Toledo: Best Things to Do

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

Let's visit the city that famous as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site!

This city sits on a hill above the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in central Spain.

The city is a paradise for you who love medieval architecture for its abundant incredibly picturesque landmarks.

Must visit destinations include Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo, Church Santo Ildefonso, Casco Histórico, Museum of Santa Cruz, and Puerta de Bisagra.



Going to the city of Toledo won’t be complete without stopping by to look at the marvelous architecture in Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo. This cathedral is one of the most culturally significant Christian sites in Spain. Built in the 13th century, the cathedral is ornamented with beautiful Gothic architecture. When you get to the inside of the cathedral, you will be welcomed by the breathtaking collection of paintings that reflects the life in Toledo as a Catholic center during 13th century to 15th century Spain. Just near the cathedral, you may as well take a visit to Church Santo Ildefonso. This church has the elegant design of the 18th century architecture with the signature of blue and white tiles.

Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo

Roman Catholic house of worship modelled on Bourges Cathedral, incorporating some Mudejar features

Address : Calle Cardenal Cisneros, 1, 45002 Toledo, Spain

Church Santo Ildefonso

Elegant 18th-century church whose facade is covered in blue & white tiles added in the 1930s

Address : R. de Santo Ildefonso 11, 4000-542 Porto, Portugal


If you want to experience the best ambiance of Toledo city, Casco Histórico is the perfect place. Along this cultural center of Toledo, you are welcomed to wander around the narrow lanes and scenic courtyards to indulge yourself in the little piece of Middle Ages in Toledo. You are very allowed to take as much time as you want to admire the city’s architectural details from the brickwork, the balconies, and the pretty windows of doors of the surrounding buildings.

Casco Histórico

The ultimate cultural center in the city of Toledo

Address : 45004 Toledo, Spain


To accommodate your shopping need, one of the most recommended shopping centers is Mall Santa Teresa. Although not very big, you can still pretty much find the daily necessities during your stay in Toledo. You can find a bakery place here serving Toledo’s traditional bread and sweets.

Mall Santa Teresa

A shooping mall to accommodate your daily needs in Toledo

Address : Travesía Uruguay, 4, 45004 Toledo, Spain


Toledo is not only famous for being the city of many landmarks with rich cultural heritage. The city also offers you with hearty sweet and savory bites to take a bite. Marzipan is one of the most favorite local food that you should try. The sweetener is made from a heavenly combination of sugar, almond, and eggs yolks. Meanwhile, carcamusas is another must-try local food especially for you who love meats. The food is made from slow cooked pork, tomatoes, peas, and white wine. Other than those two, there are still various delicious Toledo’s local foods that you should never miss while you are in the city.


Toledo is best-known as Spain’s historical and cultural heart. The city preserves some of the most important cultural heritages in Spain. For that reason, this city is also named as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city is the ultimate proof that a diversity of religious backgrounds such as Christian, Jews, and Muslims can blend together. The legacy of the past is preserved in various old buildings and museums. One the nest museums to begin your cultural journey in Toledo is Museum of Santa Cruz. The collections showcased here include fine arts, decorative arts, and also archeology from all ages.

Museum of Santa Cruz

Art museum in a medieval hospital with a courtyard, exhibiting works by El Greco & Roman archeology

Address : Calle Miguel de Cervantes, 3, 45001 Toledo, Spain


To get the ideal weather, the most advisable time to visit Toledo is from April to June, or September to November.


If you want to stay near the downtown area in Toledo with top-notch service and support facilities, staying in Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa can be an excellent choice. There are balconies with the wood bars and minibars, as well as an open-air dining elegant restaurant that is ready to let you pampered with the satisfying service. Optionally, Hotel Pintor El Greco is another great place for your stay in Toledo. The unique stone building will give you unique atmosphere that you won’t likely find in other hotels in Toledo. The rustic-chic restaurant and minibar are ready to serve you during your resting time in Toledo.

Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa

Set in the business district, this upscale spa hotel is 4

7 km from the Toledo Cathedral and 5 km from El Greco Museum

Address : C/ Concilios de Toledo, s/n, 45005 Toledo, Spain

Hotel Pintor El Greco

A 2-minute walk from Museo Del Greco, this quaint hotel in a stone building is also 7 minutes' walk from Toledo Cathedral

Address : Calle de los Alamillos del Tránsito, 13, 45002 Toledo, Spain


For you who want to have a mouthful bite of ultimate Mediterranean cuisine, Tobiko Restaurante is the right place to visit. There are creative menus of Mediterranean foods that you can taste in this restaurant. The staff and chef here are really friendly which makes this restaurant very pleasurable for its customers. For the original and authentic taste of Spanish cuisine, Restaurante Palencia De Lara is right where you should head to. The restaurant is quite a spacious offering with very well-presented Spanish foods. The tapas is the favorite menu among its customers here.

Tobiko Restaurante

The best restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine in Toledo

Address : Ronda Buenavista, 27, 45005 Toledo, Spain

Restaurante Palencia De Lara

The place to serve you original and authentic taste of Spanish foods

Address : Calle Nuncio Viejo, 6, 45001 Toledo, Spain


Cafeteria restaurante Oslo is a very recommended place for you to have a hearty breakfast in Toledo. The cooking is homemade and well presented. The service here is also very attentive. The omelet and homemade biscuits are among the most favorite among the customers. For excellent coffee taste, IL CAPPUCCINO is definitely among the most recommended list. This coffee shop will serve with a wide selection of coffee and chocolate.

Cafeteria restaurante Oslo

The best place in Toledo to have a hearty breakfast

Address : Av. de Europa, 18, 45003 Toledo, Spain


Coffee shop in Toledo serving the excellent sip of coffee

Address : Plaza Magdalena, 11, 45001 Toledo, Spain


Margot is the kind of place that allows you to indulge yourself in a lively nightlife in Toledo. This place will make your night vibrant with its live music and delicious meal. Both the drinks and the foods here are served with the best quality. The carcasmus here is the favorite for many customers. If you want a bar with a delicious grilled menu, coming to Restaurante Nuevo Almacén can be an excellent choice. From burgers to barbecue ribs, all are within reasonable price to let you eat to your heart content.


A bar in Toledo serving the best food with lively live music

Address : Calle de Alfonso XII, 12, 45002 Toledo, Spain

Restaurante Nuevo Almacén

A bar serving a wide variety of menu selection in Toledo

Address : Calle Nueva, 7, 45001 Toledo, Spain


There are so many fascinating places to go while you are in Toledo. One of those places that you can’t miss out is Puerta de Bisagra. The place is built in 10th century as the stone gate to the city of Toledo. This building has a long history of construction from the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, to the Christian influence. It is not a wonder that this landmark is also known as the embodiment of the city mixed history. Mezquita del Cristo de La Luz is another amazing landmark in which you can see the combined influence of Muslim and Christian culture. This place used to be functioned as a mosque but got converted into Christian house of worship during the 12th century. However, you can still find the traces of Mudejar-style (Islamic culture) carved in the interior of this old building.

Puerta de Bisagra

10th-century arched stone gate to the city of Toledo, dating from the era of Moorish rule

Address : Calle Real del Arrabal, 26, 45003 Toledo, Spain

Mezquita del Cristo de La Luz

Modest, square former mosque, built in circa 999 CE, later converted into a Christian church

Address : Calle Cristo de la Luz, 22, 45002 Toledo, Spain


You would absolutely love to grace your Instagram page with the exquisite picture featuring the endless classical beauty of many buildings in Toledo. Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes can be a very nice option to visit. With the Gothic-Flemish architecture from the 15th century, this landmark is the perfect embodiment of Late Gothic architecture. Other than the building itself, you can also take a stroll around the gardens that gives you a sense of peace. Another historical landmark with picturesque scenery for you is Alcázar de Toledo. Imposing 16th century architecture, this complex of building is situated on a hilltop location overlooking the city.

Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes

Gothic-Flemish church from the 15th-century, with ornate 2-tiered cloisters, now run by Franciscans

Address : Calle de los Reyes Católicos, 17, 45002 Toledo, Spain

Alcázar de Toledo

Imposing 16th-century edifice & former fortified royal palace, now housing a military museum

Address : Calle de la Union, s/n, 45001 Toledo, Spain