Guarujá: Best Things to Do

Guaruja city - Photo by Matheus Goncalves on Flickr

Guaruja is a municipality in the São Paulo, Brazil. It is part of the Metropolitan Region of Baixada Santista.

There is a Parish Our Lady Fatima and Santo Amaro that has unique interior inside. Visit Campina's Hill Lookout to enjoy a fascinating view.

There is a comfortable stay in Guarujá Strand Hotel Guarujá and Pousada Solarium Unidade 2, each of them have several amenities and facilities.

Rufino's and Dalmo Bárbaro is where you can enjoy the best seafood with an incredible view of the sea.

You can do an interesting place at Acqua Mundo, visit with your whole family to experience new things.



Parish Our Lady Fatima and Santo Amaro is an excellent place with an easy to find location and beautiful architecture. It's such a blessing for Catholic residents and tourists. In addition, it has an arched altar with a beautiful interior.

Parish Our Lady Fatima and Santo Amaro

Colonial style Catholic church with wonderful stained glass

Lateral spaces with oratories and an arched altar with a beautiful illustration.

It is an ideal place for those who do not give up on meeting God.

A blessing for Catholic residents and tourists.

Address : Av. Puglisi - Centro, Guarujá - SP, 11410-001, Brazil


Campina's Hill Lookout is considered as one of the main tourist attractions in Guaruja. It has been visited by more than 30 thousand people since its inauguration. Besides, you can see the entire Enseada beach from this viewpoint. In addition, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset with your loved ones.

Campina's Hill Lookout

View point to see the entire sea view of Guaruja.

You can see the entire Enseada beach from this viewpoint.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset and go paragliding if you're brave enough

If you have an adventurous soul, you can go down part of the hill by rappel.

Address : R. Morro do Maluf, 417 - Jardim Tejereba, Guarujá - SP, Brazil


It might be a little bit far, to get a city product it took around 53 minutes left. In Amor Santista - Souvenirs you can get several unique items like posters, T-shirts, ornaments, and etc.

Amor Santista - Souvenirs

Great store with lots of team and city products.

You will find souvenirs with the best images in city.

Good service, well worth the visit and shopping.

Address : Mercado Municipal de Santos - BOX 10 - Praça Iguatemi Martins S/N - Vila Nova, Santos - SP, 11013-310, Brazil


Grilled meat is a Brazilian forte. Picanha (rear end) is the most famous cut and it is prepared with just salt before it's cooked to flawlessness. The thick layer of fat is singed and the delicate, pink, smokey center self-destructs in your mouth. Picanha is one of the features you'll discover at a Brazilian grill yet there are a lot of others including wild pig and chicken hearts. The caipirinha (articulated kai-murmur REEN-yah) is the national beverage of Brazil. It's the most mainstream mixed drink in the South American nation, and everybody has their own particular manner of making it.


Brazil's culture can be seen through these aspects such as: Lavagem do Bonfim, Carnival, Festas Juninas, Cirio de Nazare and the Paraty International Literary Festival are just a few examples of this mix of culture, music, folklore, history, colors and flavors. Numerous artistic manifestations make the country a unique destination that invites you to learn more about Brazilian culture in the five regions of the country.


The best times to visit Guaruja for ideal weather are on April 23rd to November 11th.


Strand Hotel Guarujá is located in the sea at Praia do Tombo, it has a privileged location and incredible view including several amenities and facilities. If you need an accommodation to stay during your visit to Guaruja, Pousada Solarium Unidade 2 might be the right place. They have several amenities and facilities including an outdoor swimming pool.

Strand Hotel Guarujá

It's a very quiet, peacefull hotel where you can spend good time with your wife and family.

Rooms are spacious, full of storage space.

Breakfast is excellent, a lot of options and everything really tasty.

All staff are polite and friendly.

Address : Strand Hotel Guarujá - sp Avenida Prestes Maia, 385 Praia do - Tombo, Guarujá - SP, 11420-170, Brazil

Pousada Solarium Unidade 2

Pleasant hotel in the perfect location close to the beach.

The rooms are clean and the bed comfortable and all bedrooms have TV and AC.

The breakfast is great.

The staff are welcoming and kind.

Address : R. das Seringueiras, 77 - Balneario Praia do Pernambuco, Guarujá - SP, 11444-340, Brazil


If you are a seafood lovers, maybe you can visit this restaurant called Dalmo Bárbaro. It is located in front of Enseada Beach which offers traditional and delicious seafood restaurants. There are many options of fish you might like. Come with whole family would be a great idea while you can eat in a big portion.

Dalmo Bárbaro

Traditional restaurant , great for seafood lovers.

Very good quality sea-food and the fish dish cooked in butter is excellent.

Prices are on the high side, but compatible with the quality.

The staff is very friendly and will help you when choosing portions.

Address : Avenida Miguel Estefno, R. Canto da Enseada, 4751, Guarujá - SP, 11440-534, Brazil


If you are in the mood for a quick bite or a full meal, maybe Georgia Café is the right place. They have breakfast and lunch which is served everyday. Varam Coffee Bar is a perfect and cozy place for a great coffee,snacks, drinks and a good conversation with your friends.

Georgia Café

Friendly cafe with nice decor.

Great options with a well-designed menu.

Recommend chocolate options like truffle chocolate.

In the coffee part, cappuccino with dulce de leche.

The service is very friendly and helpful.

Address : Av. Prestes Maia, 330 - Jardim Las Palmas, Guarujá - SP, 11420-170, Brazil

Varam Coffee Bar

Excellent cafeteria open at Rua Rio de Janeiro.

Lots of savory and sweet options.

Continental coffee is served on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Wonderful service with incredible delights.

Address : R. Rio de Janeiro, 176 - Barra Funda, Guarujá - SP, 11410-310, Brazil


St. John's Beer Store offers live music including fantastic dishes from haute cuisine. There are also several artisan shops. Blá Praia has several things to do as well as enjoy the nightlife including several selections of drink and dishes. Come with your buddies would be perfect!

St. John's Beer Store & Pub

A nice surprise to find a pub with local craft beers and honest prices on finger food options.

Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere, rock band shows and pool table.

Service is efficient, and the bathrooms are impeccably clean.

The crew is supportive and organize.

Address : R. Argentina, 36 - Jardim Vitoria, Guarujá - SP, 11440-370, Brazil

Blá Praia

Fantastic place with a lot of variety of products with lovely music.

It offers great beers and ballads.

The waiters are great.

Address : Av. Miguel Estefno, 1000 - Jardim Tres Marias, Guarujá - SP, 11440-530, Brazil


Acqua Mundo, is a private enterprise, which has privileged environmental education and ecological research since its inauguration. This offers visitors 49 enclosures (fresh, salt water, aquariums and terrariums) with representations of various marine and terrestrial habitats. With 1,446,560 liters of water and a total area of ​​5,775 m², Acqua Mundo is a true entertainment complex with a snack bar, MC Donald's ice cream parlor, kids space, thematic store, and one of the largest aquatic organisms exhibition in South America. The biggest attraction is the Ocean, a tank with 800 thousand liters of salt water, built especially for the exposure of large schools and open sea fish, such as oceanic sharks.

Acqua Mundo

Beautiful aquarium to see a good collection of fish.

All delighted with the main marine tank, with rays, sharks and turtles.

Various attractions and entertainment throughout the museum make your money worthwhile.

Try to be there when they are feeding the penguins as it is very entertaining for kids and adults.

Address : Av. Miguel Estefno, 2001 - Jardim Tres Marias, Guarujá - SP, 11440-532, Brazil


Rufino's restaurant also considered as the one of the most traditional restaurant in Guaruja. Dalmo Bárbaro is a beautiful place serves a great view of the sea. They also offer a complimentary start like eggplant with garlic and olive oil and dessert. In addition, there is a moqueca or typical Brazilian dish you might try during your visit to Guaruja.


A traditional seafood restaurant at beachfront, the best of Guarujá Enseada district.

Top quality food, service and wine selection.

The Hungarian style lobster is very good and it is really good with the Minuty rose wine.

The staff is friendly and the sea view is good.

Address : 4795 Avenida Miguel Estefno Stéfano - Praia da Enseada, Guarujá - SP, 11440-534, Brazil