Campina Grande: Best Things to Do

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Campina Grande is a city in Brazil. The city is one of the centers of industry, technology, and education.

Campina Grande has several attractions that are very interesting and definitely worth visiting.

Some of the most popular attractions that must be checked out are the Museum of Popular Arts of Paraíba, SESI Museu Digital, and Historical and Geographic Museum of Campina Grande.

Stroll around the city's green and well-kept park, like the Children's park and New Dam Park.

Don't forget to explore the food scene that Campina Grande has to offer, such as Picanha, Moqueca, Brigadeiros, and many more.

Let's scroll down to know more about where to stay, the best time to visit, and other attractions in Rotterdam!



Learn about Paraiba's culture, from history, music, and traditional clothes at the Museum of Popular Arts of Paraíba. The museum designed by Oscar Niemeyer has an amazing exhibition of artifacts, documents, manuscripts and the discography of Jackson do Pandeiro, who was a Brazilian percussionist and singer. It's such a perfect place for sightseeing.

Museum of Popular Arts of Paraíba

The most beautiful interactive museum in the State of Paraíba

The museum has exceptional exhibits of local culture.

There are always exhibitions with regional themes: Paraiba artists, typical rhythms, handicrafts, literature, the June party, cultural presentations, etc.

Super instagramable space for those who like to take pictures for networks.

Address : R. Dr. Severino Cruz, s/n - Centro, Campina Grande - PB, 58400-258, Brazil


Stroll along the boardwalk by the Açude Velho at the Children's park. The park that is located by the artificial lake features palm-lined avenues, jogging tracks, a skate park, volleyball court, tennis court, play areas, a snack bar, and spacious green space. This park is popular among the people of Campina Grande who like to spend time with their family.

Children's park

if in need of a long walk or excercising in a safe environment, then this park is the place for you.

Calm and beautiful nature around the park.

It is a great place to go for a family outing on a Sunday, have a picnic.

Address : Av. Dr. Elpídio de Almeida, 215 - Catolé, Campina Grande - PB, 58410-215, Brazil


Shop at Partage Shopping Campina Grande and find various items from diverse retail shops. This big mall offers an excellent shopping experience for tourists with its many stores such as fashion, beauty, footwear, jewelry, handicrafts, and many more. There are also restaurants that serve various kinds of delicious dishes and a cinema to make your shopping here more enjoyable.

Partage Shopping Campina Grande

Beautiful, modern and very organized shopping.

There is a wide variety of stores and products as well.

Good range of shops and restaurants.

Address : Av. Pref. Severino Bezerra Cabral, 1050 - Catolé, Campina Grande - PB, 58408-000, Brazil


There are various delicious Brazilian foods that can be found in restaurants around Campina Grande, such as Picanha which is grilled meat, Moqueca which is a fish stew, Brigadeiros which is a kind of chocolate truffle, and many more.


Campina Grande is home to various cultural events. Every month, the city holds different kinds of festivals that represent the city's culture. Some of those festivals are the Campina Grande Winter Festival in August, St. John's Festival in June, New Year's Eve on Açude Velho, and Living Christmas Cradle in December.


Peak season: The ideal time to visit Campina Grande is from June to September. The weather during this time is very comfortable with sunny days and mild temperatures that allow visitors to explore Campina Grande's attraction comfortably.


Hotel Village Confort - Unidade Campina Grande - PB is a casual hotel that is located by the Açude Velho Lake. This hotel offers some amazing facilities like a swimming pool, a hot tub, a fitness center, and a bar. The location of the hotel is also conveniently close to Campina Grande's popular attraction like Museu de Arte Popular da Paraíba. Hotel Slaviero Essential Campina Grande is another great accommodation in Campina Grande. Since this hotel is located next to a shopping center, you can have easy access to enjoy some shopping experience while you're in the city. Different types of rooms are available and can be chosen for your liking.

Hotel Village Confort - Unidade Campina Grande - PB

Excellent hotel, super comfortable and attentive.

The rooms are great with beautiful views.

Great breakfast with local specialties like pamonha and tapioca.

Very good service and attention from the staff.

Address : R. João Florentino de Carvalho, 15 - José Pinheiro, Campina Grande - PB, 58407-370, Brazil

Hotel Slaviero Essential Campina Grande

Probably the best hotel in Campina Grande.

The hotel is wonderful,comfortable, clean, organized.

Room with great structure and very varied breakfast.

Attentive and helpful service.

Address : R. José Bernardino, 97 - Vila Cabral, Campina Grande - PB, 58408-027, Brazil


Bar do Cuscuz is a great restaurant that offers various delicious and typical foods. While you're here, don't forget to order their Bar do Cuscuz which is known to be tasty. Bodódromo Bar e Restaurante is another great place to have lunch in Campina Grande that provides a good variety of food in a lively atmosphere. There's also a buffet option that serves typical local foods.

Bar do Cuscuz - Campina Grande

A very pleasant place for those who want to relax and have fun, with live shows, lots of tasty food, drinks for all tastes and at a price that fits in your pocket.

Address : R. Dr. Severino Cruz, 771 - Centro, Campina Grande - PB, 58045-010, Brazil

Bodódromo Bar e Restaurante

If you are looking for a lively place to have a beer, with a taste and listen to a forró, this is the place.

Address : R. Fernandes Viêira, 147 - José Pinheiro, Campina Grande - PB, 58407-295, Brazil


Grab a quick bite at the Café Poético, a very charming cafe located on the first floor of the Partage Shopping Campina Grande. You can order various kinds of food and drinks, such as coffee drinks and cakes. Casa Gramado is another great spot for breakfast. With its great variety of chocolates options and coffees, this place is a perfect place to stop by before you start your day in Campina Grande.

Café Poético

A very charming cafe.

It has good options of coffees, hot, ice cream, with ice cream.

Nice and exquisite atmosphere, great to go talk and have a coffee.

Address : Av. Pref. Severino Bezerra Cabral, 1050 - Catolé, Campina Grande - PB, 58410-900, Brazil

Casa Gramado

Casa Gramado is the perfect place to gather friends and family, cozy, quiet with free parking.

Several choices of chocolates and coffees.

Great option for that tasty coffee.

Great for enjoying a delicious espresso for those who are a fan or who knows a hot chocolate for you and the kids.

Address : Catolé, Campina Grande - State of Paraíba, 58410-235, Brazil


Visit Nilson's Bar to enjoy a great time with friends and accompanied by great drinks. Besides the amazing atmosphere, this place is also popular because of the affordable prices of the menu. And Cachaçaria da Paraíba is the place to go if you want to have a great cocktail in the city. This bar has more than 600 types of craft cachaças or a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice.

Nilson's Bar

Very pleasant bar with affordable prices.

Great, cozy place, excellent quality food and beer.

Address : R. Maj. Belmiro, 394 - São José, Campina Grande - PB, 58400-342, Brazil

Cachaçaria da Paraíba

Great place for those who like new types of drinks.

Lots of variety of beers.

The largest variety of cachaça from Campina Grande.

Address : R. Frei Caneca, 313-329 - Centro, Campina Grande - PB, 58400-295, Brazil


See the wonder of technology at the SESI Museu Digital. This digital museum offers various interesting and interactive exhibitions that feature modern technological equipment. The attractions at the museum are divided into several categories, such as Socioeconomic Cycles which is an interactive game related to economic and social development, Campina 360° a 360-degree show, and a digital map that tells the history of Campina Grande through an interactive map. Historical and Geographic Museum of Campina Grande is another great museum in Campina Grande that is dedicated to Campina Grande's historical, social, and cultural development. There are various collections that are being exhibited at the museum, like photographs, articles, furniture, weapons, jewels, and vehicles that are related to the history of the city.

SESI Museu Digital

Excellent place to learn about the city in a nice and creative place.

Excellent and complete content.

It is a digital collection of photos, videos, newspapers, magazines and publications of the history of our city.

The sculpture that adorns the digital museum was designed and realized by university professor.

Address : R. Miguel Couto, 10 - Centro, Campina Grande - PB, 58400-273, Brazil

Historical and Geographic Museum of Campina Grande

Important place of the city, pure history.

From the architecture of the building to the historical collection that you find there.

It contains a lot of good information about Campina Grande.

The environment staff are very attentive, ready to answer any questions about the weights.

Address : Centro, Campina Grande - State of Paraíba, 58400-230, Brazil


Snap some pictures at the iconic Monument to the Sesquicentennial of Campina Grande which is located in front of SESI Museu Digital. The monument looks even more amazing with the architectural beauty of the museum building in the background. No wonder if this monument is a popular spot for the locals and tourists to take pictures. New Dam Park is a great place in Campina Grande for a stroll and a meal, as well as see how the locals spend their free time.

Monument to the Sesquicentennial of Campina Grande

One of the most beautiful monuments.

Interactive museum about Campina Grande.

It has projections and a series of technological resources to tell visitors the cultural, economic, energy and political aspects of the city.

The guides are very receptive and explain how to have a good immersion in the experience.

Address : -98, R. Sebastião Donato, 68 - Centro, Campina Grande - PB, 58400-300, Brazil

New Dam Park

It is beautiful and cozy and Parque Açude Novo is a charming environment.

Very beautiful and well located.

Address : R. Dom Pedro II - Centro, Campina Grande - PB, 58400-565, Brazil