Basel: Best Things to Do

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Basel is a second largest city Situated in Northwestern of Switzerland famous for its vibrant culture and old town..

Spalentor and Mittlere Bridge are two of must visited places when in Basel.

museums such as Kunstmuseum Basel and Vitra Design Museum hold great art works collection

You have to visit its stunning architecture of Basel Minster.

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Taking a tour to some cultural places is a must when you travel to Basel. The city is home to 40 museums. Head to Kunstmuseum Basel, a museum featuring Switzerland's most diverse art. The collection there are some dating to the 15th century. You also discover Mediterranean history in Basel at Antikenmuseum and the Sammlung Ludwig. The museum displayed relics from the civilisations of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Romans, and many more.

Kunstmuseum Basel

Probably the best art museum in Switzerland.

The building is large and imposing and looks very impressive.

The Fine Arts Museum in Basel holds several exhibitions simultaneously.

The various exhibit rooms are spacious and airy.

Plenty of space to stand back and admire the artwork.

Address : St. Alban-Graben 16, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Antikenmuseum and the Sammlung Ludwig

A surprising museum in the middle of Basel.

There are archaeology exhibits and there are lots of English descriptions.

A large collection of ancient Greek and Egyptian artifacts.

Multiple egyptian mummies on display, including mummified animals

Friendly employees and excellent collection.

Address : St. Alban-Graben 5, 4051 Basel, Switzerland


Explore the old part of Basel that lies between the river and old gate namely Spalentor. The gate is the most magnificent and impressive of three city gates dating from 1400. It was a former city gate in the Basel's ancient city walls. Not far from the gate, try to stroll the stunning old Mittlere Bridge. There is a lot of activity locals and foreigners do on the river bank near the bridge. You can see people swimming, enjoying the views, and do photography. Such a charming are to impress the old town of Basel.

Mittlere Bridge

The most iconic bridge in the Basel.

From the bridge you can have an amazing overview.

Best spot to see the fireworks during the national holiday.

Beautiful cafes around the river, boat rides during summer.

Address : Mittlere Brücke, 4000 Basel, Switzerland


What a beautiful original city gates.

Well maintained and typical of mediaeval times.

Beautiful historical and expressive arty details all around.

Some shops are around.

Address : Spalenvorstadt, 4056 Basel, Switzerland


When you go to Basel, do not forget to visit Barfüsserplatz Market. It is a perfect place to hunt for unusual gifts, souvenirs or just treat yourself. This is a picturesque square that transformed into a market. You will find plenty of hand-crafted souvenirs, jewelry, and clothing pieces. Make sure yourself to get around the market.

Barfüsserplatz Market

One of the biggest Christmas Markets in Switzerland.

Many food stalls where you can typical Christmas food with variety of cheese.

It has quite a variety of shops, Christmas, crafts and others.

Must visit for locals and foreigners.

Address : Barfüsserpl., 4051 Basel, Switzerland


Basel has rich of excellent delicacies. You may taste Basler Mehlsuppe, a soup that identical in annual carnival ceebration, Fasnacht. Do not forget to hunt for its amazing cakes such as Schlumbergerli, Hefegugelhopf, and many more.


Holding a title as culture capital of Switzerland, the city of Basel boosts exceptional culture and art. It also becomes an important cultural center in the Renaissance era. Therefore, the city has more than one museums as it major attraction.


The best time to visit Basel is from June to August. You will experience travelling in Basel with warmest weather. There is a limited number of rainfall.


Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois provides a charming place to stay in the centre of Basel's Old Town. It is one of the oldest city in Europe. This 5 star hotel is situated on the banks of the Rhine, giving an calming and fresh ambiance. You can also go to Der Teufelhof Basel if you want to stay at downtown of Basel. The hotel provides excellent and detail service including the small things like water. This 18th century townhouse gives peaceful atmosphere for every visitors.

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois

One of the best hotes in Basel located in the perfect location.

Great concierge, quiet room with balcony porch and full view of the Rhine River.

The breakfast buffet is really excellent.

The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Address : Blumenrain 8, 4001 Basel, Switzerland

Der Teufelhof Basel

Really nice hotel, lots of thoughtful artistic details.

The hotel is in a characterful location in the old part of the city.

Nice and spacious room with excellent facilities.

They also have the best bar/restaurants in Basel.

Friendly and helpful staff.

Address : Leonhardsgraben 47-49, 4051 Basel, Switzerland


Restaurant Atelier im Teufelhof is a lovely restaurant you should visit. You will find the real taste of local cuisines and Mediterranean cuisine. Get an amazing dinner here or fun night at its bar. Head to Gifthüttli to experience traditional delicacy. Located in the Old Town, this place has typical Swiss dishes, especially food from Basel.

Restaurant Atelier im Teufelhof

Awesome restaurant with beautiful settings in a cool atmosphere.

Atelier offers the best of Swiss and Mediterranean cuisine.

Seasonal and local menu is a delight, with great passion shown over local seasonal dishes.

They have a great wine list also.

The waiters are always deeply gracious and very obliging.

Address : Leonhardsgraben 47-49, 4051 Basel, Switzerland


Pleasant traditional brasserie-style restaurant with fairly priced fresh dishes.

Fantastic Cordon Bleu and Veal Schnitzel, excellent vegetables, and good potatoes on the side.

It also offers good traditional Swiss food with a modern twist.

The staff was very friendly and capable English speakers.

Address : Schneidergasse 11, 4051 Basel, Switzerland


Confiserie Schiesser is where you should go for having best chocolate, coffee or tea. The cafe offers you a cozy sitting area upstairs and overlooking the marktplatz (marketplace). If you are an ice cream lover, you may head to Eiscafé Acero GmbH. You will not only find usual ice cream but the cafe offers visitors with vegan ice cream. Complete the ice cream with waffles, cakes , and other snacks.

Confiserie Schiesser

One of the oldest coffee houses in Basel.

The real highlight of this place is the Chocolate on the downstairs section.

It is really good swiss chocolate which you wont regret trying.

The service is excellent and the desserts and sandwiches are delicious.

Address : Marktpl. 19, 4051 Basel, Switzerland


To enjoy your nightlife in Basel you may head to Bar Lounge Club 59. It becomes one of the most popular place to have amazing and fun night and plenty of cocktail selection. It offers very pleasant atmosphere and great music. Head to Bar Rouge to enjoy drinks with a spectacular view of Basel. It is one of the fanciest clubs of the city that located at 105 meters high.

Bar Lounge Club 59

Nice and cozy little bar with a nice assortment of drinks, wines and cocktails.

Local with great atmosphere for a drink.

huge variety of cocktails.

The service is friendy.

Address : Steinenvorstadt 33, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Bar Rouge

Awesome cocktail bar with beautiful view over Basel.

Enjoyable visit to a bar popular with all age groups.

Good service and atmosphere.

The waiters are so friendly.

Address : Messepl. 10, 4058 Basel, Switzerland


Take a visit to Basel Paper Mill to discover a medieval paper workshop. This is a museum that offer unique insight of history of paper production. You can see many of traditional techniques that still used in this present day. Also visit Basel Historical Museum, one of the largest museum in Switzerland. It is located in the heart of Basel. You will see the exhibition featuring handicraft tradition and culture from the past.

Basel Paper Mill

Perhaps the most thoughtful museum in the area.

Lots of displays of the history of paper and writing.

You can create your own paper and gifts for your family and friends.

The staff is so sweet and helpful with adults.

Well worth a visit.

Address : St. Alban-Tal 37, 4052 Basel, Switzerland

Basel Historical Museum

This is one of the largest museum in Switzerland.

It is located in the heart of Basel.

Stands inside an old church, the museum has stunning architecture.

The museum holds interesting displays on the history of Basel.

You will see the exhibition featuring handicraft tradition and culture from the past.

Address : Barfüsserpl. 7, 4051 Basel, Swiss


If you love photography, you can go to Basel Minster. This is a catholic cathedral that built between 1019 and 1500. It has Romanesque and Gothic styles.Museum Tinguely is also indeed instagrammable worthy. It is one of the world's most important museum of kinesthetic sculptures. This landmark has stunning exterior you can capture.

Basel Minster

One of the main landmarks and tourist attractions in Basel.

A gothic style church in the cobblestone square.

It's definitely more impressive from the outside.

Highlights include the stain glass windows and the choir loft, which you can walk through.

Address : Münsterpl. 9, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Museum Tinguely

A worth visit place if you are an art lover.

The museum has beautiful architecture inside and outside.

It designed to display the kinetic sculptures.

Interestingly, there are sculptures you can play with.

You will be amazed by the fascinating works from the artists.

Address : Paul Sacher-Anlage 2, 4002 Basel, Swiss