Guarapari: Best Things to Do

Image by Renato Alcântara from Flickr - Photo by Renato Alcântara

Guarapari is a prestigious destination located in the state of Espírito Santos, Brazil with plenty beautiful natural landscapes.

It is a great choice for you who want to experience what this city amazing coastline has to offer.

Morro beach is the most visited attraction every year, try it out!

The downtown of Guarapari is a busy area and where you can find Castanheiras Beach.

Let's explore this amazing city!



You will easy to find variety of Brazilian cuisines in Gurapari. The staple food first used by native people include cassava, cashews and pork. Try the national food, feijoada. It is a stew of beans with beef and pork. Another delicacy you should sample is Vatapá. This is an Afro-Brazilian dish made from shrimp, bread, coconut milk and peanuts mashed into creamy paste. Complete your food with cachaça, a fermented sugarcane juice.


Guarapari offers you unforgettable journey of cultural sides. Tradition, history and culture combine as a legacy for generations. The downtown of the city boasts historical and cultural monument such as House of Culture. It is also a venue for festival like Playground Music Festivals and many more.


The perfect time for visiting Guarapari is during the month of July. It is when you can get good weather with pleasant average. But, if you want to experience warmest atmosphere, you may go there in March.


Start your vacation in Guapari by visiting Bacutia Beach. This is an incredible beach and a place to see lovely people. It is considered as the best beach in Guarapari. Therefore the place is worth visiting for those who want to get relaxed. You can enjoy taking walks on the shore of the beach under the protection of palm trees. What makes it more pleasant is that you do not need to walk great distance to find hotels and apartments.

Bacutia Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Clean and beautiful beach.

Clear water beach that still has the charm of native vegetation on its shore.

Ideal beach to go with children.

Address : Av. Viña Del Mar, 1665 - Enseada Azul, Guarapari - ES, 29206-170, Brazil


As a city with numerous great beaches, the downtown of Guarapari is home to Castanheiras Beach. It is best destination for children and family since the sea is close and clean. Enjoy the different aquatic sport like stand up paddle here. You have everything around the beach starting from accommodation to restaurants.

Castanheiras Beach

It's a pretty beach in Guarapari.

Beach relatively small in extension, but very popular with tourists.

Its most striking feature is the ancient chestnut trees,which cover most of the sand and form a large area of ​​shade.

which cover most of the sand and form a large area of ​​shade.

A lot of people spend there during the Anchieta Steps.

Address : 184, Av. Des. Lourival de Almeida, 164 - Centro, Guarapari - ES, 29200-250, Brazil


Centro Comercial Da Onda is a recommended place to go for shopping. The store provides many selection of swimsuits and lovely beach clothes. You can also find typical knick-knacks from Guarapari. While, Extra Center becomes the most popular place for shopaholic since this mall has everything to buy. You will find exclusive clothing stores, supermarket and few entertainment facilities.

Extra Center

Excellent shopping structure.

An excellent supermarket, convenience stores and restaurants to suit all budgets.

With various amenities such as lottery, supermarket, BB branch, Cocoa Show, etc.

Great food area with a perfect variety of tastes, with parking in the covered patio and also an underground one.

Address : R. José Alcântara Bourguignon, 90 - Muquiçaba, Guarapari - ES, 29215-450, Brazil

Centro Comercial Da Onda

Very popular place with popular prices, quite a variety of products.

Plenty of souvenir clothes to buy.

Very good several boxes and lots of souvenirs.

It is worth checking.

Address : Av. Beira Mar, 1682-1838 - Praia do Morro, Guarapari - ES, 29216-010, Brazil


Situated in the main street of Guarapari, Hotel Atlântico offers attractive accommodations to stay during your trip. With its supreme location, you will be easy to visit popular nearest beaches such as Castanheiras Beach and Virtudes Beach. The rooms are decorated in an old style, offering you outdated atmosphere. Hotel Pontal De Ubu is another recommended place to have a comfortable stay with sea view. This 3 star hotel offers minibar, local cuisine restaurant and also private balconies with hammocks.

Hotel Atlântico

Hotel atlântico is an excellent option for those going to Guarapari.

It is in a particularly pleasant place and has a high level of service.

Its superior rooms are in line with the latest in hospitality, fitting into an international level.

The hotel staff are very kind and helpful.

Address : Av. Edízio Cirne, 332 - Centro, Guarapari - ES, 29200-080, Brazil

Hotel Pontal De Ubu

It's a perfect hotel for the weekend or a getaway with your mate.

The sea views from the rooms' balcony are awesome.

The breakfast is great served by attentive waiter.

The staff is really friendly, always working to help you, they make you feel at home.

Address : Rua General Oziel, 1 - Praia de Ubu, Anchieta - ES, 29230-000, Brazil


The city of Guarapari provides many good restaurants to satisfy your culinary experience. Gaeta is one of the best option to taste Brazilian cuisines and delicious seafood. This beach front restaurant offers you warm atmosphere because of their attentive staffs. If you want a restaurant with numerous seafood cooking, head to Restaurante Cantinho do Curuca. Being famous for its muqueca capixaba, the restaurant guarantees you with its fresh and delicious seafood. You will find this place just in front of Meaipe beach.


It is worth visiting Meaipe and its famous restaurants that serve delicious moquecas.

The shrimp moqueca with shrimp is the best.

Excellent service, helpful and available employees.

Restaurante Gaeta is a must place to go while in Meaípe.

Address : Av. Beira Mar, 47 - Meaípe, Guarapari - ES, 29208-010, Brazil

Restaurante Cantinho do Curuca

Excellent restaurant

Great atmosphere with amazing food and wonderful service.

It offers delicious seafood.

The recommended dish is a classic: Moqueca capixaba.

The waiters are quick and kind.

Address : Av. Beira Mar, 96 - Meaípe, Guarapari - ES, 29208-180, Brazil


Café com Churros is where you should go to have a cup of coffee. Situated near Praia dos Namorados, this place offers comfortable atmosphere since it is less crowd. Order some churros to complete your refreshing coffee. While if you are craving for sweet drink like ice cream, you can go to Frutos de Goias. The cafe has many ice cream with fruit flavors from the most traditional to exotic one.

Café com Churros

One of the popular coffee shops with special coffees and variety of Churros.

Besides all the atmosphere is warm and familiar.

It offers delicious coffee,churros cappuccino, espresso, delicious desserts.

Everything done with great care and attention!

Address : Condomínio do Ed Dom Luiz Felipe - Rua Henrique Coutinho, n 16 - Ed, Loja 01 - Centro, Guarapari - ES, 29200-190, Brazil

Frutos de Goias

Great ice cream shop, wonderful acai berry.

There is a huge variety of popsicles.

Ice cream and popsicles different flavors of frozen desserts bowls.

The waiters are kind.

Address : Rua Joaquim Pereira de Almeida Rodrigues, 16 - loja 02 - Centro, Guarapari - ES, 29200-345, Brazil


Mex Guarapari is obviously an attractive place to spend your nightlife in Guarapari. The bar is located close to the sea, allowing the visitors to enjoy relaxing atmosphere. With plenty selection of beers and cocktails, it is available to choose indoor or outdoor seating area. Another popular destination for night out is Bells Pub Guarapari. The place has large seating area and offers varied cold beers. Enjoy live music performance by local artists.

Mex Guarapari

This bar is good option who want to have fun on Guarapari nights.

Nice,spacious, organized and clean environment, good sense of security, agile and efficient service.

It offers cold beer and delicious foods.

Address : Av. Beira Mar, 2700 - Praia do Morro, Guarapari - ES, 29216-010, Brazil

Bells Pub Guarapari

The Pub is beautiful.

Very nice place, from the decoration, to the music.

Lots of variety of drinks and food.

Place to meet friends listen to some great music and have lots of drinks

Address : R. Marcio Pacifico Vieira - Praia do Morro, Guarapari - ES, 29216-010, Brazil


Discover popular historical site near the city of Guapari at Castle of Barra do Jucu. The castle is located in town Villa Velha and brought Medieval style construction. Praia dos Namorados should also be included in your itinerary. The beach offers stunning sea and city views. This is more likely a private beach since there are limited number of crowds.

Castle of Barra do Jucu

One of the tourist spots in Barra do Jucu.

A wonderful and detailed work.

The castle itself is outstanding.

You can take photos and admire the castle which is very cool.

Address : Av. Anderssem Fidalgo Pereira, 448-548 - Barra do Jucu, Vila Velha - ES, 29125-052, Brazil


Prepare your cameras or mobile phone to capture every memorable moments during the trip in Guarapari. Take a visit to Morro Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the city. With more than a mile long, there are enough space to try jet ski, football dribbling, swimming, or bicycling. Another great beach is Meaípe Beach. It is considered as one of ten most beautiful beaches in Brazil. You will find traditional restaurants and few souvenirs shops near the beach.

Meaípe Beach

One of the mos popular beaches in Meaípe.

The beach is spotless and well maintaned.

There are many activities to do with your family.

The view is awesome,so you can take a picture.

Address : R. Joaquim Nascimento, 6 - Meaípe, Guarapari - ES, 29208-060, Brazil

Morro Beach

Morro Beach is popular and beautiful beach.

Beautiful place to walk, great place to take a shower, lots of shopping for great prices.

Very good place to sunbathe and sea bath, take children and family.

It has many parking lots and is varieties of restaurants scattered along the edge of the beach.

Address : Praia do Morro, Guarapari - State of Espírito Santo, 29215-730, Brazil