Barueri: Best Things to Do

City view of Barueri - Photo by Fernando Stankuns from Flickr

Barueri is a Brazilian municipality in the State of São Paulo that is famous for its sport stadium namely Barueri Arena.

Have a quality time for yourself walking around at Ilha do Tambore and Parque Tietê Ecológico Barueri.

Don't forget to list watching a game at Barueri Arena on your to do list.

If you are looking for cafe with a wide selections of bakeries and cakes, Doceria Fantasias is your must visit cafe.

Visit Barueri around early April to July for the warmest temperature and weather.

Take your time and enjoy the attractions of Barueri city.



Have a quality time for yourself walking around at Ilha do Tambore. This park is located around Parque Tietê Ecológico Barueri. With tall trees lined along the path, take a deep breath, and refresh your mind by the green surrounding. There are also barbeque spots and picnic area that is usually filled by the locals. Hang out here and get mingled with the locals.

Ilha do Tambore

Wonderful park to walk around with your whole family.

Great also for sports, take the children to spend energy.

Can also take animals that make the appropriate collection of feces and the animal is docile.

There are also barbecue areas.

Address : Av. Dr. Dib Sauaia Neto, 1600 - Alphaville Industrial, Barueri - SP, 06465-140, Brazil


As a city with a strong industry, the city center of Barueri is an important destination for business. The urban area is a typical American city with skyscraping buildings around. In the other side, the city center has lots of green areas that you can stop at any time in the city. One of the parks is Parque Tietê Ecológico. It's an ecological park that is used for the public for hanging out and picnic. You can also find Municipal Museum Barueri. It is the main historical collection of Barueri that displays fossils of indigenous objects from the area.

Parque Tietê Ecológico Barueri

It is worth spending the day there.

It has all the infrastructure of a good park.

Leisure area, toilets, cafeteria.

Recommend bringing hammock swing and drink snacks for a picnic and etc.

Address : Av. Dr. Dib Sauaia Neto, 1600 - Alphaville Industrial, Barueri - SP, 06401-160, Brazil


Looking for a local market in Barueri? Feira Noturna de Barueri is where you should head. It's a street market where you can find numerous local products and food stalls. At night times, the street is more lively than the day. But if you are looking for a shopping mall in the city, Shopping Tamboré is one of the places you can visit. It's an open-air shopping mall with various stores and restaurants. It's a good place to just stroll around.

Shopping Tamboré

Open air Mall.

You can have both the shopping experience and the fresh air.

A mixed indoor outdoor shopping center offering a wide variety of stores.

Very beautiful and nice prices of the launch and products.

Address : Av. Piracema, 669 - Tamboré, Barueri - SP, 06460-030, Brazil


Have a culinary tour in the city. Virado à Paulista is one of the dishes you should try in the city. It is an authentic Brazillian platter with rice, meat, eggs, sausages, and many more. Make sure to empty ut your stomach because the dish is full of protein and flavor.


As part of the State of São Paulo, Barueri has the character of Brazillian city. The people speak in the Portuguese Language. They are known to be working hard people. To learn about history you can go to the city's museum and cultural sites.


If you are looking for the best Barueri weather for outdoor activities, early April to July is the answer. With the warmest temperature and weather, you can maximize your trip around the city.


Looking for a budget stay in Barueri? Ibis Budget Tambore offers you a comfortable room during your stay in Barueri. They provide a streamlined room featured with a flat-screen TV, en suite bathroom, and desk. If you want to save more of your budget, you can choose their bunk bed. But if you are looking for a luxury stay in the city, Blue Tree Premium Alphaville will give a memorable stay during your visit in Barueri. This 4-star hotel offers you the best value of money and accommodations. They have an elegant restaurant, a wine bar, a heated indoor pool, and a fitness center.

Ibis Budget Tambore

The location of the Hotel is very good and near important places of the city.

Clean and comfy rooms.

The breakfast is great.

All staff are excellent, cordialIty, respect, prompt to help.

Address : Av. Marcos Penteado de Ulhoa Rodrigues, 1055 - Tamboré, Barueri - SP, 06460-040, Brazil

Blue Tree Premium Alphaville

The hotel is very well located with a plenty of stores and restaurants near by.

Also the rooms are very comfortable and clean.

The breakfast is amazing.

Staff is extremely helpful and kind.

Address : Alameda Madeira, 398 - Alphaville, Barueri - SP, 06454-010, Brazil


Have a fine dining experience in Super Grill Gourmet. They serve an amazing buffet and barbeque with excellent meats. With the wide options of menu and elegant setting, you will have the most memorable dining experience here. But if you are looking for a more local dining atmosphere, Coco Bambu Alphaville is where you go. Located in Iguami Alphaville Shopping Mall, this restaurant serves a wide selection of Brazillian dishes and seafood for you.

Super Grill Gourmet

Excellent steakhouse.

The environment is very beautiful, spacious and comfortable.

The meat, the chicken, the sushi and the caiparinha's are superb.

And the barbeque is true to the highest traditions and reputation of Brazil.

The service from the waiters is impeccable.

Address : Alameda Mamoré, 481 - Alphaville Industrial, Barueri - SP, 06454-040, Brazil

Coco Bambu Alphaville

One of the best restaurant with the best seafood in Barueri.

Sensational,an exquisite place,beautiful,elegant with tasty dishes and drinks at the right measure.

The quality of the food is great and the dishes are impeccable.

The waiters are kind and helpful.

Address : 3rd floor/andar - Alameda Rio Negro, 111 - Alphaville Industrial, Barueri - SP, 06454-000, Brazil


If you are looking for a cafe to relax and chill in the middle of the day, Chocolateria Brasileira Alphaville offers you a wide variety of premium chocolate, cold beverages, and coffees in a good atmosphere. Made with premium quality ingredients, you will surely be satisfied with their menu. But if you are looking for a cafe with a wide selection of bakeries, Doceria Fantasias is your must-visit cafe. This cafe serves numerous choices of cakes and Brazillian specialties. If you think a whole cake is too much, you can order a slice of it. Not only sweet cakes, but they also have salty flavor cakes too. They provide free wifi and clean area, so you can enjoy your visit here.

Doceria Fantasias

Wonderful coffe shop to have delicious coffe.

It offers delicious capuccino, amazing cakes and little Brazilian specialities.

The attendants are helpful and attentive.

Address : Calçada das Orquídeas, 234 - Alphaville Comercial, Barueri - SP, 06453-001, Brazil

Chocolateria Brasileira Alphaville

One of great coffes shops in Barueri.

The truffles are wonderful, the chocolate is indeed sensational.

The setting is beautiful.

The service from waiter is great.

Address : Alphaville Comercial, Barueri - State of São Paulo, 06453-034, Brazil


Água Doce is a Brazillian bar located in a shopping center, Shopping Tambore. With a bar serving drink and tasty menu, they will play live music for your crazy night. Note that the club is open from 11:30 AM to 1 AM. Another good spot for drinking in Barueri is Tulha Bar e Creperia. Decorated in a local setting and decoration, here you can enjoy your time drinking with an accompany of tasty local dishes.

Água Doce

A very pleasant place with the most varied dishes and drinks.

Everything in very good taste.

The ambience is superb and quality live sound.

Very good, attentive and fast service.

Address : Av. Piracema, 669 - Loja R417 - Tamboré, Barueri - SP, 06460-030, Brazil

Tulha Bar e Creperia

One of cozy and familiar pubs in the area.

Very pleasant environment with slightly high prices and very good service.

Quality food, great service, cold beer and good music.

The waiters are excellent.

Address : Av. Dr. José Ferreira Azambuja, 408, Porto Ferreira - SP, 13660-000, Brazil


Plan on your things to do in Barueri and list down the interesting places you want to visit in the city. One of the first recommendations you can have in the city is a visit to the Bible Museum. It is a museum that displays the history of how the bible affected people's lives. It has 5 levels of sections. Do remember to go to the light exhibition at the bottom of the museum. Done exploring the museum, don't forget to list watching a game at Barueri Arena on your to-do list. Barueri Arena or Stadium Arena Barueri is a multi-use stadium that is mostly used to host football matches with a capacity of 31,452 audiences.

Bible Museum

This museum is visually stunning and so very interesting.

Extensive collection of bibles and varied archaeological artifacts.

While there is a timeline to the layout and a good movie to introduce the exhibits.

The main feature/attraction on the 3rd floor is amazing.

Address : 400 4th St SW, Washington, DC 20024, United States

Barueri Arena

Pretty nice arena to watch a match.

Good lawn, good structure and great visibility.

Inside the stadium, the view is very cool.

On game day, there is always a lot of security in place.

Address : Av. Pref. João Vila-Lobos Quero, 1001 - Jardim Belval, Barueri - SP, 06422-122, Brazil


Capture your memorable journeys in Barueri. Parque Municipal Dom Jose is a city park with a lake in the center of the park. Here, you can just jog or paddle-boating on the lake. Come here on sunset for the best view. Another green space to capture is Parque Tietê Ecológico Barueri. It is also a nature park. This park is located near to the Tiete River. You can find jogging trails, lakes, and also an amphitheater here. Come here during the weekdays, and capture the empty path with trees lined along.

Parque Municipal Dom Jose

It's a very well located park with decent atmosphere.

There's a lot of wildlife present and every now and then, an event takes place there.

Everything very clean, you could see animals extremely well maintained.

Extremely Familiar, and the main one, clean and quality public bathroom.

Address : Rua Ângela Mirella, 500 - Jardim Maria Tereza, Barueri - SP, 06411-330, Brazil

Parque Tietê Ecológico Barueri

It is worth spending the day there.

It has all the infrastructure of a good park.

Leisure area, toilets, cafeteria.

Recommend bringing hammock swing and drink snacks for a picnic and etc.

Address : Av. Dr. Dib Sauaia Neto, 1600 - Alphaville Industrial, Barueri - SP, 06401-160, Brazil