First Time Tourists Guide in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Image by Antoine Moens de Hase from Flickr - Kinshasa is a capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo. Situated along Congo river, this city is considered as third's largest ruban area in Africa. It attracts the visitors through its greenery landscape.

Lola ya Bonoba is a great place for enjoying nature in Kinshasa. It is the only orphaned bonobos (dwarf chimpanzees) sanctuary in the world.

This place is situated near river bank and surrounded by lush greenery.



Lola ya Bonoba is a great natural place to go sightseeing in Kinshasa. It is the only orphaned bonobos (dwarf chimpanzees) sanctuary in the world. The place is situated near a riverbank and surrounded by lush greenery. It is designed to teach locals and visitors about the importance of animal conservation. The bonobos are included as endangered animals with only around 50,000 surviving in the wild. You can see the Bonobos eating and hanging out at its natural habitat or you can even play with them here.

Lola ya Bonoba

Lola ya Bonobo is the world's only sanctuary for orphaned bonobos.

Address : Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa


The heart of Kinshasa is a great place to explore since it gives easy access to Congo River. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon here by cruising on a boat. Beside many markets available, you can also visit Symphonie des Arts. This gallery features artworks by over 300 Congelese artists. Those works are including vibrant paintings, ceramic, metal, and wood sculptures.


For your shopping experience, go to the biggest mall in Kinshasa namely Le Premier Shopping Mall. From outside it looks like just few boutique, but surprisingly there are many shopping stores, cafes, terrace restaurant, and also cinema. Beside, Kinshasa also offers great place to hunt for souvenirs, Je Gagne Ma Vie. This shop has plenty of beautiful handmade local crafts that made by physical disabilities. You can grab fabulous carving of Teke masks, elephants, and other authentic carved wood.

Le Premier Shopping Mall

Le Premier Shopping Mall, one of the most distinctive landmarks of the capital.

Address : Ave Le Premier Mall / Lt. Colonel Lukusa, Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa


If you are here in Kinshasa, make sure yourself to try its local cuisine. Mainly, the food is combination of traditional Congolese dishes with Indian, Chinese and European Cassava, rice, fufu, and potateos are the the staple food that served with other dishes. You can try oulet à la Moambé as Congolese's very popular dish made from chicken, cassava leaves and palm butter. It served together with ugali, a mixture of millet and cassava flour. Accomplish your food experience by drinking palm wine, fermented wine made of palm tree.


Kinshasa has rich and diverse culture from the influence of Congolese culture and tradition of the region. It also has been affected by abroad culture that arrived during the era of colonization. Although there are many living language in Democratic Republic of Congo, but the official language spoken in Kinshasa is mainly French.


Summer season (December to February) is the perfect time to enjoy Kinshasa city. At this period of time, the temperature is not too warm, so you could explore the entire destination without any doubt.


If you are looking for budget stay, Le 159 is the best option. This bed & breakfast offers accommodation with well furnished Congolese style. Sculptures and artworks are displayed almost on all sides of this hotel. You can also get relaxed in its comfortable garden and pool. Meanwhile, the luxury hotel also available in Kinshasa like Pullman Kinshasa Grand Hotel. It is the most popular place to stay located in the center of business area. This 5 star hotel also gives you a panoramic view of Congo river.

Le 159

One of the best Hotel in Kinshasa .

Address : 159 Boulevard Du 30 Juin, Congo - Kinshasa


A Casa Mia becomes one of the most favorite local cuisine restaurants in Kinshasa. Located in the coolest area in Kinshasa, it also serves Italian food. The restaurant sets with a stunning interior with a terrace and a pool. If you are a wine lover, this place is where you should go since it also provides a wine room. To enjoy the Congolese food with the opportunity to meet the locals, you can visit Chez Flore. It is open air restaurant where the visitors can enjoy eating while socializing with local people.

A Casa Mia

A Casa Mia is popular restaurant in Kinshasa, they provide iitalian dishes.

Address : 70b Ave Uvira, Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa

Chez Flore

Chez Flore provide authentic Congolese dishes with huge portion.

Address : Kinshasa, Congo - Kinshasa


Head to Noosy Coffee to get ground coffee varieties from around the world. Its comfort and charming space really support you to feel relaxed. This cafe also offers breakfast menu with delicious taste. Patisserie nouvelle is another good spot to have a short break while exploring Kinshasa. It is the most popular bakery and coffee shop in the city that has best fresh sandwiches.


There are not many spots to deal with night activities in Kinshasa. Yet you can go to Fiesta Club to enjoy the dance performance and DJ show. This is the best dancing club in the city facilitated with main lounge and a pool for party. While for enjoying African rum or cocktails, head to New Kwilu Bar. It has nice indoor and a garden to chill out with a great music playing as background.


Explore the historical sites of Kinshasa that built in 19th century at Palais de la Nation. It was the office for Congo's first president and now becomes the government office. Parc de la Vallée de la Nsele is also must visit place to get nature adventure. This national park located about 90 minutes from the city center. It hosts various animals like donkeys, giraffes, black buffaloes, zebra and many more.


Do not miss out to capture the beautiful Paroisse Sainte Anne church. It is located near Kinshasa's central station. You will get a great picture with amazing background of exterior architecture of this building. National Museum of Congo also indeed instagramable worthy. You can find many nice spots to get captured. This museum features cultural history of numerous ethnic group of Democratic Republic of the Congo.