First Time Tourists Guide in Buenos Aires

Image by HalloweenHJB from Wikimedia Commons

Buenos Aires is a city with a lot of delicious foods, gorgeus buildings, and rich culture

Even though it's located in South America, the city has some European flair

Exploring this city will be such an enlightening experience



If you happen to be in Buenos Aires, take the time to visit the Casa Rosada, or the pink house. The building got its name from its pink color. Casa Rosada is a complex building where the presidential mansion is also located. Another building that is worth visiting is the Teatro Colón or the Columbia Theatre. This opera house is considered one of the ten best opera houses in the world for its architectural beauty and acoustics.

Casa Rosada

Venerable, pink-colored palace that houses the presidential office & features guided tours

Address : Balcarce 50, C1064 CABA, Argentina

Teatro Colón

This grand theater (circa 1908) known for acoustics hosts classical music, operas, ballets & tours

Address : Cerrito 628, C1010 CABA, Argentina


Walk around the city of the dead or the Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery is where some famous Argentinian figures buried. With over 6.400 statues, you can lose yourself while admiring the eerie beauty of the cemetery.

Recoleta Cemetery

Built in 1822, this statue-rich cemetery features mausoleums of many notables, including Eva Perón

Address : Junín 1760, C1113 CABA, Argentina


With its sheer presence located at the intersection of Florida Street and Córdoba Avenue, Galerías Pacífico will be hard not to notice. The shopping mall that is used to be an art gallery is the right place for you to buy some high-end goods. And the good thing is, you can also reserve a tour of this building to understand more about its history.

Galerías Pacífico

Mural-filled shopping mall with tax-free shopping for visitors & guided tours of the grand building

Address : Av. Córdoba 550, C1054 CABA, Argentina


If you have a sweet tooth, Alfajores is the right food for you. The softness of the biscuits and the sweetness of the dulce de leche filling will surely satisfy your craving. You should also try the most popular drink in Argentina called Yerba Mate. This drink is prepared in a gourd and drunk through bombilla straw.


You can see from graffiti on the walls of Buenos Aires buildings that reflect the love for street arts. Buenos Aires people also love the Tango dance and they often performed it in bars and even outdoor.


Peak Season: From December to February is considered the peak season of Buenos Aires tourism because the weather is perfect for the traveler to explore the city.


The Hotel called Home lives up to its name. The interior of the building gives off a relaxing vibe and the outside can give you peace of mind with the greenery that surrounds it. The Vain Boutique Hotel in Palermo Soho is convenient for you since the location is close to restaurants, cafes, and shops, not to mention that it's also budget-friendly.

Home Hotel

This chic boutique hotel with vintage 20th-century decor is 3 km from Buenos Aires Zoo and 10 km from Teatro Colón, a grand 1908 theater

Address : Honduras 5860, C1414 CABA, Argentina

Vain Boutique Hotel

This chic hotel is set in a beaux arts-style rowhouse on a tree-lined street

It's 5 km from both Teatro Colón and Cementerio de la Recoleta, and a 7-minute walk from Plaza Italia metro station

Address : Thames 2226, C1425 CABA, Argentina


Caseros Restaurante, a quiet restaurant where you can choose a variety of home-made like cooking that will satisfy your appetite. If you want to have a unique dining experience, you can visit Tegui, a restaurant owned by Chef Martin Martitugeui. The exterior of the building is covered with worn graffiti that is easy to overlook. But when you come inside, be prepared for a surprise.

Caseros Restaurante

A cozy and casual restaurant

Address : Av. Caseros 486, C1152 AAN, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mediterranean restaurant in Buenos Aires

Address : Costa Rica 5852, C1414 BTJ, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Enjoying Alfajor in a nice cafe is probably one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires. Luckily, Havanna the most popular brand of Alfajor has its own face chain with the same name. Here, you can cozily enjoy the sweetness of Alfajor at the Havanna Café Caminito. Be sure to come to Bilbo Cafe to have some nice breakfast accompanied by a cup of good coffee. The pastel-colored interior of the cafe is perfect for a casual morning conversation.

Havanna Café Caminito

Popular alfajores cafe

Address : Magallanes 827, Magallanes 841, C1166 ACA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bilbo Cafe

A good coffee house in Buenos Aires

Address : Dr. Luis Beláustegui 802, C1416CXH C1416CXH, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Argentinian love Fernet Branca, and the best place to enjoy that treat is Bar Dada. Here you can also mingle with the locals. And if you want to enjoy a glass of delicious cocktails, come to Verne Club where they have great vibe and decorations.

Bar Dada

A cozy and casual bar

Address : San Martín 941, C1004 AAS, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Verne Club

Cozy cocktail bar in Buenos Aires

Address : Av. Medrano 1475, C1179 CABA, Argentina


Tango is the most popular dance in Argentina, and it's a great opportunity to learn the dance from its original country. There are places that offer tango lessons such as La Catedral Club. But, if you just want to watch a performance, you can always come to Tango Porteno.

La Catedral Club

Bohemian-style nightclub in a cavernous hall, featuring tango dance classes, cocktails & bar eats

Address : Sarmiento 4006, C1197 AAH, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango Porteno

Specialist tango theater in a converted Art Deco cinema also serving high-end cuisine

Address : Cerrito 570, C1010 CABA, Argentina


The Historical Wax Museum in La Boca is a colorful historical building. You can snap some shots while also admiring the history and art of this building. A unique place to visit is La Casa Minima, just like its name, the house is the narrowest house in Buenos Aires. Wedged between two houses, La Casa Minima is easy to overlook, but once it grabs your attention. You can't help but look in awe.

Historical Wax Museum

An old Italian Renaissance style house built in 1902 and turned into a wax museum

Address : Dr. del Valle Iberlucea 1261, C1160 ABM, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Casa Minima

The narrowest house in Buenos Aires

Address : San Lorenzo 380, C1064 AFD, Buenos Aires, Argentina