Maceió: Best Things to Do - Photo by Vicente Perez

Maceió is famous among the Brazilian for its incredible historical sites, like Floriano Peixoto Palace Museum and Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió Arquidiocese that bring the story of Maceió.

There are Mercado do Artesanato and Parque Shopping Maceió which served more in handcraft you might bring home.

There is a hotel called Ritz Lagoa da Anta which offers an interesting accommodation

There is a hotel called Ritz Lagoa da Anta which offers interesting accommodation " Bali Floor" inspired by Indonesia island.

Let's explore this amazing city!



Floriano Peixoto Palace Museum is well known às "Palácio dos Martírios". It is an integral part of the "architectural complex of Martírios". Take a look at the great furniture built in the 19th and 20th centuries. Besides, in 2010 the museum added to its collection the Espaço Aurélio Buarque de Holanda and the Memorial Lêdo Ivo.

Floriano Peixoto Palace Museum

Floriano Peixoto Palace Museum is a historic place exhibit the history of Aurélio Buarque de Holanda.

Address : Marechal Floriano Peixoto Square (Praça dos Martírios), 517, Maceió - AL, 57020-090, Brazil


Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió Arquidiocese de Maceió
Located in the center of the city, Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió Arquidiocese de Maceió has neoclassical lines on its facade like the triangular pediment, tympanum with carved high relief custody. The main altar was made in cedar by the carver Antônio Alves da Mota.

Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió Arquidiocese de Maceió

Catedral Metropolitana de Maceió Arquidiocese de Maceió is an unassuming Catholic church with a painted altar.

And dedicated to Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres.

Address : Praça Dom Pedro II, s/n - Centro, Maceió - AL, 57020-670, Brazil


Exhibiting handicrafts of the most varied types. This is considered one of the largest showcases in the sector. It provides leather, wood, clay, lace, embroidery, straw, ceramics, and many more. Besides, there is an artisan working on his art. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 5 pm, Sunday from 7 am to 12 pm. Parque is considered as one of its shopping centers with the highest sales growth in recent years. It's been a National highlight for its marketing actions, including three campaigns awarded by the brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce).


Try one of the several local cuisine like acarajé, which made from the pulp of black eyed beans, deep fried in the heavy aromatic red dende oil (palm oil from the fruit of the palm tree), then sliced and filled with vatapá (a paste made from bread, prawns, coconut milk and peanuts). They even use ginger and malagueta to season wine and beer.


Pointed to the Brazilian styles and dances with American jazz and rock that almost played all over the city like bars, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, street festivals, concerts, private gatherings, and churches all the year round.


The best times to visit Maceio for ideal weather are on June 11th to September 2nd.


Ritz Suites Hotel is a 4-star hotel situated in front of Lagoa da Anta beach and located close to Jatiuca and Ponte Verde beaches (less than 4 km). Apartments divided into thematic categories Honey, Life, Family, and Life Sea Front. They are equipped with queen size bed, air-conditioning, i-sound station, cable TV, hairdryer, magnifying mirrors, and fridge. Ritz Lagoa da Anta is the most famous hotel in Maceió. The place is close to the beaches of Jatiúca and Ponta Verde. It specializes in thematic floors which standard, luxury, and suite categories. The unique thing you might be interested in, there is one of the accommodation called Bali Floor which is for a romantic experience inspired by the Indonesia islands. Bali Floor created exclusively for couples including a four-poster double bed. which further accentuates Indonesia's romantic mood.

Ritz Suites Hotel

Ritz Suites Hotel is a polished suites in a modern resort featuring an outdoor pool, a gym & a restaurant.

There’s a trendy restaurant offering beach views, as well as a bar with a terrace.

Address : Av. Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes de Brito, 125 - Cruz das Almas, Maceió - AL, 57038-280, Brazil

Ritz Lagoa da Anta

Ritz Lagoa da Anta is a modern units in an upscale hotel, featuring 2 restaurants, plus 2 pools, sports courts & a spa.

The modern rooms offer flat-screen TVs and sitting areas. Upgraded rooms add ocean views.

Address : Av. Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes de Brito, 546 - Lagoa da Anta, Maceió - AL, 57038-230, Brazil


Opened on April 7th, 2015, Najuany Bistrô have a menu with a contemporary base that is rich in fresh ingredients. In A La carte menu they have Sinfonia del Mare-octopus, Mussels and Prawn Grilled with Garlic and parmesan. You can try typical Italian "pudding" based on "cream" of fresh milk and vanilla on the Dessert menu. Explore more on their official site to get what you want to eat. Consisting of six menus, Sal e Brasa Maceió has several varieties of delicious dishes that are worth trying. Meat menu is using traditional cuts such as Picanha, Alcatra, Rib, Termite, Maminha, Fraldinha, and Contra-File. Besides, they also offer amazing dishes such as Baby Beef, Steak Ancho, Carré, Leg and Lamb Palette roasted in the right spot to provide you with the best gastronomic experience. Buffet menu, you will meet anything about cheese, sauces, noble oils, seafood, and etc. Oriental Station menu is about Sushi, for more menu you can easily access through their official website.

Najuany Bistrô

Najuany Bistrô is a great place with modern flare food.

They incorporates local flavors with a modern french/Italian twist.

Address : R. São Francisco de Assis, 73 - Jatiúca, Maceió - AL, 57035-680, Brazil

Sal e Brasa Maceió

Sal e Brasa Maceió offer an excellent place, delicious food and great service.

Address : R. Prof. Ernâni de Figueiredo. Magalhães, 41 - Cruz das Almas, Maceió - AL, 57038-150, Brazil


Try a traditional brand of fine chocolates in Copenhagen. They sell several goodness-like varieties of chocolates which serve in different types of sides. You can also purchase online through their official website. In addition, if you want to buy a gift they provide gift packages offered in several type and flavors. Le Brulé serves the best coffee in town. They have several variety of cake which is worth trying. Besides, they also sell brigadeiro.

Kopenhagen Café

Kopenhagen Café is great cafe with indoor seating offering a wide variety of coffee and chocolate.

Address : Av. Dr. Antônio Gomes de Barros, 251 - Jatiúca, Maceió - AL, 57036-000, Brazil

Le Brulé

Le Brulé is a top cafe serving plenty of sweets and desserts.

Address : R. Gen. João Saleiro Pitão, 1037 - Ponta Verde, Maceió - AL, 57035-210, Brazil


Tanque Cheio offers you happiness to enjoy their interesting activities at night. Come with your buddies to get the good vibe. It has a modern building which includes a VIP area, snacks, and drinks. They will treat you with excellent services!! They have a special menu made by Chef Danúbio Vieira. Their great location offers a cozy and familiar environment including toys for children. In addition, live music also available there.

Tanque Cheio

Tanque Cheio offers its customers a modern building with two rooms, and one, VIP area.

With excellent beverage and great service bartender.

Address : Via Expressa, Av. Menino Marcelo, s/n - Lote 8, Maceió - AL, 57081-385, Brazil


BarracaBarBrasil is an excellent place offer a differentiated menu with an excellent variety.

Address : R. da Praia, 62 - Guaxuma, Maceió - AL, 57070-090, Brazil


Take a look at this museum which was built in the 20th century and also shows the history of communication during the time from valve displays that were used on old televisions and radios of the time. The museum only open on Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Museu de Tecnologia

Museu de Tecnologia has beautiful architecture building with a rich history of technology.

Address : R. Sá e Albuquerque, 467 - Jaraguá, Maceió - AL, 57025-901, Brazil


This would be a bit far from Maceió, it's approximately around 26 kilometers. The Centro de Arte Contemporânea Inhotim is Brazil’s Contemporary Art Wonderland. It opened to the public in 2006. Containing word from many of the best artists and Bernardo Paz's private property and personal art collection.

Inhotim Museum

Inhotim Museum is the largest outdoor art center and home to one of the largest foundations of contemporary art in Brazil.

Address : Rua B, 20 Fazenda Inhotim, Brumadinho - MG, 35460-000, Brazil