Porto Alegre: Best Things to Do

Flickr - Photo by Felipe Valduga

Porto Alegre is the capital city of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil.

There is Moinhos de Vento Park in downtown city you can visit. This relaxed park is a famous destination for tourists and locals.

Come to the city and taste its delicious churrasco!

Scareface is a local mocktail from Porto Alegre you must try in the city.

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Farroupilha Park is a popular destination in Porto Alegre. There are a lovely green and watery areas to visit. There are a lot of trees and seating to enjoy the breeze. Also, this park has paddle boats and snack bars. It's a nice place to visit with your kids too. Don't forget to check out the Monument to the Expeditionary, Coreto, and Recanto Oriental at this park.

Farroupilha Park

Outdoor retreat offering an auditorium, market, paddle boats, snack bars & lots of trees.

Address : Av. João Pessoa, S/N - Cidade Baixa, Porto Alegre - RS, 90040-000, Brazil


Moinhos de Vento Park is a green area with nice fields, a kid's library, and pond full of fish, ducks, and turtles. Also, there is the popular Azorean windmill replica too. This park is located in the Moinhos de Vento neighborhood. Don't forget to see the monument of Castelo Branco built in this park before you leave. You can come anytime because the park is open 24 hours.

Moinhos de Vento Park

Green space offering athletic fields, a kids' library, a pond & a replica of an Azorean windmill.

Address : R. Comendador Caminha, s/n - Moinhos de Vento, Porto Alegre - RS, 90430-030, Brazil


Porto Alegre Public Market is a popular market for tourists and locals. This market is a landmark built-in 1869. There are so many vendors you can stop by. It's more than 100 vendors. They sell local crafts, snacks, and souvenirs you can buy and bring home. Also, come to Brique da Redenção. This area has unique items to sell. There are various antiques and artsy items by local artists you must see at this place.

Porto Alegre Public Market

Best place to buy dried goods, seasoning, fish and many other things.

You will find a big variety of (regional) food and drink.

You can find local products from good quality: meat, cheese, mate, fruits and veggies as well places to eat.

The stores and kiosks in the ground floor are an amazing opportunity to see the local food and culture.

Address : Mercado Público Central - Av. Borges de Medeiros - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90020-030, Brazil

Brique da Redenção

Brique da Redenção is an unique market with lots of crafts and beautiful works.

Address : Parque Farroupilha - Av. José Bonifácio, s/n - Farroupilha, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-150, Brazil


The authentic food of Porto Alegre is churrasco. It's a barbecue dish cooked with local flavor and sausage. You can find it at many local restaurants in the city. Salada de Maionese and bauru are also the local dishes you must try in Porto Alegre. For the drinks, the city is well-known for its local cocktails, like Scarface.


Porto Alegre is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. The city is located near the Brazilian borders with Uruguay and Argentine. It has about 4.137.417 population who speak Portuguese. It's the official language in the city. For paying everything, prepare your money in Real (R$) because it's the most currency applied in Porto Alegre.


The best time to visit Porto Alegre is between November and April. It's when the weather is hot and the days are sunny for you to explore the city.


Stay at Hotel Intercity Porto Alegre when you visit the city. This hotel has comfortable bedrooms for you to sleep with a lovely view of the Guaiba Lake. This hotel is located close to a bus stop, and Praia De Belas shopping mall. Also, you can stay at Hotel Gonçalves too. This elegant hotel offers great facilities and nice comfort. This downtown hotel is a 15 minutes walk from Farroupilha Park and 2 km from an intercity bus station.

Hotel Intercity Porto Alegre

Warm rooms in low-key hotel featuring a restaurant, plus an outdoor pool, a gym & event rooms.

Address : Av. Borges de Medeiros, 2145 - Praia de Belas, Porto Alegre - RS, 90110-150, Brazil

Hotel Gonçalves

No-nonsense rooms, suites & studios in a relaxed hotel offering complimentary Wi-Fi & parking.

Address : R. Santo Antônio, 650 - Floresta, Porto Alegre - RS, 90220-010, Brazil


The Raven Restaurant is a popular restaurant in the city. They serve delicious Mediterranean cuisines inside a romantic space and nice seating. It's perfect to visit at night. The risotto and steak foods are fantastic! Also, visit the Atelier de Massas restaurant. it's a well-known Italian restaurant in Porto Alegre. They serve delicious foods, like their great pasta and Italian appetizer's buffet. Enjoy jazz music too while having your meal.

The Raven Restaurant

A cozy restaurant with an intimate mezzanine, serving a varied array of Mediterranean haute cuisine.

Address : R. Sarmento Leite, 969 - Cidade Baixa, Porto Alegre - RS, 90050-170, Brazil

Atelier de Massas

One of Porto Alegre's most traditional restaurants serving mouthwatering platters.

Address : R. Riachuelo, 1482 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-273, Brazil


Agridoce Café is a chic cafe with colorful space and comfy seating. This cafe has tasty coffee, tea, and dessert to offer. The favorite options you must try at this cafe is the Chai Latte and pies. Another relaxed cafe to visit is Café à Brasileira. This cafe has a wooden style with an excellent setting. It's perfect for coffee lovers because delicious coffees are served here. For the foods, there are ice creams, sweets, and Brazilian dishes to offer.

Agridoce Café

A colorful café serving snacks, dessert, coffee & tea, known for its chai latte with Indian spices.

Address : R. Sarmento Leite, 1024 - Cidade Baixa, Porto Alegre - RS, 90050-170, Brazil

Café à Brasileira

A cozy café & restaurant with a varied menu, snacks, desserts & Brazilian dishes.

Address : R. Uruguai, 310 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-140, Brazil


Have a great night at Dirty Old Man. This bar has a shady theme, great to visit with your travel buddies. This bar serves a huge array of cocktails. Wine and craft beer are also served here. Don't forget to order its tasty foods. You can also go to Quentin's. This warm gastropub is not only popular for tourists, but also for locals. They serve many alcoholic drinks and delicious late-night foods. The burgers are big and tasty!

Dirty Old Man

One of the best pubs in Porto Alegre, located in Bohemian area and has several options of beers and drinks.

Address : R. Gen. Lima e Silva, 956 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90050-102, Brazil


Quentin's is a bar full of Quentin Tarantino movies themes with a wide variety of delicious menu.

Address : R. Gen. Lima e Silva, 918 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90050-102, Brazil


The Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art is an electric and national heritage building you must visit in Porto Alegre. The design of the building is dedicated to Theodor Wiederspahn, a German-Brazilian architect. Here, you will see amazing artworks and artsy vibe. Don't forget to visit its cafe or book store & gift shop. Another cool place is Catedral Metropolitana de Porto Alegre. The building was built with a Baroque style in 1921-1972. This historic cathedral has 2 bell towers and colorful mosaic murals. So, get your camera ready!

Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art

Art museum focused on the state of Rio Grande do Sul, also offering a cafe, book store & gift shop.

Address : Praça da Alfândega, s/n - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-150, Brazil

Catedral Metropolitana de Porto Alegre

Stately cathedral with 2 bell towers, a 65-m. dome, colorful mosaic murals & other notable art.

Address : R. Duque de Caxias, 1047 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-282, Brazil


Ponta da Cadeia is a great spot and tourist attraction in Porto Alegre. This area has a panoramic view of the Jacuí River. It will be perfect to visit in the evening, so you can get the sunset effect too. Also, go to Memorial do the Rio Grande do Sul for another spot. This is a heritage museum with elegant yellow building, housing exhibits, like traditional customs and arts. This place offers many cool spots for you to take shots.

Memorial do Rio Grande do Sul

Elegant, historic venue featuring local history exhibits, including traditional costumes & art.

Address : Rua 7 de Setembro, 1020 - Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre - RS, 90010-191, Brazil

Ponta da Cadei

Enjoy the sunset in the evening with your buddies.

This area has a lovely view to see!

Get your camera ready when you come here.

Address : Historical Centre, Porto Alegre - State of Rio Grande do Sul, 90020-006, Brazil