Yaounde: Best Things to Do

Image by Ville Miettinen from Flickr - city

Blackitude Museum and Statue of Charles Atangana are the famous destinations in Yaounde

For a foodie, Boukarou Lounge and Etok Koss Yaoundé are the best authentic restaurant that you can visit

Stay in Etok Koss Yaoundé or Hotel La Falaise is the best choice at a good price

Don't forget to come and visit the Reunification Monument, National Museum of Yaounde and Museu Etnográfico to take a picture



The Mendong Market is the local market that you can find in Yaounde. This market offers some unique items typical from Yaounde. Marché Mokolo is the famous authentic market in this city. This market provides authentic things that from this city.

Mendong Market


Address : Marché de Mendong, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Marché Mokolo


Address : Marché Mokolo, Yaoundé, Cameroon


The Kondre is the authentic food from this city. Kondre made from banana that usually boiled, fried, and roasted. Matango is the typical drink from this town. This drink made from palm oil sap that fermented before serving.


This country has two primary languages that are French and English. It is because Cameroon was once colonized by French and English. Then, this country just free and celebrate his independence on October 1, 1960.


January, February, and December are the best time to visit this town. This is because of the good weather as the reason. Thus, book your adventure in January, February or December to explore Yaounde.


Blackitude Museum is the place that saving the artistic remains of Cameroon. This place is the ethnographic museum and located in Yaounde, Cameroon. This place opened in March 1998.

Blackitude Museum


Address : Yaounde, Cameroon


The statue of Charles Atangana is a popular place if you want to walk around the city. This place is located in the downtown area. In this place, you can find one of the most important people in this country such as Charles Atangana.

Statue of Charles Atangana

historical building

Address : Yaounde, Cameroon


Hotel Mansel is the most popular hotel in this city. For the tourist have a budget price it is the best choice. Hotel La Falaise is a hotel located in the middle of this city. Then, this hotel near some tourist places in this town.

Hotel Mansel


Address : Yaounde, Cameroon

Hotel La Falaise


Address : Ave Merechal Foch, Yaounde, Cameroon


Boukarou Lounge and Etok Koss Yaoundé are a famous restaurant in this city. This restaurant offers some authentic menu that is African food as the main menu. Don't worry, here you can find other menus such as American or European.

Boukarou Lounge

All you can eat · Delicious cocktails · Comfortable

Address : Rue De Narvik, Yaounde, Cameroon

Etok Koss Yaoundé

Late night dishes · All you can eat · Tasty cocktails

Address : Yaounde, Cameroon


La Maison du Cafe is the best cafe that has good coffee. This cafe also located in the middle of this city. Thus, easy to find this cafe for the new arrivals. Le BEST Bata-Nlongkak is the popular cafe that any in this city. This cafe offers many various bakeries.

La Maison du Cafe

Cash only · Late night dishes · Breakfast

Address : Ave De I'Independance, Yaounde, Cameroon

Le BEST Bata-Nlongkak


Address : Yaounde, Cameroon


Bambou Lounge is one of the famous bars in Yaounde. Here, you can find Dj to makes you enjoy and shisha for who people want to try it. Macadam Bikers is one of the best bars in this town. Not only drink a beer but you can see Concerts & Shows, others.

Bambou Lounge

Comfortable · Casual · Group

Address : Rue Frederic Foe, Hippodrome, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Macadam Bikers

Good cocktails · Comfortable · Relaxing

Address : Rue Marcus Etoundi, Yaounde, Cameroon


Museu Etnográfico dos Povos da Floresta is the popular museum in this town. Here you can find much new knowledge about the authentic culture of this city. Mvog-Betsi Zoo is the one-stop destination that tourists must visit here. Here, not only animals but you can see the botanical garden.

Museu Etnográfico dos Povos da Floresta

Tourism place

Address : Yaounde, Cameroon

Mvog-Betsi Zoo

Tourism place

Address : Yaounde, Cameroon


Reunification Monument is the building built to recognize the diversity of the French and British people. This monument built in the 1970s and located in the middle of this city. The National Museum of Yaounde is one of the biggest museum in this city. There are 850 artifacts that you can find in this museum.

Reunification Monument

Tourism Place

Address : Boulevard de la Réunification, Yaoundé, Cameroon

National Museum of Yaounde


Address : Yaounde, Cameroon