Campos do Jordão: Best Things to Do

Image by Rodrigo Soldon from Flickr - Photo by Rodrigo Soldon

Campos do jordão is a city in the state of São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil.

This city is well known as the "Brazilian Switzerland" .

It also considered as the most famous winter city of São Paulo.

Explore its rich culture and history at Vila Capivari.

Also visit the most popular attractions, Boa Vista Palace to discover the art works form major national artists.



As the highest city in San Paulo, Campos do Jordao offers you its beautiful nature to explore. At Parque Capivari, you can do fun activities while enjoying the greenery surrounding. You can choose whether you would like to see the amazing view from cable car or hiking through the trail. If you love the water activity, take a water goose ride is a delightful experience.

Parque Capivari

Parque Capivari is one of great attraction in Campos with mountains scenery view.

Address : R. Eng. Diogo José de Carvalho, 1291 - Capivari, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


The city of Campos do Jordao centered in Vila Capivari. It is the trendy area where many buildings with Swiss style architecture existed. Visitors can find hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and malls easily in this area. One thing you should not forget to do downtown is shopping. Head Praça do capivari to get amazing shopping experience in a unique building. In this place, you can buy some souvenirs, clothes, or even hang out at the cafes.

Praça do capivari

Praça do capivari is the main tourist center and it has a lot of restaurants, coffee shop and malls along the street.

Address : J, Rua Djalma Forjaz - Jardim Elizabete, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


The city has plenty of malls to choose from for your shopping satisfaction. Go to the biggest mall namely Shopping Aspen Mall that located just five blocks from the downtown. This luxury shopping area has various things to buy like the cowboy hat, clothes, accessories, and obviously the hand-made jewelry. You can even find home decor stores with their collection of world-class arts and bookstores.

Shopping Aspen Mall

Shopping Aspen Mall offering an array of retail shops, souvenirs and gift store.

Address : Rua Djalma Forjaz, 72/78 - Capivari, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Try classic mortadella sandwich, a Bologna sandwich with cheese or vinaigrette. This becomes everyone's favorite and you can easily find it in the restaurants or street market. The cuzcuz Paulista is also traditional Brazilian food that you must try. This is made from onions, tomato sauce, boiled eggs, vegetables, and bacon. For the beverage, you can try Acai that made from deep purple fruit blended with banana and guarana syrup.


Campos do Jardao is dominated by Sao Paulo inhabitants called paulistanos. However, tourism attractions mainly represented traditional European style architecture. The buildings are mostly vernacular architecture from Germany, Swiss, and Italian styles.


It would be perfect to explore the entire city during summer. It ranges from December through February. At that period of time, you can get enjoyable warm weather during the trip.


Plenty of accommodations are here for tourists during their trip to this city. For experiencing the best stay, go to Hotel Nacional Inn Campos do Jordão. It offers you an amazing mountain view and scenic greenery. With a wooden style decor, this hotel looks very unique from its exterior. You are available to enjoy their recreational area such as steam room, sport court, and also a game room. Another unique hotel to stay is Castello Nacional Inn. You will feel like you are in a castle ground since the hotel has classic style with two small towers. It has great facilities like movie theater, a fireplace, and heated pool.

Hotel Nacional Inn Campos do Jordão

Hotel Nacional Inn Campos do Jordão is a relaxed hotel offering free breakfast, a pool & a gym, along with a sauna & a sports court.

Warmly decorated rooms with hardwood floors feature free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minifridges.

Address : R. Joaquim Pinto Seabra, 208 - Vila Everest, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil

Castello Nacional Inn

Casual rooms & suites in a sophisticated castle hotel with a restaurant, a bar & an indoor pool.

Address : Rua Roberto Pistrak, Nemirovsky, 148 - Alto Boa Vista, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Situated in the downtown, Mercearia Campos will give you the best dining experience you would never forget. It serves iconic Brazilian food completed with several selections of cocktails at its bar. You will feel a typical European atmosphere while eating at the tables under large umbrellas. Order their great chocolate fondue or cheese menu for the best dish. Safari Restaurante is another option to experience dining in a unique place. The atmosphere here is interesting. They have a lovely band playing which you can enjoy during eating.

Mercearia Campos

Mercearia Campos is located right in the tourist center ,

Address : Rua Djalma Forjaz, 130 - Capivari, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil

Safari Restaurante

Safari Restaurante is an authentic restaurant serving local food with high quality products.

Address : Rua Djalma Forjaz, 139 - Capivari, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Head to Cafe Campos do Jordao Palace for having a cup of coffee with an awesome view. From the seating area, you can see the village of Campos do Jordao and the valley. In addition, this cafe offers you great coffee and hot chocolate. Do not forget to visit Kopenhagen to grab a delicious hot or cold chocolate. Since the city has produced many kinds of chocolates, you can get some of them at this cafe too.

Cafe Campos do Jordao Palace

Cafe Campos do Jordao Palace offering a beautiful view of part of the city and delicious food and beverage.

Address : Av. Dr. Adhemar de Barros, 3100 - Alto Boa Vista, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Kopenhagen offering great choice for hot chocolate or coffee.

Address : Av. Macedo Soares, 262 - Capivari, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Iceland Bar de Gelo is a unique place to enjoy drinking beer. This place is full of an ice room on all sides and completed with various ice sculptures. It's obviously a rare and amazing experience to enjoy your nightlife. If you wonder to watch music performance while drinking beer or wine, you can go to Pub Campos do Jordao. This small bar will give you a fun night since people usually dance and sing along here.

Iceland Bar de Gelo

Quirky bar sculpted from blocks of ice & serving alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks in ice cups.

Address : Av. Macedo Soares, 123 - Capivari, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil

Pub Campos do Jordao

Pub Campos do Jordao is a fantastic bar great for spend you night.

Address : Av. Frei Orestes Girardi, 2349 - Jardim Andira, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Discover more about the city's history at Palacio da Boa Vista, a government palace of Campos do Jordao. Built between 1938-1964, this popular attraction was once a residence for San Paulo's governors. Now it becomes a museum that featuring artworks form major national artists. Another great place to visit is Morro do Elefante. This is true for you who love to catch the breathtaking city view. It is such a picturesque place that offers amazing view from the top of the hill. You can also experience a cable car ride here.

Palacio da Boa Vista

This former governor's palace showcases historical objects & art, along with contemporary works.

Address : Av. Adhemar Pereira de Barros, 3001 - Jardim Dirce, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil

Morro do Elefante

Morro do Elefante is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Campos do Jordao.

Provides a beautiful view of the Vila Capivari and surroundings.

Address : 98, R. N " Cinco ", 2 - Jd Belvedere, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brazil


Praca Sao Benedito is truly a great place for photography. There are a lot of building with German architecture to get captured. Beside considered as a favorite spot to take picture, you can also grab some foods from the surrounding food trucks. While for getting a fantastic nature spot, head to Pico do Itapeva. You will get many pictures with a great background of mountains and clear sky.

Pico do Itapeva

Pico do Itapeva is ideal spot for contemplating nature, being possible to see 15 cities from the top.

Address : Pindamonhangaba - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Praça São Benedito

A great place for photography.

There are a lot of building with German architecture to get captured.

There are several food trucks available on its surroundings

Address : 87, Av. Macedo Soares, 45 - J Elizabete, Campos do Jordão - SP, 12460-000, Brasil