Aracaju: Best Things to Do

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Aracaju is a city of Brazil located in the northeastern part of the country on the coast.

Aracaju is a city of Brazil located in the northeastern part of the country on the coast.

Don't forget to try the authentic food in Aracaju is Moqueca capixaba.

Dominated with beach, museum, and landmark, this city provides Praia de Atalaia, Museum Sergipana People Gov. Marcelo Déda, Projeto TAMAR Aracaju - Patrocínio Petrobras, and Arcos da Orla de Atalaia.

Let's explore this amazing city!



Starts your journey with visit Caueira is the quiet beach that you can find in Aracaju. This beach has a pretty landscape that really makes you comfortable. The great place to walking around or just relax at the beach's border. Here, you can see the clean water with the blue watercolor. Just go and take a look and enjoy it!.

Caueira(Praia Da Caueira)

A very beautiful place.

There is a good view of the beach.

There are many activities which you can do there.

You can take some pictures or just walk around.

Address : Itaporanga d'Ajuda - State of Sergipe, 49120-000, Brazil


Bustling around the downtown of Aracaju city with visit Crab Catwalk is one of the landmarks of this city. Crab Catwalk also likes a famous place to take some pictures. This landmark close with beach and Arcos da Orla de Atalaia. This landmark located in the heart of this city and easy to access.

Crab Catwalk

Great place for have a picnic with your family.

Very beautiful the night of this place.

You can take some photos there or just walk around.

Address : Av. Santos Dumont, 5600 - Atalaia, Aracaju - SE, 49035-240, Brazil


If you are looking for locally made products in Aracaju just visit Mercado Municipal Antônio Franco. Mercado Municipal Antônio Franco is a great place to find the souvenirs that you can bring to your home. This market offers, fresh food, bags, hats, accessories, a t-shirt, and other things. Imaginarium is another option gift shop in Aracaju. Imaginarium offers bags, bottles, accessories, and others.

Mercado Municipal Antônio Franco

Great place to shop.

They sell variety fresh products.

They also sell intersting items.

Good place to get fair price.

Address : Av. João Ribeiro, 350 - Santo Antônio, Aracaju - SE, 49060-330, Brazil

Imaginarium Aracaju

Best place to buy Harry Potter items.

The products are beautiful and creative too, but the price is quite salty.

There is always a lot of news, backpacks, themed glasses, picture frames and so on.

Excellent service, beautiful products.

Address : Av. Ministro Geraldo Barreto Sobral, 215 - Jardins, Aracaju - SE, 49026-010, Brazil


If you love to try the new taste when visiting in Aracaju, Moqueca capixaba is the famous food that you should try. Moqueca capixaba made from Shrimp, cod, fire-roasted, ripe plantains, red bell pepper, and others. Caipiroska is a popular cocktail in Aracaju. Caipiroska usually serves with Vodka, lime, crushed ice, golden granulated and other.


Traveling to Aracaju is not complete with knowing about their culture. Art and cultural activities give you some experience and knowledge about Aracaju city. Some festivals and events that held in this city make you like to holiday here.


The best time to visit Aracaju is from December through February. These months have great weather with warm temperatures. At that time it is the summer season that makes you love to visit some beach in Aracaju.


The best accommodation in the Ibis budget Aracaju is the best budget hotel at a cheap price to stay in here. Ibis budget Aracaju located 1 km from the Arcos da Orla de Atalaia. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, as well as desks and wooden floors. The other public facilities such as a business center, free parking, free a breakfast buffet, and a hip dining area. Radisson Hotel Aracaju is the four stars hotel with a competitive price. It's just 3-minute walk from Atalaia Beach, this hotel provides flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and tea and coffeemakers, along with balconies and dining tables. Other amenities such as a restaurant, a lobby bar, an outdoor pool, and others.

ibis budget Aracaju

One of excellent hotels in Aracaju.

They provide comfortable rooms,great breakfast,and great amanties.

The best cost-benefit for sure.

The staff is very kind.

Address : Av. Oceânica, 635 - Orla De Atalaia, Aracaju - SE, 49035-005, Brazil

Radisson Hotel Aracaju

The hotel is new and probably the best in Aracaju.

Location is conventient for restuarants and the beach.

There are lots of amenities and excellent breakfast.

Their staff are very welcoming and acccomodating.

Address : R. Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, 40 - Atalaia, Aracaju - SE, 49035-240, Brazil


Stop by at Sal e Brasa Steakhouse is a barbecue restaurant which famous in Aracaju. This restaurant has a classic style with delicious food. Here, you can also find a seafood menu and bar. Duna Beach Restaurant-Bar is an Italian restaurant with beautiful scenery. This restaurant border with Praia do Mosqueiro and directly to access this beach. Then, this restaurant has an indoor and outdoor place to enjoy your food. The cozy atmosphere makes you love to eat here.

Sal e Brasa Steakhouse

Best restaurant in Aracaju directly on the beautiful beach of Atalaia.

They offer buffet with a huge variety of meat choices directly served from the grill.

The service provided by the managers and service staff is amazing.

Casual family atmosphere.

Address : Av. Santos Dumont, s/n - Coroa do Meio, Aracaju - SE, 49035-785, Brazil

Duna Beach Restaurant-Bar

The place is beautiful

Excellent service from the waiters, they are close at all times.

It has a tanning chair, table and padded benches.

The beach bar has a luxurious look.

Address : Av. Inácio Barbosa, 3411 - Mosqueiro, Aracaju - SE, 49039-100, Brazil


Enjoy your journey with relaxing your body in Art in Coffee is the old classic style cafe that opens from 12 PM. You can enjoy the variety of coffee in an indoor or outdoor place that serves of this cafe. Here, this coffee shop also offers snacks, chocolate drinks, and others. Le Café is another option cafe that you can visit in Aracaju. Le Café has a homey classic style that makes you comfortable when chilling in here. This cafe open from 10 AM every day.

Art in Coffee

Pretty nice cafeteria, very interesting and contemporary design.

There's dozens of coffee choices and various formats.

The team delivers the products clearly in the explanations.

This helps beginners in the art of tasting good coffees and the best extraction option.

Address : Rua Sílvio Cezar Leite, 130 - Salgado Filho, Aracaju - SE, 49020-370, Brazil

Le Café

One of the best cafetarias in Aracaju.

Good taste of the decoration on the menu.

Great space for get-togethers, small gatherings, afternoon tea.

The atmosphere is cozy and the ambient music is always good.

Address : R. Jovêntina Alves, 414 - Salgado Filho, Aracaju - SE, 49020-330, Brazil


Hangout in Salomé Bar Aracaju is a famous bar that any in Aracaju. This bar opens at 5 PM and they have a classic vibe with wooden as the decoration. Here, you can see the live music performance as an attractive activity. Barão da Praia Bar & Restaurante is bar located directly with the beach. This bar has an outdoor place with an umbrella and a tent to protect the sun's heat. The pretty place makes people love to spend their time here.

Salomé Bar Aracaju

One of favourite bars in Arcaju with cool music.

They offer cold beers in a pleasant atmosphere.

Very attentive person owner of the place very simple and humble.

Address : Av. Jorge Amado, 575 - Jardins, Aracaju - SE, 49025-330, Brazil

Barão da Praia Bar & Restaurante

Top bar in town.

They serve very cold beer, wonderful food.

It has park, skirt, wooden carts, lots of shade and big tables.

Excellent service and a good space for children.

Address : Av. Inácio Barbosa, 330 - Mosqueiro, Aracaju - SE, Brazil


The interesting place in Aracaju is Museum Sergipana People Gov. Marcelo Déda. Museum Sergipana People Gov. Marcelo Déda is a museum about technology. This museum usually opens at 10 AM and they have a great staff that can speak English to explain this museum. Not only about technology, this museum also offers about this city history. Projeto TAMAR Aracaju - Patrocínio Petrobras is an animals procreation organization. This place really interesting place for a family trip. Brings your children to add their knowledge and experience about animals.

Museum Sergipana People Gov. Marcelo Déda

A very interesting museum documenting local culture and its customs and literature.

In the museum we can learn a little more about the history of Sergipe.

The museum has a cafeteria and always has a different (temporary) exhibition to be enjoyed.

The staff are friendly and able to speak english.

Address : Av. Ivo do Prado, 398 - Centro, Aracaju - SE, 49010-050, Brazil

Projeto TAMAR Aracaju - Patrocínio Petrobras

A good place to know about the local water animals.

You can see a group of sharks and some little turtles.

The main attraction are the marine turtles, various species and their cubs.

That's a good place to kids learn about the wonders of ocean.

Address : Av. Santos Dumont, 1010 - Atalaia, Aracaju - SE, 49037-475, Brazil


For those who love photography, Praia de Atalaia is the one-stop destination when you visit in Aracaju. Praia de Atalaia have great scenery that suitable for your feed in Instagram. Arcos da Orla de Atalaia is a popular monument in Aracaju. This monument really iconic and every tourist usually takes a photo here to keep their memories of this city. This monument located in the middle of this city and close with Praia de Atalaia.

Arcos da Orla de Atalaia

Beautiful place to take pictures, especially tourists.

Place for relaxing and muscle flexing during weekend.

lovely to stroll around during the day and night.

There is also various restaurant serving different type of food.

Address : Av. Santos Dumont, s/n - Atalaia, Aracaju - SE, 49037-475, Brazil

Praia de Atalaia (Praia de Atalaia - Aracaju)

Wonderful river encounter with the sea, quiet beach and lighthouse view.

There is plenty of space to have fun and take the family

Delight for walking

Address : Coroa do Meio, State of Sergipe, Brazil