First Time Tourists Guide in Sion, Switzerland

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Sion is a beautiful city situated on the southwestern Swiss canton of Valais

This city is also the capital of Valais which preserves many important pre-historic sites of European culture

Exploring the city, it is impossible for you not to get welcomed by the beautiful ambiance of vintage vibe from the old town landmarks coupled with outstanding scenery of nature

Some of the most-recommended landmarks that you should pay a visit to the city of Sion include the iconic Château de Tourbillon, Valère Basilica, Sion Cathedral, Les Fils de Charles Favre, along with many other exciting places



The best idea to spend an unforgettable experience in Sion is by going to its most iconic landmark that is Château de Tourbillon. The well-preserved complex of palace has a very majestic scenery that makes you feel like you are being brought to a fairy tale world. Situated on a top of a hill, you can get to the site by hiking in the provided tracks while enjoying the picturesque scenery of the valley. The site itself still very much preserves the medieval constructions that highlight the uniqueness of this historical site.

Château de Tourbillon

The iconic castle providing historical heritage featuring fantastic view of the hill and valley

Address : Chemin de la Poudrière 24, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


In the city center of Sion, don’t forget to drop by at Sion Cathedral. This place is a hidden gem in the city of Sion. With the simple classical architecture and the aesthetically pleasing stained glass that adds elegance to the building, you are welcomed to enjoy the calming ambiance of the old cathedral. There is also the lake nearby where you can walk around without and do some self-meditation. Optionally, if you long for some exciting activity to do indoor in the downtown area of Sion, RealFly will provide you with adventurous offering. You can try skydiving simulator that enables you to float freely in the air. A virtual reality headset is also provided to add fun to your experience.

Sion Cathedral

The old cathedral with simple yet beautiful classical architecture in Sion

Address : Rue de la Cathédrale 13, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


Switzerland’s first indoor skydiving simulator

Address : Rue de la Drague 58, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


There are several most recommended options for you who want to have a good shop in the city of Sion. One of the ultimate shopping malls that you can visit is Tourbillon Center. Providing outlets that sell a good variety of stuff for your everyday shopping, this place also has a nice ambiance to accompany your shopping time. Alternatively, Uvrier Centre is a shopping center where you can find almost anything that you need during your stay in Sion.

Tourbillon Center

A shopping mall with great ambiance to accompany your shopping time in Sion

Address : Avenue du Grand-Champsec 30, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Uvrier Centre

A shopping mall that provides all the necessities you need in Sion

Address : Route d'Italie 115, 1958 Sion, Switzerland


While you are in Sion, it would be such a shame if you don’t explore the Switzerland culinary food scene that you can get in several local restaurants throughout the city. Switzerland’s food scene itself is a good combination of French, German, and North Italian influence. Cheese fondue, Älplermagronen, Birchermüesli, and Swiss chocolate are few among the delicious Switzerland local foods that you should get a bite of.


Sion is well-known as the city that still preserves the medieval traces of culture very well. Exploring the old town, you can stop by at numerous private museums and art galleries, as well as historical sites that contain the long and interesting history of the city.


It is advisable for you explore the city of Sion during the warmest and sunniest period of the year which falls between mid-May to mid-September.


Le Merle Châtelain is a super lovely hotel to accommodate your stay in Sion. The service is very hospitable and friendly. The rooms are cozy and may even remind you of home. You can also look around at the beautiful vineyards surrounding the hotel. There is a hiking and biking trail nearby where you can do some simple sporty activities. A wine factory is also located right in front of the hotel if you are interested to make a visit in the middle of your resting time. Another recommended place to book a room is The Gite des Iles. Situated near the Saint Lawrence River, you can go salmon fishing while getting pampered by the best quality service of the hotel.

Le Merle Châtelain

a lovely hotel in Sion with the view of beautiful vineyards

Address : Chemin de la Poudrière 20, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

The Gite des Iles

Cozy, warm and inviting place to stay in Sion

Address : Route des Iles 110, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


You would not want to miss having a mouthful bite of Swiss cuisine when you come to Sion. In that case, La Sitterie is more than ready to serve you with high-quality foods. Set in the outdoor seating, having a meal here can be such a refreshing experience amidst your trip in Sion. Meanwhile, Damien Germanier is a highly recommended fine dining restaurant if you want to have a more formal and lavish meal in Sion. Some of the most favorable menu among its customers is the venison menu which includes chamois and growse.

La Sitterie

A Swiss restaurant with the outdoor seating overlooking the nearby scenery in Sion

Address : Route du Rawyl 41, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Damien Germanier

A fine dining restaurant serving the best quality food with vegetarian option in Sion

Address : Rue du Scex 33, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


Situated at the center of Sion, you are welcomed to enjoy the relaxed ambiance of Sion in Café du Nord. The wine here is superb but is still within a reasonable price. There is also menu selection for vegan option. If you are in the mood of some excellent pastries, Zenhäusern Sion Place du Midi is right where you should head to. The tea served here is also favorite among its customers.

Café du Nord

The best cafe at the city center of Sion

Address : Rue Ambuel, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Zenhäusern Sion Place du Midi

A cafe serving the best quality of pastry and bakery in Sion

Address : Place du Midi 33, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


Have a blast of the unforgettable nightlife experience in Sion when you come to Bar Pub Point Rock. There is a good selection of drinks to welcome you with the warmest service. Here, you are also provided with various bar games which include billiards, table football, and darts. The access to get here is also pretty easy. But if a mildly elegant night is what you are looking for, coming to Hangar41 can be a great option. Located near the airport, this bar is the ultimate place for you to have a calming night accompanied by the high-quality wine of Sion.

Bar Pub Point Rock

A bar providing a nice selection of drinks featuring various bar games

Address : Avenue Maurice-Troillet 1, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


An elegant place near the airport to have the best quality wine in Sion

Address : Chemin Saint-Hubert 41, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


Wine connoisseur, brace yourself to enjoy the best quality of winery in Swiss when you visit Les Fils de Charles Favre. The white wine served here is the favorite among its many visitors along with the red wine. But you don’t have about the price because everything served here is still pretty much affordable. But perhaps, if you are up for some refreshing sports activity in the middle of your trip to Sion, don’t hesitate to come to Golf Club de Sion. Not only that you can do some sporty activities, but you are also welcomed to enjoy the surrounding scenery of the beautiful vineyards. The club also holds some special competitions for all ages on several occasions.

Les Fils de Charles Favre

Serving the best taste of Swiss' winery experience with beuatiful surrounding vineyards

Address : Avenue de Tourbillon 29, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Golf Club de Sion

Golf club with fantastic view in Sion

Address : Route de Vissigen 150, 1950 Sion, Switzerland


Switzerland is best-known as paradise for the ultimate beauty of its natural landmarks. No wonder that the city of Sion is also blessed with breathtaking scenery of the wildlife to grace your Instagram page. One of the most recommended places to visit is the House of Nature. Not only taking pictures, but this place is also perfect for you to take a long stroll admiring the great variety of flora and fauna. If you are lucky enough to come here during special events, you can also see the exhibition explaining the history of this place. The next outstandingly beautiful place to take pretty pictures is definitely Valère Basilica. This complex of ancient buildings is located on a hilltop that adds the plus point to its wonderful view. In this place, you can also trace the history and exhibition of the oldest organs in the world. Definitely a must-visit place!

House of Nature

The best place to enjoy Swiss' natural wildlife in Sion

Address : Rue de Saint-Guérin 3, 1950 Sion, Switzerland

Valère Basilica

Fortified, hilltop castle complex with a Catholic cathedral chapter, portcullis, walls & tower

Address : Rue des Châteaux, 1950 Sion, Switzerland