Salta: Best Things to Do

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Salta is the capital city in Argentina province. This city is famous with the nickname of 'Salta la Linda' which means 'Salta the beautiful'.

Salta is a city located between hills in Argentina, this city serves amazing panoramic views, such as Cerro San Bernado.

You can visit Los Cardones National Park to check the famous and beautiful landscape of Salta.

For shopping destonation, there are Portal Salta Shopping and El Palacio Galerias to explore.

You cannot missed the authentic Salteña empanada which is the delicious baked empanada that makes this city become more unforgettable.

Amazing landscape trip, religious tours to amazing food and culture, Salta offers you the amazing experience to unfold.



There is the best way to enjoy the beautiful scale of nature in the city of Salta, by using cable car that is available in the Cerro San Bernardo. It offers visitors the best view of the city. Salta is a city located between hills in Argentina, no wonder that this city serves amazing panoramic views. Cerro San Bernado is a great place to enjoy the city's view from above. There is a cafe near the place and a small park with fountains. The next destination for sightseeing in Salta is called Telerfica which is a valley-station. It is a green lung of Salta with a beautiful tiny lake, fountain, and also boats.

Cerro San Bernardo

A great place to take incredible photos and do some exercise as well.

There are steps to climb and nice nature.

They have a restaurant with refreshing drinks and tables on an outdoor patio.

Very picturesque, wonderful landscape with great views.

Address : Camino Cerro San Bernardo, A4400 Salta, Argentina


Being surrounded by a vast array of the natural landscape, Salta has various reserves and national parks. One of them is the Los Cardones National Park which is located in between Canchi and San Carlos. It has relatively good access to reach Los Cardones National Park where thousands of cacti live under the protection of the government. The length of cacti in Los Cardones National Park reaches 3 meters and it aged around 250 to 300 years. There are many activities you can do in the Los Cardones National Park such as taking beautiful pictures and also hiking while observing the flora and fauna. Red and grey foxes, pumas, guanacos and chinchillones are fauna that can be found in Los Cardones National Park. Meanwhile the endemic flora available around the area are diverse.

Los Cardones National Park

One of favorite places in Argentina.

The place is naturally quite and offers an environment free from any sort of pollution.

There are also cute artisanal tents selling handicrafts and deli.

Must visit for tourists.

Address : RN40, Payogasta, Salta, Argentina


Shopping in Salta is full of happiness. You can find shopping malls around the city easily. Among the shopping malls, you need to visit Portal Salta Shopping. It is a contemporary indoor and outdoor shopping mall. There are boutiques, eateries and a supermarket available on-site. Portal Salta Shopping also features some international brands' outlets and also locals such as Adidas, South Fox, Rouge, and many more. Visiting only one shopping mall in Salta would not be enough. You should also go and check the retail center in the city, El Palacio Galerias. It has a unique old-fashioned building to enrich your shopping experiences in Salta. El Palacio Galerias has several specialty shops and also a charming food court available for the visitors.

Portal Salta Shopping

Excellent outdoor mall.

It's really a supermarket and a hardware store with a couple of extras.

Find local first line clothing and variety of segment, smart casual sports etc.

Cozy and safe to go with children.

Address : 20 de Febrero 1437, A4400 Salta, Argentina

El Palacio Galerias

Classical architecture for a walk, shopping and restaurants.

It has stores of various items and apart a couple of coffees.

They used to do art exhibitions, which is positive.

Worth to visit with your whole family.

Address : Bartolomé Mitre 37, Caseros 662, 4400 Salta, Argentina


Besides the famous quinoa and chili peppers, Salta has so many delicious foods around the city. Coming to the city in Argentina, you could not exclude empanada from your lunch-list. Salta also has a special one called Salteña empanada. It is a small and baked empanada with mostly beef, cheese, chicken or ham, and cheese fillings. It will stimulate your palates to have other good snacks in Salta. If you need some more, you can try Humitas, the sweet corn pies that are boiled in the husk with goat cheese. It will balance the sweet and savory taste in your mouth.


Salta has a local cultural identity that is influenced by the city's location. Situated in the foothills of the Andes, the culture of Salta in a bending culture of Spanis and Gaucho (mestizo, criollo). Both indigenous and non-indigenous people of mestizo and criollo influence the culture different in the Salta. All the traditions have made Salta different from the other country in Argentina and they more like European-like cities.


January to April and September until December is the best time to go and visit Salta. Around this time of the year whether in Salts is good with pleasant temperature and little rainfall. The highest temperature all year round in Salta is around 24° Celcius in January and the lowest temperature recorded at 16° Celcius in July. Weather in Salta divided into two types, semi-arid climate, and moderate climate. This weather let everyone to explore the city through any city trip.


A good hotel is key to have a pleasant and great trip. You can choose a variety of hotels available in Salta as you want it to be. There is a hotel namely Hotel Legado Mítico Salta. A 4-star hotel that will serve the guest with luxurious and excellent services. Located just 5 blocks away from the city square and the other attractions, Hotel Legado Mítico Salta is a perfect pick for your Salta stay. They will give you an experience of unique and authentic of typical northern Argentina. Every room is designed with refined and intimate furniture for a comfortable stay. Another hotel that can be the best pick in Salta is KKala Hotel Boutique which is a 3-star hotel. This hotel is 30 minutes away from Martin Miguel de Guemes International Airport. It has 10 charming rooms available to book. KKala Hotel Boutique is fully equipped with King or twin beds, LCD TV, air-conditioning-heat, living room, heated swimming pool with deck and many more.

Hotel Legado Mítico Salta

The decor is authentic and very stylish and beautifully put together.

A very relaxing place to stay, and perfect location for the main town and restaurants.

The rooms are elegantly decorated with upscale amenities.

The staff are extremely helpful and welcoming.

Address : Bartolomé Mitre 647, A4400 EHM, Salta, Argentina

KKala Hotel Boutique

The individual boutique style which makes it a very cozy place.

The decorations here are wonderful even down to the napkin ring indigenous dolls.

Breakfast is very superb.

Unique spotlessly clean hotel with very helpful English speaking staff.

Address : Las Higueras 104, A4400 Salta, Argentina


Good foods, good mood. If you are traveling around Salta, you will found so many restaurants with good food that will make your mood changes greatly. Have you ever try to eat in Peña La Vieja Estación and La Céfira? Make sure you visit these restaurants on your next visit to Salta. Peña La Vieja Estación is a dinner-show club that serves authentic Andean cuisine. You will experience a dinner with traditional folk music on the background. Dance performances are also shown in this restaurant. What a delightful experience, you will get to taste the authentic taste and watch traditional performances in the Peña La Vieja Estación. Meanwhile, La Céfira is a good restaurant that serves the guest great pasta dishes such as ravioli, panzottis, sorrentinos, and many more. Have a handmade fresh pasta with baked flavored slices of bread only on the Céfira.

Peña La Vieja Estación

Excellent place to spend with family.

The food is amazing, delicious, beautiful and way too much for one person to finish.

Large menu of typical Argentine cuisine with a very rich local wine list.

The entertainment is very rich with history and culture.

Address : Balcarce 875, A4400 Salta, Argentina

La Céfira

This restaurant is favorite place to eat pasta in Salta

Pasta is made by hand, with fresh and healthy products.

They also have other very interesting dishes and desserts.

Very nice and careful attention.

Address : Vaqueros, Salta Province, Argentina


Are you looking for good cafés near the city of Salta? These two cafés namely Café Don Welindo and Bixi Coffee House could be your best solution to spend a day relaxing in a café in Salta. Café Don Welindo is serving Nespresso with 8 varieties of capsules. Not only good coffees, but Café Don Welindo also has some incredible cocktails for the customers. Lunches and dinners are also available in Café Don Welindo. The next café that is worth your visit is called the Bixi Coffe House. Living its name, Bixi Coffe House is one of the great coffee houses available in Salta. Bixi Coffee House is also serving a breakfast buffet, salad buffet, the executive menu includes plate + drink + dessert, and also snacks. Bixi Coffee House is a perfect place to spend time with friends and family, both at the indoor and outdoor spot.

Bixi Coffee House

Great coffe house with exceptional desserts.

The place offers a variety of options for both coffee and eating

Also, quality of coffe is very high at affordable prices.

The waiters are kind and fast.

Address : Balcarce 96, A4400 Salta, Argentina

Café Don Welindo

It is a quiet central place to enjoy a good coffee and a delicious snacks.

They offer delicious coffe at reasonable price.

Excellent attention and quality.

Must visit with your loves one.

Address : España 426, A4400 ANJ, Salta, Argentina


Nightlife's in Salta could not be missed when you visit the city. Several hot places for a night hangout are available around the city. One of the hottest bars is Humphreys Bar. This house serves good cocktails for your tipsy night. Humphreys Bar opens every Monday to Saturday from 7 PM to 2 AM (Monday to Thursday) and 7 AM to 3:30 AM on Friday and Saturday. It has good rock vibes with excellent services. Humphreys Bar has a great ambiance to grab something to drink and eats. Spend the great night only in Humphreys Bar.

Humphreys Bar

It is the best place to jump for drinks and eat something.

There is good vibes in the environment and live music with a good selection of artists.

They offer delicious drinks and rich food.

The owner is always present and attentive at all tables.

Worth going

Address : Pueyrredón 480, Salta, Argentina


Salta has various interesting places around the city. Salta region is beautiful with the diversity of beliefs spreads. Temples, churches and chapels are easily found around the city corner. The famous place among all is the Cathedral Museum Mons Carlos Mariano Pérez which is the church dedicated to the Lord and to the Virgin of the Miracle that is located in Salta Province. This church has an amazing architecture to look at. Both the interior and exterior of the church is awesome. Salta also offers a religious tour to the sacred places around the city. It is worth to try!

Cathedral Museum Mons Carlos Mariano Pérez

One of interesting places in Salta.

Very well provided with objects of great historical value.

The environment is charming and good for look around.

Highly recommended for tourist.

Address : Av. Belgrano 589, A4400 Salta, Argentina


Living the era of digitalization, your trip is not complete without uploading photos of the places you went to all over your social media. Now, get your camera ready. Salta is an amazing place to have a week-worth trip. It has beautiful landscape to look at the camera, for example Quebrada de Las Conchas Nature Reserve that covers around 25,875 hectares land. Quebrada de Las Conchas Nature Reserve situated in La Viña. This place guarantees the amazing scenery of La Quebrada de Las Conchas and the surrounding areas. Take a snap of the scenery, so you will remember it forever.

Quebrada de Las Conchas Nature Reserve

A wonder of natural rock formations.

Beautiful, with changing scenes as the sun rises and sets.

And as a landscape it is incredible.

You will feel so tiny in the immensity of the nature.

Address : Cafayate, Salta Province, Argentina