Natal: Best Things to Do

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Natal is the capital and largest city of the state Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

The city is located on the Atlantic coast of the South American continent.

The city is called “Cidade do Sol” or translated to English as the Sunshine City.

Natal tourism is best known for its amazing beaches

Have a wonderful journey in Natal by exploring the city's natural beauty. Morro do Careca is one of the destinations you should visit.

In Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, you can have a view of river, sea, and historical landmark view to capture at the same time. It was a fortress from 16th century.



Parque Da Cidade or Natal City Park is the city park that covers 64 hectares area. You can have a good time walking around the park or just sit down on the bench enjoying the nature view of the beautiful park designed by world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The iconic symbol of the Park is the 45-meter high central tower which houses a monument called Memorial of the city,

Parque Da Cidade

Perfect place to run or walk with family.

Beautiful look, well-paved streets.

Ideal for those who like long walks and cycling in a beautiful landscape

It is nice place for hiking, biking, walking, sunset.

Address : Trilha do Parque da Cidade - Cidade Nova, Natal - RN, 59072-620, Brazil


Tour and stroll like a local in downtown Natal. Natal city is centered in the east district where many historical houses located. The downtown is filled with tourist attractions like Praia dos Artistas and Praia do Meio. The downtown neighborhood mostly constructed in the 19th century combining the style of modern and old-time architecture. One of the iconic landmarks you can find in downtown is the Memorial Câmara Cascudo.

Memorial Câmara Cascudo

It is a historic place in the city of Natal.

Nice place with great historical potential and solutions.

Nice place with great historical potential and solutions

Address : Praça André de Albuquerque, 30 - Cidade Alta, Natal - RN, 59025-580, Brazil


Complete your journey by hunting souvenirs bring back home in Downtown Natal. There are numerous local stores you can stop by. Centro de Turismo offers a wide range of handmade gifts by local artists. They also have a good vibe restaurant to stop by. But, if you are looking for your daily needs in the city, Shopping Seaway is where you should go to. This shopping mall is packed with everything you need in daily.

Centro de Turismo

It is nice place to find interesting souvenirs.

There are many collections of souvenirs.

There are evening shows.

Address : R. Aderbal de Figueiredo, 980 - Petrópolis, Natal - RN, 59010-780, Brazil

Shopping Seaway

A nice shoppiing center.

Lot's of good food options

There are several feeding options.

Good place for a chat over coffee or beer.

Address : Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 1962 - Capim Macio, Natal - RN, 59082-095, Brazil


The common food you will find in Natal is a typical Brazilian northern food. But, no beach trip is complete without trying the local seafood cuisine. Have a blast culinary tour in the city's seafood restaurants. You can try the shrimp and fish dishes. Also, have a glass of tapas to refresh your throat.


Natal's culture is interesting to be discovered. They have several interesting annual Carnaval and festivals to attend. Carnatal is one of them. It is the city's out-of-season Carnaval that is usually held along the streets of the Lagoa Nova district for 4 days in early December. It's a great occasion where you can witness the city's art and culture.


If you are looking for the best sunny time to travel around Natal City, book your ticket between November to February. Around the time, the city has the best sky view to complete your outdoor traveling.


Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows is a perfect place to stay for a beach trip. This hotel is located right in front of Ponta Negra Beach. Every room in this hotel features free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and sitting areas. And some have ocean views and/or balconies. An outdoor pool, a hot tub, a spa, and a gym are available in the hotel. But if you are looking for a budget stay with beach view, SERHS Natal can be one of your options to stay. This hotel has a strategic location to the Parque das Dunas and the city downtown. They provide indoor and outdoor pools, an exercise room, a basketball court, and a beach volleyball to use during your stay in the hotel.

Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows

Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows is situated in a beautiful location.

with lovely views over Ponta Negra.

The staff are all extremely helpful and friendly

Address : Via Costeira Sen. Dinarte Medeiros Mariz, 7829 - Ponta Negra, Natal - RN, 59090-002, Brazil


Such a great hotel in Natal.

There are plenty of pools.

They provide great amanties and good breakfast.

The staff are very acommodating.

Address : Via Costeira Sen. Dinarte Medeiros Mariz, 6045 - Parque das Dunas, Natal - RN, 59090-002, Brazil


Natal City has a wide selection of beach restaurants. One of the famous ones with a tasty menu is Camarões Potiguar. Established in 1989, this seafood restaurant has 4 unit branches all around Natal. Decorated in the wooden and simple interior, this restaurant is definitely your place to stop by if you like seafood. The shrimp based cuisine is one of the top recommendations. Another good place with its good menu is Casa de Taipa. This restaurant is a perfect spot for vegans. Serving numerous menu and gluten-free food, the restaurant also has a typical restaurant with Brazilian northern food to enjoy. As it is located in the busy district in Natal, it's common to find the restaurant is crowded. But, its okay the food taste is worth your waiting.

Camarões Potiguar

Probably the best restaurant in Ponta Negra, Natal.

They offer outstanding food quality.

Some sea views and nicely decorated, with a modern cozy decoration.

Address : R. Pedro Fonseca Filho, 8887 - Ponta Negra, Natal - RN, 59090-080, Brazil

Casa de Taipa

A traditional country "taipa" house in the middle of a town.

Very nice atmosphere and typical food of the northeast of Brazil.

The staff are very friendly.

Address : Av. Praia de Ponta Negra, 8868 - Ponta Negra, Natal - RN, 59092-100, Brazil


Chapelatto Coffee Shop is a little local coffee shop to stop by in your trip days. Located in Tyrol Business Center are, the cafe is decorated in simple rustic, this elegant cafe offers lots of coffee and food options. Try the lattes on the menu. It will boost your mood and energy to continue your journey in the city. Another good place to relax in the city is Barões do Café Natal. This cafe is a perfect spot for coffee lovers. Serving their best quality coffee from their home-roasted beans, this cafe also has a wide option of sweet dessert to refill your sugar need. You can have outdoor seating to enjoy coffee with the city's view.

Chapelatto Coffee Shop

It's always great choice to go to Chapelatto in Tyrol.

They offer lots of great coffe with many options and food.

The service is very friendly.

Fair price in a cozy atmosphere.

Address : Tyrol Business Center, Av. Rodrigues Alves, 800 - 1 - Tirol, Natal - RN, 59020-200, Brazil

Barões do Café Natal

One of the best Christmas coffee shops in Natal.

It offers variety menu of quick snacks, savory hot coffees and ice cream and teas.

It has an outdoor setting and a mezzanine with air conditioning.

The waiters are very welcoming.

Address : Seaway Shopping - Av. Engenheiro Roberto Freire, 1962 - loja 07 - Capim Macio, Natal - RN, 59078-600, Brazil


Natal has various kinds of nightlife entertainment to enjoy. If you want to dance the night away in the city, Seven Pub can be one of your options. This nightclub offers live music with DJs, a great vibe dancing floor, and a bar. But if you are looking for a good view bar, Old Five can be one of your options in the city. The bar offers you a hangout spot to drink and enjoy the panoramic view of Ponta Negra beach.

Old Five

Good bar at the Ponta Negra beach.

They have great music and a nice bar atmosphere.

They have variety menus in a chill atmsophere.

You can see a beautiful beach while drinking beers.

Address : R. Erivan França, 229 - Ponta Negra, Natal - RN, 59090-100, Brazil

Seven Pub

Great parties on site with nice atmosphere

Address : R. Seridó, 722 - Petrópolis, Natal - RN, 59020-010, Brazil


Have a wonderful journey in Natal by exploring the city's natural beauty. Morro do Careca is one of the destinations you should visit. If you ever use postcards, this large dune can be familiar with you. With the 390 ft high, tourists and locals use the hill as a climbing area then come down with a device namely the skibunda, a kind of sandboarding for mountainous dunes. After exploring the hillside, go to the city's beach, Ponta Negra Beach. Located in, this heavenly beach offers an unforgettable beach trip for you. With palm trees planted along the beach, you will be amazed by the view of a river that meets the sea on the beach. You can also find many restaurants on the riverside.

Morro do Careca

The main postcard of the city, natural beauty.

There you will find a calmer, cleaner and peaceful space to relax.

It is great place to have a picnic with your family,too.

Address : Praia de Ponta Negra s/n - Ponta Negra, RN, 59090-210, Brazil

Ponta Negra Beach

One of the best sea baths.

There is lots of tourist attractions.

Lots of food and dancing clubs.

Recommended for have a picnic.

Address : R. da Floresta, 36 - Vila de Ponta Negra, Natal - RN, 59090-487, Brazil


If nature scene is one of your favorite places to capture good pictures, Natal City offers you numerous beautiful natural scenery for you. In Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, you can have a view of river, sea, and historical landmark view to capture at the same time. It was a fortress from the 16th century. Offering a broad view of the sea, this historical landmark is definitely an Instagram-worthy place. But if you want to capture the iconic building of the city, Palácio Felipe Camarão is where you go. This palace offers you spots of blue and yellow amazing Brazillian palace. Visit the palace at nights for the best fairytale looks on your photos.

Fortaleza dos Reis Magos

An ancient fortress.

well maintained

located on a beatiful beach.

This place is quiet and good for have a picnic or relax.

Address : Av. Pres. Café Filho, 1 - Praia do Meio, Natal - RN, 59010-000, Brazil

Palácio Felipe Camarão

A beautiful historical building conserved in the eclectic style of 1922.

Address : R. Ulisses Caldas, 81 - Cidade Alta, Natal - RN, 59025-090, Brazil