Montes Claros: Best Things to Do

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Montes Claros is a city in the northern Minas Gerais, Brazi attracting visitors for its history and outdoor destinations.

It has Our Lady of Apparition Cathedral that becomes most visited attraction in the city.

The downtown of Montes Claros is a central area for business, accommodation, and eateries.

But, you can find a relaxing place like Parque Municipal Milton Prates.

Let's explore this amazing place!



Lapa Grande State Park is the right destination to go sightseeing. This large conservation park is home to water sources that used by several regions of Montes Claros. It is truly well maintained place. You can also explore the caves or enjoy the stunning city view from the top hill.

Lapa Grande State Park

Incredible place of unique importance for the city of Montes Claros and region.

Great option for sightseeing and learning whether in family or group.

A place to connect with nature, synchronize energies, purify the mind.

For tourists is open on weekends, the trails have set time, visit.

Address : Estrada do Alfeirão, s/n, Montes Claros - MG, Brazil


The heart of Montes Claros is dominated with bussines places, hotels and restaurants. There is limited attrcation to see in this area. But you can visit Parque Municipal Milton Prates that located near the downtown. With a small lake in the center of park and greenery surrounding, you will get a relaxing day. Try to explore the entire park by walking or cycling. If you want to enjoy the view, just take a sit in the benches provided.

Parque Municipal Milton Prates

Great place to stroll with the family to enjoy the shadows of the trees and the fresh air.

It has a walking trail around its huge lagoon, good for going with the family.

The view is calm and nice.

Address : Av. Mestra Fininha - Morada do Parque, Montes Claros - MG, 39403-222, Brazil


Montes Claros shopping, the biggest mall in town is a favorite place to go for shopping. Satisfactory clothing stores, accessories,local brands, and entertain facilities are provided here. You can also find cafes and restaurants with both local cuisine and international taste.

Montes Claros shopping

It is the largest mall in the city, its location is quite accessible and parking is ample.

It has movie theaters, a food court, a games room and stores with various products, as well as a good retail supermarket.

The mall can serve different profiles and ages.

Always clean and well supervised.

Address : Av. Donato Quintino, 90 - Cidade Nova, Montes Claros - MG, 39400-546, Brazil


Located in Minas Gerias, there are many eateries you can find in Montes Claros. Basically, the staple food of the city includes corn, pork, beans, and chicken. The city also has their traditional cheeses such as queijo Minas, a soft white cheese. Salted cookie like Biscoito de polvilho will make your mouth watering.


Monte Claso is identic with Chalcolithic culture that spread throughout the island of Sardinia. There are four facies of the city's culture; Sassari, Nouro, Compidano and Oristanese. As an ancient Brazilian town founded in 17th century, the city features some heritage sites and old traditions that still exist until this present day. You can enjoy one of popular traditional week party namely Festas de Agosto that held in August.


The best time to visit Montes Claros is from April to August. It is nice to have some outdoor activities at that times since the weather is warm.


Staying in Intercity Montes Claros where you will make you feel like at home. Among the facilities, a desk, air conditioning and wardrobe are fitted in each room. Visitors can also enjoy the surronding view from a sun terrace provide. eSuites Montes Claros by Atlantica is another reccommended accommodation. It is such more exclusive hotel with a gym center, sauna, and lounge. Located just 15 minutes drive from airport, the hotel offers free airport shuttle for every visitors.

Intercity Montes Claros

This hotel is one of the best in the whole city

Very comfortable, with spacious accommodation.

The hotel has a gym, laundry and various services, especially the restaurant.

Reception exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Address : R. Santa Lúcia, 20 - Todos Os Santos, Montes Claros - MG, 39400-117, Brazil

eSuites Montes Claros by Atlantica

One of the best hotels in Montes Claros.

The hotel have a excellent bed and shower in a friendly atmosphere.

Breakfast is served at 5 am and is great for early travelers.

It is worth it for the amount charged.

Address : Av. Gov. Magalhães Pinto, 4541 - Jaraguá, Montes Claros - MG, 39404-166, Brazil


Favoritto Jardins is truly excellent Brazilian restaurant. The fresh ingredients in every menu they offer makes this place become a number one destination for trying local delicacies. The eating area is clean and comfortable. While chewing your meal, you can also have a glass of great wine. If you are a vegan lovers, Bottega Coppola is must visit restaurant. Besides serving Italian menus, there are plenty option to deal with vegetarian dishes. Try their traditional pizza topping here.

Favoritto Jardins

Best restaurant in Montes Claros.

Excellent staff, super tasty dishes, cozy and refined venue, excellent wine list and all for a fair price.

The menu has delicious food options.

Ideal place to enjoy the best of cuisine accompanied by friends and couples.

Address : R. Eusébio Alves Sarmento, 110 - Jardim Sao Luiz, Montes Claros - MG, 39401-050, Brazil

Bottega Coppola

The only real Italian restaurant in town.

The place is cute and the atmosphere is very pleasant.

The food is genuinely Italian and very delicious.

It has the best wines.

Address : R. Olímpio Dias de Abreu, 107 - Jardim Sao Luiz, Montes Claros - MG, 39401-049, Brazil


Gosto do Cerrado Sorvetes Artesanais is a obviously a paradise for ice cream lovers. With beachy concept, the cafe offers many option of traditional flavors. Attentive services and pleasant environment, make it the best place for chit chat. while to enjoy a glass of relaxing coffee, you can go to Corbyniano Coffe. It is truly a nice place to resting your body after strolling the city. With indoor and outdoor seating area, plenty selection of coffee, and great atmosphere, you can enjoy the place so much.

Corbyniano Coffe

One of the coziest coffee places for coffee lovers.

It serves delicious coffe and snack to accompany your chat with friends.

Very friendly staff, very nice environment.

Address : R. Daniel Costa, 55A - Jardim Sao Luiz, Montes Claros - MG, 39401-053, Brazil

Gosto do Cerrado Sorvetes Artesanais

One of the best coffee shops with delicious products of excellent quality.

High quality and delicious handmade ice creams.

Each flavor has an original texture.

Don't forget to order the Romeo and Juliet milkshake.

Address : Av. Mestra Fininha, 1180 - Jardim Sao Luiz, Montes Claros - MG, 39400-776, Brazil


Become the most favorite bar among young people, Bar dos Amigos has great indoor and outdoor seating area. The place always busy almost every weekends. They have excellent selection of beers and cocktails as well as delicious snacks. When you area craving for party or great music, Bull Pub is the right place to go. With great lighting and sound system, this club will bring you to very fun nightlife experience.

Bull Pub

One of the best places in town to enjoy great music with a crowd.

A very nice atmosphere and cool shows.

The serve delicious beer and snack.

The bartender and waiter are nice.

Address : Av. Mestra Fininha, 1771 - Centro, Montes Claros - MG, 39401-858, Brazil

Bar dos Amigos

It is the coolest bars to enjoy with modern decor.

Various options in the menu at affordable prices.

The also offer cool beer.

The waiter is great.

Address : R. Enor Brito, 100 - Morada do Sol, Montes Claros - MG, 39403-235, Brazil


Discover historical part of Montes Claros by visiting Regional do Norte de Minas Museum. This is a free museum where you can see the ancestral history throughout the exhibition. The history of Montes Claros region, paintings, traditional clothes also being featured here. It is such a well organized museum, unfortunately, you can not take pictures when you are inside.

Regional do Norte de Minas Museum

Super cool museum, organized, full of well written explanations.

Great place for anyone who likes history and seeks to know more about building the local culture.

Excellent tour in Montes Claros to know the history of the region.

It is worth a visit if you are in Montes Claros.

Address : R. Cel. Celestino, 75 - Centro, Montes Claros - MG, 39400-014, Brazil


The most remarkable building in Montes Claros is Our Lady of Apparition Cathedral. Built in 1926, the church becomes everyone's destination for photography. The stunning architecture and unique structure of building make this instargammable worthy place.

Our Lady of Apparition Cathedral

Beautiful cathedral in the center of Montes Claros.

The Cathedral of Montes Claros, is wide, clear and has a very good energy.

It has a history and a tradition surrounding its architecture.

Mass is wonderful and here the technology is present.

It is also a tourist spot in the city.

Address : Praça Pio XII, s/n - Centro, Montes Claros - MG, 39400-065, Brazil