Cuiabá: Best Things to Do

Google Maps - Photo by Randolfo Santos

Cuiaba is a city founded during the gold rush in 18th-century and now becoming a growing city in Brazil.

The city is known for its agricultural hub, urban center, and also the capital center of Mato Grosso.

Fun fact about this city is its citizens that coming from African, European, and Native Americans that spread through the city.

With its diverse community, you can easily find its unique architecture in the downtown and some interesting places.

Cuiaba is one of the best tropical places to visit in Brazil with rich culture and cuisine to explore.



Cuiaba has plenty of cultural attractions to visit as well as historical places like Memorial Papa João Paulo II. It is one of the historical churches located in the center of the Cuiaba. The church is also featured with huge cross-memorial building in the center. You can take a look and walk around the church to see its magnificent appearance. There's more to see in Cuiaba to get full sightseeing, so keep exploring.

Memorial Papa João Paulo II

Today it has a chapel with exhibition and worship.

Address : Centro Político Administrativo, Cuiabá - State of Mato Grosso, Brazil


The downtown of Cuiaba offers plenty of architectural gems to explore. Museu de História Natural Casa Dom Aquino is one of these great places to visit. This museum houses 177-year-old Mato Grosso history during the gold rush. You can explore and discover interesting things about the city in the museum. The downtown is also home to the business and commercial center of the city where you can find numerous places to eat, relax, and spending the night.

Museu de História Natural Casa Dom Aquino

The first excursions made in the territory of Mato Grosso date from 1525, when Pedro Aleixo Garcia goes towards Bolivia, following the waters of the Paraná and Paraguay rivers.

Address : Av. Manoel José de Arruda, 2000 - Jardim Europa, Cuiabá - MT, 78025-190, Brazil


If you're thinking to buy souvenirs in Cuiaba, you can visit one of these two places or both. Cuiabá Presentes e Acessórios provides plenty of interesting accessories to buy and other interesting items. Here you can get good items for your souvenirs. You can also visit SESC Craftsman House, a gift shop that provides many handicrafts and gifts from the locals. After all, you can get your bag full of souvenirs from these two places.

Cuiabá Presentes e Acessórios

Here you can get good items for your souvenirs.

Address : R. Joaquim Murtinho - Joaquim Murtinho 285, Cuiabá - MT, 78005-290, Brazil

SESC Craftsman House

After all, you can get your bag full of souvenirs from this place.

Address : Rua 13 de Junho - Centro Sul, Cuiabá - MT, 78020-001, Brazil


Cuiaba has many typical cuisines to explore and try. You can try Spicy Piranha Soup. Piranha is a small bony fish. It doesn't have a lot of meat, meaning it's not fish that you can fill or fry. The secret to cooking piranhas is that you need lots of them, just catching them. But this is not a problem in the Pantanal.


The Cuiaba people have African, European, and Native American backgrounds and this is reflected in the architecture, culture, and cuisine of the region. The language they speak in Cuiaba as well as Brazil is Portuguese.


The best time to visit the area is the dry season in April to September or a little later in the Cuiabá region.


Hotel Taiamã is a 4-star hotel located near to shopping center in downtown of Cuiaba. It offers a comfortable stay with great service and comfortable rooms. You can get around the 18th-century Basilica Cathedral of Lord Jesus which is 2 km away from the hotel. You can also stay at Mato Grosso Palace Hotel, one of the best-recommended hotels to stay in. Located in the center of Cuiaba, they offer the best rooms with private parking, fitness center, and private parking area. You can also easily go around the city since it is located in the center of numerous interesting places.

Hotel Taiamã

With a focus on high quality services and committed to the well-being of guests, Taiamã's main characteristic is comfort and personal service, which makes guests have a pleasant stay.

Mato Grosso Palace Hotel

Very well structured, the hotel meets all the needs of those who come to Cuiabá on business. It offers guests a complete Business Center, free valet parking, 5 function rooms for up to 250 people.

Address : R. Joaquim Murtinho, 170 - Centro Norte, Cuiabá - MT, 78005-290, Brazil


Cuiaba has plenty of unique and delicious cuisines to try. You can visit Acácia Cozinha de Família, a family-friendly restaurant serves the best Brazilian cuisine. The restaurant is set perfectly with a great atmosphere to have group dinner. Another good restaurant to visit is Restaurante Bom Apetite, a Portuguese restaurant providing Portuguese cuisines, of course, and Brazilian cuisines. Set in a good place and strategic location, this restaurant can be your option to have your dinner well-served while in Cuiaba.

Acácia Cozinha de Família

You can have your dinner with family or groups in this restaurant with great atmosphere.

Address : Rua 24 de Outubro, 584 - Centro Norte, Cuiabá - MT, 78005-330, Brazil

Restaurante Bom Apetite

Get your dinner and lunch well served at this restaurant with variety of foods to enjoy.

Address : R. Cel. Peixoto - Bandeirantes, Cuiabá - MT, 78010-100, Brazil


Da Feira Café & Tapiocaria is a small yet comfy place to have your morning coffee alongside with some snacks. This cafe is a nice place to wait for the next trip to the city as well as a good spot to have your lunch. Another cafe that is worth visiting is Brazilian Café. As its name implies, this cafe serves Brazilian coffee and local bites to accompany you during the daylight. The cozy atmosphere lets you enjoy every sip of your coffee.

Da Feira Café & Tapiocaria

A good place to relax for a while in the busy district of Cuiaba.

Address : Rua 24 de Outubro, 1007 - Centro Norte, Cuiabá - MT, 78060-330, Brazil

Brazilian Café

The cozy atmosphere lets you enjoy every sip of your coffee.

Address : Av. Sen. Filinto Müller, 739 - Duque de Caxias II, Cuiabá - MT, 78043-400, Brazil


Bar das Águas is bar-featured-restaurant located in the center of Cuiaba. They have outdoor seating with open air space. The best part of it is their drinks and good sound of music. You can also visit Bar do Bigode, a cocktail bar with good design. Here you can enjoy your drink and having your body shaking alongside the live music performance. Such a good place to spend your night in Cuiaba.

Bar das Águas

The best part of it is their drinks and good sound of music.

Address : Av. Hermina Torquarto da Silva, 2401-3285 - Centro Político Administrativo, Cuiabá - MT, 78048-250, Brazil

Bar do Bigode

Such a good place to spend your night in Cuiaba.

Address : R. Eng. Ricardo Franco, 614 - Centro Norte, Cuiabá - MT, 78005-310, Brazil


Cathedral Basilica of the Good Lord Jesus, Cuiabá is one of the historical sites in the city. The cathedral was built in 1772 and still standing strong in the center of Cuiaba. It attracts tourists with its great architecture and should be on the list of everyone. Another interesting place to visit in Cuiaba is the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict. The beautiful looking Catholic church in the old city of Cuiaba, an area where gold mining takes place, holds a festival for Saint John and Saint Benedict every June. The church sits on a hill, and there are rumors that there is gold under the building. After you finish visiting the church, take a walk in the charming streets nearby.

Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary and Saint Benedict

The church is one of the founding marks of the city of Cuiabá, having been built in earth architecture around 1730.

Address : Praça do Rosário, 01 - Baú, Cuiabá - MT, 78008-450, Brazil

Cathedral Basilica of the Good Lord Jesus, Cuiabá

It is located in the city of Cuiabá, capital of the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil.

Address : Praça da República, s/n - Centro Norte, Cuiabá - MT, 78005-240, Brazil


Mae Bonifacia Park is one of the more famous natural spaces in Cuiaba. This is a neat and beautiful park that will surely impress. There are many native animals such as birds, capybara, monkeys, and iguanas. And there is a variety of flora, fauna, and trees, which fill the entire park. There is also an impressive religious temple in Cuiaba like the Grande Templo. In summary, this is a temple dedicated to worshiping God and feels more like a large auditorium because of the circular shape and size of the building.

Mae Bonifacia Park

Her name was given in honor of a healer, a refugee slave , known as Mother Bonifácia. In addition to curandeirismo, Mãe Bonifácia controlled access to the quilombo (the area was inhabited by quilombolas).

Address : Av. Miguel Sutil, S/N - Duque de Caxias, Cuiabá - MT, 78048-000, Brazil

Grande Templo

This is our base church, with address at Rua Dom Pedro I, 551, Vila Nova, Campinas-SP, CEP. 13073-003.

Address : Av. Historiador Rubens de Mendonça, 3500 - Bosque da Saude, Cuiabá - MT, 78050-000, Brazil