Lleida: Best Things to Do

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Lleida is a city in the west of Catalonia, Spain. It is the capital city of the province of Lleida.

Discover the main destinations in Lleida, Casa Dels Gegants and La Seu Vella.

Lleida also has an accommodation to stay in such as Parador de Lleida and Rambla Lleida.

Some of the interesting places at Lleida which must be visited are Castell de la Suda and Font del Roser.

Find out more about the city of Lleida, you can easily read this First Time Tourist Guide by Tripboba. Let's go!



Casa Dels Gegants is such an interesting place where you can see many figures which easily viewed from the outside. We highly recommend this place while you visit Lleida, most importantly to bring your children here because they will like this kinda place. In the middle of Tortosa's "Central Park" is a small building with four giant statues. There are also plaques that describe their name, origins, and historicity. So, you will not miss any information related to those statues and etc.

Casa Dels Gegants

Awesome museum telling about the history of the city,the history of the emergence of giants in the city.

All the giants and big heads of Lleida who are very cool.

Group games with children, various activities dedicated to the history of the city are held periodically.

Truly beautiful and impressive to see.

Address : Avinguda de Blondel, 64, 25002 Lleida, Spain


La Seu Vella is designed with a transitional style between Romanesque and Gothic. It also has a touch of Islamic architecture. The interior was decorated in painted murals and sculpture, any of them is still preserved, and the other has been despoiled during the War of Spanish Succession. In addition, the cloister is unusually placed in front of the main entrance of the church and is remarkable for the two it's uncommon opened galleries with views over the city and for its phenomenal size. In fact, this shelter has been viewed as probably the biggest house in Europe. This cloister has around 17 luxurious Gothic windows, one of them is different.

La Seu Vella

This is a nicely done active restoration of a small castle and cathedral.

The castle is a scheme, has a nice view from the roof and a single hall with a movie in Spanish.

storically significant as well as interesting.

If you are in the area and love old architecture you should really visit this cathedral.

Address : 25002 Lleida, Spain


If you looking for some Lleida themed items, this might be the right place to go. Souvenirs Salou offers several Lleida's souvenirs like T-shirts and other things such as olive oils and spices. Salou also sells perfume with affordable prices.


Spanish cuisine is well known for various Spanish tapas (cold or hot Spanish appetizers or snacks) including world-famous national foods of Spain such as iconic jamon iberico, legendary paella, and glorified gazpacho.


Ileida's culture offers a rich cultural and monumental heritage which is crowned by its Romanesque legacy, which finds its maximum expression in several aspects like the group of Romanesque-style churches of the Vall de Boi which have been dec;ared a UNESCO World Heritage Site; an important set of cave paintings that scattered across the geography of Lleida; an architectural gems from Romanesque-Gothic period or well known as La Seu Vella in the city of Lleida; and the main Romanesque-style church moderated in Catalonia, the Cathedral of La Seu d'Urgell.


The best times to visit Lleida for ideal weather are on April 16th to June 24th or September 3rd to October 28th.


Parador de Lleida is located in an old convent of s. XVII, specifically at the historic center of the city just a few meters from Calle Mayor and the commercial pedestrian axis of Lleida. In addition, the hotel has around 53 rooms including excellent amenities such as rooms for business meetings, gym, free internet access, and etc. Rambla Lleida is a 3-star accommodation in the Lleida city center area which offers several amenities and facilities like free internet access, wheelchairs access, and etc. Rambla Lleida is near some popular places in Lleida, you can also enjoy a view of the Old Cathedral of Lleida.

Parador de Lleida

This hotel is outstanding in every way apart from its location.

Beautiful hotel, huge rooms and a fabulous setting.

Fantastic evening meals, range of wine & an amazing breakfast buffet all made for a fantastic experience.

The staff are excellent and a credit to their organisation.

Address : Carrer Cavallers, 15, 25002 Lleida, Spain

Rambla Lleida

Very nice hotel, located in the old building of the Lleida station.

The room is clean and well presented.

Buffet breakfast is excellent.

People are welcoming and helpful.

Address : Plaça Ramón Berenguer IV, 1, 25007 Lleida, Spain


Xalet Suis offers several super delicious dishes that start from hot and cold starters, salads, fondues, meats, and fish. There is also homemade dessert which a mix of Lleida fruit with the exoticism of cocoa, chocolate, and cinnamon. Lastly, you can also try a wine to accompany a gastronomic evening. Ferreruela offers cuisine made with local, seasonal, and quality products. They support the traditional economic activities of the region. They use "The Brasa" technique. No doubt, Ferreruela will surely make your day!

Xalet Suis

This is a family run restaurant with extremely high standards without being pretentious.

This restaurant has a long tradition in town.

Quality-fair value ratio, first quality products in a pleasant atmosphere.

There are few tables and this makes it easier for the client to feel at home.

Address : Av. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 9, 25006 Lleida, Spain


The best restaurant in Lleida with perfect presentation, spectacular desserts.

High-quality food, imaginatively-presented in a traditional setting.

Generally tasty, satisfying, and nutritional meal.

They also have amazing local wines.

Waiter service is efficient and attentive.

Address : Carrer de Bobalà, 8, 25004 Lleida, Spain


La caseta de Gretel is such a fairytale cafeteria, it's quite different from the rest of the cafes you might find in Lleida. There are several menu offerings like coffees and homemade sweets including sandwiches and fresh crunchy bread. You can also enjoy jazz music while you come to breakfast or snack in a fairytale atmosphere. In addition, we also recommend you to visit Coffee spoon which has a pleasant environment and friendly staff. There are several menu offerings like coffees and teas. You can also enjoy some sides, like pasta, bread, sandwiches, and etc. It's such a great place to hangout with your buddies.

La caseta de Gretel

A lovely place, with very rich cakes and handmade cookies.

Their handmade cookies and cakes are delicious and they always receive you with a smile and with an exquisite treatment and care.

Cozy, lots of infusions and nice service.

The owner is very kind and humble.

Address : Carrer de Sant Hilari, 12, 25008 Lleida, Spain

Coffee spoon

The best place to have coffee.

The pastries are quality, and the snacks are generous.

There are wide variety of pasta,and the chocolate with churros very rich.

Family and friendly staff, excellent price quality.

Address : Gran Passeig de Ronda, 152, 25008 Lleida, Spain


It's always a good idea to experience something new and enjoy the pleasant ambience. Baba Room might be the right place to visit. The bar opens on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m to 3 a.m except on Sunday 7 p.m to 2 p.m. Club Marrison in a privileged location within an environment and a great offer of leisure and cuisine for all tastes. There is a TV screen to follow the most important sporting events and a large terrace with sofas, tables, and etc. Come with your buddies would be a great idea, feel the sensation on a dance floor with DJ service with a night view of the Seu Vella de Lleida.

Baba Room

Trendy place to have a drink with lovely music.

It is a very nice pub with VIP rooms, which makes it more interesting.

You can choose the one you want from a thousand options and sweets are welcome.

's the place to be of all Lleide.

Address : Carrer Bonaire, 16, 25004 Lleida, Spain

Club Morrison

The bar is very cozy and the terrace very nice.

Great ambience with 80's and 90's music.

Large collection of beer and whisky.

Recommended to go with friends to drink, disconnect and chat.

Address : Av. Alcalde Rovira Roure, 195, 25198 Lleida, Spain


Castell de la Suda is located on the hill of La Seu Vella, behind the old cathedral of Lerida. Its existence has been documented since 882, when Lerida or Medina Larida was occupied by the Saracens. From the Christian conquest, Suda castle is the seat of several extraordinary historical events. In 1150, a marriage bond was held there between the prince of Barcelona and Prince Aragon Ramon Berenguer IV and Petronila de Aragon.

Castell de la Suda

An emblematic place full of so much history,so much architectural art.

It is a unique place to meet and end your day watching the views and having a coffee

100% recommended and mandatory visit for lovers of history, art and architecture.

Nice, if you take your children there.

Address : Plaça Hispanoamèrica, 1, 25004 Lleida, Spain


Font del Roser was constructed in 1778 and 1779. Take a look at the structure, it is made with a carved stone. The walls are attached to an old Dominican monastery, this building presents decorative elements from the classical Baroque period. When the first urban drainage is made with the second branch water, the Roser source is supplied with drinking water.

Font del Roser

Small and beautiful fountain to see it in passing in the old area of ​​Lleida.

Fresh water and good taste, in a fountain with history.

Address : Carrer Cavallers, 15, 25002 Lleida, Spain