Zaragoza: Best Things to Do

Zaragoza - Photo by Fiddyment from Flickr

Zaragoza is the capital city of Aragon, Spain famous for its folklore and local gastronomy. There are interesting landmarks you must visit too!

Ternasco is the popular local food you must try when you visit Zaragosa. Find it at local restaurants in the city.

There is Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Zaragoza. It's a church with a Baroque style that will bring you back in time. The beautiful building is also great to take photos.

Cariñena is a special wine from Zaragoza that you must taste.

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José Antonio Labordeta Park is a popular attraction in Zaragoza. It's a large park with green and leafy area to take a walk or relax. This park has amazing botanical gardens, fountains, and sculptures to see. It's perfect to visit with your travel buddies or family. You can rent a bicycle to explore the area. Also, there are great cafes you can stop by and have a cup of coffee. This green park is open 24 hours.

José Antonio Labordeta Park

Pleasant open spaces and well kept grounds.

The statues and fountains are impressive as well.

Perfect place to have outdoor activities and picnics.

Lots of people, some chilling, some sporting, some just walking around.

Address : Paseo Isabel la Católica, 75, 50009 Zaragoza, Spain


Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar is a great destination you must visit. It's a Roman Catholic church with Baroque style and a famous shrine to the Virgin Mary & frescoes. This church is known as the first church dedicated to Mary in history. It was built between 1681 and 1872. Prepare your camera to take shots in this area because it has wonderful structures besides the Ebro River.

Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar

This is one of the best Basilicas to visit when in the area.

It is truly magical and out of fairy tale.

It is worthy to see from the outside, from a walking distance by the river, to enjoy it.

It is also very worthy to visit in the inside, the entrance is free.

Address : Plaza del Pilar, s/n, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain


Come to Zaragoza Olé Souvenirs to buy some souvenirs. This little shop is full of unique items, from magnets to accessories to offer. They also sell clothes. The local products are something you can't miss in the city. You can also go to Retrotienda Planeta Antic Coleccionismo. This is a heaven for antique collectors. There are fantastic collectibles you must check out at this store. The place is tiny but it's a city treasure!

Zaragoza Olé Souvenirs

Modern souvenir shop with exclusive items.

It offers an unique and very original souvenirs of Zaragoza.

It also has a variety of magnets, pens, lighters, mugs, calendars etc.

Ideal to surprise.

Address : Plaza Ntra. Sra. del Pilar, 16, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Retrotienda Planeta Antic Coleccionismo

Fantastic shop of sale in the center of Zaragoza where you can get many old things.

Great both to browse and buy unique items and make gifts.

There are thousands of collectibles, coins, comics, records and a very long etcetera.

The owner is a great professional.

Address : Calle Manifestación, 36, local, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain


Ternasco is the authentic food from Zaragoza. It's a succulent milk-fed baby lamb, usually roasted or barbecued. You can get the food at many local restaurants in the city. Chilindron and Escabeche are also the local cuisines you must try in the city. For the drinks, Zaragoza is famous for its wines, especially Cariñena.


Zaragoza is the capital city of the Zaragoza province and of the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. The city is famous for its folklore, local gastronomy, and landmarks. The city has a population of about 731.000. Most of the people speak Spanish (Castilian). Catalan, Basque and Galician are also spoken in the city. Also, if you are lucky, you can join the famous cultural event in Zaragoza called Fiestas del Pilar.


The best time to visit Zaragoza is from April-October. The warmest time of the city in June, July, and August. Those months are when the temperature is warm and pleasant for you to explore the city.


Stay at Hotel NH Collection Gran Hotel de Zaragoza when you visit the city. It's a hotel opened in 1929. But, this historical hotel offers excellent service and comfy bedrooms to sleep. This hotel is located 11 minutes walk from La Seo Cathedral and 1.9 km from the 11th-century Aljafería palace. You can also stay at Hotel Hiberus Zaragoza. This contemporary and modern hotel offers the lovely the Ebro River from your windows. The hotel is located across Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza and an 11-minute walk from the Acuario de Zaragoza.

Hotel NH Collection Gran Hotel de Zaragoza

The hotel is very conveniently placed in Zaragoza.

It provides big room with plenty of space and a good bed.

The breakfast is very good with a very wide range of food and fresh juices.

The reception staff are so friendly and speak good English.

Address : Calle Joaquín Costa, 5, 50001 Zaragoza, Spain

Hotel Hiberus Zaragoza

Very nice hotel in a pretty cool location of Zaragoza-Delicias.

It servers room and view fantastic, bed very comfortable, bathroom excellent.

High service standard.

Would definitely recommend the place

Address : Paseo de los Puentes, 2, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain


Come to Casa Unai to enjoy the local foods. This restaurant is popular for its tapas, pork cheek, and octopus foods. This place is perfect to visit, especially with your family or partner. Beer and wine are also served here. Another place to go is Taberna Mesón Martín. This is a tapas restaurant with a huge and cozy space. The huevos estrellados, foie gras, and cocido are so recommended to order at this restaurant. For the drink, the vermouth wine is so popular.

Casa Unai

One of the best tapas bar in Zaragoza.

Cheerful ambient, really kind stuff and of course amazing food at a low price.

They also have a lot of good wines.

Highly recommend to go early because it gets really busy.

Address : Calle Luis del Valle, 2, 50005 Zaragoza, Spain

Taberna Mesón Martín

A good place to enjoy traditional cuisine.

The tasting menu is a good pass, elaborated, well presented.

It offers traditional cuisine and great quality,specialists in broken eggs.

It also offer variety of tapas and portions.

Address : Calle María Guerrero, 26, 50009 Zaragoza, Spain


Chill out at Café Botánico. This chic cafe has comfy seating and a good vibe. They serve great coffee to complete your morning. Also, you must order its yummy tart and bizchoco. Gin and tonic are available too. You can also go to the Criollo Coffee Store. This cafe is perfect to visit by coffee lovers. They serve various coffee you can order. Don't forget to try its great pastries too.

Café Botánico

Nice coffee shop with excellent variety of homemade cakes and tarts.

Nice atmosphere with music and people chatting around their day and the city.

The greenery and eclectic tables and chairs are lovely.

Affordable price for it's service, quality and location.

Address : Calle Santiago, 5, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Criollo Coffee Store

A pleasant cafe in a nice area of Zaragosa

They have a 'coffee of the month' and wide selection of teas.

The place is comfy and the staff very friendly.

They also have a small terrace outside.

A must see place for coffee lovers in Zaragoza.

Address : Calle Canfranc, 5, 50004 Zaragoza, Spain


Enjoy your night at Umalas Bar. This cocktail bar serves great cocktails and comfy seating to hang out. They have a big selection of liquors, like gin and tonic, cocktail, beer. Their crafts are so famous in the city. Also, come to Dan O'Hara Irish Pub. This cool pub has a wooden style, serving great alcoholic drinks to order. Most people love their gin and tonic.

Umalas Bar

One of the best cocktail bars in Zaragoza.

They server great variety of cocktails.

Really well crafted drinks, good music and atmosphere.

The bartender is very knowledgable and good.

Address : Calle Jussepe Martínez, 7, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Dan O'Hara Irish Pub

Pretty good place to take a guinness and watch Rugby.

Excellent place to savor a good coffee or a beer, in a pleasant atmosphere.

The staff is friendly and fast.

There are the interior and the outside terrace.

Address : Calle Tomas Breton, 38, 50005 Zaragoza, Spain


Aljafería Palace is a medieval Islamic palace built in the 11th century. It was where the Banu Hud dynasty lived during the Abu Jaffar Al-Muqtadir era. It is an amazing building you must see in Zaragoza. Also, this palace is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. So, it worths your visit. Don't forget to visit the Aquarium River of Zaragoza too. This is home for found in rivers around the world, especially fish. There are great crocodiles and reptiles too at this place.

Aljafería Palace

One of favorite touristic places in Zaragoza.

The place is full of history and gives you a feeling of being back to the south of Spain.

This place is simply beautiful and magnificent.

The surrounding of the park is extremely gorgeous.

Address : Calle de los Diputados, s/n, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Aquarium River of Zaragoza

Great aquarium with a wide variety of animals and 'locations' to explore.

There is great variety of fish, reptiles and amphibians.

All the fish and reptiles well cared for.

It is a great place for teaching your kids about animals that are usually in rivers.

Address : Av. de José Atarés, s/n, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain


Plaza of Our Lady of the Pillar is perfect to take pictures in Zaragoza. This area has historic buildings, squares, monuments, and statues. You will get many scenic spots for your photos' background. Also, come to Puente de Piedra. There is a wonderful bridge above the Ebro River that you can capture. This is a 15th-century stone bridge with its famous lion statues.

Plaza of Our Lady of the Pillar

One of the most popular and favourite places in Zaragoza Spain.

The place is a beautiful mix of historical buildings.

it's a elegant and classic building,especially the details inside.

Highly recommended even for non-religious people.

Address : Plaza Ntra. Sra. del Pilar, s/n, 50003 Zaragoza, Spain

Puente de Piedra

One of the best places in Zaragoza to take photos.

Beautiful bridge with great views of the Ebro.

It has plenty of places for picture opportunities or a place to watch the ducks.

It's worth a visit to take a selfie with the river and the enormous church behind.

Address : 50014 Zaragoza, Spain