João Pessoa: Best Things to Do

Image by Max Levay from Flickr - Photo by Max Levay

This cify is famous for nature places, and historical buildings such as Busto Tamandaré, Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara (Bica), Praia de Cabo Branco, and Cabo Branco Lighthouse.

João Pessoa is a port city of João Pessoa and located in northeastern Brazil.

As a tourist city, this city has many destinations that you should visit. It's just 2 hours thirty minutes to Brasilia by flight.

Hangout in João Pessoa after walking around this city with visit Bricktop's Café or 283 CAFÉ.

Don't forget to try the authentic food in João Pessoa is Moqueca.



Take a walk along with the João Pessoa with visit Jardim Botânico Benjamim Maranhão. Jardim Botânico Benjamim Maranhão is a botanical garden. This garden has a beautiful scenery with a natural vibe. Here, you can directly interact with the environment. Then, you can get information from a guided tour from here.

Jardim Botânico Benjamim Maranhão

The Botanical Garden is very beautiful, with very interesting trails.

A space for contemplation of nature and learn about the importance of its preservation.

There are activities that are developed from trails to activities for children

There are free trail rides, which by far is the best part.

A fantastic place to relax and have a moment with nature.

Address : Av. Dom Pedro II, S/N - Torre, João Pessoa - PB, 58033-455, Brazil


Parque da Lagoa - Solon de Lucena is the downtown of João Pessoa. This place as the popular one-stop tourism place. Here, you can find many attractive activities such as skates, bicycle routes, and walk side. Here, you can also see Lagoa as a pretty nature.

Parque da Lagoa - Solon de Lucena

An incredible place to relax with a nice view.

Good to walk, exercise and spend some time appreciating the relaxing space.

It's possible see some ducks, gooses and birds near the lake.

Very nice atmosphere and still the cheapest place to shop.

Address : Parque Sólon de Lucena - Centro, João Pessoa - PB, 58013-130, Brazil


If you are looking for locally made products in João Pessoa just visit Feirinha de Artesanato de Tambaú. Feirinha de Artesanato de Tambaú is the handicraft place and also the food court. Here, you can find many authentic things such as dolls, fabrics, displays, and some various food. Love Gifts is a gift shop that you can visit in João Pessoa. This gift shop offers bags, displays, key chains, and others.

Feirinha de Artesanato de Tambaú

Great souvenir market.

They offer local goods and stuffs.

It is really nice place to discovery the local culture of Brazilian northeast people.

There are some bars around as well to have a drink or something to eat.

Address : Av. Alm. Tamandaré - Tambaú, João Pessoa - PB, 58039-010, Brazil

Love Gifts

Cute little gift shop.

It offers intersting and unique gifts on excellent displays.

Excellent service and affordable price.

The staff is kind and always smile.

Address : Supermercado Manaíra - Av. João Câncio da Silva, 445 - 1 - Manaíra, João Pessoa - PB, 58038-340, Brazil


If you love to try the new taste when visiting in João Pessoa, Moqueca is the right food. Moqueca made from Coconut milk, white fish, white rice, spring onion, red bell pepper, and others. Mojito is the iconic drink in João Pessoa. Mojito made from Lemon-lime soda, mint, white sugar, ice cubes, and others.


João Pessoa is the city famous with their culture. Then, this city as the Brazilian handicraft city and also received the title of a creative city by UNESCO. The creative that made from local people in João Pessoa are design, fashion, creative economy, highlighting art with fish scales on copper wire.


The best time to visit João Pessoa is from November to March. These months have a summertime with warm temperatures. These months are a great time because you can visit some beaches to enjoy the view.


The best accommodation in Hotel Tropical Tambaú. Hotel Tropical Tambaú is four stars hotel and located 8 km from the Cabo Branco Lighthouse. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and minibars. The public facilities are a formal restaurant/bar, a spa, an outdoor pool, and a playground, plus a game room, beach access and a lounge with hammocks. Hotel Manaíra is a four stars hotel with a competitive price. This hotel located 13-minute from the serene Manaíra Beach by walk. This hotel provides free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, safes, and minibars. Other amenities are an informal restaurant and 3 bars, plus a gym, a sauna, and an outdoor rooftop pool with beach views.

Hotel Tropical Tambaú

It’s the best hotel in Joao Pessoa for children.

The hotel is literally in front of the ocean, some of the rooms have the ocean view.

It has wonderful pool for all ages.

The restaurant and the food are superb.

The staff are great, friendly and make you so welcome.

Address : Av. Alm. Tamandaré, 229 - Tambaú, João Pessoa - PB, 58039-010, Brazil

Hotel Manaíra

Excellent hotel in convenient location.

The facilities are very clean and elegant.

Great beautiful pool area with small gym and sauna.

The breakfast is pretty.

The best feature of this hotel is the employees/service.

Address : 080, Av. Gen. Edson Ramalho, 1131 - Manaíra, João Pessoa - PB, 58038-100, Brazil


Stop by at Mangai João Pessoa | Padaria that you can find in João Pessoa. This restaurant is a buffet restaurant with delicious food. Here, you can feel the classic vibe with some plants as the decoration. Famiglia Muccini Italian Restaurant is an Italian restaurant that open from 11.30 AM. This restaurant has a delicious menu that you can try. After that, this restaurant has a classic vibe and a cozy atmosphere.

Mangai João Pessoa | Padaria

A creative space inspired in culture of Northeast of Brazil.

The decoration is remarkably interesting.

The variety of options for both the dishes and desserts is incredible.

There are also options for both ala carte and buffet.

Address : Av. Gen. Edson Ramalho, 696 - Manaíra, João Pessoa - PB, 58038-100, Brazil

Famiglia Muccini Italian Restaurant

The best Italian restaurant in the Northeast of Brazil.

All of the pastas here are homemade and they’re all great.

They also have a decent wine list with wines at reasonable prices.

The service is also very good & the décor is also very tasteful.

Address : R. Nossa Sra. dos Navegantes, 140 - Tambaú, João Pessoa - PB, 58039-110, Brazil


Enjoy your journey with relaxing your body in Bricktop's Café. Bricktop's Café is a coffee shop with a modern style. This cafe opens at 2 PM and serves an indoor and outdoor place to enjoy the coffee. 283 CAFÉ is another recommended coffee shop in João Pessoa. This cafe has a classic style and a cozy atmosphere. Then, this coffee shop has some various snacks and they also serve a vegetarian menu.

Bricktop's Café

Nice and cozy place to have a cup of coffee with a croissant and other delicacies.

A little expensive but still worthwhile for the overall quality of what is offered.

The coffees are good, the preparation and presentation is a show apart.

The service is excellent.

Address : Av. Nego, 657 - Tambaú, João Pessoa - PB, 58039-100, Brazil

283 CAFÉ

Excellent coffes hop for chill.

The environment is beautiful, it has a modern and sophisticated air.

It offers perfect salad and risotto with shrimp.

Excellent service, pleasant atmosphere.

Address : Av. Esperança, 117 - LOJA 02 - Manaíra, João Pessoa - PB, 58038-280, Brazil


Hangout in Bar do Cuscuz - João Pessoa is a Couscous restaurant that serves some alcohol. This bar is really homey vibes that make you really comfortable when drinking in here. Chopp Time Music Bar is a disco club that famous in João Pessoa. Then, this club has a great selection of alcohol. This club usually uses for some events.

Bar do Cuscuz - João Pessoa

Cool bar with awesome view.

Nice view in front the beach with excellent menu of local specialities.

The waiters are really nice and helpful

There is great kids space with lots of options for entertainment.

Address : Av. Cabo Branco, 3056 - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58045-010, Brazil

Chopp Time Music Bar

Spectacular house with great shows.

Nice atmosphere, good service, and good attractions

It has good beer, good price, great service and is well frequented.

The waiters are kind and fast.

Address : Av. Gov. Argemiro de Figueiredo, 3835 - Jardim Oceania, João Pessoa - PB, 58037-030, Brazil


The interesting place in Cabo Branco Lighthouse is a lighthouse located on the cliffs of Cabo Branco. This are the important things that you should visit when holidaying in João Pessoa. Built-in 1972, this place becomes an interesting place to visit. Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara (Bica) is another interesting place in João Pessoa. Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara (Bica) is a zoo that serves many varieties of animals. Here, you can see and add your knowledge about animals. So, this place really suitable for children.

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The Cabo Branco lighthouse is a very important tourist spot for the city of João Pessoa.

It has a laser area very diversified in attractions both for its natural beauty.

Well-defined cultural characteristics, craft fairs and regional foods.

Very beautiful place, wonderful landscape.

Address : Av. Cabo Branco - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58045-010, Brazil

Parque Zoobotânico Arruda Câmara (Bica)

Really good zoo for have a fun with your kids.

In the Park there are people trained to talk about environmental education and its importance.

The environment itself is wonderful, full of green and nature.

The animals are very well treated and most of them come from circuses.

Well worth a visit for the beautiful experience.

Address : Rua, Av. Gouvêia Nóbrega, s/n - Baixo Roger, João Pessoa - PB, 58020-325, Brazil


For those who love photography, Praia de Cabo Branco is a popular beach in João Pessoa. Usually, people come here to swimming and sunbathing. Here, you can also see the pretty beach with clean water and suitable for your feed Instagram. Busto Tamandaré is a tourist attraction close to Cabo Branco beach. This place has a landmark that you can photo to your collection on Instagram.

Praia de Cabo Branco

This is one definitely worth visiting if you are in the area.

With the beautiful sand and water.

The scenery around is remarkable.

Greatest structure for sports, restaurants and even more along the neighborhood.

Address : Av. Cabo Branco - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58045-010, Brazil

Busto Tamandaré

If you like take pictures with cities name, it's a good place.

Beautiful view, good place to start a walk trough the shore.

Many events are held in this place and some good street performers on the weekends.

The view is superb and the red sand is beautiful.

Address : Busto de Tamandaré - Av. Alm. Tamandaré - Cabo Branco, João Pessoa - PB, 58039-010, Brazil