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Founded in May 10, 1947, Maringá is a municipality in southern Brazil as a planned urban area. It is known as the third largest city in the state of Paraná.

The city has the most iconic and famous attraction called Cathedral of Maringá. Find out the interesting facts behind it.

Parque do Ingá would be the best place to surround yourself with the nature and the friendliness of the locals.

As the city is popular for its fashion world, Catuaí Maringá Mall is one of the best malls to collect your favorite brands.

Check out these interesting places; Buddhist Temple Jodoshu Nippakuji Solar das Águas Quentes for fun journeys.

The beautiful Japanese Park and Park Alfredo Werner Nyffeler are ready for some stunning Instagram pictures.

Hotel Deville Business Maringá and Hotel Golden Ingá are here to serve you with the best amenities.



The existence of the Cathedral of Maringá is too valuable to be missed. This iconic cathedral is located in the downtown area standing tall beautifully with its unique shapes. As one of the most visited attractions, this cathedral is known as the tallest church in South America and the 25th tallest in the world. This conical building was idealized by the archbishop Dom Jaime Luiz Coelho. While the outside is serving uniqueness, the beauty of the inside will make you don't want to leave. This is the kind of place that’ll definitely make your trip exciting and memorable. Find out more fun facts about this historical landmark.

Cathedral of Maringá

It's a incredible and unique church.

It has an unusual shape, with only one tower and the cone shape amazes and brings curiousity.

Inside, there is that feeling of entering a cave, fresh, calm, simple and cozy.

The stained glass windows are beautiful, giant and fit perfectly with the church.

Address : Praça da Catedral, s/n - Zona 02, Maringá - PR, 87010-530, Brazil


Walking in the middle of forest-like place with the surrounding of freshness and coldness is what Parque do Ingá is all about. Located in the middle of Maringá city, this popular attraction has become the local and tourists’ favorite place to unwind and to get closer with mother nature. The place has spots for water, toilets, coconut water, even some snack bars. A Sunday morning stroll in this place would be a good idea. Make sure to try the paddle boats and enjoy the stunning lake views with the greenery surroundings. Lots of things to do. Visit and see it yourself why this place is one of the main attractions in Maringá city.

Parque do Ingá

One of the main tourist attractions in Maringa.

It's a pleasant place to go for a stroll with the kids if you are bored at the weekend.

Lots of animals from forests from Brazil,you can be in touch with them and even feed them.

So you can still see the building all around the park.

Address : Av. São Paulo, 172 - 509 - Centro, Maringá - PR, 87013-040, Brazil


Shopping has to be one of the most favorite things to do while traveling to a destination. In Maringá city, Catuaí Maringá Mall is the best shopping center for all brandy and high-quality products. While its building is designed with modern styles, this mall has some of national and international’s best brands, such as Yellow Manga, Aleatory, Anacapri, Arezzo, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Loft Guest, and many more. Find whatever you want and enjoy shopping in cozy vibes. For additions, a movie theater and restaurants are available to entertain your visit. If you haven’t had enough, Mercadão of Maringa is also available for all local products. As the best-rated produce market in the city, it offers some of the most interesting goodies for your needs while you’re in the city. From local beers, delicious local food, fresh fruits and vegetables, pastry and bakery, local’s best meat, favorite souvenirs, and so many more.

Catuaí Maringá Mall

It is the best shopping mall in Maringa.

It has a reasonably good variety of shops and restaurants,though prices tend to be on the high side.

Also has movie theatre Mufato and Havan.

The place is clean and well maintaned.

Address : Av. Colombo, 9161 - Parque Industrial Bandeirantes, Maringá - PR, 87070-000, Brazil

Mercadão of Maringa

A great place to buy agricultural products.

As well as a wide variety of bars and restaurants.

The restaurants are nice and fresh produce.

Great quality products and differentiated service.

Address : Av. Prudente de Morais, 601 - Zona 7, Maringá - PR, 87020-010, Brazil


Barbecued meat like Picanha has to be one of the best cuisines in Brazil. In Maringá itself places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars serve this menu as one of their favorites. For the drink, Caipirinha is the national drink of the country. It is made with cachaça, sugar, and lime. Caipirinha is the most popular cocktail in the South American country.


Maringá is known as the fashion hub in the south of Brazil. It also recently has been highlighted in the software market. Apart from that, the city is popular for its cultural buildings like the popular Cathedral of Maringá. Portuguese is the official language of the city. But about 7% of people here speaks English and 4% others speaks Spanish.


The best time to plan a trip to Maringá is from April 23rd to September 9th. The pleasant and warm temperature will accompany your journey in this city.


The best way to spend the days in the city is by staying at Hotel Deville Business Maringá. This hotel comes with the most exciting location. It is in the downtown area, just a 3-minute walk from the famous Cathedral of Maringá, a 5-minute walk from the stunning Parque do Ingá, and 1 km from Maringá bus terminal. This laid-back hotel has relaxed and warm rooms with its nice decoration and all the modern facilities. The well-appointed restaurant and lobby bar are ready to entertain your visit with all deliciousness. An outdoor pool is become your friend for every day in a nice atmosphere. Another good recommendation for your stay is this beautiful apartment/hotel called Hotel Golden Ingá. This hotel is beautifully standing just a 7-minute walk from the Cathedral of Maringá and a 15-minute walk from Parque do Ingá. The accommodations consist of airy suites and 1-to-2-bedroom apartments. All the rooms come with bright color and comfortably decorated. After enjoying the room’s facilities, the elegant restaurant is ready to serve both tasty stuff and panoramic city views. In the afternoon, you can head to the rooftop, there’s a beautiful pool to enjoy or simply to sit by the poolside and watching the beauty of Maringá city.

Hotel Deville Business Maringá

Pleasant hotel to stay at the city center.

Spacious rooms, good internet, decent breakfast, great location and a good gym.

The breakfast is superb served by excellent waiter.

The staff is welcoming and friendly.

Address : Av. Herval, 26 - Zona 01, Maringá - PR, 87013-110, Brazil

Hotel Golden Ingá

Excellent hotel in the perfect location.

Tthe amanties and the rooms are spacious and comfy.

The breakfast with lots of options are superb.

Welcoming and accommodating staff.

Address : R. Néo Alves Martins, 2398 - Zona 01, Maringá - PR, 87050-110, Brazil


Baco Espaço Gastronômico restaurant brings the pleasure of enjoying the high-quality cuisine. This restaurant has the most pleasant atmosphere with a good room decoration and setting. The purpose of the restaurant is to serve tasty cuisine with the best presentation and service. With its first-class taste and service, your visit will be accompanied by a super attentive staff and a music background in a super chic room. This will definitely add love and romance to your table. And then there is Très Riche Restaurante & Gelateria that comes with everything you need for your fun culinary trip. As one of the best restaurants in the city, it comes with the most good-looking cuisine and drink with the best service. Taste, presentation, and service has been a big part of this restaurant since its opening. It has Fettuccine Alfredo and Cheese and Chocolate Fondue as some of its best menus. Other great menus are also available to choose from. And of course, the popular wine menu has to be mentioned. The wine itself comes with more than 50 labels, from sparkling wine, champagnes, white wines, rose wines, and red wines.

Baco Espaço Gastronômico

Incredible restaurant with a charming atmosphere.

Great lighting and excellent music.

It offers delicious cuisine and very complete wine list.

Very well prepared and quality dishes.

Address : Av. São Paulo, 1880 - Zona 02, Maringá - PR, 87010-350, Brazil

Très Riche Restaurante & Gelateria

One of the best restaurants in the area in a charming atmosphere.

Lunch is delicious as well as sweet, spectacular.

Wonderful à la carte dishes, excellent pastries and gelato.

Various dishes for all tastes, lunch and dinner.

The service is excellent and fast.

Address : Av. Pres. Juscelino K. de Oliveira, 1187 - Zona 02, Maringá - PR, 87010-440, Brazil


If you want to surround yourself with quality and delicacy, Macchiato and Café is the right place for it. This cafe has been the local’s favorite place to gather and to enjoy tasty menus with a cozy atmosphere. The authenticity of the ingredients makes this cafe special in serving handmade products. Menus like cakes, sweets, juices, and breads are all guaranteed its freshness and quality. To start your activity in the city, Literary Cafe Maringa is also ready to serve you with the best coffee and other breakfast and lunch menus. While taste is everything, the attentive and super talented staff will make sure you have what you want. Not only the staff serve with attentiveness, they will play music instruments to comfort your visit. Your table becomes something else. You don’t want to miss this one.

Macchiato and Café

The best coffee maker in Maringa

The pastries are wonderfula and food and drink well prepared, quick, tasty.

The menu has few healthy options.

Worth a nice afternoon with its beautiful view of the forest.

Address : Av. Nóbrega, 1040 - Centro, Maringá - PR, 87013-280, Brazil

Literary Cafe Maringa

Awexome place for a breakfast, lunch or afternoon coffee.

Great service, excellent pasta and desserts from another world.

The sweets, snacks, juices and coffees are delicious.

Sophisticated and air-conditioned environment.

Address : R. Prof. Lauro Eduardo Werneck, 1023 - Zona 7, Maringá - PR, 87105-020, Brazil


After a hectic adventure, night out in a bar become a must. MPB Bar is here for your needs. As the city’s best bar, it comes with the most fantastic sound and music. The caring bartenders will serve your favorite drink with love. The room lighting is one of the best things about this place. It allows you to get closer to the dance floor and have your best night. Other best place for a fun night out is Porão Bar. A high-spirited place like this is the kind of place you need to surround yourself with for a great night. As one the most high-rated bar in the city, it has a beautiful room decoration with a great atmosphere. The lovely crowded people in here won’t left you alone. The live music will keep you engage the whole night while the delicious cuisines and drinks are on your table.


One of the best nightclubs in Maringa with fantastic sound.

Always refreshing with bands of different styles and crazy atmosphere.

It offers delicious drinks and beer.

The attendants are super receptive and polite, always attentive at all times.

Address : Av. Curitiba, 210 - Zona 04, Maringá - PR, 87014-130, Brazil

Porão Bar

The place is very nice, with affordable drinks and cold beer.

Relaxed atmosphere, with security.

The wonderful draft beer and delicious pastries.

The waiter and bartender is excellent.

Address : Av. Colombo, 7096 - Zona 7, Maringá - PR, 87020-120, Brazil


As one of the best destinations in the city, Buddhist Temple Jodoshu Nippakuji is a great place to spend the day. This temple is a representation of Japanese-Brazilian community in the southwest region of the state. It is known as the third temple of the Jodoshu Buddhist School and was founded by Bishop Yomei Sasaki in 1998. Not only as a spiritual place, this temple has been the local’s favorite place for relaxing and meditation. While surrounded by the classiness of the building, make sure to check out the stunning gardens. For a complete fun experience, Solar das Águas Quentes is here for you. As one of the most-rated attractions in the city, this water park would be an excellent choice to enjoy the day with your loved ones. The park has so many things to offer. Spacious space, various pools with many play stations and games, snack bar, restaurant, and many other options. With all the exciting things it offers, this park has been known as the paradise for family.

Buddhist Temple Jodoshu Nippakuji

One of the most visited spots in Maringa.

See the beauty of Buddhist temple.

Make sure to enjoy the beautiful garden.

Address : Av. Londrina, 392 - Aeroporto, Maringá - PR, 87050-730, Brazil

Solar das Águas Quentes

The place is nice to have a good time in the pool with the family.

Club complete with hot pools of hot springs, hot tub,nice temperature pools and other larger and more refreshing.

Slide for children and some fun animal statues.

Dedicated area for children.

Address : PR-317, Km 13 Zona Rural, PR, 87035-060, Brazil


To start your photography journey, Japanese Park is the perfect place to create the most good-looking pictures. The park has a purpose in honoring all the immigrants who settled in Maringá, especially Japanese. It offers spacious greenery areas, beautiful ponds with animal like fish shown, beautiful flowers, and more. The beauty of Park Alfredo Werner Nyffeler is too good to be missed. This famous park is one of the most visited attractions in the city. It has an artificial lake, two Swiss soccer fields, children’s playground, lookout point, with Cooper’s track. This spacious park is a pleasant destination for taking beautiful pictures.

Japanese Park

One of the beauties of Maringa.

It's a Japanese monument located in Maringa, Brazil, which was designed by a Japanese architect.

Watching the koi fish swim together under the arched wooden bridge is breathtaking.

There are spaces that are used for small shows and fairs.

Souvenir kiosks are also an option for visitors.

Address : R. Tulípa, 987 - Parque Industrial, Maringá - PR, 87065-320, Brazil

Park Alfredo Werner Nyffeler

Best park in Maringá.

Ideal to take the kids to play on Sundays, or even pets.

Well family environment.

You can play ball and listening to music as it has music played at the background.

Address : R. Quito, 2-56 - Vila Morangueira, Maringá - PR, 87040-140, Brazil