Santander: Best Things to Do

Santander is the capital city of the Cantabria region on the Northern Spain

Famous for the beautiful beaches such as El Sardinero Beach, Playa del Bocal, Playa Molinucus, and many more

Cabárceno Natural Park is one of the interesting places worth to visit

For shopaholic, Mercado de la Esperanza is the answer

Don't forget to capture your moment at Sacred Heart Church or Cathedral de Santander for aesthetic Instagram feed



Discover the Magdalena Peninsula and Magdalena Palace in Santander. This old but beautiful Royal Palace has become the symbol of Santander. Visit Parque de Cabo Mayor to enjoy the refreshing sea view from the lighthouse. It is a paradise for those who love beaches and nature.

Magdalena Palace

palace located on the Magdalena Peninsula of the city of Santander

Parque de Cabo Mayor

a lighthouse near the entrance to Bay of Santander


Downtown Santander is famous for the Centro Botin. It is the newest arts center that has unique design. This building displays contemporary arts and other forms of art such as video, photography, painting, and sculpture. Another way to enjoy the city center is by walking around the Playa del Bocal or The Playa Molinucus beach located in Puerto Chico, the old town.

Centro Botin

the newest art centre

The Playa Molinucus

small quiet beach in Puerto Chici, old town of Santader


Mercado de la Esperanza or known as Market of Hope offers you many things such as seafood, meat, vegetable, and flower. This place is worth to visit because it is located in the city center. Don't miss the largest mall in Santander called Centro Comercial Valle Real. You can find plenty of shops selling local and international brand.

Mercado de la Esperanza

a market offers authentic of local life

Centro Comercial Valle Real

a largest shopping centre near the downtown


Don't forget to taste Rabas, a crispy fried squid seasoned with salt and fresh lemon juice. Or you may try various tastes of cheese such as Queso Nata de Cantabria or Quesueos de Liebana. The hot chocolate is a good drink to accompany your dishes.


Santander is rich for its tradition and cultural activities. There are various dance and music festivals such as The Festival Internacional de Santander (FIS), Festival Internacional de Música de Órgano (FiMÓC), Encounter of Music and Academy of Santander, and the Paloma O'Shea International Piano Competition that become the main cultural events in the city.


Summer time: July and August are best months to visit Santander because it's not a rainy season.


Book a room at Eurostars Hotel Realf for the best stay. This 5 stars hotel offers you beautiful view of Playa de los Peligos beach. The hotel is also surrounded by gardens. Or you may try Gran Hotel Sardinero located in the city center. It gives you easy access to explore Santander's cultural and business activities.

Gran Hotel Sardinero

4 stars hotel with seafront view

Eurostars Hotel Real

a hotel with palace-like building design offers view of Santander Bay


Santander is the home of seafood. Recharge your energy by eating the best seafood dishes at Restaurante Los Penucas. If you want to try Spanish cuisines, you may go to Bodega del Riojano. Classic dishes, meats, and wines are also served there.

Restaurante Los Penucas

most popular seafood restaurant in town

Bodega del Riojano

a classic restaurant serving local Spanish food


Gallofa & Co is one of the most popular spots of the city. Yummy pastries, sandwiches, and Spanish traditional omelette are ready for your breakfast. Don't forget to visit Chocolatería Áliva. Your trip to Spanish is not complete without eating churros there.

Gallofa & Co

cafe in popular spot of Santander

Chocolatería Áliva,

a chocolate cafe


Plaza de Canadio is the best place for enjoying the nightlife of Santander. You can get the drink from any bars or restaurants in this place. Come to the Bar Canela Canadio, another popular bar located in Canadio. Enjoy drinking in the bar with perfect spot for live music performed by local bands.

Plaza de Cañadio

a square area where you can find best bars of Santander

Bar Canela Canadio

the best bar in Canadio, Santander


Looking for interesting places? Cabárceno Natural Park is the best answer. You will see various animals such as European bison, jaguars, and white rhinoceros living in their natural habitat. Restaurant and gift shop are also available here. You should explore the beach in Santander. Primera Playa del Sardinero is the popular beach to hangout and sunbathing.

Primera Playa del Sardinero

one of the beach in El Sardinero, Santadar

Cabárceno Natural Park

a zoo near Santader


Explore the Sacred Heart Church and Cathedral de Santander, a gothic church in the city perfect for your Instagram feed. Both of these places have many good spots for photography. Go inside the church and capture yourself under the ceiling unique design.

Cathedral de Santander

a cathedral with mainly Gothic structure

Sacred Heart Church

A very beautiful modernist church