Angra dos Reis: Best Things to Do

Image by Randolfo Santos from Google Maps - Photo by Randolfo Santos

Angra dos Reis is a municipality located in Southern part of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil.

The city is famous for its beautiful islands and beaches.

It becomes the best destination for beach lovers to enjoy crystal like waters, sands, and underwater life.

Illa Grande is the city's most popular islands because of the beauty and white sand.

Moreover, Ilha de Cataguas is considered to be the right place for snorkeling.



Discover the greenery area at Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina, a national park. Many activities can be done here like hiking or playing with animals. The park is home to flora species such as pines, cedars, trumpet trees and palm trees. While among the fauna are cats, sloths, deer, monkey, snakes and birds.

Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina

Atlantic Forest park featuring mountains, trails & waterfalls, plus rivers, beaches & wildlife.

Address : Rodovia Estadual Francisca Mendes Ribeiro, s/n, SP-221, São José do Barreiro - SP, 12830-000, Brazil


There is nothing so much to see in Angra dos reis city center. But, the closest destination from the area is becoming popular among tourists. Just a few miles from here, you will arrive in Grande Beach. It is one of the finest spots for young people. There are a lot of things to enjoy this beach as it has bars, live music, and exciting nightlife.

Praia Grande

The closest destination from downtown Angra dos Reis.

It is one of the finest spot for young people.

There is a lot of things to enjoy in this beach as it has bars, live music and exciting nightlife.

Get relaxed while play the white sand here.

You can also swim or just see stunning seaview.


Shopping Piratas is the number shopping center in the city. This is a small mall located on Marina. So, it offers you great views from the terrace. It also has coffee shops and restaurants inside. For hunting souvenirs, you may go to Allē Presentes Criativos. This favorite shop offers you plenty of cute gifts including the stuff of Unicorn and mermaid.


The typical food from Anga dos reis that you must try is Brazilian Feijoada or bean stew. It is made from black beans with salted pork or beef. Do nof forget to try famous snacks known as Coxinha, a deep fried chicken drumstick.


The people of Angra dos Reis or called as Cariocas are extremely friendly. They are very usual with physical contact like hugging. The city also has some annual festivals like Procissão de São Pedro where the people pay homage to the Patron Seaman.


The perfect time to explore Angra dos reis is between January and February. Those months are good for those who interested in entertainment, high temperatures, and beach life.


If you want to stay in the center of the city, you can go to Angra Beach Hotel. This four star hotel has very clean room and well organized. It easy to find a shuttle station that offers a trip to Illa grande and other private beaches. While staying in a villa near the beach, Vila Pedra Mar offers a luxurious stay. This villa situated among lush Atlantic rain forests and has a private seafront. It allows you to swim in the tropical sea, snorkeling and see the underwater life.

Angra Beach Hotel

No-nonsense hotel featuring unassuming rooms, plus complimentary breakfast & Wi-Fi.

Address : R. José Watanabe, 111 - Parque das Palmeiras, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 23906-520, Brazil

Villa Pedra Mar

No-frills hotel offering cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Address : Rua da Praia, 1 - Praia Vermelha, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 75490-000, Brazil


Angra dos Reis has plenty of restaurants to offer especially for seafood. Bar e Restaurante Lua e Mar is the best restaurant located on the seashore. You may enjoy the stunning beach view while chewing your seafood. You can choose indoor seating or outdoor seating. Another recommended restaurant is Conversa Fiada Angra. They are not only offering seafood but also local cuisine.

Bar e Restaurante Lua e Mar

Bar e Restaurante Lua e Mar is a seafood restaurant with lovely setting on the beach.

Address : Ilha Grande State Park - R. da Praia, 297 - Vila do Abraão, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 23968-000, Brazil

Conversa Fiada Angra

In a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, Conversa Fiada Angra offering lot of menu option.

Address : Avenida Wilson Maruca, s/n - Parque Jacuecanga, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 23905-000, Brazil


Atelie Cafeteria is a perfect spot to get relaxed. This cafe is located right next to the beach. It allows you to enjoy the beach view while drinking coffee or eat salad here. If you want to have outdoor seating with an ocean view, you may go to Café Do Mar Bar e Restaurante. Beside relaxing atmosphere, the cafe also has good music.

Atelie Cafeteria

One of the few cafes with healthy food and a variety of vegetarian options.

Address : R. da Praia, 847 - Vila do Abraão, Angra dos Reis - RJ, Brazil

Café Do Mar Bar e Restaurante

A superb seafront cafe with a lot variety of food and great music selection.

Address : R. da Praia - Vila do Abraão, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 23968-000, Brazil


Find stylish and simple nightlife spot at downtown Angra dos Reis. Buteco dos Reis has large room available if you are traveling with a large group. the live music will let you singing or even dancing for the whole night. OldRepublic - Burger, and Bar is where you should go to have delicious burger to accompany your cool beers. The place has a cozy environment, so you won't stop chillin' up with your friends.

Buteco dos Reis

Great bar offering craft beers and set design with bands from all over Rio de Janeiro.

Address : Av. Airton Senna, 800 - Praia do Anil, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 23904-080, Brazil

OldRepublic - Burger and Bar

OldRepublic is a burger bar restaurant for those who like artisan hamburger.

Address : Av. dos Trab., 23 - Loja 4 - Village, Angra dos Reis - RJ, 23914-360, Brazil


Visiting Ilha de Cataguas is a must during your trip. This beautiful beach becomes one of the most popular places for visitors because of the closeness to the shore. It's really recommended for an adventure to do snorkeling and scuba. Feel the blue cristal water and see much beautiful marine life here. Lopes Mendes Beach is obviously another best beaches. It needs 30 minutes boat trip from Abraao village and about 25minutes hiking. But your tiredness will be paid off by this amazing beach.

Ilha de Cataguas

Ilha de Cataguas is a wonderful island for snorkeling or swimming.

Address : Angra dos Reis - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lopes Mendes Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Brazilian coast is on Ilha Grande.

Address : Angra dos Reis - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Praia Do Caxadaço is one of the nicest spots to capture the natural beauty of Angra dos Reis. This beach has stunning stone and you can see the transparent water for its top. Enjoy the view of sea life, corals, and also large rocks there. Also, visit the Dentist's Beach for your best snorkeling experience. While the beautiful surrounding view is a good spot for taking photos.

Praia Do Caxadaço

Praia Do Caxadaço is a small wonderful beach with big rocks around and amazing clear water.

Address : Angra dos Reis - State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dentist's Beach

Dentist's Beach is a beautiful beach on the island with powder white sand.

Address : Sítio Alecrim - Ilha da Gipóia, Angra dos Reis - RJ, Brazil