round is fine and wel maintaned.

Beautiful view for the visitor and villager

Address : 898,, Av. de las Naciones Unidas 716, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Puerto de Frutos is originally a fruit market located along the Tigre river. Nowadays it becomes a more diverse product which sells in this market such as handicrafts, home goods, souvenirs, and many more. The market is available all week long but getting more crowded in the weekend.

Puerto de Frutos

Excellent place to visit and do tourism.

It's a local market with antiques and local arts and crafts made in Argentina.

Most of the stuff is cheesey souvenirs for tourists.

There are great spots to buy fruits and vegetable and others.

You can relax and have a great cup of coffe.

Address : Sarmiento 160, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


You are not in Tigre before you take a bite of Empanada. This traditional food is made from a flour dough which filled with minced beef stir-fried with onions, paprika, hot pepper powder, cumin, oregano, hard-boiled egg, and olives. The savory of the dish will not easy to forget even after you leave the city.


The culture of the city is the result of the mixed-culture from a lot of cultures by its history. It makes the vibes of the city is very vibrant and have a rich cultural life.


The best time to visit Tigre is from mid-October to mid-April when the sky is clear and to avoid the rainy season.


Spending some nights in the Hotel Villa Victoria de Tigre may giving you an unforgettable staying experience. The green garden will greet you every morning once you open your window's room. The classic yet simple decor of the room automatically brings a comfortable atmosphere. On the other hand, Delta Eco Hotel which located in the middle of the privileged natural site is the best place to stay when you want to become one with nature. The guest of the hotel must be above 10 years old and smoking is prohibited in this green hotel.

Hotel Villa Victoria de Tigre

This is a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Tigre.

The food is very good,the rooms are spacious comfortable and well equipped.

Pretty friendly staff with good knowledge of English which is not common in Argentina.

Spend your vacation days and wedding anniversary days.

Address : DAX, Av. Liniers 566, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Delta Eco Hotel

Maximum contact with nature

The perfect recreation of the city

A natural haven one hour from the obelisk

Address : Rio Carapachay 605, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Located in the artsiest neighborhood in Tigre, you can expect to have a meal in the artsy dining room in Boulevard Saenz Peña. Every piece of the furniture is chosen with detail to create a cozy vibe. The menu is also at another level, prepared with seasonal products, simple and cooked with homemade style. But when you want to have Argentinian seafood and steaks, you may head to María Lujan. You can enjoy the panoramic river views from the white-tablecloth dining room.

Boulevard Saenz Peña

Fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful green porch area.

The food is also fantastic and surprisingly reasonably priced.

It has a super cute patio to enjoy lunch in the sun.

It is also pet friendly.

Address : Sáenz Peña 1400, B1648 EBD, Buenos Aires, Argentina

María Lujan

Beautiful Tigre area Argentine restaurant directly along the river.

The service is excellent and it has a pleasant and entertaining view.

The dishes are plentiful, all tasty

A good relaxing spot for lunch.

Address : Av. Victorica 511 (ex 611, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


You may start your day with a bite of a sandwich while mesmerizing the beautiful of the Lujan river in the morning in NUEVO Havanna 2.0. You may choose the comfy indoor seating or soaking yourself in the morning sunshine in the outdoor seating. But when your activities are mostly in the downtown, you may start your day at Plaza Café Tigre and order a fresh lemon juice along with sweet pastries. The foamy coffee late should be on your list to order.

NUEVO Havanna 2.0

The place is very nice and it has a great variety of dishes.

All very consistent with the height of Havanna.

And with the plus of the excellent location and river view it offers.

Address : Astillero parodi 10, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Plaza Café Tigre

A nice place in Tigre, on Italy street, without crowding.

Excellent pastry, coffee and very warm atmosphere with very good attention.

Good place to have breakfast too.

Address : Av. Italia 1199, B1648 EEL, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Do you ever wonder where is the young hipster spent their nightlife in Tigre? You may head to Barberia Beer and meet your answer. The cold beer along with a delightful burger will accompany you all night long in the middle of the upbeat live music by the DJ. But if you want to enjoy a peaceful night with calm river breeze stroke your skin you may have a seat at Faustino Cervecería. You have to order a glass of cold beer along with tacos or if you missed your dinner you can order a steak or burger.

Barberia Beer

Excellent spot to grab a nice meal and taste some of the finest craft beers.

Great ambiance, topped with vintage free to play arcade machines and selfie montage area.

Moderate prices and great variety of craft beers.

Excellent attention of the staff.

Address : Enciso 1577, B1648 FAW, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Faustino Cervecería

Pretty cute place for beer lovers.

It has a patio with tables outside to eat, drink or just rest.

Rich food and drink in a good atmosphere to enjoy.

Address : AAG, Gral. Bartolomé Mitre 319, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


If you have some interest in naval and ships history, visiting Museo Naval de la Nación is a must when in Tigre. The museum is the gathers centers on the History of the Navy of the Argentine Republic and the universal naval history. Whether you are into gambler or not, Trilenium Casino always worth visiting. You can enjoy the show of the gamblers lost and winning in the games or just spending your nightlife in the bar inside.

Museo Naval de la Nación

Excellent Museum with a ridiculous entry price.

They have handmade models of different vessels from historical and ancient to modern.

The guides of the place are very cordial and know every piece of the museum very well.

Recommended to take children of school age from 7 years.

Address : Av. Victorica 602, B1648 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Trilenium Casino

Such a beautiful casino in Tigre.

It has a comedy patio with many varieties.

It also has many games and the machines are functional.

Address : Perú 1385, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


The grand majestic building of Museo de Arte de Tigre should not be missed from your camera lens. This waterfront museum still keeps its place since 1912 and become home for the local artists' masterpieces. Lastly, you have to bring Bohemian vibes to your Instagram feed from the Boulevard de Tigre. This district is spread along with Boulevard Saenz Pena which always crowds with vintage clothing boutique and cute bars.

Museo de Arte de Tigre

This is a decent museum with some nice art of the region.

The building is the big draw, with beautiful old architecture and photos.

Lovely view from the terrace and nice and well kept garden around.

A must see for the art & history behind this beautiful building.

Address : Av. Victorica 972, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Boulevard de Tigre

One of top place in Tigre.

It is beautiful place for any type of events.

Excellent views around.

Address : Sáenz Peña 1330, B1648 EAZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina