Palencia: Best Things to Do - Photo by Attila Tóth Bodor

As a city in northern Spain, Palencia is popular for its iconic place called Cristo del Otero, a statue of Christ overlooking the city.

The amazing Cathedral of San Antolín is one of the best culture buildings in the city.

The interesting art buildings like Museo del Agua and Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art are the kind of places you need to go to. Discover the never-before-seen museum.

Best nature spots are here for your camera such as Huerta de Guadián Park and Parque del Salón de Isabel II.

The popularity of Tapas and Pintxos all across the country is ready to have your try. Taste the uniqueness of it.

Hotels like Hotel Eurostars Diana Palace and AC Hotel by Marriott Palencia are ready to pamper your stay with the best amenities.



The excellency of Palencia city can be seen and felt in this famous place called Cristo del Otero. Located on a knoll on the outskirts of Palencia, this place is known as the symbol of the city. This large-sculpture spot has another name which is the Monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The sculpture, though, was designed by the popular Victorio Macho and this place is also a location of his tomb. There is also a museum to help you understand about this place. With all the interesting facts provided by this place, the amazing Palencia city is seen clearly here serving its beauty and uniqueness.

Cristo del Otero

To know Palencia, you must go up to the top and enjoy the landscape of the city.

The Big Jesus is impressive in its artistic style, seen in the impressive architecture.

There is a museum at the feet of Jesus to explain the design of the Third Largest Jesus in the world

The view is also amazing.

Address : Depósitos del Otero, 5, 34003 Palencia, Spain


Visiting the iconic Cathedral of San Antolín becomes a must when you are in the city. Also known as Palencia Cathedral, this Roman Catholic church is popularly known as one of the largest cathedrals in Spain and Europe. It was built from 1172 to 1504 with Gothic styles. As one of the best and most visited places in Palencia city, this cathedral has so many interesting architectures to offer. While the exterior is serving the most spectacular building and color, the interior won’t stop impress your sights with its stunning details. Get ready to have a jaw-dropping moment and don’t forget to discover the interesting crypt located below.

Cathedral of San Antolín

One of the greatest and more beautiful cathedrals in Spain.

Spectacular from the outside, and even more impressive inside.

It is worth the detour,architecture, history, pedestrian streets, atmosphere.

A must see if you are in Palencia.

Address : Plaza Inmaculada Concepción, s/n, 34005 Palencia, Spain


Beside all the culture trips with beautiful buildings, Palencia is also a good place for shopping. This Centro Comercial Las Huertas is one of the best spots for shopping goodies from the city. It offers some of the best quality products locally and internationally. From clothing, accessories, food, beauty products, sports, technologies, and many more. The spacious building with beautiful settings and decorations will definitely add enjoyment to your visit. Any trip is not complete without shopping the local goodies and Plaza Municipal de Abastos is the right place for it. As the best traditional market in the city, this market is offering local products like seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, pastry, bakery, and still many more waiting for you.

Centro Comercial Las Huertas

A cozy shopping center with lots of shops.

It has everything, food, cheap and resistant fashion, technology and others.

There is an Alcampo, butcher shop and pharmacy inside.

Very clean and organized everything.

Address : Av. de Madrid, 37, 34004 Palencia, Spain

Plaza Municipal de Abastos

It is a modernist building with a particularity that the structure is made without welding.

The building is elegant and classic.

It is worth taking advantage of the visit and trying the local products.

Everything is very clean and very nice.

Address : Calle Felipe Prieto, 1, 34001 Palencia, Spain


It is obvious that Tapas and Pintxos are the best cuisines in Palencia city. Every cafes, restaurants, and bars literally have these menus as their specials. Tapas are appetizers or snacks that translates to small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. It can be combined to make full meal. While Pintxos are snacks that are usually eaten as appetizers before dinner or even as dinner. The food is spiked with a cocktail stick or skewer to hold it in place. Pintxos itself means spike or skewer. Drinks like Cerveza and Vermút are very popular across the cities including Palencia. Cerveza is a cool Spanish beer and Vermút is a white wine infused with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom.


As a small city that was built on an ancient settlement, Palencia city is most popularly known for its iconic place Cristo del Otero, a status of Christ that looks down over the city. The city is also popular for its art and culture life. Many buildings are shown as some of the best attractions for tourists. Spanish is the official language in Palencia. You may want to learn about Spanish before scheduling your trip in the city.


Traveling will always end up memorable with the support of good weather. In Palencia, from June to September would be the best time to pay a visit. This is when the weather is pleasantly good with warm atmosphere and limited rainfall.


Located in the monumental center of Palencia city, Restaurante La Traserilla is a 19th century house with architecture and warmth atmosphere offering traditional cuisines with the best service. Everything in this restaurant is professional. From the well-mannered staff, food presentation, good ambiances, nice rood settings, to the excellent tastes. As one of the most high-rated restaurants, this is not to be skipped. Make sure to try their Pintxos and Pork Cheek. And the other best recommendation for your culinary trip is this popular restaurant called Restaurante-Cervecería Moesia. The deliciousness in this restaurant is simple can’t be passed. They always renew their menu to keep surprising their visitors, and guess what? It hasn’t been failed since. The authentic flavors of Tapas and Pintxos with great selection of beers always have their customers’ attention. The beautiful room setting with air conditioner will be your company the whole time, giving you comfortable experiences.

Restaurante La Traserilla

A perfect restaurant for a special occasion.

There are three floors and from the first floor there are different rooms with tables and chairs.

As for the dishes, they are quality, with interesting proposals and a good presentation.

The dishes are delicious and the best thing is that they have a cheaper tapas alternative on the ground floor.

Address : Calle San Marcos, 12, 34001 Palencia, Spain

Restaurante-Cervecería Moesia

Good restaurant with menu and exceptional burgers.

It also offers a modern and creative cuisine that does not lose the essence of the traditional.

The price-quality snacks of the best in the area.

Very attentive staff.

Address : Av. Derechos Humanos, 3, 34003 Palencia, Spain


Café El Malecón should be the kind of cafe you need to surround yourself with. The kindness of the staff working in this cafe will make your visit memorable. As one of the high-rated cafes in the city, it is a great stop to enjoy local specials like the famous Tapas and Pintxos. With its reasonable prices, the cafe also serves a great selection of drinks in a cozy vibe. While all the deliciousness is served under your nose, the company of good music is also there to add romance to your table. Don’t rush it up, take your time and try some other more exciting menus. The beautiful building MOKALIA Palencia is enough reason to pay a visit. This cafe is serving the best coffee and chocolate in the city in a great atmosphere. To add variation in your visit, the cafe also offers goodies like sweets and cakes. The location is even more exciting, it’s just steps away from the popular Plaza Mayor de Palencia.

Café El Malecón

Ideal place for a coffee, a wine or a drink.

Pleasant surroundings and atmosphere, excellent service.

For breakfast, a few beers or a good wine, a snack, go for coffee or have drinks at night in a spacious venue

Good music and decor and impeccable treatment of the owners and employees.

Address : Calle Balmes, 16, 34002 Palencia, Spain

MOKALIA Palencia

Quiet and central place with variety of coffees and infusions.

Good terrace and good service is perfect for a few beers.

Good variety of coffees and combined.

The blonde waitress is very helpful.

Address : Calle Ignacio Martínez de Azcoitia, 5, 34001 Palencia, Spain


Find out what Agora bar has for your fun night out. This popular bar is serving some of the best atmosphere in the city. While the company of good wine would be a perfect choice for your night, the lighting and good vibe will add excitement to your visit. With its good prices, your favorite drinks will be served by the talented and attentive staff. For some great additions for your night here, good music and the special tapas are also available. The various fun things in Bar Universonoro are simply unmissable. Setting in an old-looking building, this bar has great selection of drinks. They are served by the friendly staff with good prices. Not to forget the exciting live music. This will add craziness in your visit.


One of the reference places of tapas and party in palencia.

They do musical performances in a fun atmosphere.

They offer delicious tapas and wines.

The treatment of the workers is great and they are super nice.

Address : Calle Alfonso VIII, 1, 34002 Palencia, Spain

Bar Universonoro

Perfect bar for drinks with friends.

They also do many concerts and cultural events.

Also,great place to have some wine and drinks in the Palencia wine area.

The waiters are excellent and quick.

Address : Calle San Juan de Dios, 3, 34002 Palencia, Spain


As a city that’s famous for its culture, Museo del Agua is a great place to surround yourself with. This unique museum is known as the Water Museum because. It offers the painting exhibition of the artist Germán Barrantes Pérez. The mainly collections are of oils on canvas, seascapes, and landscapes. The museum has a vision in promoting knowledge of the evolution of water throughout history up to the present day. You can learn about the philosophy of water here while surrounded by the water itself. Another great place for you would be Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art. Just like its name, this museum is showcasing great collections of sacred arts of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Spanish Flemish, Plateresque, and Baroque works. The sacredness of everything in this museum is literally jaw dropping. This is the kind of cultural trip you don’t want to skip. As one of the best museums in Palencia city, this museum is a highly recommended place to visit.

Museo del Agua

A place reconditioned as a museum and exhibition hall very well achieved.

In a very nice environment next to the canal dock.

It has 4 videos and two explanations.

It is worth visiting and for free.

Address : Paseo Dársena del Canal, s/n, 34005 Palencia, Spain

Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

To know the history of Palencia it is well worth visiting its numerous and well-equipped rooms.

The collection of the Diocesan Museum is impressive.

Baroque altarpieces, Gothic tables, Romanesque images among many other objects.

And religious pieces make up an interesting collection of sacred art.

Address : Calle Mayor Antigua, 22, 34005 Palencia, Spain


To complete your fun trip in the city, make sure to go to Huerta de Guadián Park to admire Palencia’s beauty. As one of the most visited spots in the city, this beautiful park is offering stunning landscapes that’s full of greenery and leafy surroundings. The amazing trees will definitely take a good care of you with their lovely breeze while you’re clicking beautiful pictures. Not only that, the beautiful Romanesque church would become other good objects for your photographs. If you want to stroll around in a good surrounding while taking good pictures, Parque del Salón de Isabel II is absolutely the best place for it. This pedestrian area is offering a good amount of greenery with pond and fountains. The stunning garden is serving you the most beautiful and colorful flowers for your camera. Known as one of the best spots in the city, this place would be a great spot to create aesthetic Instagram pictures.

Parque del Salón de Isabel II

A large park to lose yourself in for a walk, run, read, reflect.

Many gardens a great central promenade, where at parties and that any activity is organized there.

Totally advisable to visit and be able to go with children.

As there are parks for them and bars / cafes for the elderly.

Address : Paseo del Salón, 1, 34002 Palencia, Spain

Huerta de Guadián Park

One of the most beautiful places in Palencia.

There is a Romanesque hermitage rescued from a very beautiful swamp.

Good place to enjoy nature in the urban area.

There is also an area for games for children whose care leaves to be desired.

Address : Paseo Ntra. Sra. de los Ángeles, 6, 34002 Palencia, Spain


Hotel Eurostars Diana Palace has an excellent location for you in the center of Palencia city. It is just a 2-minute walk from Palencia railway station and a 10-minute walk from Palencia Cathedral. The laid-back rooms with its simple settings fully equipped with best facilities. Some of the rooms feature balconies for your enjoyment. Cafe/bar is a good place to spend some relax time with good drinks. Delicious menus can be found at the well-put restaurant. Other amenities including suits with sitting areas, meeting space, and room service. Another good option for a comfortable stay is AC Hotel by Marriott Palencia. Located in a quiet residential area, this hotel is just a 10-minute away from the city center. The ideal location of the hotel makes your travel easy to access some of the best attractions in the city. The hotel offers mini bar, 24-hour room service, fitness center, and the AC Lounge. The amazing sauna and Turkish bath are ready pamper your tired body. After a nice rest in their inviting rooms, stroll around and check out the nearby shops and eateries for a lovely afternoon.

Hotel Eurostars Diana Palace

Excellent hotel within walking distance of the town.

Room is clean,spacious,and excellent service.

The breakfast is superb in a calm atmosphere.

The staff are excellent and very friendly.

Address : Av. Santander, 12, 34003 Palencia, Spain

AC Hotel by Marriott Palencia

Excellent hotel in the perfect position for both travellers and tourists.

Large and comfortable room.

Breakfast is outstanding.

Staff are friendly and helpful.

Address : Av. de Cuba, 25, 34004 Palencia, Spain