Caldas Novas: Best Things to Do

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Caldas Novas is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Goiás, Brazil that are famous for thermal baths.

Verão Sertanejo festival is the popular event you might join in Caldas Novas.

The authentic food you must eat in the city is empadão goiano.

Come and try its maravilhoso drink to complete your trip!

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Jardim Japonês is a popular attraction to visit in Caldas Novas. It's a green and huge garden with many watery areas, plants, and fountains. This garden is perfect to visit, especially with your kids. Here, you can see some animals, like ducks, fish, peacock, and ostrich. Don't forget to check out its old furniture from the 18th century. You can come here between 7 AM and 5 PM.

Jardim Japonês

It is an amazing garden with a scenic views.

There's a lot of trees and the air is very pure.

There is a museum like a old farm house.

Great place to relax or take a picture.

Address : Av. Santo Amaro, s/n - Chácara Roma, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


diRoma Acqua Park is a famous water park with many fun things. Visit this place with your family would be so perfect. Also, this park is great for people who like adrenaline experiences. Go to its Hot Park too. This big water park opens from 8 AM to 6 AM, except for Sundays. It opens from 9 AM to 4 PM.

diRoma Acqua Park

One of the best places in Caldas with a great swimming pool.

They provide great facilities and clean water.

Suitable for kids and all ages.

Address : R. São Cristóvão, 805 - São Cristoóvão, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


Serra Verde Shopping is a busy shopping area, selling various local crafts, arts, chocolates, and jewelry to buy. This area is famous for its souvenirs. So, don't skip this place when you are in Caldas Novas. Also, you can go to Marca D'agua Beach. This area also has amazing souvenirs you need to check out. They offer items, from clothes to accessories to bring home.

Serra Verde Shopping

Beautiful place to buy souvenirs and more in the tourist city of Caldas Novas.

There are unique gifts and beauty artesanal things and you can take pictures like old photos.

There's a chocolate shop within a lot of good chocolates.

The displays are great with a helpful employers.

Address : Av. Santo Amaro, 1000 - Solar de Caldas, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


The authentic food you must eat in the city is empadão goiano. It's made from local ingredients with Caldas Novas's flavor. Churrasco is also the local dish you should try. You can find the food at many local or Brazilian restaurants in the city. For the drink, you should try maravilhoso.


Caldas Novas is a part of Goiás state. This is a tourism city because it's the main source of the city. There is about 90.518 population in the city. Most of the people speak Portuguese. Here, you pay with Real because it's the official currency. For the cultural events, there is a popular Verão Sertanejo festival you might join when you visit the city.


The best time to visit Caldas Novas is between April and September. It's when the weather is pleasant and warm to explore the city and do outdoor activities, especially at the water parks.


Stay at Hotel CTC when you visit the city with your family. There is a huge water park in the hotel. Also, they provide comfortable bedrooms to stay in. The hotel is located at the Water Park, TECA museum, and many coffee shops. You can also stay at Hotel Marina Flat E Náutica. This hotel is perfect to relax and escape from the city crowds. The hotel has outdoor pools and other excellent facilities. It's located in the Hotel Marina Flat E Náutica.

Hotel CTC

What a unique building of hotel.

It provides great amanties in a cool atmosphere.

There is great swimming pool area for all ages.

They server great breakfast with polite staff.

Address : Av. Orcalino Santos, 219 - Centro, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil

Hotel Marina Flat E Náutica

One of the best hotels to spend your night in Caldas Novas.

They provide excellent breakfast and great amanties.

The staff and frontdesk are very welcoming and polite.

There is area to see beautiful views.

Address : Av. Caminho do Lago, 504 - Parque Termas de Caldas, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


Have dinner at Chicago Steak House. This barbecue restaurant has nice seating and serve delicious late-night foods. It's perfect to visit with your travel buddies. The spare ribs and burgers are highly recommended. Also, taste its tasty beers too. Another place to visit is Deck Restaurante. This is a popular restaurant in the city, serving great buffet foods to eat. The churrasco and salad are the favorite options in this place.

Chicago Steak House

It is great restaurant with fairly price.

They offer lots of options of foods.

They also offer delicious hamburger and steak.

Their waiters are very kind.

Address : Avenida D6, Qd 90 Rua L-19 s/n - Itanhangá, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil

Deck Restaurante

The place is very nice for have a meal.

The food is delicious with a fairly prices.

Overall, the place is very good and has a good view of the city

Good location with sufficient public parking.

Address : Av. Santo Amaro, 821-867 - Solar de Caldas, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


O Reino do Doce is a nice cafe to hang out. This place also has kids menus. It also has big seating and a cozy vibe to sit and eat. The pies are so amazing at this cafe. You can also go to Point Coffee. This coffee shop is perfect for coffee lovers. The space is simple but cozy. Try its great pão de queijo and espresso.

O Reino do Doce

Cozy cafeteria, very well located next to the mother church of Caldas Novas.

The showcase of pastries is beautiful and tempting.

There is a wide range of hot and cold coffees.

It has very good service and fair price

Address : Praça Orlando, 42 - Centro, Caldas Novas - GO, 75680-039, Brazil

Point Coffee

Point cafe has good hot drinks, and the coffee is very good

Address : Av. Orcalino Santos, 276 - Centro, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


Have a great nightlife at Boulevard Chope Bar. This bar is famous for its live music and great drinks. Order its fantastic picanha and a glass of caipirinha when you come here. Another cool place to visit is the Coliseu Grelhado & Music Hall. This is a bar & grill bar with comfy seating and delicious happy hour foods. They serve amazing beers and wines. For the foods, the picanha and shrimp menus are perfect to order.

Boulevard Chope Bar

One of great pubs to chill in Caldas.

It offers interesting menus and beers.

It also provide live music in a fun atmosphere.

Address : Av. Cel. Cirilo Lopes de Morais, 187 - Do Turista, Caldas Novas - GO, 75696-016, Brazil

Coliseu Grelhado & Music Hall

Kids Space and Wine Club.

They offer great options for drinks and food.

They also have delicious ceviche and spaghetti with shrimp sauce.

Beer always on sale and an excellent wine list.

Nice setting area.

Address : R. Antônio Coelho de Godoy, 653 - Termal, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil


Casarão dos Gonzaga is an interesting destination to visit. There are beautiful arts and crafts to see. This historical place has a classic area to bring you back in time. Don't forget to try the tasty coffee sold in this area. Also, visit the Caldas Novas State Park. It's a natural mountain peak, offering clean waterfall, trails, and a small museum. You can talk a walk through the sidewalk and enjoy the vibe.

Casarão dos Gonzaga

It is great historical museum.

Colonial style house with high ceilings and large windows.

It tells a little about the history of Caldas.

It has some pictures of ex-mayors and some old objects but in the relevant one.

Address : R. Cel. Gonzaga, s/n - Itaguaí II, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil

Caldas Novas State Park

Pretty nice place and with singular beauty.

There are trails and a small museum.

There is a waterfall too.

Worth visiting or just for fun.

Address : Caldas Novas - State of Goiás, 75690-000, Brazil


Nautical Beach Club is an amazing destination with many spots for taking photos. You can take photos of the water park or the beach and great panoramic photos. Also, you can go to Monument Hot Waters. There are great stones with a cool structure for you to capture amazing pictures. Also, don't forget to take a selfie around this watery area.

Nautical Beach Club

One of the most famous in Caldas for a reason big fun for all the family.

There is swimming pool area for kids.

There is little shop which sells some drinks.

It is great place for having fun with family.

Address : Av. Caminho do Lago, s/n - Fazenda S. Antônio das Lages, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil

Monument Hot Waters

The place is very beautiful.

Great to do some photos, boomerang and filming.

Give a very good refresh because of the heat here in Caldas Novas.

You can walk through the rocks, enter the cave and catch a nice breeze from the waterfall.

Address : R. São Cristóvão - Privê das Caldas, Caldas Novas - GO, 75690-000, Brazil