Caraguatatuba: Best Things to Do - Photo by David Ludugério

Caraguatatuba is a beach town in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. It is widely referred as Caraguá.

The city is part of the Metropolitan Region of Vale do Paraíba e Litoral Norte.

Lots of gorgeous beaches to explore. Started from the famous Praia do Martim de Sá.

The beauty of Praia da Tabatinga and Praia Ponta Aguda is definitely some of the best spots for your camera.

The kind of seafood and location that Mar & Terra Restaurante and Balaio Caiçara has is literally the best for your culinary trip.

Don’t miss the unique tastes of Moqueca and Cachaça as the traditional food and drink from the city.

The interesting histories about Spirit Cathedral, Divinópolis are ready to be discovered.

Check out the good facilities at hotel Aquamarine and Hotel Mar Caraguatatuba. They’re ready to serve you wholly.



As the most rated spot in the city, Praia do Martim de Sá is the best place to start your journey. It comes with the most beautiful views, clean water, white sandy beach, fun activity like banana rides, windy palm and coconut trees, and entertainment like bars and restaurants. Due to the unexpected high waves, visitors are advised to be careful during their visit. Don’t forget to have fun with your loved ones and capture unforgettable moments.

Praia do Martim de Sá

Large palm-fringed stretch of beach in a central locale, with food kiosks & a lively ambiance.

Address : State of São Paulo, Brazil


While the city is literally filled with beaches, attraction like theater is also popular in Caraguá city. Teatro Espaço Cultural Mário Covas is one of the most visited theaters in the city. This theater offers lots of cultural projects, cultural events, and educational shows. The theater is considered as the gathering place for artists and producers. With its spacious room, the theater is used for music festivals, dancing, and drama every year. See the fun performances by the performers and get know the locals and many artists.

Teatro Espaço Cultural Mário Covas

One of the most high-rated attractions in the city.

Offers lots of traditional shows.

Great people and vibes.

Address : Av. Goiás, 187 - Indaiá, Caraguatatuba - SP, Brazil


As the most high-rated mall in Caraguatatuba city, Serramar Shopping comes with more than 100 stores offering all kinds of national and international products from popular brands. This mall provides a different kind of shopping experience. It has an indoor and outdoor shops. While the indoor is serving the beautiful setting and decoration with lots of choices, the outdoor shops are also ready to give great choices of products with the surrounding of stunning garden. The excitement of shopping continues at Feira do Rolo. This traditional market sells everything you’re looking for. From fruits, vegetables, traditional furniture, toys, new clothes, even old clothes. What’s even more fun is while the price is reasonably good, you can still negotiate the prices with the sellers. This is the time to bring out your negotiation skill. This would be a lot of fun.

Serramar Shopping

100+ stores & restaurants, plus a cinema, in an indoor-outdoor complex with garden courtyards.

A great place to shop, there are a natural lighting system and an awesome inner garden.

Address : Av. José Herculano, 1086 - Pontal de Santa Marina, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11672-390, Brazil

Feira do Rolo

Feira do Rolo is a fair market offering a lot of items.

With all kinds of items new and used with all kind of price and always subject to negotiation.

Address : Av. Rio Grande do Norte, 935-947 - Indaiá, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11665-311, Brazil


The influence of the coast surrounding has brought seafood as the traditional dishes of the city. Seafood like Moqueca is popularly known here. It is a Brazilian recipe based on fish or shrimp, tomatoes, onion, garlic, and coriander. It can be made with prawns or a mix of boneless fish species. For the drink, the city has Cachaça as one of the most and traditional drinks. Cachaça is made from fermented sugarcane juice. It also popular as aguardente, pinga, caninha, and other names. This drink has been known as the most popular alcoholic beverages in Brazil.


Caraguatatuba is the largest city on the São Paulo north shore and it is a jetsetter of high society of São Paulo. In the summer, the city becomes one of the biggest hotspots in the country with more than 1.5 million tourists. Clearly by the numerous beaches of the city has drawn many tourists from all over the world to travel and experience the city’s offers.


April 23rd to November 11th are the best time to plan your trip to this beautiful city. The ideal weather in this period will become your friend in your whole journey here.


Aquamarine is the best way to stay once you’re traveling in this city. This interesting inn comes to you with the most interesting offers. Just a 10-minute walk from Massaguaçu Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, this stunning inn is designed with wooden palm trees, giving all the exotic living experience with classic vibes and colors. While the prices are reasonably good, the gorgeous rooms are ready with all modern facilities. A playground and a BBQ area are also available for your enjoyment. The outdoor pool is presented with a bar and umbrella-shaded tables. This is the moment when you’re completely unbothered enjoying the moment of your life. Another best recommendation would be Hotel Mar Caraguatatuba. Overlooking the gorgeous Caraguatatuba Bay, this casual hotel is a 4-minute walk from Praia do Centro beach and an 11-minute walk from Parque de Diversão Trombini amusement park. With a good price, the rooms come with simple decor, mini fridges, Wi-Fi, and TVs. Complimentary breakfast is ready for your daily routine. Enjoy tasty local food at the restaurant with a terrace. Other amenities including a game room, a coffee shop, and an ice cream parlor. The popular outdoor pool is unmissable.


Bright suites & rustic chalets in a vibrant inn offering breakfast, plus a bar & an outdoor pool.

Featuring cable TV, minifridges and Wi-Fi.

Upgraded suites have balconies and/or additional bedrooms.

Address : R. Irma Lucilia, 345 - Massaguaçu, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11677-061, Brazil

Hotel Mar Caraguatatuba

Unfussy rooms in a low-key hotel with an outdoor pool, an informal restaurant & free breakfast.

The straightforward rooms have no-frills furniture and decor, and come with TVs and minifridges.

Address : R. São José dos Campos, 159 - Sumaré, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11661-030, Brazil


To know what kind of food Caraguá city has, Mar & Terra Restaurante would be the best starter for it. This restaurant is specializing in seafood. See how they turn the simple seafood ingredients onto a plate of deliciousness. Not only the tastes are great, but good presentations are also a big part of this restaurant to make its customers have the moment of their lives. The captivating Pink Shrimp and Paella are ready to charm your senses. Another seafood restaurant for you is Balaio Caiçara. What’s better that enjoying seafood at the beach? This restaurant comes with just that experience. The amazing White Shrimp and Crab in Beer are ready to serve you with the taste of uniqueness. The sea surrounding is definitely the star of this restaurant. The gorgeous sea will bring its windy breeze and lets it touches your face while deliciousness is right in front of you. Everything is just perfect. While the prices are reasonably good, the attentive staff will take care of your needs.

Mar & Terra Restaurante

Located in one of the most privileged places on the north coast, Praia do Massaguaçu.

Offering delicious menu options to end your experience with Mar & Terra Restaurante.

Address : Av. Maria de Lourdes da Silva K, 897 - Massaguaçu, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11676-400, Brazil

Balaio Caiçara

Balaio Caiçara serve an extensive range of delicious, freshly prepared dishes.

The seafood options were quite varied as well as tasty.

Address : BR101- km91, 6788, Rod. Caraguá-Ubatuba - Massaguaçu, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11677-000, Brazil


Café D'Ary is one of the best cafe recommendations for you. Everything about this cafe is good. From the various tasty food and drink, first class service, good prices, to the beautiful space atmosphere. The welcoming staff will make sure you have what you want. As one of the best cafes in the area, it can be crowded sometimes. You may have to wait your orders, but the wait totally worth it because of the good service and taste. La Costa Café is another good place to enjoy your lunch time with the company of good cappuccino and a delicious pie. Don’t blame this cafe, though, if the next day you’ll be here again. Simply because of the tasty menus and service are excellent. Watch out for the huge option of cakes and pies.

La Costa Café

Adorable place to catch the quality time drinking your favourite coffee.

Address : R. Padre Anchieta, 969-837 - Centro, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11660-010, Brazil

Café D'Ary

Low-key coffee shop with tables & outdoor benches pulling espresso & offering meals.

Address : Rua, Av. Synésio Moreira Marcondes, 410 - Jardim Primavera, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11660-660, Brazil


Start your nightlife at this inviting bar called Bacharel Bar. It offers some of the best food and drink in town with good prices. Good night is absolutely guaranteed here with the help of good services of the staff. The captivating live band, DJs, and a nice room setting will add craziness to your visit. The bar is open from 22:00 to 3:00. Enjoy the night and party all night long. The other best place for a fun night out would be this cocktail bar named Dressing Room Barber Club. The club great variety of craft beers, snacks, and good music for your night. A pool table is also a good spot for a fun game. One of the best things about this club would be its room decor. It has different vibes to it. Definitely a must visit.

Bacharel Bar

Straightforward cocktails & unique beers doled out in roomy, unassuming surrounds with a tiny bar.

Address : R. Dr. Paul Harris, 153 - Centro, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11660-080, Brazil

Dressing Room Barber Club

Funky barber shop and offering a wide variety of beers.

Address : R. Dr. Paul Harris, 60 - 2 - Centro, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11660-090, Brazil


Cathedral has to be one of the most interesting places one can explore when traveling to a destination. Caraguatatuba city has Holy Spirit Cathedral, Divinópolis as one of the best cathedrals. Known as one of the oldest cathedrals, it offers straightforward style with its bright color. The cathedral has been standing since 1767 as dedication to the Holy Spirit and St. Francis of Paula. Discover the history behind few fires that happened in its history in 1830s. Fun experiences are guaranteed at Trombini Amusement Park. As one of the most visited attractions in the city, this park has been known as the local’s favorite spot for a vacation. It offers lots of fun activities such as roller coaster, playground for both children and adults, fun atmosphere, good eateries serving good food and drink, and many more. The interesting thing is that this park is located just steps away from a stunning beach. This is such a treatment for your travel.

Holy Spirit Cathedral, Divinópolis

Located in Divinópolis, Holy Spirit Cathedral, Divinópolis is a Roman Catholic church.

Address : Av. Amazonas, 1665 - Indaiá, Caraguatatuba - SP, 11665-260, Brazil

Trombini Amusement Park

Well diversified park with a wide variety of toys for kids and affordable price.

Address : Av. Dr. Arthur da Costa Filho, 1500 - Sumaré, Caraguatatuba - SP, Brazil


One of the best beaches in the city is Praia da Tabatinga. This peaceful beach offers calm atmosphere, great landscape views, pool, kiosks, boat trip, and fun adventure like kayaking. As one of the most high-rated beaches in Caraguá city, the calmness and clear water of it is the good reasons to visit this place. As a city that’s circled by sea, Praia Ponta Aguda is another popular beach to spend some quality time with nature. Not only you’re surrounded with stunning, calm, and white sandy beach, you can also do a camping here. The beach is known as a campground that has informal tent pitches. Have an unbothered moment, blend in and make the most of this trip.

Praia da Tabatinga

Famous white sandy beach for swimming or diving with calm water.

A lot of photogenic spot with tranquil views of trees and mountains.

Address : Caraguatatuba - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Praia Ponta Aguda

Bare-bones campground at a picturesque beach, offering informal tent pitches & rustic toilets.

Address : Ubatuba - State of São Paulo, 11680-000, Brazil