Santo Domingo: Best Things to Do

Image by 320-ROC from Flickr - Santo Domingo city

Santo Domingo is the capital city in Dominican Republic and holds the title as the largest city in the nation

Built in 1496, this town is the center of the economy in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is full of historical buildings and museums

Must visit destinations here are Fortaleza Ozama, Museo de las Casas Reales and Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor

Here are some recommendations for where you should go when visiting this amazing city



Alcázar de Colón is a popular palace in Santo Domingo. It is the home for a famous explorer, Cristopher Columbus. As a historical site, it is a Ciudad UNESCO Colonial World Heritage Site. You can see the view of Ozama river from here. Truly an amazing place to discover the life of Cristopher Colombus.

Alcázar de Colón

Great museum to visit with an old stuff

Address : Plaza de España, Calle La Atarazana 2, Santo Domingo 10212, Republik Dominika


Parque Colon is the central square that usually full of local and international tourists. This central square is known as Plaza Mayor located in Ciudad Colonial historic district of Santo Domingo. This place has many of the historical stories for you to uncover.

Parque Colon

one of iconic places with a many cultures

Address : Calle Isabel La Católica, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika


Go to Mercado Modelo for shopping local craft. This market offers many authentic things, souvenirs, clothes, and others. Don't worry this market is relatively a clean place. If you want to search for fresh food, vegetables or fruits, Merca Santo Domingo is the right place for you. Merca Santo Domingo offers many fresh things. In weekend, you can even find discounted items for a great price.

Mercado Modelo

Interesting market with a complete items

Address : Av. Mella, Santo Domingo 10211, Republik Dominika

Merca Santo Domingo

perfect place to look for fresh vegetarians

Address : Autopista Juan Pablo Duarte, La Guáyiga, Republik Dominika


Santo Domingo has many authentic that we can try it such as Sancocho. This food is a traditional soup that mad from many fresh vegetables. The typical drink from this city is Refreso Rojo, a soda that has a raspberry taste. This drink suitable when the temperatures in a hot situation.


Santo Domingo culture is dominated by European and African culture. This really influences their language, because almost all local people use Castilian language. Castilian language is known as the Spanish language. Not only language but this country also is influenced by European and African. It is reflected in the food, family structure, religion, and music.


The best time to visit Santo Domingo is November and March. The weather really supports you for traveling around Santo Domingo.


First recommended hotel here is El Embajador. This is known as a Royal Hideaway Hotel is the luxury hotel that you can find in right in the middle of this city. This hotel has a classic and charming style that makes this hotel really nice. Next is a four-star hotel, Catalonia Santo Domingo. It is relatively cheap but still has great hospitality. You won't regret staying here.

Catalonia Santo Domingo

amazing hotel with a big and clean room

Address : Av. George Washington 500, Santo Domingo 10104, Republik Dominika

El Embajador, A Royal Hideaway Hotel


Address : Av Sarasota 65, Santo Domingo, Republik Dominika


Pat'e Palo to dinner is the best restaurant around here. Located in the heart of this city, this place is easy to find. This restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere and delicious food. The other option restaurant is Casa Vera. Here, you can find the authentic food from this city. The other menu that this restaurant offers is Spanish, Fusion and Caribbean food.

Pat'e Palo

delicious food with a nice waiters

Address : Plaza Espana, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika

Casa Vera

amazing place to do a businnes

Address : Av Sarasota 53, Santo Domingo, Republik Dominika


Hang out at a unique cafe in Santo Domingo is the best choice for enjoying your holiday. La Alpargatería has a unique backyard theme. Not only that, but this cafe also offers colorful Spanish shoes that you can buy as a souvenir. The other cafe is El Buho Café, this cafe provides Italian food. This restaurant also has a vegetarian option here.

La Alpargatería

Perfect place to relax and enjoy with a nice snack

Address : Calle Salome Urena 59, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika

El Buho Café

This place is very unique

Address : Calle Arzobispo Nouel 58, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika


Visit Onno's Zona Colonial Bar & Restaurant to have memorable night in here. Onno's Zona Colonial Bar & Restaurant has a nice cocktail with good services. Another option is the Jet Set Club is a bar that has live music performance on Monday night. In that performance, you can find the local artist here.

Onno's Zona Colonial Bar & Restaurant

Perfect place to share and to lay back and relax for a bit

Address : Calle Hostos #157, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika

Jet Set Club

crowded bar with a live music

Address : Plaza El Portal, Av. Independencia Km. 6, Santo Domingo, Republik Dominika


Santo Domingo is a great place for first-time tourists. This place is dominated by classic and authentic buildings. One interesting place is the Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor. This cathedral is the oldest cathedral in the United States built from 1514 to 1541. This cathedral is located in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. The other interesting place is The Three Eyes. The Three Eyes is a limestone cave that has three lakes. This cave also the most popular tourist place in Santo Domingo.

Basilica Cathedral of Santa María la Menor

great space, beautiful and well preserved historic building

Address : Callejón de los Curas, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika

The Three Eyes

Tourism place

Address : Lago Los Tres Ojos,, Santo Domingo 11604, Republik Dominika


Traveling in Santa Domingo is not completed if you did not visit Fortaleza Ozama. This place is built by Spanish in 1502. This building has an authentic style that amazing to take a picture here. The other instagramable places that you can visit is Museo de las Casas Reales. Museo de las Casas Reales is the important cultural museum in Santo Domingo. This museum built during the colonial era in Hispaniola.

Fortaleza Ozama

"La Fortaleza", is the oldest formal military construction still standing in America

Address : Calle Las Damas 1, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika

Museo de las Casas Reales

great museum and informative

Address : Calle Las Damas, Santo Domingo 10210, Republik Dominika