Sorocaba: Best Things to Do - Photo by Herr Cagliari

Sorocaba is the eighth-largest city in the state of São Paulo. Sorocaba has several tourist destinations which are worth visiting.

There is the Botanical Garden Sorocaba Brothers Villas-Boas, it's the center for biodiversity conservation which can develop your knowledge.

Visit Sorocaba Metropolitan Cathedral as the worship place in the downtown.

Discover top categories stuffs at Sambaki Brasil - BOX 47 or Imaginarium, they both sell all the things as a gift you might bring home.

Come to La Doc Gastronomia or Bumbu Restaurant & Sushi Bar to try some of your favorite dishes. Let's explore this gorgeous city right now!



Botanical Garden Sorocaba Brothers Villas-Boas is being structured as an important center for biodiversity conservation. Besides, it also fulfills the following functions such as education, research, conservation, leisure, and culture. In addition, Botanical Garden Sorocaba Brothers Villas-Boas consist of two viewpoints like trails, lakes, a rose garden, alleys, and fragments of natural vegetation.

Botanical Garden Sorocaba Brothers Villas-Boas

It is a great place, with great potential.

that is well maintained and there is also a wide variety of plants.

The photos in front are very beautiful and there is also an olfactory garden that is very nice.

It's a good place to hang out with the family and take some pictures.

Address : R. Miguel Montoro Lozano, 340 - Jardim Iguatemi, Sorocaba - SP, Brazil


Sorocaba Metropolitan Cathedral is located in the Plaza Coronel Fernando Prestes in the downtown area of the city of Sorocaba. At the top of the Cathedral, there is Archdiocesan Museum of Sacred Art of Sorocaba which will soon operate in the São Bento.

Sorocaba Metropolitan Cathedral

A beautiful church with history.

The architecture is fantastic, very impressive.

There is so much history, so much art .

It is a real tourist spot in the city!

Address : Place, Praça Cel. Fernando Prestes, S / Nº - Centro, Sorocaba - SP, Brazil


Get all those top categories in the Sambaki Brazil which is handmade by artisans from different regions of Brazil. They sell raw materials of authentic national culture such as popular arts, fashion, accessories, decoration/utility, indigeneous, toys,and etc. Imaginarium is the right place to shop all the things you want to get unique stuff. They offer from the small one to the big one, like home decoration, handbag, backpacks, and many more.

Sambaki Brasil - BOX 47

It is great choice to find interesting items.

It provides unique gifts on the great displays.

Well maintained and reasonable price.

It also the staff is very kind.

Address : R. Terêncio Costa Dias, 300 - Jardim Bertanha, Sorocaba - SP, 18052-200, Brazil


Shop with exclusive items and few copies.

Attentive employees and with knowledge of the products and themes offered in the store.

They provide interesting products, very high prices.

It is nice to look for cool and useful gifts.

Address : Av. Gisele Constantino, 1870 - Parque Bela Vista, Sorocaba - SP, 18110-650, Brazil


Caldinho de Feijão is a bean soup which is a simpler version of Brazil's national dish. Bombeirinho is one of the several varieties of drink you will probably enjoy in Sorocaba, it is similar to a Kir Royal cocktail.


The diverse cultural background shows many celebrations and festivals like Brazilian Carnival and Bumba Meu Boi. It creates an incredible moment that makes Brazil and the surrounding region a popular destination for foreign, especially Sorocaba.


The best times to visit Sorocaba for ideal weather are on April 9th to September 23rd


Dan Inn Sorocaba offers the best cost-benefit ratio, a strategic place, and incredible structure for leisure, business, and events. Located close to several popular places like City Hall, parks, companies, and universities. All Inn Sorocaba has avant-garde architecture and excellent services. The hotel consists of three rooms and a restaurant including several varieties of menu like salads, soups, pasta, fish, meat, and grilled options are served. In addition, the hotel also offers a bar which serves a wide range of craft beer and a special menu of gourmet hamburgers.

Dan Inn Sorocaba

It is regular hotel in the great location.

They server spacious room,great amanties,and great breakfast.

Costumer service is simply implacable.

The staff are very welcoming.

Address : Av. Dr. Afonso Vergueiro, 1850 - Vila Casanova, Sorocaba - SP, 18040-000, Brazil

All Inn Sorocaba

Location is the best and the hotel is new.

The room is not spacious but has a nice design.

Excellent staff and the spoke very good English very well.

Address : Av. Eng. Carlos Reinaldo Mendes, 3541 - Jardim Pelegrino, Sorocaba - SP, 18013-280, Brazil


La Doc Gastronomia is actually handcrafted restaurant prepared in the Italian way. In addition, there is a separate annexed area to cook another type dishes like pastas, bakery, and etc. You will see the Chitarra or Italian tool used in production of pastas directly. Take a look at the story of Bumbu Restaurant & Sushi Bar which has a mixture of condiments and spices. Try their popular dishes through the diversity of spices featured in cocktails. Moreover, you can also enjoy sushi to experience the true essence of culinary art.

La Doc Gastronomia

One of favorite restaurants in Brazil.

They offer terrific food and wine.

They also offer great pasta.

Pleasant atmosphere with impeccable service by all employees.

Address : R. Francisco Moron Fernandes, 216 - Parque Campolim, Sorocaba - SP, 18047-770, Brazil

Bumbu Restaurante & Sushi Bar

Excellent restaurant

The atmosphere is cool, the dishes are well assembled.

all very well prepared and with a lot of flavor.

The service is also excellent in the wonderful decor of this bar

Address : Av. Mario Campolim, 677 - Parque Campolim, Sorocaba - SP, 18047-600, Brazil


It's such a great place to spend time or have a cup of coffee at Panicenter. They served you a variety of coffee and other typical drinks and sides. A modern and cozy place which serves hot and cold drinks with and without coffee base such as Frappes, Irish coffee, smoothies, and delicious American confectionery with cookies, brownies, cheesecake, and etc.


One of the best places for coffee and bread on the plate.

They server good bakery, with plenty of diversity.

A great breakfast option too, semi Italian bread on the plate with curd is sensational.

The prices are medium / high but worth it.

Address : Rua Dr. Luiz Mendes de Almeida, 726 - Vila Espirito Santo, Sorocaba - SP, 18051-290, Brazil

Caravellis Café & Co

Cozy and great place to take a break and have a great coffee.

It has varied menu and very good desserts.

It also has vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

Very nice ambient music, place with tasteful decoration.

Address : Av. Gisele Constantino, 1850 - Parque Bela Vista, Sorocaba - SP, 18110-650, Brazil


A place which is perfect to meet new people, interact with your friends, and party. This place is open from 8 pm to 3 am. In addition, you can enjoy quality sertaneja music and great service. A great pub with an easy access location including several types of beer. On the ground floor there is a performance by pop / rock bands you might enjoy!

Folks Country Pub - Sorocaba

Excellent country ballad place.

Great place, music and cleanliness of the environments.

Professionals dedicated to serving the customer well.

Cozy place and very well applied theme.

Address : R. Duque de Caxias, 301 - Vila Leao, Sorocaba - SP, 18040-425, Brazil

Hangover Pub Bar

Pretty fun place to have a meal and drinks.

They serve variety of beers.

Excellent music in a fun atmosphere.

It is worth it to have a fun.

Address : R. Raphael Dias da Silva, 205 - Parque Campolim, Sorocaba - SP, 18048-120, Brazil


It is a place to shop everything you need in Sorocaba like groceries, fashion, electronics, entertainment, and many more! This place is family friendly which is suitable to come with your kids.

Shopping Cidade Sorocaba

Great shopping mall.

They have a good variety of stores and places to eat.

Nice movie space, food court, and parking service.

You can walk around or just take a pictures.

Address : Av. Itavuvu, 3373 - Jardim Santa Cecilia, Sorocaba - SP, 18078-005, Brazil


Beco do Batman is also located in Sao Paulo, the meaning of Beco do Batman is Batman's alley in english. It is the area around Rua Gonçalo Afonso and Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo. Beco do Batman becomes a popular tourist destination because you can take some photos with some graffiti in the whole street wall.

Beco do Batman

Nickname for the area around Rua Gonçalo Afonso and Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo

Address : R. Medeiros de Albuquerque, 82-154 - Jardim das Bandeiras, São Paulo - SP, 05436-060, Brazil