Trancoso: Best Things to Do

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The small town of Trancoso, south of Bahia, has attracted the attention and stolen the hearts of many travelers.

Since being discovered by Europeans in the 1500s, it has gone through various incarnations to become a vacation spot that is loved by Brazilian officials, celebrities, models, pop stars and tourists.

Trancoso Church is the symbol of the city, you can find it in the downtown of Trancoso with unique architecture.

The clean white front with curved roofs and crosses that pierced the delicate blue sky stood at the end of Quadrado beach, a grassy green village.

Trancoso offers numerous interesting beaches and natural sites to visit throughout the city.



One feature that makes Trancoso so charming and friendly is the Quadrado de Trancoso. It was a rough rectangle surrounded by ancient trees that protected brightly colored fishing houses. Painted in surprising pink, yellow and cobalt blue daffodils, all houses are built in the same style, tile and one-story high, some with stable doors that are often left open. Quadrado is for everyone and there are often children playing, soccer matches in progress, grazing animals or people walking from the city to the beach. It feels like a way of life that is lost in time.

Quadrado de Trancoso

Everything very beautiful and rustic! The old style houses all give a special charm to the place, adding all this to the church and the lookout in front of the church that give a panoramic view of the beach make the visit worthwhile, and at night the

Address : Praça São João Batista, 12 - Quadrado, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil


Trancoso itself stands on a cliff above two main beaches Praia dos Nativos and Praia dos Coqueiros. You reach them by walking through mangroves on a wooden path. Some beach bars and restaurants are placed along the sand but there is little development. At low tide, soccer matches begin and old fishing boats are left tilted. When the pedlar stepped on the sand, the sunbathers lay and relaxed and the odd plankers braided the waves. It's common to see horses running fast through the shallows, up the mountain or vice versa. You can also visit the Viewpoint Square where you can witness the beautiful scenery from the high ground.

Viewpoint Square

It is a great place to watch and witness the sunrise in Trancoso beach down.

Address : Porto Seguro - State of Bahia, 45810-000, Brazil


If you're thinking to stop by and by souvenirs in Trancoso, you can visit Marcos Conveniência. This convenient store provides wide range of goods for your traveling needs as well as souvenirs from the city. You can get interesting items with reasonable prices.

Marcos Conveniência

A grocery store where you can buy numerous items for your holiday needs and also some interesting items.

Address : R. Carlos Alberto Parracho, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil


Tapioca pancakes are a staple food of Brazil, and can be filled with anything you like. Brazil's favorite food is only meat and cheese preserved, but watch out for Tapioka da Elma, the boldest of the three food stands outside the quadrado. Elma offers substantial fillings, including pancakes filled with meat, tomatoes, spices, and pineapple chutney.


Trancoso is a small city with numerous culture and historical sites to visit, especially its beaches. Numerous beaches stretch alongside the city and there's a Catholic church where you can see the old ancient building. As well as other cities in Brazil, Trancoso is Portuguese spoken city.


The best time to visit Trancoso in Brazil is from January to December, when you will have pleasant or warm temperatures and are limited to very little rainfall.


Silvana e Cia is located in the heart of the city of Trancoso with beautiful beach views. The food served is diverse with Brazilian culinary variants as well as food from various other countries. You can also spend your time dining while enjoying the sunset view in the afternoon. O Cacau Restaurant serves a menu full of well-prepared dishes and a good blend of international cuisine with Bahian cuisine. You will enjoy food in this restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere.

O Cacau

Look for light, modern takes on classic dishes from acarajés (fritters of brown beans and dried shrimp) to fresh meat.

Address : Praça São João Batista - Batista, 96, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil

Silvana e Cia

Chalé Binho The chalet has always been the stage for meetings between friends to celebrate, accompanied by great laughter, happy moments and lots of barbecue.

Address : Praça São João Batista, 150 - Quadrado, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil


Pousada do Bosque - Trancoso - Ba is a 12-minute walk from Trancoso Beach, this relaxed guesthouse is surrounded by tropical forests and outside the regional highway BA-987 is 28 km from Porto Seguro. Non-fussy rooms with mosquito nets offer minifridges, ceiling fans and TVs, plus Wi-Fi access, and balconies with hammocks. Pousada Samambaia has a neat forest vibe. It is a 10-minute walk from Igrejas e Templos, a simple white church in the town square, and 1.6 km from Praia dos Nativos (Indigenous Coast). Featuring flooring and dark wood furniture, 2 rooms equipped with pared-back are equipped with a flat-screen TV and mini-fridge, as well as a terrace. The 4 simple 1 bedroom cabins offer a small kitchen with a stove and fridge, and a terrace with a hammock.

Pousada Samambaia

Featuring dark wood floors and furnishings, 2 pared-back rooms come with flat-screen TVs and minifridges, plus terraces. The 4 unpretentious 1-bedroom cottages offer kitchenettes with cookers and fridges, as well as terraces with hammocks.

Address : 287, R. João Vieira - de Jesus, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil

Pousada do Bosque - Trancoso - Ba

The unfussy rooms with mosquito nets offer minifridges, ceiling fans and TVs, plus Wi-Fi access, and balconies with hammocks. Suites add whirlpool tubs.

Address : Caminho da Praia, 5, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil


The Coffee Bar is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee alongside with breakfast and lunch. You can try numerous menus and drinsk as well. Santo Café is another great option for your morning vibes. They also serve vegetarian option for you and there's variety of coffee and drinks.

Santo Café

It is good to stop off at this cafe during your vacation in Trancoso with delicious coffee.

Address : R. do Telégrafo, 10 - Centro, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil

The Coffee Bar

Before strating the day, The Coffee Bar is a great place to have your breakfast well-served.

Address : R. Carlos Alberto Parracho, 436, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazil


Fly Club Trancoso is tThe biggest and most traditional Beach Club. Open all year from 9 am to 8 pm. DJs, drinks, food all with exceptional comfort. The great atmosphere and drinks will make your night well spent. The freshly prepared Uxua Beach Bar lunch is the best, made from whatever the fishermen bring. Ceviche and fish tacos are simple and delicious. Always have fresh coconut juice too. This is the most refreshing choice, a straw directly in the fruit, with meat and natural cooling shells to keep drinks cool

UXUA Beach Bar

Half UXUA's casas here date back 500-years to the village's founding. They were restored by designer Wilbert Das in collaboration with local artisans using traditional techniques and reclaimed materials.

Address : Porto Seguro - State of Bahia, Brazil

Fly Club Trancoso

Spending your nigh in this bar will make yor holiday in Trancoso more enjoyable.

Address : Praia dos Nativos, 1 Praia de, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil


Inn Gold About Blue II is green space villa complete with its pool and garden located in the heart of Trancoso. You can spend your summer holiday at this place and having a fresh juice. Coqueiros Beach Cottages is a piece of paradise, tucked away on the beautiful beaches of the Arabian Sea, wearing all the glory of nature. Located along the silver-white sands of Kodi beach, this resort is a package full of simplicity and comfort.

Coqueiros Beach

The beach with white sandy beach and calm water, it is a good place for swimming and relaxing.

Address : Porto Seguro - State of Bahia, 45810-000, Brazil

Inn Gold About Blue II

This place offers a fresh air and green space for your weekend time with friends, couples, and family.

Address : Programador GOOGLE - R. Jovelino R. Vieira - Helbert Souza, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazil


The main square as a 'Quadrado' perched on a cliff, overlooking 2 rivers and the sea. Standing at the end is the beautiful clean white São João Batista Church, the 2nd oldest church in Brazil. You can visit this place in the downtown of Trancoso with mesmerizing views from above. Nativos Beach in Trancoso is one of the most popular beaches for tourists and villagers. The beach starts at Rio Trancoso, after Praia dos Coqueiros and continues until the curve at which Praia da Rio da Barra starts, with + or - 3 km in length. Next to the Trancoso River, where Praia dos Nativos began, is located in one of the most famous beach huts, FlyClub has a sun lounger that looks like a bed in the sand for you to relax and usually there is quality electronic music. This place is often visited by famous and beautiful people.

Nativos Beach

The Nativos beach in Trancoso is one of the most popular beaches for tourists and residents of the village.

Address : Praia dos Nativos - Estr. de Trancoso, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil

The Church Square

According to historians and testimony of former residents, this Church has its origins in the 17th / 18th centuries and a format that goes back to the evangelizing work of Jesuit priests in the region since the beginning of the discovery of Brazil.

Address : Praça São João Batista, s/n, Porto Seguro - BA, 45818-000, Brazil