Cádiz: Best Things to Do

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Cádiz is almost entirely surrounded by the water. This port city is one of must visit destination in southwestern Spain.

Cádiz is a home for Gran Teatro Falla, a great theater in the city.

Cádiz Cathedral or the Roman Catholic church, instead of a worship place it has a great architecture building which is worth visiting.

On the other hand, there are Restaurante El Faro de Cádiz and Restaurante Café Royalty to enjoy popular dishes which have incredible interiors inside.

Stay in the Parador de Cádiz and Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel which offers incredible views by the ocean.



Gran Teatro Falla is located in the Plaza Fragela, near the Casa de las Viudas and adjacent to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Cádiz. The construction of the theater began in 1884 by architect Adolfo Morales de los Ríos. This building has a Neo-Mudejar style which is made of red brick including three grand horseshoe arch.

Gran Teatro Falla

Such a beautiful theater in downtown cadiz.

It is very huge place for watching the carnival shows.

The building is well worth visiting for its architecture and design.

Address : Plaza Fragela, s/n, 11003 Cádiz, Spain


Take a look to the Roman Catholic church or Cádiz Cathedral which is well known as The Cathedral of The Americas. The architecture added an original air to the design as it combined the Spanish architectural tradition with the Baroque forms from Italy. Inside the building, there are 16 chapels including the Chapel of San Sebastian.

Cádiz Cathedral

One of the most stunning cathedrals.

It's really pretty in the inside, it has a tower where you can appreciate a great view.

It's historial baroque architectural design is simply stunning.

This cathedral is well worth visiting, especially for the views over Cadiz from the tower.

Address : Plaza de la Catedral, s/n, 11005 Cádiz, Spain


Discover a small artisan wonders made by the locals, with their own hands which at the same time serves as a meeting point, conversation, exchange, and information about Cádiz. In the other hand, there is a Herakles Reproducciones Arqueológicas who is offer a well-made and beautiful souvenir about Cádiz. The store is located between the Town Hall and the Cathedral. It offers handmade reproductions of the original archaeological pieces, jewelry, and many more.


One of the popular dishes in Cádiz is Pork Belly. It’s prepared by chopping up the pork and slow roasting it. The dish is served with fresh lemon and ground cumin, and is best paired with a glass of red wine.


Cádiz's culture involves a very rich culture which can be seen in their food, language, and religion. Besides, there are also many festivals held in Cádiz, celebrating in different religious backgrounds and actually the dishes and meals are very heavily influenced by the sea. They use different types of language including Castellanos (Spanish, or broken Latin), Gallegos, Catalan, and Vasco.


The best times to visit Cadiz for ideal weather are on March 19th to July 1st or on September 3rd to November 25th.


It's such a modern gem with incredible views of the bay, Parador de Cádiz is the best option to complete your journey. Enjoy the terraces including exclusive pools, and relaxing Spa. Besides, there is a restaurant and the tapería which will allow you to enjoy delicious dishes and the function room will be the ideal place for any of your important occasions. It's a four-star which is located on an old-house in the historic center of Cádiz. The hotel amenities including a Spa center, restaurant, cafetaria, outdoor rooftop pool and spaces holding events. It's ideal for a comfortable stay or your business traveler here.

Parador de Cádiz

This is simply one of the best Paradores.

Beautiful location and views, high end design and materials.

Their staff are very welcoming and accomodating.

Lovely pool areas and breakfast is great.

Amazing views, state of the art rooms, very luxurious and quite special.

Address : Av. Duque de Nájera, 9, 11002 Cádiz, Spain

Senator Cádiz Spa Hotel

The hotel is a beautiful old building with plenty of character.

The atrium lobby bar is beautiful and excellent amanties.

Staff are so helpful and friendly.

Peaceful atmosphere and comfortable seating without the ubiquitous background music..

Address : Calle Rubio y Díaz, 1, 11004 Cádiz, Spain


Take a look to the interior inside, polished woods, delicate tapestries, white tablecloths, a careful and warm environment where you can discover all the things you probably do in Cádiz. Besides, Restaurante El Faro de Cádiz has eight rooms which are capable of accommodating up to 250 persons. You will be amazed by the interior inside which presented a great historical romantic coffee preserved in Andalusia and possibly in all of Spain. The wall is covered with the original plesters in fine gold leaf, including the furniture from the first decades of the 20th century. The restaurant's menu offers a traditional cuisine with the best products from the province of Cádiz. Red wire tuna, retinto meat, octopus, grilled snapper with spring rice or grilled retinto sirloin are the recommended one!

Restaurante El Faro de Cádiz

Decent fine dinning restaurant.

The professional waiters always offer super fresh, exciting and full of flavour.

Nice seafood restaurant, with a luxurious vibe.

Address : Calle San Félix, 15, 11002 Cádiz, Spain

Restaurante Café Royalty

Beautiful Vienna style restaurant.

They offer brilliant breakfast with outstanding service.

Their establishment is beautiful though.

Beautifully decorated worth a visit for at least a coffee.

Address : Plaza Candelaria, 11005 Cádiz, Spain


It's such a perfect place to spend your time with loved ones. Feel the warm inside to shop by ordering a great variety of coffee and croissants served warm with homemade jams. Open everyday, Café de Levante has become an essential place in Cádiz. It's a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Take a look at the story of Café de Levante, it's been a meeting point for renowned artists, poets, musicians, people of flamenco, carnival and culture in general.

Monkey Bakery Café

The best cafe in Cadiz.

It offers toasts, pastries, cakes and especially good coffee.

They also have sandwiches, snacks, fruits, yogurt, wraps and salads.

Reasonable prices and friendly treatment in beautiful decor.

Address : Calle Corneta Soto Guerrero, 7, 11004 Cádiz, Spain

Café de Levante

A good alternative place in Cádiz for a coffee or a drink.

The coffee is good and the bread was fresh.

They also offer good wine and lovely atmosphere.

Address : Calle Rosario, 35, 11004 Cádiz, Spain


LaColonial Alameda Cocktail Bar offers a variety of drinks. It is located in the historic center of Cádiz. The operational hours are on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 pm to 2 am, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday from 1 pm to 10 pm. EVOHÉ is where you can spend your pleasure time like listen a good music with DJs which will make you move your hips, Coffee and drink to enjoy their wide range of quality products that you can find in their menu, also an Event and Show like live music, monologues, Halloween party, and local festivals in Cádiz.

LaColonial Alameda cocktail bar

Beautifully decorated cosy cocktail bar.

Great decor with lovely staff and an amazing array of cocktails.

The perfect spot to end a beautiful evening in Cádiz.

Address : Alameda Apodaca N°15D, 11003 Cádiz, Spain


Good space for a dance.

They offer great variety of beers.

Lovely building with modern interior decor and lovely staff.

Address : Calle Beato Diego de Cádiz, 8, 11004 Cádiz, Spain


Genovés Park is the largest green area in the old town. Experience by the city throughout the 18th century as it was subject to military servitude. The park contains an interesting species of diverse provenance which feels like a true Botanical Garden. Besides, there is also a small monument honored to José Celestino Mutis and José María Pemán. In addition, La Gruta is one of the highlights of this park. It's a waterfall lake where several species of birds live.

Genovés Park

Lovely little park with lots to see and explore, with information maps to guide you.

It has an area for kids, a really pretty cascade and it is really big.

There is also a cafe.

Nice place to sit and have lunch, good to escape the sun and grab a bit of shade.

Address : Parque Genovés, Av. Dr. Gómez Ulla, s/n, 11003 Cádiz, Spain


Plaza de España is located near popular places like the House of the Four Towers, The Customs building and the Monument to the Constitution of 1812. The monument is designed as a large semicircle with the high triumphal pillar rising up in the centre. Along with it two bronze equestrian figures which symbolise a war and peace on the both sides of the central pillar.

Plaza de España Cadiz

A stunning building in Cadiz.

It is great place for walk around with your lovely family.

Don't forget to take a picture for your feeds of instagram.

Address : 11006 Cádiz, Spain