Araraquara: Best Things to Do

Tripboba CMS - Photo by Ellysa Zulfa

Araraquara is a city in the state of Sao Paulo famous for its stunning Rua 5 and Matriz Sao Bento

The city has a lot of museums as well, such as Museu Ferroviário Francisco Aureliano de Araújo

For local cuisine, try Tutu a Mineira or Pao de Queijo!

Shop your needs and gifts at Shopping Jaragua Araraquara!

Stroll around Araraquara Municipal Theater for a relaxing time



When you’re in Araraquarara, you should visit Igreja Martiz Sao Bento first thing first. More than a church, it’s a landmark of the city. It’s a charming church and is well maintained. The architecture is simple and not exaggerated, as well as its colour.

The church reflects the harmony between religious aspect and the peace of mind. Definitely a must-visit place while you-re in Araraquarara.

Matriz Sao Bento

Such a beautiful Catholic temple in Araraquara.

With modern architecture, a good place to meditate.

Beautiful and well maintained.

It is worth to know this monument that mixes the history of the city of Araraquara.

Address : R. Padre Duarte, 1308 - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14801-310, Brazil


In the downtown part of Araraquara, you can visit Araraquara Municipal Theater. Outside of the building is a very good environment for walking around and spending your leisure time with the breeze of air. Inside of the building is a theatre with great interior design. It’s a great place with great plays.

Araraquara Municipal Theater

One of the best theaters in the interior of São Paulo.

The theater is beautiful

Gorgeous architecture, inside and outside.

Great for leisure, breezy place, good for walking and relaxing making friends.

Address : Av. Bento de Abreu - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14802-396, Brazil


A vacation isn’t complete without shopping around. In Araraquara, you can shop in Shopping Jaragua. It’s easily the best mall in the town. It has supermarket, cinema, and a food court. The indoor area is large as well.

Shopping Jaragua is located in a strategic place and easily accessible. The parking is secure, even though a bit expensive. It’s hard to restrain yourself from not buying anything in this place!

Shopping Jaragua Araraquara

The big shoppingmall of araraquara.

There is very good selections and various stores.

They also have lots of Japanese food here.

Great for hang out with your family or your friends.

Address : Av. Alberto Benassi, 2270 - Jardim dos Manacas, Araraquara - SP, 14804-300, Brazil


Because Araraquara is a part of Sao Paulo, we recommend you to try their Tutu a Mineira, which is mashed beans served with roasted pork loin, cabbage, and rice. Other food choices include Pao de Queijo which is a cheese bread and Acaraje, a shrimp pie.

For the beverage, try Brazil’s most famous drink named Caipirinha. It is a light and refreshing cocktail. The ingredients include cachaca, lime juice, and sugar.


Araraquara was built from its industries; sugarcane, coffee, textiles, liquor, and furniture. In terms of art, you probably will have a hard time finding it. However, Araraquara is home for many museums, which reflects the history of the town itself.

To name a few of the museums, Praca Pedro de Toledo and Museu Troleibus can be good starters. These museums are often visited by students to get more knowledge about Araraquara.

Araraquara also hosts some festivals that can be attended by public as well. Even though it’s not frequent, these festivals and concerts are great moments for local people to gather, get to know each other, and enjoy their town.


In terms of weather, the best time to visit Araraquara is from mid-March to early December. Generally, the weather is enjoyable all year long with low chance of rain or snow. However, mid-March to early December is when the weather isn’t too hot, so your mood won’t be affected by the heat.

The busiest month in Araraquara is in July, January, and June and the least busy month is October. If you’re looking for the time when the city isn’t too crowded (even though it’s never too crowded), you can go to Araraquara in October instead of other months.


There are many hotels in Araraquara that you can book to stay the night. Our picks are Gran Hotel Morada do Sol and Hotel Dan Inn Araraquara.

Gran Hotel Morada is situated in a strategic place with easy access to attractions in Araraquara. The staffs are known to be very helpful and the building is well-maintained. Swimming pool and playroom is available in the hotel. Breakfast is offered as well.

Hotel Dan Inn also offers a top-notch service to its guests. Clean room, friendly guest, and breakfast is also offered. Free parking in the hotel area. Gym room and swimming pool is available. Your stay will be a comfortable one in these hotels.

Gran Hotel Morada do Sol

It is a spacious and comfortable hotel

Excellent location for central area of town.

Breakfast has good options and the dinner in Brazilian fashion is also a plus.

Staff is wonderful and property is well maintained.

Address : Av. Brasil, 477 - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14801-050, Brazil

Hotel Dan Inn Araraquara

Best location to stay or if you will do business.

Overall it's a good hotel, with great restaurant and excellent human reception.

Food is great and also breakfast.

The staff is welcoming and knowledgable.

Address : R. Miguel Cortez, 35 - Vila Suconasa, Araraquara - SP, 14807-066, Brazil


Satisfy your appetite by having meals in Restaurante Vitorio! The foods are excellent, wonderful staff with soothing and calm dining atmosphere. The building speaks elegancy with rustic touch. The cuisines served here are Italian. So, try their pasta and risotto! They also have a wide variant of wine.

The next restaurant you can’t miss is Rua 5. It’s a pizza restaurant and serves yummy food. Music is also played in the background and outdoor seating is available as well. But what makes this restaurant unparalleled is its very peaceful surroundings. After you have your pizza, you can stroll around the road with trees and lightings on your left and right. The place has a such romantic vibe, so it’s a must visit for couples!

Restaurante Vitorio

Amazing Italian restaurant.

Excellent food, wonderful wait staff, soothing and calm dining atmosphere.

They serve very good noodles and meat.

The place is cozy, and the staff are super polite.

Address : Av. Dom Pedro Ⅱ, 1432 - Jardim do Carmo, Araraquara - SP, 14801-040, Brazil

Rua 5

Extremely pleasant place with delicious pizza.

Beautiful surroundings, friendly and efficient service.

They offer menu with diverse options and combinations of elegant flavors.

A very special highlight to the executive lunch.

Address : R. Voluntários da Pátria, 1455, Araraquara - SP, 14801-040, Brazil


Let’s sit down for a while in a café while regaining your energy for your next tourists destination. Visit 7 Grain Torteria and Speciality Coffees for a comfortable ambience when sipping your coffee. There are indoor and outdoor seating you can choose depending on your preference. The staffs are very attentive and they have many food options.

Other café you can visit in Araraquara is Space Café. It’s a nice place to have a coffee, cake, or sandwiches. The place is cozy as well. The outdoor area is overlooking a pool and garden, so the atmosphere is very peaceful and refreshing.

7 Grain Torteria and Speciality Coffees

The environment is very beautiful, peaceful and cozy.

The service is attentive and has a menu with many good options

The products used are of good quality and this stands out in the flavor.

And a coffee of extraordinary flavor.

Address : Av. Espanha, 809 - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14801-130, Brazil

Space Cafe Araraquara

Excellent place to have breakfast, brunch or just a cup of coffee.

The place is beautiful, especially the outdoor area overlooking the pool and garden.

There is great variety of food and drinks.

The service is very good and fast.

Address : R. José do Amaral Velosa, 308 - Vila Velosa, Araraquara - SP, 14806-035, Brazil


Have an enjoyable night in Araraquara by visiting Night Vision Bartender and Pub 13 – Rock and lounge! Night Vision have a wide variety of drinks served by professional bartender. The staffs are super attentive as well. The drinks are high quality and visitors can create their own drink.

The other pub you can try visiting is Pub 13 – Rock and Lounge. The atmosphere is so relaxing to have night drinks. The staff are excellent and the menu are diverse as well. Not to mention the music they provided in the pub. It’s a perfect place to spend time with your friends.

Night Vision Bartender

One of great choices to chill.

They offer great quality of cocktails at reasonable price.

There is live music and the environment is fun.

The bartender and waiters are pleasant and very friendly.

Address : R. Nove de Julho, Araraquara - SP, 14811-430, Brazil

Pub 13 - Rock and Lounge

A great environment for drinking delicious beer and drinks.

The atmosphere is very welcoming and beautiful people

Good bands and a nice decoration.

Address : Av. Brasil, 1037 - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14801-050, Brazil


While visiting Araraquara, you should visit their museum too! Our picks for the museums in Araraquara is Museu Ferroviário Francisco Aureliano de Araújo. Museu Ferroviário Francisco Aureliano de Araújo has very interesting pieces that reflects the society decades ago. There is no admission fee. The staffs are very knowledgeable and ready to give you information you need.

For interesting places in Araraquara, you can also visit Park Basalt or Parque do Basalto. It’s an ecological park with a lot of green spaces, ponds, and even waterfalls. It’s a perfect place to have a walk and take photos. There are trails as well to walk on as well.

Museu Ferroviario Francisco Aureliano de Araujo

Wonderful museum with quality cultural space.

The museum has some interesting items.

It tells a little of the history of the railroad in the world and in Araraquara.

The museum staff is very kind.

Address : R. Antônio Prado, S/N - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14801-270, Brazil

Parque do Basalto

One of the most enjoyable places to walk.

Very green, ponds and waterfalls within the urban area of ​​Araraquara.

Perfect for light walking and photography.

Go early to enjoy the place.

Address : Av. São João, s/n - Jardim Pinheiros (Vila Xavier), Araraquara - SP, 14811-390, Brazil


Parque Infantil in Araraquara is our pick for the most instagrammable spot in Araraquara! It’s a beautiful park to take a stroll and chill out. People often go to the park to have a leisure walk with their dogs. The ambience of the place is very relaxing as well. There are also pigeons in the park area!

Parque Infantil

A special place in Araraquara, right in the city center and with several blocks of green and leisure.

Good for exercising, walking, taking the kids to play.

A good place to breathe fresh air and reflect on life.

Friendly and safe surroundings as it is always busy.

Address : Av. Prof. Jorge Corrêa - Centro, Araraquara - SP, 14801-230, Brazil