Campo Grande: Best Things to Do

Flickr - Photo by Marcio Andreotti

Campo Grande is the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The city is situated in west central Brazil.

The city has strong indigenous culture. So it’s no wonder that there’s the Memorial of Indigenous Culture in Campo Grande, becoming the highlight of the city.

Experience the colliding vibes of rural and urban atmosphere as well as the rich culture in this city through the Indigenous Nations Park, Feira Central, Municipal Market of Antônio Valente, Museum of Cultures Don Bosco, and the Pantanal.



Parque das Nações Indígenas (Indigenous Nations Park) is the most well-known landmark of Campo Grande. The 119-hectare urban park offers leisure and sports infrastructure on the banks of a lake nestled just in the center of the city.
The park features sports courts, a skate park, skates and bicycles, toilets, a 4000-meter fully paved walking path. There are also several playgrounds near the entrances, one of which is the first playground for disabled children in the state.
In this park you can get a nice walk while seeing different kinds of birds and animals along with the beautiful trees surrounding the area. The park also houses Memorial da Cultura Indigena (Memorial of Indigenous Culture), the Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Museu das Culturas Dom Bosco (Museum of Cultures Don Bosco).

Parque das Nações Indígenas

Fun place for the whole family to enjoy.

Excellent for a stroll in the mornings or afternoons with the family or if you want to go for a run.

The amount of birds and other life is amazing to see.

Beautiful scenery and very good for adults and kids.

Address : Av. Afonso Pena, s/n - Centro, Campo Grande - MS, 79002-072, Brazil


Despite being culturally rich, Campo Grande has such a busy downtown at the heart of the city. You can reach the downtown area from the airport and new bus terminal which are located about 6-7 km away. Tourists arriving at the bus terminal can also reach the city by bus or taxi.
Campo Grande's downtown area is small enough for you to cover it on foot. You’ll find plenty of public parks, museums, estates (patrimônio), churches, craft shops, malls, dining establishments, and many kinds of accommodations downtown Campo Grande.


Have an authentic shopping experience by visiting Municipal Market of Antônio Valente. It’s considered to be one of the most traditional and local cuisine markets of city of Campo Grande. Go deeper into the local culture by indulging in unique colors, flavors, smells and sounds offered by the market. You can see people buying and selling goods, walking around, and even performing live music on site.
Another option for a local shopping is the historic Casa do Artesão (Craftsman House). It’s one of the most popular shopping sites of Campo Grande where you can find lots of unique souvenirs like liquor, cachaça, ceramic, bow and arrow, lacework, embroidery, sacred picture, local musicians’ CDs, wood pieces, fabric, and many more. However, if you’re looking for a modern mall instead, Shopping Bosque dos Ipês is where to go. It’s a bi-level shopping complex with stores, services, restaurants, a children's play area and a cinema.

Craftsman House

This is the place to get ethnic souvenirs from Campo Grande region.

They have hand made articles from different aldeias.

They also have a lot of art, collaborates to benefit local artisans.

A place for tourists!

Address : Av. Calógeras, 2050 - Centro, Campo Grande - MS, 79002-005, Brazil

Shopping Bosque dos Ipês

Great mall to shop or just look around.

There are many varied stores and food courts.

Has everything you need for a spot of retail therapy with masses of parking.

Well maintaned and safe.

Address : Av. Cônsul Assaf Trad, 4796 - Parque dos Novos Estados, Campo Grande - MS, 79035-900, Brazil


Enjoy delicious local dishes and drinks in the Feira Central (Central Market). The site sells tereré (herbal iced tea usually served in a trinket made of ox horn), sopa Paraguaia (a savoury corn based, cheese and onion pie), sobá (Japanese noodle soup), cheiro verde (scallion and parsley seasoning), and locro (a pumpkin-based soup, with beans and corn).
Some native fruits including Araçá (strawberry guava) and bocaiúva which can be found at the markets or any fruit stand across the city.

Feira Central

It's a good place for the variety of things to eat and sightseeing.

Lots of different types of restaurants and a few stores almost in an outlet like setting.

There are also local shops and good for have a beer.

The food is incredible and the people are super friendly.

Address : Rua 14 de Julho, 3351 - Centro, Campo Grande - MS, 79002-335, Brazil


Campo Grande is rich in culture. It’s proven by the Memorial da Cultura Indigena (Memorial of Indigenous Culture) where you can learn about Brazil indigenous culture and handicrafts. The spiral-shaped architecture refers to a maloca (house used by the Yanomami tribe). The exhibition includes objects from different tribes of the country, such as masks and musical instruments of the Upper Xingu, wood benches by the Yawalapiti and Kuikuro and many other utensils used in day to day activities.

Memorial of Indigenous Culture

Quiet place to buy indigenous handicrafts from various tribes in the region.

Amazing to see the differences of indigenous people.

Sensational, full of objects and history.

Plus a guide to accompany the visit.

Address : R. Terena - Tiradentes, Campo Grande - MS, 79041-014, Brazil


The city is considered to be less temperate than the other tourist destinations worldwide. April 23rd to September 9th is the perfect time to visit the city. If you’re looking for the very warmest time to visit Campo Grande, the hottest months are December, February, and then October.
The busiest month for tourism in Campo Grande is July, followed by January and June. Prices for hotels and flights will be most expensive during the peak season, so plan the budgeting for your holiday carefully beforehand. On the other hand, tourists are unlikely to visit Campo Grande in October.


Located just about 800 meters from Indigenous Nations Park, Ibis Budget Campo Grande is the top pick for you who are looking for a comfortable accommodation with reasonable prices. The hotel is quite pop and colorful; it offers smart layout rooms with comfortable bed, notable for being compact and clean. Guests can also enjoy the on-site bar.
For another staying option offering close proximity to the highlights and amenities in the city, Hotel Mohave is available for you. It’s just 3 km from the Campo Grande International Airport and shopping center, and 1.2 km from downtown. The hotel offers free private parking, a restaurant and bar, air conditioning, 32-inches LED TVs, digital safe, and other basic facilities.

Ibis Budget Campo Grande

Cozy and good for students and simple travellers.

Extra comfortable bed and smart layout for rooms.

Nice food and drink options downstairs with a big reception and lounge area downstairs to hangout.

The staff is amazing.

Address : Av. Mato Grosso, 5617 - Carandá Bosque, Campo Grande - MS, 79031-000, Brazil

Hotel Mohave

It's a relatively small hotel with good architecture and modern.

Fair price, great, comfortably and clean accommodations.

Excellent breakfast buffet.

The staff is amazing and kind.

Address : Av. Afonso Pena, 602 - Amambai, Campo Grande - MS, 79005-001, Brazil


Go on a gastronomic journey with Território do Vinho (Wine’s Territory). The beautifully adorned restaurant offers you such an impeccable service with the excellent wine list and great food. The lemon risotto and ravioli are some of the key signatures of the restaurant you should never miss. There’s also some jazz band and live music performances to accompany your pleasant evening.
You can also indulge in the scrumptious steaks and ribs at the Vermelho Grill Restaurante. Aside from steak and barbecue, the restaurant offers you with a wide arrange of Brazilian and Argentinean menus for your pleasant lunch and dinner. After savoring the tasty meals, your lunch or dinner comes to an end by being served fantastic dessert which you might not expect before.

Wine’s Territory

Perfect place for a romantic dinner.

Romantic atmosphere, varied menu of sophisticated drinks as well as meats, pastas and desserts.

Wonderful portions,interesting selection of wines,and music to match the ambience.

Excellent service

Address : R. Euclídes da Cunha, 485 - Jardim dos Estados, Campo Grande - MS, 79020-230, Brazil

Vermelho Grill

One of the best steaks in Brazil.

Rustic and tasteful place With special special cuts of meat.

The menu choices range from red meat, chicken and lamb.

It's really worth visiting if you're a meat lover.

Address : Av. Afonso Pena, 6078 - Chácara Cachoeira, Campo Grande - MS, 79040-010, Brazil


Have quick bites and fragrant coffee at Café du Centre Campo Grande. This coffeeshop serves you with the best dessert and savory dishes. Expect wonderful croissants and other French dishes with refined tastes as well as good selection of coffee. This beautifully adorned café’s signatures include Croque Monsieur Tradicional, Hot Chocolate, and Ferrero Cup.
Another coffeeshop to visit is the Cheirin Bão Amazonas Campo Grande. Its cheese bread and coffee selections are just wonderful. Expect an excellent service and welcoming atmosphere at the place. If you want to try some selections of the artisan coffee with lower prices, we recommend you pick the "tasting menu".

Café du Centre Campo Grande

It is a beautiful place and well decorated for afternoon coffee.

Super nice atmosphere, has a beautiful luxury decoration.

There are a wide variety of options, using the highest quality ingredients,tasty coffees.

The waiters are fast and kind.

Address : R. da Paz, 501 - Jardim dos Estados, Campo Grande - MS, 79020-250, Brazil

Cheirin Bão Amazonas Campo Grande - MS

Cozy, quiet place with excellent service.

Very well served and delicious coffees.

With good options of salads, pies, cakes, broas.

The waiters are kind and polite.

Address : R. Amazonas, 1504 - Vila Gomes, Campo Grande - MS, 79022-130, Brazil


Watch football games while drinking your cold beer at Salomé Bar in Campo Grande. The franchise bar offers live music which you’ll truly enjoy as well. They also offer Brazilian and South American dishes which are well served and tasty, all wrapped in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Another drinking night option you can choose is Blues Bar. The cocktail bar pulls the US rock style where you can easily find cover bands playing rock of all kinds cheering the already lively crowd. The drinks are at reasonable prices and the venue is quite spacious.

Salomé Bar Campo Grande

A reference bar in the region, cozy and with its own style, great for chatting with friends.

Nice cozy atmosphere with outdoor and covered tables.

Good music presented on big screens.

Portions and dishes are well served and tasty, beer of all brands and ice cold.

The waiters are superb.

Address : R. Joaquim Murtinho, 242 - Centro, Campo Grande - MS, 79002-100, Brazil

Blues Bar

Cool, relaxed atmosphere, well set in the theme of Rock and Roll

Always has known bands playing on weekends.

The bar serves portions and a varied selection of beers.

It has environment for smokers.

Address : R. 15 de Novembro, 1186 - Centro, Campo Grande - MS, 79092-300, Brazil


Situated at the Indigenous Nations Park along with the other notable buildings, Museum of Cultures Don Bosco is divided into two parts. The museum features collections address themes related to indigenous peoples at one part and archaeological artifacts, taxidermized animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals), insects, shells and fossils at the other part.
The exhibits are arranged in such a dramatic way at the venue which will amaze you. You can learn a lot as well as feast your eyes on the spectacular displays of the objects. The museum open from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Museum of Cultures Don Bosco

This is the only must-go museum in Campo Grande.

Great place to visit to learn a bit about Mato Grosso do Sul's cultural history and its native species.

All exhibits have an explanation in English.

You can find also the most representative fauna in a wonderful taxidermy collection.

Address : Av. Afonso Pena, 7000 - Cidade Jardim, Campo Grande - MS, 79031-010, Brazil


You can always take photos at any spot in the city, but one place with such a great view which you shouldn’t skip is actually the Pantanal. It’s a natural region encompassing the world's largest tropical wetland area, lies mostly within the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul and the neighboring regions.
Extensive boardwalks and a pack of lotus floating in the vast water are some notable highlights that you’ll find on site. Along with the spectacular views of the wetland and surrounding area backdropping it as well as the wildlife which completes the beauty of the site, the Pantanal is your instagrammable natural destination which you can always reach via the Pantanal Discovery tour to Pantanal and Bonito.

Pantanal Discovery tour to Pantanal and Bonito

This is an awesome place if you wiling to rest, get in touch with the nature.

The guides speak English and have a great sense of humor.

And also super knowledgeable about the animals.

The food is outstanding and lots of wildife surround the ranch.

Address : Av. Afonso Pena, 602 - Amambai, Campo Grande - MS, 79005-001, Brazil