São Sebastião: Best Things to Do

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São Sebastião is a small place located in Sao Paulo region in Brazil that you can explore in a day.

With the size of the city that is not too big, you can make a visit to the nearest tourist attractions.

Many tourists only make this city a temporary stop before going to other cities.

However, this does not make Sao Sebastiao a destination that is not worth visiting.

Besides that, there are many places to eat and relax while enjoying the soothing sound of the waves.



Sao Sebastiao is the oldest and small city on the north coast of Sao Paulo. This small town is famous for its beaches that stretch along city lines. There are almost 30 beaches spread across 100 km of coastline, with several lodging and recreation options. By car, the trip from Sao Paulo to is about 198 km. Before heading to its beaches, you can make a stop off at the Cachoeira Rio Pedras, a waterfall located in the middle of green forest.

Cachoeira Rio Pedras

A beautiful waterfall, with a lush nature and very well preserved.

A quiet and peaceful place to enjoy with the family.

For arrival the waterfall needs to walk one on a trail a few minutes.

Highly recommend for a quiet bath and outing with the family.

Address : Estr. Rio das Pedras, 3807 - Praia de Camburí, São Sebastião - SP, 11600-000, Brazil


The downtown of Sao Sebastiao is not that as crowded as other cities in Brazil. Yet you can discover a glimpse of its cultural heritage and historical buildings. The Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião is a Catholic church located in the downtown where you can explore a small piece of the city's historical and cultural. Make sure you don't miss the other places nearby.

Igreja Matriz de São Sebastião

It is a tourist spot in the city and a historic building.

The square is beautiful, well maintained and even has a bandstand.

A part of Brazil's history preserved in a sacred building and full of beautiful details.

Peaceful environment, and the interior is give immense wealth and its walnut architecture transports you to the past.

Address : R. João Batista Fernandes, 22 - Centro, São Sebastião - SP, 11600-000, Brazil


As a city with hundreds of beach, Sao Sebastiao is also a place for souvenirs. You can head to Vitória Presentes to buy some interesting items from the city. With wide range of collections you can get your typical Brazilian gifts from this shop.

Vitória Presentes

Cute little gift shop with interesting items.

There are a lot of cool things at fair price.

A great variety of products for all occasions.

Friendly and attentive owners.

Address : Praia de Boiçucanga, São Sebastião - State of São Paulo, 11600-000, Brazil


As part of São Paulo, Sao Sebastiao offers top-class fusion cuisine, simple and inexpensive dining, and anything in between. You can visit the available restaurants along the beach. You will find cultural restaurants that reflect cities and countries outside Brazilian barbecue.


There's not much to expect to find about the cultural side of Sao Sebastiao, yet you can easily notice like other Brazil cities that it's all kind of similar. Portuguese is the official language spoken in Sao Sebastiao and you'll also notice some native languages.


The best times to visit Sao Sebastiao for ideal weather are April 23rd to November 11th based on average temperature and humidity.


Beach Hotel Cambury is located near the shores of Rio Camburi, this luxury hotel with a Spanish-style facade is a 4-minute walk from the boat tour of Passeios de Barco Camburi and a 6-minute walk from Praia de Camburí. Casual rooms offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and DVD players, plus mini fridge some include a terrace or balcony. Juquei Frente ao Mar Hotel Pousada is located 2 km from the top of the hill Barra do Una Lookout and 3 km from the national highway BR-101 and is across the street from Juqueí Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. The efficient rooms can accommodate up to 5 people, and offer internet access, flat screen and mini-fridge, plus a safe. Upgraded rooms add balconies and sea view views.

Beach Hotel Cambury

One of the most beautiful places to stay in city.

The hotel provides excellent amanties,large and beautiful rooms with great view.

The breakfast at the restaurant is also superb served by nice waiter.

Their staff are welcoming and polite.

Address : Al Antonio José Marques, 247 - Praia de Camburí, São Sebastião - SP, 11619-434, Brazil

Juquei Frente ao Mar Hotel Pousada

Pleasant hotel for spend a night in the city with wonderful view of beach.

Clean, well decorated rooms and a very cozy hotel structure.

The breakfast is full and delicious.

All staff are accomodating and kind.

Address : Av. Mãe Bernarda, 2176 - Praia de Juqueí, São Sebastião - SP, 11600-000, Brazil


Badauê-Juquehy is located on the edge of a beautiful beach, it combines recipes admired by tourists with excellent taste. With a comfortable and cool atmosphere, rustic tables and colorful pillows, Badauê excels in food rich in contemporary ingredients, without neglecting the traditional spices of caiçara cuisine. Manacá Restaurante has been providing seafood since 1988 with great service. Built on a friendly environment, this restaurant is a place of freshness and delicacy, which is only two hundred meters from the beach.


One of the best restaurants in neighborhood.

Super tasty and a menu with a wide range of options.

They have great ocean view seat and fabulous seafood.

The squid stuffed with mushrooms is amazing.

Their servers are also excellent.

Address : Av. Mãe Bernarda, 2005 - Praia de Juqueí, São Sebastião - SP, 11623-304, Brazil

Manacá Restaurante

One the most beautiful restaurants in São Sebastião.

Very nice, rustic, beautiful place, with lots of plants and trees around.

The service is attentive and with good suggestions of dishes and wines to accompany, without forgetting the tasty desserts.

Highly recommended for a memorable lunch or dinner.

Address : R. Manacá, 102 - Praia de Camburí, São Sebastião - SP, 11619-383, Brazil


Feito à Mão - Padaria Artesanal is a bakery specializing in natural fermented bread with bread, cakes and side dishes. The food they provide is made without preservatives, uses seasonal ingredients, is carefully chosen and respects preparation time. Barbarelas Café provides snacks at the normal price that you will pay at a bakery in São Paulo. With exceptional design, this place is a cafe that appreciates every detail. In addition to beautiful places, the menu is amazing, many choices including lunch, delicious coffee and drinks.

Feito à Mão - Padaria Artesanal

One of the cutest cafes for brunch in a friendly atmosphere.

Excellent homemade breads,and their coffee too.

And the breakfast they give you is magnificent,simple and tasty.

Kind and efficient service and very good products.

Address : Av. Mãe Bernarda, 856 - 4 - Praia de Juqueí, São Sebastião - SP, 11600-000, Brazil

Barbarelas Café

One of the nicest spots for coffee lovers in Camburi.

The menu is wonderful, many options including for lunch, delicious coffees and drinks.

Prices consistent with the reality of the place.

The waiters are quick and friendly.

Address : estrada do, Al Antonio José Marques, 1560 - Praia de Camburí, São Sebastião - SP, 11600-000, Brazil


Mirante Bar Baleia is one of the best places you can visit in Sao Sebastiao. Beautiful view with very cold drinks and delicious portions. They are open every day and ready to look forward to welcoming you. Chopp com Escama is another good place to drink some beers and cocktails. With great settings and comfortable atmosphere, you can have variety of spirits and Brazilian drinks here.

Mirante Bar Baleia

One of the most beautiful bars with wonderful views.

The site also has cold beers and drinks to accompany the view, and delicious portions.

The bartender and waiters are superb.

It is worth a quick stop to enjoy the sunset and sip a coconut water.

Address : Av. Deble Luísa Derani, 4 - Praia da Baleia, São Sebastião - SP, 11621-600, Brazil

Chopp com Escama

One of the hottest and popular spots with lovely music.

A very tasty bar to stay at night, have a few drinks and relax.

They also serve delicious pizza.

The cashier and counter service is impeccable and understandable.

Address : Av. Mãe Bernarda, 242 - Praia Preta, São Sebastião - SP, 11623-304, Brazil


As Ilhas is one of the favorite tourist destinations among tourists who visit São Sebastião. This small island is also among the most beautiful scenery on the north coast of São Paulo. Anyone who sees from the continent has the impression of seeing three islands, but in practice, all are connected and form one parcel of land. Ilha das Couves is the most popular tour among tourists arriving at Ubatuba, an attraction that cannot be missed on the North Coast of São Paulo. And because many visitors want to go there, we would say that the island is usually very crowded on weekends and sunny holidays.

As Ilhas

It is one of the most interesting beaches in São Sebastião.

Beautiful landscape with calm and crystal clear waters.

It is possible to ride a banana boat and other attractions.

The view is really cool.

Address : São Sebastião - State of São Paulo, 11600-000, Brazil

Ilha das Couves

Ilha das Couves in São Sebastião is a paradise.

The island has a good structure for camping.

It has excellent tent mounting space, an extremely clean bathroom and a barbecue area.

It practices sustainable and conscious tourism.

Address : São Sebastião - State of São Paulo, 11600-000, Brazil


Praia do Curral or Curral Beach is the busiest and most popular beach to visit who wants to have fun in Ilhabela, thanks to its many bars and restaurants, many of them with tables on the sand. This beach is a great place to find new friends and practice sports like Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and canoeing. You can also visit Cachoeira Rio Pedras, it is an invitation for the bravest visitors to dive in its cold waters. Courageous people are given a good massage on the edge of running water in autumn.

Cachoeira Rio Pedras

A beautiful waterfall, with a lush nature and very well preserved.

A quiet and peaceful place to enjoy with the family.

For arrival the waterfall needs to walk one on a trail a few minutes.

Highly recommend for a quiet bath and outing with the family.

Address : Estr. Rio das Pedras, 3807 - Praia de Camburí, São Sebastião - SP, 11600-000, Brazil