Maragogi: Best Things to Do

Image by Jefferson Silva from Flickr - Photo by Jefferson Silva

Maragogi is famous as the best coastal city in Brazil.

It's just 4 hours from Alagoas, this city becomes the one-stop destination when visiting Brazil.

Dominated with many beaches such as Japaratinga Beach, Maragogi Beach, Camacho Beach, Praia de Maragogi and other beaches.

The recommended hotel to stay in are Salinas do Maragogi All Inclusive Resort hotel or Pousada Barra Velha.

Try the authentic Brazil food is Moqueca and the drink is Caipirinha that typical alcohol Brazil.



Welcome to Brazil! It is absolutely lovely strolling around here! Caminho de Moisés is a one-stop tourist place that you should visit. This beach is a really beautiful place with walking around on the sandbank in the middle of the most beautiful sea in Brazil. A wonderful place to visit in Alagoas summer.

Caminho de Moisés

Long trail through the sea, surrounded by the clear water of Maragogi.

Ideal for kids to play loose.

Address : R. da Maravilha, 243, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


The city is famous for its amazing scenery. Maragogi Orla is one of the places that bordering with the beautiful beach. This beach has a good incredible color, warm water, and restaurants that make you comfortable to enjoy it. This beach really relaxing your body and mind when traveling here.

Maragogi Orla

The beach borders the entire edge of the small town of Maragogi.

You can try speedboat and enjoy the waves.

Address : Av. Sen. Rui Palmeira, 759-933, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


You can find numerous gift shops with interesting items to bring home. O Boticário is one of the souvenirs stores in Maragogi. O Boticário provides a variety of perfumes that you can buy as a gift. Container Artesanato is the right place to search for many things that you can just get in Maragogi. Container Artesanato offers display, key chains, shirts, and other authentic things from Maragogi.

O Boticário

Offering variety beauty products.

Address : Pc. Dr. Batista Acioli, 14 - Centro, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil

Container Artesanato

Offering plenty of unique souvenirs and clothes.

Address : Maragogi - State of Alagoas, 57955-000, Brazil


The iconic food that you must try is Moqueca. Moqueca made from Sea bass, coconut milk, red palm oil, tomato paste, red bell pepper and other. Then, you can also try the famous drink in Maragogi is caipirinha. Caipirinha made from Lime, cachaca, white sugar, ice cubes, and others.


Becomes the destinations of the beautiful view, Maragogi also has some festivals that you should visit when you here. Festa Junina (Saint John Festival) is the one-off event that you can see the Maragogi culture.


The best time to visit Maragogi is from November to February. In these months, you can enjoy the trip with a good temperature with the winter season. This time really cozy weather and rather cool and rainy.


Stay in Salinas do Maragogi All Inclusive Resort hotel is the luxury hotel with five stars hotel in Maragogi. Salinas do Maragogi All Inclusive Resort hotel provides free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, plus safes, minifridges, and balconies; some provide river views. It just 2.6 km from Maragogi village, this hotel has other facilities are 3 bars and 2 restaurants, along with archery, zip-lining and a kids' club and other. Pousada Barra Velha is another recommended hotel with three stars hotel that you can stay in Maragogi. Pousada Barra Velha offers terraces, Wi-Fi access, TVs, DVD players, hammocks and sofabeds. The public facilities that you can get are ocean-view restaurants, an outdoor pool, and a BBQ area, plus a game room, sports courts and massage services. Located 3 km from the town of São José da Coroa Grande which means this hotel has great access to go everywhere.

Salinas do Maragogi All Inclusive Resort hotel

Offering comfortable rooms and beach view by its window.

Serving food and drink of good quality all day long.

Friendly staffs and warm atmosphere.

Address : Rodovia AL-101 Norte Km 124, s/n - Sitio Carió, Maragogi - AL, 40203-296, Brazil

Pousada Barra Velha

Relaxed rooms and suites feature terraces.

Thatched cottages have external spiral staircases and kitchenettes.

Other amenities include an ocean-view restaurant.

Address : Rodovia AL-101 Norte, s/n Praia de Peroba, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


Want to try the Brazil authentic food just visit Pontal do Maragogi. Pontal do Maragogi is the buffet restaurant that serves various seafood. This restaurant opens at 8 AM and it has beautiful scenery with the beach. Then, this restaurant has an outdoor and indoor place to enjoy food. Another recommended restaurant in Maragogi is Russo Gastrobar Maragogi. Russo Gastrobar Maragogi is a modern restaurant with its draw as decoration. Moreover, this restaurant also closes the beach with a pretty view.

Pontal do Maragogi

The ideal restaurant for you to taste delicious food with the whole family.

Address : Rodovia AL 101 Norte, Km 130 s/n Burgalhau, Maragogi - AL, 57799-000, Brazil

Russo Gastrobar Maragogi

Offering plenty of vegan menu.

Wonderful space with incredible background music.

Large restaurant with reasonable prices.

Address : Av. Sen. Rui Palmeira, 467 - Orla, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


Hangout after walking around this city with enjoy in Degutti Coffee and Crepes Maragogi. Degutti Coffee and Crepes Maragogi is a small cafe that has a friendly atmosphere. This cafe has a simple concept but they have a delicious menu that serves it. Pães & Cia is the cafe that you can find in Maragogi. This cafe opens from 7 AM that really helps you to find breakfast when visit here. This cafe offers some various bakery, bread, pastry and other.

Degutti Coffee and Crepes Maragogi

Serve quality food, providing the customer with a differentiated.

Friendly service and comfortable environment.

Address : Praça Dr Batista Acioly, 21 - Centro, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil

Pães & Cia

Cozy atmosphere great for a quick breakfast.

Address : Praça Santo Antônio, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


Spend your day time with visit Bar Paraiso is the homey bar that directly connects with the beach. This bar really has a beautiful view and chill vibes that you can feel it. Bar Paraiso is the best place to spend your night when in Maragogi. Pallet Bar Maragogi is the small bar that has wooden as the decoration. This bar has a good music choice that you can enjoy it.

Bar Paraiso

Spend your day time with visit Bar Paraiso is the homey bar that directly connects with the beach.

Address : Sítio Xaréu - Rodovia AL-101, 3026, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil

Pallet Bar Maragogi

Pallet Bar Maragogi is the small bar that has wooden as the decoration.

Address : R. José Carvalho Raposo, 230-286, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


The interesting place that you should visit in Maragogi is Maragogi Natural pools - AL. Maragogi Natural pools - AL is beautiful water but unfortunately has no much sea life. This tourist place really nice place to go snorkeling. Another interesting place is Piscinas Naturais De Maragogi Al (Ponta De Mangue Prainhas). Piscinas Naturais de Maragogi Al (Ponta De Mangue Prainhas) is the outdoor swimming pool that really good to visit. This place will make you amazed because of the view. A wonder of nature without a doubt a show, this place suitable for snorkeling, speedboat, and other water activity.

Maragogi Natural pools - AL

Lots variety of fish and corals that surprises us with its colors and shapes.

You can pay for photos taken by local photographers.

Address : R. da Praia, Maragogi - AL, Brazil

Piscinas Naturais De Maragogi AL (Ponte De Mangue Prainhas)

Enjoy a beautiful speedboat ride with a wonderful sea view.

Address : Av. Estrela do Mar - praia, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil


Maragogi also offers various outdoor attractions. For those who love photography, Maragogi Beach is the famous beach that you should visit. Maragogi Beach has a stunning landscape to add your picture to your Instagram. This beach also has blue water, clean water, and beautiful white sand. Piscinas Naturais de Maragogi is another great place to take some photos. Piscinas Naturais de Maragogi is an amazing beach with a breathtaking view. Here, you can do rent a snorkel, do the scuba dive, and the photo package here.

Maragogi Beach

Incredible beaches and natural pools.

Lots of photogenic spot for taking pictures.

Address : Av. Sen. Rui Palmeira, 209 - 267 267, Maragogi - AL, 57955-000, Brazil

Piscinas Naturais de Maragogi

See fish interact with people and do not move away from human presence.

Beautiful corals and wonderful waves with incomparable tone.

Address : oceano Atlântico, Maragogi - AL, Brazil