Capitólio: Best Things to Do

Flickr - Photo by Peter Schoen

Capitolio is a city in Brazil located on the shore of Capitólio Lake.

There many wonderful waterfalls to visit in the city.

Most people in Capitolio speak Portuguese because it's the official language of the city.

The Capitolio pizza is a must to eat when you travel to the city.

Waterfall Blue Lagoon is one of the best waterfall in the city worth visiting.

Scroll down below to know other amazing places in the city!



Waterfall Blue Lagoon is a popular lake with its waterfall in the city. This place is so fantastic with its clean water and nice area to enjoy. Go swimming in the natural pool or chill out in this area. Speed boats are available here. Not only for boating, but this lake is also great for diving. Visit this attraction with your family or friends and experience the beauty side of Capitolio!

Waterfall Blue Lagoon

Enjoy the natural scenery!

It's a waterfall with a plunge pool.

There is a floating bar too at this attraction.

Address : S/N Rodovia MG-050, Km 311 Zona Rural, Capitólio - MG, 37945-000, Brazil


Cachoeira Fecho da Serra is a peaceful waterfall you must visit in the Capitolio. This area is perfect to swim or relax. Enjoy the nice water and vibe. You can reach this waterfall with car. The area is shady because it's surrounded by green trees. Also, you can see amazing views from this place. So, get your camera ready too!

Cachoeira Fecho da Serra

This waterfall is so peaceful and relaxed.

Go swimming or picnicking will be so perfect at this waterfall.

The beautiful scenery is a must to take shots!

Address : Capitólio - State of Minas Gerais, 37930-000, Brazil


Cachaça Sossegada is a unique place to get local products to bring home. You can see the process and buy some. They sell local cheese, art & craft, jam, and liqueur. This place is easy to reach because it's located in the downtown city. Not only good for buy local products, but this place also offers lovely hilly sceneries around the store.

Cachaça Sossegada

See the processes of the local products at this store.

There are local jams, liquors, and cheeses to buy.

The arts and crafts are so cool to bring home!

Address : Continuação da Rua Germana Teodoro de Jesus - Ambrosio, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil


Capitolio is famous for its pizza. The pizzas are made with the local flavor and ingredients. You can get it at many local restaurants in the city, like Pizzaria Capitólio. You can also try its local pão de queijo while visiting the city. For the
drink, there are delicious beers to taste.


Capitolio is the city in southeast Brazil, on the shore of Capitólio Lake. The city is famous for its various waterfalls you can visit. Most people in the city speak Portuguese because it's the official language. They are friendly and welcome. Lastly, prepare your money in Real currency to pay for everything in the city.


The best time to visit Capitolio is in summer, from December through February. It's when the weather is pleasant and perfect to explore the city and see wonderful sights or enjoy the great waterfalls.


Stay at Kanto Island Inn Suites & Spa when you visit Capitolio. It's a nice hotel, offering great views of the hills with local houses. The hotel is located 1 km from the Ambrósio Waterfall and 3 km from the city of Capitólio. It's perfect to stay with your family or friends. Also, you can stay at Cyrilo's Palace Hotel. This hotel is very comfortable to stay in. It's a lakeside hotel, offering the view of the Capitolio Lagoon. The hotel is located an 11-minute walk from Paróquia de São Sebastião and 3 km from the MG-050 regional highway.

Kanto Island Inn Suites & Spa

The hotel has a green area to relax.

The bedrooms are so nice to stay.

There is a great outdoor pool to enjoy.

Address : R. Vicente Paulo Ramos - Águas das Vertentes, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil

Cyrilo's Palace Hotel

This is a lake-side hotel with great facilities.

The view of Capitólio Lagoon is so wonderful!

There is a nice outdoor pool to enjoy at this hotel.

Address : R. Dr. Avelino de Queiroz, 999 - Centro, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil


Have dinner at Restaurante e Bar Central. This restaurant is simple but cozy. There are many tasty local cuisines you can eat at this restaurant. The tilapia fish and churrasco are so recommended to order. Also, you can find great wines or beers at this place. Another restaurant to visit is Pizzaria Capitólio. This is a must-visit place to eat Capitolio pizza. Not only pizza, but they also serve amazing late-night foods to try. For the drinks, you can taste its great beers or juices.

Restaurante e Bar Central

This restaurant serves delicious local goods to eat.

The space is simple but big. Come with your family or buddies!

Beers are available here.

Address : Praça Padre João Machado, 84 - Centro, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil

Pizzaria Capitólio

This restaurant is popular for its local pizza.

It's perfect to visit in the evening.

Bring your travel buddies to enjoy Capitolio pizza!

Address : Praça Padre João Machado, 408 - Centro, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil


Quintal do Brazil is a cozy cafe to chill out with your travel buddies or partner. They serve delicious options for breakfast until dinner. Don't forget to order its tilapia or parmigiana because they are the best options at this cafe. The beers are great too! You can also go to Pão de Queijaria Bella Geni. This cafe has a warm space with nice seating. Come here for breakfast will be perfect. They serve amazing pão de queijo and cakes that you can order.

Quintal do Brazil

The cafe is great to chill out with your friends.

They serve delicious foods for breakfast to late-dinner.

Enjoy the tasty happy hour foods!

Address : R. Arcemino Rodrigues da Cunha, 354 - Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil

Pão de Queijaria Bella Geni

The cafe is so cozy!

They serve amazing Brazilian foods to eat.

There are options for kids too!

Address : R. Cel. Lourenço Belo, 481, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil


Scarpas Bier Haus is a snack bar, perfect to enjoy your night in Capitolio. The place is warm and shady. Also, they have delicious late-night foods to order. Not only great foods, but they also serve tasty craft beers. Also, enjoy its live music too! Don't forget to visit Tô Aqui. This is a popular live music bar. The area is open-air, simple, but cozy. It's popular for tourists and locals. Enjoy the beers and Brazilian foods served at this bar.

Scarpas Bier Haus

The place is so warm and shady.

There are delicious alcoholic drinks to offer.

Enjoy the music played at this bar while having your drink.

Address : R. Cel. Lourenço Belo, 459, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil

Tô Aqui

This bar has entertaining music to enjoy at nights.

The space is simple but so cozy to chill out.

There are local foods to enjoy.

Address : R. Dr. Avelino de Queiroz, 644 - Centro, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil


Pedreira Lagoa Azul is a natural tourist attraction in the city you must visit. It's an ethereal national park lake with blue water in a rocky crater. Enjoy the vibe that you won't get at anywhere else. Go swimming at this place will be unforgettable. Also, come to Poço Dourado. This tourist attraction is a cool waterfall. The area is surrounded by trees and golden rocks. It offers amazing views and a natural atmosphere to enjoy.

Pedreira Lagoa Azul

Enjoy the ethereal lake when you visit this place.

The water is so clean and blue.

This natural place is perfect for nature lovers.

Address : Trevo Furnas MG 050 senti Capitólio 1ª esquerda Estrada Municipal km 6,4 Rural Rural, São João Batista do Glória - MG, 37920-000, Brazil

Poço Dourado

Enjoy the clean water and atmosphere.

This place is perfect for swimming.

The area is kid-friendly too!

Address : Trilha do Sol - Zona Rural, Capitólio - MG, 37930-000, Brazil


Morro do Chapéu is a popular spot in Capitolio to get wonderful sceneries of the city. This mountain peak can be reached by car. You can enjoy the breeze and the sights. Don't forget to take shots in this area! Another spot to go is Paraíso Perdido. This area is well-known for its dramatic waterfall. There are rock pools to swim in. Prepare your camera because there are many great spots to capture.

Morro Do Chapéu

See the wonderful views of the city from the peak.

It's better to reach this place with a car.

Get your camera ready when you come to this mountain peak.

Address : Unnamed Road, 37930-000, Capitólio - MG, Brazil

Paraíso Perdido

This park is popular for swimming,

The clean water and area are so calming,

Come with your family or partner and experience this little place of Capitolio.

Address : Rodovia Municipal SBG 387 KM 4.5 S/N Zona Rural, São João Batista do Glória - MG, 37500-000, Brazil