Stuttgart: Best Things to Do

Photo by : Timo Stenzel from Google Maps

Stuttgart is known as the manufacturing hub

Marcedes-Benz and Porsche are huge automotive names here, they even have their own museums

As the capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Wurttemberg state, Stuttgart is filled with green spaces surrounding its center

Popular places like Ludwigsburg Residential Palace, Marcedes-Benz Museum, Wilhelma, Porsche Museum, and Staatsgalerie Stuttgart are worth your attention



One of the most visited places in this city is the museum of Marcedes-Benz. A car lover or not, your visit isn’t complete without visiting this museum. Simply because this city is known as the home of the Marcedes-Benz brand. The building alone is nothing but perfection, a very good treatment for your eyes. The entrance ticket costs EUR 10. It’ll totally worth your money.

Marcedes-Benz Museum

fantastic building with a pretty amazing spots

Address : Mercedesstraße 100, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany


Get ready to be speechless. Ludwigsburg Residential Palace is a perfect place for capturing all beauties. From outside, you’re served with the beauty of the park with its green plants and sight of a fountain. While the inside has a stunning golden-age design attached to it. Located near Stuttgart, this palace is a good reference for you and your travel buddy. Your journey in this palace will be easier with the company of a tour guide. The tour guide is incredibly informative and very nice to foreigners.

Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

One of the most beautiful castle of whole Germany

Address : Schlossstraße 30, 71634 Ludwigsburg,Germany


As one of the best malls in the city, Milaneo is a good place to shop for local things and even famous brand products. The mall has three different sections, Modern, Urban, and Nature. The nature part is an okay place to enjoy nature things, whereas the other two have a good food court and some brand shops. Brand shops like Mango, Zara, and Miniso are a must-visit brand shop. The mall is visually a good-looking one. The outside part is a comfortable place to seat while having a good conversation with your loved ones. And there is another mall, Königsbau Passagen, a shopping mall in a historical building with international brands and also a food court. The food court is one of the famous points in this mall, you must try it. This mall literally looks like a palace with unique shapes on the inside. A good place to shop in the center of Stuttgart. Things you can shop are great beauty products, unusual accessories, diverse gastronomy with excellent service.


Complete mall with an amazing building

Address : Mailänder Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Königsbau Passagen,

Interesting mall and complete items

Address : Königstraße 26, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany


Roast beef stew known as Sauerbraten is the national food of the Germans. This dish can be prepared with a variety of meats like venison, lamb, mutton, pork, as well as some traditional horse meat dish. Other popular dishes like pork knuckle and beef roll are also worth your try. Coffee is apparently is their favorite drink. But the coffee has a huge number of flavors, 1,000 flavors. Fruit juices and milk are some other popular drinks.


This city was founded in the 10th century. Buildings with old styles and architectures are very much seen here. It is most famous for its automotive industry. Both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have their own museums. Swabian German is mainly spoken in Swabia which is located in central and southeastern Baden- Württemberg, including its capital, Stuttgart.


The best time to visit is when the weather is warm and the skies are clear, which are between May and September. Stuttgart is known for its oceanic climate. The city can experience thunderstorms in the summer months.


Le Meridien Stuttgart has to be one of the best hotels in the city, if not the best. The rooms are pretty big and very comfortable. They have a huge option for breakfast with good tastes. The services are beyond. Strongly recommended to you, this hotel comes with all the things you need for a good stay in Stuttgart. Don’t forget to try their spa, it’s good. Another hotel you may be interested in is the Hansa Hotel Stuttgart. A not-too-expensive hotel that has an on-site restaurant for you. The rooms are comfortably equipped with a TV with a private bathroom and shower. A 24-hour reception plus free Wi-Fi throughout the building can be enjoyed here. The location is excellent, it’s only 1.5 km to State Theater and 2.5 km to Alte Messe Stuttgart. This would be enough for a good stay in the city.

Le Meridien Stuttgart

one of best hotels with a comfort rooms and good service

Address : Willy-Brandt-Straße 30, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Hansa Hotel Stuttgart.

a pretty nice hotel

Address : Silberburgstraße 114-116, 70176 Stuttgart, Germany


A restaurant standing for 20 years has to be one of the best restaurants in the city. This Restaurant Zum Ackerburger is a good recommendation for your culinary experience. With its nostalgic interior, this restaurant always serves fresh dishes with good services. You must try their famous wine. They serve both Swabian and international wines. If you are a non-German speaker, don’t worry, they have a good helper for the language barrier, making sure you have what you want. Reservations are required. You can also try another nice-looking restaurant located right in the heart of Stuttgart, Weinstube Kachelofen. Experience the cozy atmosphere, good service, and homemade cuisines. Make sure to try fine local wines and “Schwaben Bräu".

Restaurant zum Ackerburger

a pretty unique building

Address : Spreuergasse 38, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

Weinstube Kachelofen

one of best places to try traditional food of Germany

Address : Eberhardstraße 10, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany


Not that tiny, but this Café Galao is comfortable enough. This cafe is also known as the coolest easy-going cafe where art meets reality. Enjoy the tasty food while having a great vibe of live music performance. If you are a coffee lover, Mókuska Caffè is a perfect place for it. As their motto says “Brew what you love, love what you brew,” this cafe is a specialist in coffee making. They are so good at what they’re doing. In order to produce a high quality of coffee, they work together with a group of farmers that also have the same passion for coffee. Besides coffee, good dishes like pasties and roasts are also served here. The cafe itself is very comfortable-looking in a simple setting.

Café Galao

A pretty amazing cafe with a complete menu and cozy

Address : Tübinger Str. 90, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany

Mókuska Caffè

a best coffe place,nice varieties, and English speaking stuff

Address : Johannesstraße 34, 70176 Stuttgart,Germany


Nothing is better than having a party and enjoying the night in the center of the city. Located in the heart of the city, the Waranga bar is a perfect place to spend the night with friends and colleagues. This bar is probably the best bar in the city. come and have a good drink while enjoying the good quality of music. You can go outside as this bar has outdoor seats, too. If you haven’t had enough, this stunning looking bar, Jigger & Spoon, is a perfect place for partying all night. The setting of this bar is simply stunning and inviting. This kind of setting will add the desire for partying even more. Its cool green lighting is another good addition to mention. Not to forget their first-class drinks. Absolutely a great atmosphere to be around with. Ring their bell door and you are welcomed with open arm.


an amazing bar with a complete menu and cozy

Address : Kleiner Schloßplatz 15, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Jigger & Spoon

If you haven’t had enough, this stunning looking bar, Jigger & Spoon, is a perfect place for partying all night

The setting of this bar is simply stunning and inviting

This kind of setting will add the desire of partying even more

Address : Gymnasiumstraße 33, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany


Explore one of the most visited landmarks in Stuttgart, Wilhelma. Wilhelma is a zoo and also a botanical garden on the grounds of a historical castle. Known as one of the most popular tourist destinations, this zoo is seeing more than 2 million visitors annually. Explore the wide variety of flora and fauna while having the beauty of the zoo surroundings. Since this country is known for its car manufacturer, Porsche Museum is another automobile museum you need to visit while in the city. Enjoy a fantastic chronological exhibition of Porsche history with or without multimedia devices that they offer for free. If you’re hungry, this museum has a nice cafe for a snack or even a beer. A nice gift shop is also seen here. Just like the Marcedes-Benz museum, this museum also has unique styles and architectures. Enjoyable for the eyes.


one of the best zoo with a nice view naturally

Address : Wilhelma 13, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany

Porsche Museum

Interesting museum with a unique architecture and very nice

Address : Porscheplatz 1, 70435 Stuttgart, Germany


Old things can be a very good property for pictures. This Old Castle, a good-looking castle with simply beautiful architecture, has that for you. With a free entrance, this castle is a good place for your camera. Come here and let your camera explore the most exciting new angles. Get lost in the surrounding of arts at Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. As one of the best sites in the city, this spot is another great spot for your Instagram needs. The outstanding piece of modern architecture of this museum will leave you shocked. Not only that, but the world-class collection of the 20th and 21st centuries arts are also just another level for you and your camera. This is the place to be.

Old Castle

Very interesting museum and beautiful, well preserved castle

Address : Schillerpl. 6, 70173 Stuttgart,Germany

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

peacefull place and very educational

Address : Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 30-32, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany