Oberwiesenthal: Best Things to Do

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Kurort Oberwiesenthal os a city located in Saxony, Germany famous for its ski resort and beautiful scenery of Ore Mountains.

There are various leisure activities you can experience like its amazing and charming natural wonder.

It is unforgettable moment to ride a cable car and see the scenic view from the top.

Also be ready with your camera and capture your moment at Marine Aquarium on Fichtelberg.

Let's explore this amazing city now!



Exploring the scenic view of Kuror Oberwiesenthal by train is a must. You can head to Fichtelbergbahn fichtelberg railway and be ready for visiting this great city's destinations. The train will drop you to a popular starting point for hiking to the Fichtelberg area. You can also get nice photo opportunities along the railway.

Fichtelbergbahn fichtelberg railway

A train ride is an absolute must if you are in this region.

Fantastic steam engine, brilliant trip through the countryside around Oberwiesenthal.

The car park is very well maintained and the train is operated with great attention to detail.

Very atmospheric and lovingly restored and run by it's staff.

Do the trip when there has been a good snowfall.

Address : Bahnhofstraße 7, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


The heart fo Oberwiesenthal is a government area, accommodation, and also restaurants. You will find Wiesenthaler K3, an intereating museum. Discover how the curse of snow developed into white gold here. You can also see the exhibits of ski medals and trophies from famous athletes. The major attraction in the city is Fichtelberg where visitors can enjoy ski.


There are just a few shopping centres you could find in Oberwiesenthal. One of the popular souvenir shopping is Kunststube Annett Siegel Schwibbögen Pyramiden Räuchermänner Wendt & Kühn. The store has collection of antique stuff, knick-knacks, and also home decor. If you want to buy some ski suits you may head to Starthaus am Markt. The shop is located in the city center.

Kunststube Annett Siegel Schwibbögen Pyramiden Räuchermänner Wendt & Kühn

Interesting sho with interesting wood art.

Large selection of Erzgeb,wood Art.

Everyone is always friendly and competent.

Address : Karlsbader Str. 1, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


Located in the district of Saxony, Oberwiesenthal has plenty of cuisines to try. Potato, pasta, and rice are the staple of Saxon cuisine. The popular one is Sächsischer Sauerbraten, a slice of Saxon sour roast meat. Get traditional beers of Saxony such as Freiberger, Radeberger, and Wernesgrüner to complete your dish.


Located in the Ore Mountains, the culture of Kurort Oberwiesenthal is more like mountainous culture. Besides offers greenery view, the city's historical sites can be found at Fichtelberg Cable Car, the oldest cable car in Germany. You can also explore the ski and local museums in the downtown area.


The best time to visit Kurort Oberwiesenthal is between June and September. You will get an ideal weather and average temperature on those months.


Alpina Lodge Hotel Oberwiesenthal is one of popular places to stay in the city. This 4-star hotel is located near the Fichtelberg. The guest room designed with modern decoration and a cozy atmosphere. A big play area from kids and a nice bar also provided along with live music on in the evenings. Hotel Fichtelberghaus is another recommendation for having a comfortable stay. The hotel has stylish rooms with wooden paneling. You can see panoramic views of Mount Keilberg or the Bohemian Valley from your window.

Alpina Lodge Hotel Oberwiesenthal

It is a beautiful hotel and exactly fits the area.

The hotel offers also a lot of possibilities like a Spa area, massage and a good restaurant.

Room is quite large, clean and has a nice bathroom with beautiful views.

The breakfasts and dinners are very good as there is a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and meat dishes.

Address : Annaberger Str. 83, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Hotel Fichtelberghaus

Another comfortable hotel to stay is Hotel Fichtelberghaus.

The hotel itself is stunning with excellent amanities in a cool atmosphere.

The rooms are spaicous with beautiful views from window.

The breakfast is fresh and outstanding served by pleasant staff.

Address : Fichtelbergstraße 8, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


Go to Restaurant Erzgebirgsstuben fro having unforgettable dining experience. This restaurants offers you typical of Germany cuisines. There are plenty excellent fooda you can choose including vegetarian menus. The restaurants is located near ski area of Fichtelberg. Another great place to taste local cuisine is Pistenblick Alm & Skihütte. It has both indoor and outdoor seating area. You can also get some selection of beers here.


Bakery • Confectionery • Café Schmiedlstraße is a must-stop cafe for you who love something sweet. Here, you can have plenty of options of delicious bakeries and cakes. Located in the heart of Overwiesenthal, this cafe also offers variety of drinks ranging from coffee to chocolate. Also head to Pension und Café König to taste traditional homemade Erzgebirge pastry and ice cream. It's just a few minutes walk from the city center. You can enjoy the wonderful view od the highest peak of Fichtelberg while you are there.

Bakery • Confectionery • Café Schmiedlstraße

A beautiful decorated bakery and popular cafe on the edge of the market place of Oberwiesental.

You can buy wonderful pastries and cakes of all kinds.

The white chocolate is only recommended for breakfast - very tasty.

The large selection of cakes is also great and the marzipan cake is a poem.

Address : Annaberger Str. 2, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Pension und Café König

Beatiful house with good bakery in the great location.

They serve delicious cakes,coffee,tea,and meals.

They also have great ice cream with beautiful presentations.

Address : Brauhausstraße 6, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


At Kiwis A coffee bar lounge, you will not only get a huge selection of beers but you are also offered excellent coffee beans. This lovely bar has great decor and a cozy atmosphere. There are also some snacks and burgers to eat. Sabines Schirmbar is another bar you can visit. This small bar is located near the Fichtelberg ski area. The place also offers you great music and excellent service.

Kiwis A coffee bar lounge

Very chic and cozy bar with delicious burgers and cocktails alcoholic or without alcohol.

Very comfortable sofas and seats - you can choose if you want to sit directly on the bar, close to the TV watching football.

The waiting times are short and the portions sufficient.

Staff is very friendly and always professional.

Address : Schulstraße 1, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Sabines Schirmbar

Pretty cool bar for celebrating big party.

Friendly staff and a huge selection of drinks.

There's always a great atmosphere here.

Great for the drink after the ski day.

Address : 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


It is a must for you to Visit Ski area on Fichtelberg once you visit Oberwiesenthal. This is the main attraction of the city that always busy with tourists. Do not forget to take a cable car trip to get spectacular mountains view. Stoneman Miriquidi Annaberg-Buchholz is also worth to visit. This destination is popular for bikers, but you can also enjoy a nice nature view from here.

Ski area on Fichtelberg

Excellent place for ski and snowboarding.

Great for beginners, not super crowded and offers beautiful sights.

Good service, the quality of the blue and green tracks is pretty good too.

You find all required equipment for rent.

Address : Vierenstraße 10 (Geschäftsstelle), 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany

Stoneman Miriquidi Annaberg-Buchholz

A dreamlike piece of the Erzgebirge, ideal for hiking and bike tours.

Here you can relax and just come to rest.

Address : Am Flößgraben, 09456 Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany


Marine Aquarium on Fichtelberg will surely make your Instagram feed more colorful by its colorful tropical fish and coral frolic. The aquarium has 17 m total length. You can also find seahorses swaying in the coral reefs. While the city also provides stunning historical buildings such as Martin-Luther-Kirche. This is a neo-Gothic style church that was first built in 1861. It also considered the largest church in the city.

Marine Aquarium on Fichtelberg

Pretty cool aquarium/terrarium.

Easy to reach location with great underwater landscapes.

In addition to aquariums, there are also various terrariums with countless unusual animals.

Nice to look at fish, seahorses and sea urchins.

Address : Vierenstraße 11A, 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany


One of the most beautiful old churches in the beautiful city of Oberwiesenthal.

The building itself is stunning with excellent architecture.

It has rich history inside.

Address : 09484 Oberwiesenthal, Germany