First Time Tourists Guide in Brugge, Belgium

Pixabay - Bruges or Brugge is a city in northwest Belgium with a medieval age atmosphere.

Bruges or Brugge is a city in northwest Belgium with a medieval age atmosphere

The city used to be the trading center in Europe in the medieval age, 12th to 15th centuries

Similar to other cities in West Europe, Bruges is dominated by canals in the city and it has gained the nickname as Venice of the North

Most tourists visit Bruges to witness the medieval architecture on the buildings that are preserved like its original look

Traveling to Bruges will give an atmosphere of fairy tale because of the beautiful buildings stand in the city



Bruges is located in the northwest of Belgium and included as one of the main cities in the country. The city is filled with numerous historical buildings since the medieval age and canals. Old historical buildings such as churches, ancient hospital buildings, cathedral and also a green park. To get the full vibes of the city, you can get on the boat which costs 8 Euro per person. You’ll be taken around the city through the canal and witnessing the beautiful architectures.


The downtown of Bruges is dominated by old buildings and one of the most popular is Church of Our Lady which houses Michelangelo’s painting “Madonna and Child,” Basilica of the Holy Blood, a church that keeps the blood of Jesus, and Beguinage, a complex of cathedral famed for its white houses and goose park.

Church of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady (Dutch: Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk) in Bruges, Belgium, dates mainly from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries

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Basilica of the Holy Blood

The Basilica of the Holy Blood is a Roman Catholic basilica in Bruges, Belgium

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Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde

The Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde is the only preserved beguinage in the Belgian city of Bruges

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Bruges is a beautiful city that you can visit in Belgium and you must need souvenirs or gifts to bring home. In Toucan, a gift shop in Bruges, you can get numerous interesting pieces of stuff and items. They have a good reputation from customers that you can also get the best items there while traveling to Bruges. Another good gift shop is Pomme Pidou Concept Store, located nearby the Dijver canal that you can get there easily. They provide numerous good items for kids as well such as lightning balls, keychains, handicrafts, and many more. You should visit it before leaving Bruges.


Toucan, a gift shop in Bruges, you can get numerous interesting pieces of stuff and items

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Pomme Pidou Concept Store

We were really inspired by the shape of the animal and its colors! Starting from that inspiration I created my very own “prince charming” Freddy the king frog with a golden crown

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Belgium is known as a paradise of culinary and you can try some typical foods of Belgium in Bruges. The typical foods of Belgium you can try is waffle, fries or French fries, and Belgium chocolate. You can find it easily in the street vendor in the city.


Belgium is a country close to the Netherlands and the culture emerged then a combination of both. In Bruges, Belgium the languages spoken are French, Dutch, and German.


The best time to visit Bruges in the late spring and summer, it’s in months between May and September.


Prinsenhof Brugge is one of the most recommended places to stay in Bruges. This 4-star hotel offers comfortable rooms at affordable prices. It is also located nearby many restaurants and sightseeing in the city. Another one is Hotel Navarra Brugge, a 4-star hotel that is located downtown which is also accessible to many spots such as shopping centers, restaurants and bars, and train stations. This hotel offers the best and affordable price to have a good sleep in Bruges.

Prinsenhof Brugge

For those who are looking for a stylish and attractive hotel in the heart of Bruges, the Prinsenhof Hotel is a perfect address

The hotel, hidden behind the façade of an old mansion, easily combines authentic charisma to contemporary comfort

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Hotel Navarra Brugge

Stay at one of the most beautiful hotels in Bruges

You will undoubtedly love the well-preserved, original charm of our hotel, a listed historic monument

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Traveling to Bruges will not be enough if it is only going to the city without trying the food. Many restaurants are available with varied menu served. You can try to eat at The Olive Tree Brugge, a Greek restaurant served a varied menu of Greek and also other cuisines. This place is quite crowded with many customers who love to have their meals here. So, make sure you have made your reservation. Another good restaurant is Couvert, located Ekhoustraat St., offering various menus as well. You can also have a beer while relaxing in a comfy table.

The Olive Tree Brugge

The OLIVE TREE Restaurant brings together the warm tradition of Greek hospitality with delicious Greek-Mediterranean Cuisine, updated with a contemporary twist

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Within walking distance of the market, in the 17th century stepped gable building, you can enjoy refined, contemporary seasonal cuisine

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If you’re a coffee lover and in Bruges, you can come to EspressoBar - I Love Coffee, a comfortable coffee shop to have a cup of espresso. The place is designed with rustic style and bar-like, that you’ll see the wooden chair and table. When the weather is good, you can take a seat at the outside chairs as well. One good spot to have hot milk or coffee in Bruges is The Gulliver Tree. This coffee shop provides a long sofa with a comfortable table setting. The atmosphere is very homey that you’ll enjoy your coffee time here.

EspressoBar - I Love Coffee

EspressoBar – I Love Coffee is the place to be for every coffee lover in Brugge

We are specialized in roasting our own beans and serving THE perfect cup of coffee

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The Gulliver Tree

The Gulliver Tree is a family run coffee- and tearoom in the centre of Brugge

Sisters Janey and Jilly, and their mother Anny welcome you to join them for breakfast, a light lunch or homemade cakes

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Cafe Rose Red is a beer bar in Bruges, offers the best and well-curated beer in town. The Belgian beers are the best in town and the warm and cozy atmosphere will give the additional best experience in the bar. Delaney's Irish Pub is another great place to spend the night. It’s an Irish pub with outdoor seating available. The place is also featured with the best Belgian beers and foods that you can enjoy along the night.

Cafe Rose Red

Café Rose Red is a heart-warming, atmospheric café located in the center of Bruges, close to the market

A quiet side street immediately leads you away from the tourist path and takes you to an authentic pearl in the center of Bruges

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Delaney's Irish Pub

We serve fine food, offer an extensive drinks menu, host regular parties and events and we have party halls for rent and regular live music

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Plenty of places you can visit in Bruges like Groeninge Museum, a most celebrated art gallery in Bruges with collections of Flemish Primitive and Renaissance works. Here you can find the Jan Van Eyck’s masterpiece “Madonna with Canon Van der Paele” (1436) and “Madonna Crowned by Angels” (1482). Museum Sint-Janshospitaal, a 12th-century hospital building with amazing timber beam works. The museum displays various torturous-looking medical implements, a gruesome 1679 painting of an anatomy class, and hospital sedan chairs. Here you’ll get back in time to the 15th centuries and being amazed by the many works that are still preserved to date. There’s plenty more to see in Bruges and it’s yourself to find it.

Groeninge Museum

Complete collection of primitive Flemish works of art, works of the 18th and 19th centuries, and modern works

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Museum Sint-Janshospitaal


One of the oldest surviving hospital buildings in Europe with masterpieces by the Flemish primitive Hans Memling

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If you love photography and you’re in Bruges, these places should you visit to take more pictures. It’s Stadhuis, a historic building with beautiful 1420 architecture features a fanciful façade that displays Gothic. The inside is even amazing with the Gotishce Zaal or Gothic Hall. And the recommended one is the City Museum of Fine Arts, the most popular museum in the city with its medieval collections. You can get good pictures of the beautiful works of the painters.


Stadhuis, a historic building with beautiful 1420 architecture features a fanciful façade that displays Gothic

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