Almería: Best Things to Do - Photo by Mario Lopez

Almeria is located in the Southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the gorgeous sightseeing Alcazaba which is Spain's second largets Muslim constructions, after the Alhambra Palace in Granada.

See how wonderful Almería Cathedral is. It is a very nice place with lots of history and most of the signage in English and Spanish.

Shop at El Valenciano Souvenirs. Tienda de Recuerdos and Amazighe, you can discover all unique things related to Almeria.

There are available a comfortable stay including their excellent amenities you might enjoy at AC Hotel by Marriott Almeria and Barceló Cabo de Gata.

Visit Faro de Cabo de Gata and Mini Hollywood to get new experience and do some fun things.

Lastly, Casa del Cine Almeria is the most visited place because there is a place when John Lennon wrote The Beatles song " Strawberry Fields''. Let's stroll down this city right now!



Alcazaba was built at the behest of Abderrahman III in the tenth century after the founding of the city. It is Spain's second largest Muslim construction, after the Alhambra Palace in Granada. In the first space, there is a large garden and ponds constructed during the Muslim period. The second area is the vast palatial residence of King Almotacin. In addition, the Governor House of Palace reception area was located in the middle, along with it at the top was the private area of the palace of King Almotasim. Lastyl, it's the last enclosure of the fortress, Christian, and ordered to be built by the Catholic Monarch. And nowadays, it is a Christian castle.


Enduring fort with protective stone walls around an ancient compound, now with historical exhibits.

Easy enough to find and walkable from around the city.

Address : Calle Almanzor, s/n, 04002 Almería, Spain


Almería Cathedral was built in the 16th century with two purposes, as a place of worship and to protect the citizens when pirates attacked the city of Almeria after the Reconquest. Almería Cathedral has a Gothic / Renaissance style, the cathedral's defensive structure consists of largely plain walls, high windows, and all designed by North African pirates. It features ramparts and artillery loopholes, the four circular corner towers which look like they belong more on a castle. Take a look to the front view which includes lofty palm trees and plenty of space to stroll, contemplate the basilica, and for children space.

Almería Cathedral

Gothic & Renaissance Catholic cathedral built in the 16th century partly as a defensive fortress.

Address : Plaza de la Catedral, 8, 04001 Almería, Spain


El Valenciano Souvenirs. Tienda de Recuerdos is the largest souvenir shop in Almeria. Besides, this is also the oldest shop in Almeria. They have several items such as crafts, typical ceramics, macael, and albox marble. Operational hours start from 10 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm. There are several things like colorful ceramics, beautiful crafts, silver jewelry and many more available in Amazighe.

El Valenciano Souvenirs. Tienda de Recuerdos

El Valenciano Souvenirs. Tienda de Recuerdos offering a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs.

Address : Calle de las Tiendas, 34, 04003 Almería, Spain


Amazighe offering all kinds of creations brought from Tunisia.

Address : Av. de Cabo de Gata, 33, portal 5, 04007 Almería, Spain


Talking about food which is famous in Almeria, it is influenced by the cuisine from Murcia as well as by the several varieties of the Alpujarras in Granada. It offers abundant fish as it's a coastal city and mixes with special flavour. Moreover, there are more typical Almeria's dishes you will probably try like Moorish soup, Paprika broth, Bravas (Potatoes), and etc. Spanish wine is the most popular drink in Spain. It's been more than 2000 years with a wine-making tradition with more vineyard acreage than any other country in the world.


Spain is considered a Romance language, along with Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese. Spain's most popular musical styling include: Jota, Fandango, Flamenco, Paso Doble, Sardana, and many more. Spanosh's culture can be seen through major Spanish festivals like Tamborrada in January, Las Fallas in March, and Carnival is 40 days before Easter.


The best times to visit Almeria for ideal weather are on February 19th to June 24th.


AC Hotel by Marriott Almeria is located in the heart of the historical and commercial center of the province and locality of Almeria. AC Hotel by Marriott Almeria near several popular places like Alcazaba fortress, airport, Archaeological Museum, train station, exhibition center, beach, and etc. Enjoy their outdoor pool with a beautiful views of the city. You will be spoiled by the Mediterranean Sea which faces directly to the hotel. Barceló Cabo de Gata has four outdoor swimming pools, restaurants and bars, indoor or outdoor space for events which include a wide range of activities and sports to entertain. In addition, there is also a U-Spa to enjoy an extensive circuit of hydrotherapy and fitness center.

AC Hotel by Marriott Almeria

Contemporary lodging with free Wi-Fi, plus a restaurant, 2 bars & a seasonal outdoor pool.

Address : Plaza De Las Flores, 5, 04001 Almería, Spain

Barceló Cabo de Gata

Modern beachfront hotel featuring rooms & suites with balconies, plus pools, dining & a spa.

Address : Urbanización El Toyo, Calle de los Juegos de Casablanca, s/n, 04131 Retamar, Almería, Spain


Salmantice is a traditional cuisine with touches of modernism. It is located in the new residential area of Almeria including large open spaces, shops around it. Salmantice is a very cozy restaurant which specialized in all types of meat and superior quality. It's decorated in a modern minimalist style with spacious and comfortable tables which suitable for lunch or dinner. Buono is the right place for those who love pizza. It offers a wide variety of pizza. They open every day from 12 am to 12 pm. Enjoy a great Italian pizza with your buddies, it would be a great idea.


Salmantice serving seafood menu made perfectly and with a lot of flavor.

Address : Calle Costa Balear, 16, 04009 Almería, Spain


Located in the heart of The Almeria City, Buono serving authentic Italian cuisine.

Address : Calle San Miguel, 2, 04007 Almería, Spain


Kiosco Amalia offers a good coffee, a granita, delicious ice creams and refreshing horchata and of course it's specialties in " Americanos' ', "Quemaillos" and "Jebeas' '. You can enjoy a good atmosphere while you hangout with your buddies.

Kiosco Amalia

Kiosco Amalia is a historic bar on a centralized location offering traditional American drinks.

Address : Plaza Manuel Pérez García, 10, 04003 Almería, Spain


Premium Black is the perfect place to enjoy and spend the night with your buddies or even your loved ones. They have a wide variety of drinks you might like. A lovely tapas bar with a very beautiful traditional interior and pleasant terrace. There are a wide selection of good tapas. You can order local wine and beer available there. The staff is very friendly.

Premium Black

Premium Black is a magnificent space for having fun and grab some drinks.

Address : Calle Marqués de Comillas, 12, 04004 Almería, Spain

El Quinto Toro

Authentically traditional tapas bar in historical Almeria.

Address : Calle Juan Leal, 6, 04001 Almería, Spain


Faro de Cabo de Gata was built in 1863. You will be spoiled by the views of small coves, pointed rocks, and large cliffs, bathed in crystal water. Next to the Cabo de Gata Lighthouse is the Sirenass Reef, it's an emblematic and beautiful icon of the Cabo de Gata. Mini Hollywood offers more than several things to do. There is a large zoological reserve including more than 800 animals of 200 different species. Moreover, there is also a swimming pool area and great offer of restaurants, educational activities, and organization of events and celebrations.

Faro de Cabo de Gata

Visitor center with information about the park's ecosystem, nature & history of human settlement.

Address : Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Nijar, s/n, 04150 San José, Almería, Spain

Mini Hollywood

Recreating the American Wild West, this theme park offers cowboy stunt shows, museums, a pool & zoo.

Address : Carretera Nacional 340A, km 464, 04200 Tabernas, Almería, Spain


This would be interesting because Casa del Cine Almeria was the place when a famous musician John Lennon stayed in this villa. Besides, it was the place where John Lennon wrote the Beatles song " Strawberry Fields Forever''. Take a look inside the house, there are several things like an audio visual tribute to Almeria as a film location which were shot near here in the 1960s and 1970s. Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía developed in Almeria between 1990 and 1992. It offers the following services like exhibitions, workshops, editions of photographic catalogs, research, and many more.

Casa del Cine Almeria

Casa del Cine Almeria is an awesome place to discover a part of artistic life of John Lennon.

Address : Camino Romero, 1, 04009 Almería, Spain

Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía

Chic, tranquil museum with rotating exhibits of fine art photography, plus special events.

Address : Calle Pintor Díaz Molina, 9, 04002 Almería, Spain