Paraty: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by Auluz Auluz

Paraty is a city that is located in Brazil blessed with much natural beauty as well as historical buildings and interesting museums.

Some of the places that cannot be missed while you're in Paraty are the Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina, Jabaquara`s Beach, and Cachoeira do Saco Bravo.

The city also has some museums that are worth checking out, and one of them is the Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty.

See the beautiful sunset of Paraty at Contemplário and don't forget to explore the cuisines that the city has to offer.

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Visit the Culture House and see some really high-quality exhibits or art. Amazing pieces of artwork ranging from photographs, paintings, tapestries, sculptures, and other artworks. Various temporary exhibitions are often held in this Museum. Every year there are temporary exhibitions that showcase artworks from different artists.

Culture House

A great place to learn about some of the history of Paraty. Also to view some great local art.

Address : R. Dona Geralda, 194 - Centro Histórico, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty is an interesting museum that is housed in the Santa Rita Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Paraty. The museum has an excellent collection
of religious artifacts, sculptures, paintings, and photography. The architectural beauty of the well-preserved church is something that you want to see. But visitors need to keep in mind that they're not allowed to take pictures inside.

Museum of Sacred Art of Paraty

Founded in 1978, the Museu de Arte Sacra operates in the centenary Church of Santa Rita, in the Historic Center of Paraty. Its collection comprises important historical-religious relics, found and collected from several other churches in the city.

Address : R. Santa Rita - Centro Histórico, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Shop at Shopping Porto Itaguá and find various items from local and international brands. This big mall offers an excellent shopping experience for tourists with its many stores such as fashion, beauty,
footwear, jewelry, handicrafts, and many more. There is also a food court that features restaurants that serve various kinds of delicious dishes.

Shopping Porto Itaguá

Small shopping in the center of the city. Have fast food & food court, cinema & the store.

Address : Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 500 - Itaguá, Ubatuba - SP, 11680-000, Brazil


There is various delicious Brazilian food that can be found in restaurants around Paraty, such as picanha which is grilled meat, feijoada which is a Brazillian black bean stew, and pastel which is a snack that is made of deep-fried dough filled with various fillings. And for the drink, cachaça and caipirinha cannot be missed.


Cupertino is home to various cultural events that reflect the diversity of the city such as the Folia Gastronômica festival, Paraty Bourbon Jazz Festival, the Feast of the Holy Ghost, and International Literary Festival of Paraty. The indigenous, Portuguese and African cultures also influence the cuisines in Paraty.


Peak season: May to September is the best time to visit Paraty. The weather during this time is very comfortable with sunny days and mild temperatures which allows visitors to explore Paraty's attraction enjoyably.


Enjoy a comfortable stay at Imperatriz Paraty Hotel that features a tropical garden. This casual hotel also provides some amazing amenities for its guests, such as an outdoor pool, restaurant, and bar. By staying here, you will get easy access to the beach since its location is only a few kilometers away. Various types of rooms are available to choose for your need. You can also stay at Pousada Maravilha de Paraty, another great alternative accommodation in Paraty. This guesthouse is located only a 12-minutes walk from Pontal Beach. An outdoor pool, a hot tub, a garden, and a sundeck are available to make your stay here more enjoyable.

Imperatriz Paraty Hotel

The Imperatriz Hotel is considered the largest hotel in Paraty, with 86 rooms equipped with air conditioning, LED TV 32 ″ with cable programming and minibar. All with individual balconies.

Address : R. Guapuruvu, 731 - Caborê, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil

Pousada Maravilha de Paraty

The Pousada Maravilha de Paraty is situated just 200 meters from Paraty Historic Center. It offers free Wi-Fi in common areas, an outdoor pool and a tasty breakfast buffet.

Address : R. João do Prado, 14 - Chácara, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Esfiharia Emirados is a great restaurant that serves various kinds of delicious foods such as tahini, kibe, falafel, and many more. Vegetarian-friendly options are also available here. To accompany your meal, this restaurant serves a good collection of beers. Also, don't miss the desserts that will definitely complement your meal. Casa Coupê Restaurante is the place to go if you want some Brazillian food like picanha, feijoada, and pastel. Here, you can also order some amazing alcoholic drinks such as cachaça and caipirinha.

Esfiharia Emirados

Good food at an honest price in a pleasing restaurant.

Address : R. João Luís do Rosário, Bairro - Centro, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil

Casa Coupê Restaurante

Great place to have drinks and talk to friends and family.

Address : Praça Monsenhor Hélio Píres, 6 - Centro Histórico, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Café Pingado is a perfect breakfast spot in Paraty. Besides tasty coffee, you can also get some delicious pastries, pie, and desserts. The cafe also provides non-coffee drinks such as hot chocolate and sugarcane juice. The relaxing and warm atmosphere of this place makes it a quite popular spot for tourists. You can also stop by Manu Coffee Emporium to grab a quick bite and order a variety of coffee, cakes, pies, and sweets.

Café Pingado

Nice place in historical center. Very friendly service. They have tables on the street so you can chill out, have coffee and watch people go by.

Address : R. Dr. Samuel Costa, 11 - Centro Histórico, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil

Manu Coffee Emporium

Location is right in the historic center of Paraty, has a good service, and a varied menu, there you can find coffees, sweets, açaí and snacks.

Address : R. Domingos Gonçalves de Abreu, 44-110 - Centro Histórico, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Visit the Van Gogh Pub to enjoy a great time with friends and accompanied by a great selection of beers. Besides the amazing atmosphere, this place is also popular because of the tasty foods and great live music performance. And BalacoBacco Beach Bar is the place to go if you want to have a great drink with a beautiful view of the sea.

Van Gogh Pub

Great place, great food, highly recommend. No nonsense burger joint with a simple but interesting menu, good drinks and fast service.

Address : R. Dr. Samuel Costa, 22 - Centro Histórico, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil

BalacoBacco Beach Bar

Very relaxing place on the beach! Superb food and drinks.

Address : Av. Jabaquara, s/n - Jabaquara, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Explore Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina and enjoy some fun outdoor activities. This park has many interesting features that make it a must-visit place in Paraty, such as mountains, hiking trails, waterfalls, rivers, and beaches. This quiet and inspiring place is a great spot to reconnect with nature. Jabaquara`s Beach is another wonderful spot to enjoy the beautiful nature of Paraty. This beach is great for sunbathing. And if you're up for some water sports, you can do some kayaking here. Food vendors are also available around the beach to make your visit here more pleasant.

Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina

Atlantic Forest park featuring mountains, trails & waterfalls, plus rivers, beaches & wildlife.

Address : Rodovia Estadual Francisca Mendes Ribeiro, s/n, SP-221, São José do Barreiro - SP, 12830-000, Brazil

Jabaquara`s Beach

A beautiful stretch of beach with plenty of beach bars with chairs and loungers.

Address : Av. Jabaquara, 37 - Jabaquara, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil


Take some amazing pictures of the sunset at Contemplário. Besides watching the sunset, you can also visit the lavender plantation where there is a nice deck to rest and enjoy the surrounding environment. There's also a store that sells natural products made of lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender. You can also enjoy a cup of tasty coffee as well here. Head to the Cachoeira do Saco Bravo and see the beauty of a waterfall that is located by the sea. Getting there might be difficult, but the beautiful view of the trail will accompany you along the way. And once you get to the place, you will be rewarded with the amazing view of one of Paraty's most stunning views.


Beautiful landscape and you don't have to pay anything to enter, there aren't many people, ideal for those looking for tranquility.

Address : Km 61.5 - “Rodovia Vice Prefeito Salvador Pacetti” - Taboão, Cunha - SP, 12530-000, Brazil

Cachoeira do Saco Bravo

Magical place, unique! Waterfall with natural pool overlooking the sea. Amazing!

Address : Ponta Pegra Praia de Ponta Negra, Paraty - RJ, 23970-000, Brazil