Badajoz: Best Things to Do

Pixabay - Photo by Tony Prats

Badajoz is the largest province in Spain, known as a center of medieval age culture and the Moorish architecture wonder.

The Guadiana River in Badajoz stretches as the Portugal-Spain border with numerous economy activities and tourist attractions there.

Badajoz may not be as popular as other cities in Spain, but this does not make it a doubtful destination.

Plenty of historical landmarks can be found in this city, you can also bustling around the downtown to find its uniqueness.

Shopping districts, eateries, parks, and many places are waiting for you to discover.



Badajoz has plenty things to offer even though it is not as popular as other main destinations in Spain. Here you'll be amazed by its Alcazaba of Badajoz, a magnificent 12th century, the largest in Spain, the ruler of the city above Plaza Alta. The magnificent buildings have been a magnet for most tourists that visit Badajoz. There are plenty of others that this city hides and you'll need to explore it all.

Alcazaba of Badajoz

One of the largest Arab monuments in Spain.

Well-appreciated military fortification with a magnificent view.

Interesting place with lots of information dotted along points of the wall,in both Spanish and English.

A must visit, outstanding.

Address : 06007 Badajoz, Spain


The downtown of Badajoz is another great place to see the magnificent buildings. Here you can see the Casas Coloradas (The Red Houses). The Red Houses show off their three characteristic colors of the paintings that cover it, as well as the different geometric drawings that make it unique in the world. This place is one of the most iconic landmarks in Badajoz.

Casas Coloradas

Truly beautiful monument in the area.

The color and decoration of the facades give a beautiful aesthetic dynamic to the square.

A very pleasant place for a break on a terrace.

The square with its bars, a good place to dine or eat.

Address : Plaza Alta, 24, 06001 Badajoz, Spain


If you're looking for something to buy in Badajoz, you can visit The Body Shop. One of many places where you can find interesting items to buy before leaving the city. Here you can also get numerous great items for souvenirs,

The Body Shop

Awesome store for shopping.

The store has very good products and high in natural ingredients.

The attention of the saleswomen is very good.

Address : CC El Faro, Av. de Elvas, s/n, 06006 Badajoz, Spain


Authentic local cuisine at Badajoz is not too sophisticated and is based on the natural superiority of the ingredients. Wild asparagus, golden thistle, truffle, wild mushrooms, and game meat are popular ingredients in local cuisine in Badajoz. Partridge is one of the best and most abundant game meats. This food is cooked in various ways, such as partridge hotpot, marinated partridge and many different stews.


The culture emerged in Badajoz can be seen from the medieval architecture on its buildings. While, the language they speak in Badajoz is dominated by Spanish and some other languages.


The best times to visit Badajoz for ideal weather are March 26th to June 24thorSeptember 10th to November 18th based on average temperature and humidity.


Badajoz has plenty of great places to stay, one of them is Hotel NH Gran Hotel Casino Extremadura. This 5-star hotel offer the best experience of stay in Badajoz, located 10-mins walk from the Guadiana River and public attractions will ease you to get around the city. You can also stay at Hotel Badajoz Center, 4-star hotel in Badajoz's main commercial and business district, minutes from the new Conference Center. They have complete facilities to make your vacation in Badajoz unforgettable.

Hotel Badajoz Center

Excellent hotel centrally located with all amenities.

Rooms large and comfortable, shame the swimming pool is out of order.

They provide fantastic breakfast in a great ambience.

The reception staff on check in are so helpful and friendly.

Address : Av. Damián Téllez Lafuente, 19, 06010 Badajoz, Spain

Hotel NH Gran Hotel Casino Extremadura

Business-style hotel.

Hotel is clean and the rooms are large and comfortable .

The breakfast room has a very nice view to the river and old town.

Their staff are friendly and accommodating.

Address : Av. Adolfo Díaz Ambrona, 11, 06006 Badajoz, Spain


El paso del Agua specializes at Spanish cuisine like tapas and it is said one of the best in town. You can visit this restaurant to get the best experience while visiting Badajoz. There's also Restaurante Marchivirito, a classic restaurant that serves Spanish best cuisines. They have that best atmosphere of being in old town like Badajoz. You can enjoy the warm and delicious food in town.

Restaurante Marchivirito

One of the best kitchens in Badajoz.

Delicious food and phenomenal attention.

It offers seasonal mushrooms very well resolveda and the rice with scallops and prawns very rich.

The waiters are excellent and kind.

Address : Carr. de Cáceres, 37, 06007 Valdebótoa, Badajoz, Spain

El paso del Agua

It is a cozy place where you can enjoy exquisite and very original recipes

The site has a lot of charm is beautiful.

Delicious combinations of flavors and a tasting menu with a very special tableware chosen carefully.

The food very well, prepared and presented and highly recommended.

Address : Calle Sta. Lucía, 2, 06001 Badajoz, Spain


Located right in the middle of the city of Badajoz, across the Guadiana River, Coffee GALLERY serves warm coffee and Spanish specialties with a modern twist. Each choice is the best in terms of taste and quality. WorkShop Café offers quality local cuisine in a classy and comfortable atmosphere. They also serve a daily buffet breakfast, as well as fresh regional cuisine and beautiful views of the city of Badajoz.

WorkShop Café

Cozy and modern place, with round and large tables for coffee and chat with friends.

Very large place, rent classrooms for courses or exhibitions.

They serve delicious coffe and variety of breakfasts.

Excellent service and very friendly and lovely workers.

Address : Calle Fernando Sánchez Sampedro, 29, 06003 Badajoz, Spain


Pleasant cafe in the center of Badajoz.

There is a great variety of coffees, teas and chocolates.

Cake and coffee are both outstanding.

The staff is so kind and helpful.

Address : C/. Felipe Checa n °15, b, 06002 Badajoz, Spain


Rincón Nazarí is an innovative tapas bar that serves unique and creative bites to eat and desserts, too. Accompanied by a large selection of local craft beers. This is the right place to enjoy snacks and a few evening drinks. You can also visit The Irish Tavern Badajoz, an irish bar where you can get another great atmosphere.

Rincón Nazarí

Charming, Muslim style tea or drinks place.

There is a lovely fountain and Its decoration is indeed well-prepared.

Very sympathetic the cocktails are fantastic always accompanied by a bowl with salted nuts and sweet gums.

It alos offers very good tapas with popular prices.

The waiters are excellent and kind.

Address : Calle Manuel Cancho Moreno, 10, 06001 Badajoz, Spain

The Irish Tavern Badajoz

The best place in Badajoz to have special beers or a simple coffee.

Large selection of drinks, snack options, as well as many types of milkshakes and ice cream.

The waiters are excellent in a charming ambience.

It's almost always full, which makes you see that it's worth stopping and having a drink.

Address : Av. Sinforiano Madroñero, 16, 06011 Badajoz, Spain


Puerta de Palmas is perhaps the most representative monument in the city. It consists of a gate arranged in front of the Puente de Palmas. It is one of the most visited places in Badajoz, you can't miss this one too when visiting Badajoz. The Torre de Espantaperros can be your next stop off. It was built by the Almohads in 1170, specifically by the Caliph Abu Yaqub Yusuf (1135-1184). It is located in the east of the Alcazaba de Badajoz and forms the strongest watchtower in the entire enclosure, this tower has a height of approximately 20 meters to the main terrace, and is connected to the city wall through a crenellated step.

Puerta de Palmas

The most beautiful and emblematic monument of Badajoz.

It is advisable to visit the interior with the guides of the tourist office.

And,they make a route the first Sunday of each month.

Visit the interior is surprising and from above there are good views.

Address : Plaza Reyes Católicos, 6A, 06001 Badajoz, Spain

Torre Espantaperros

It is one of the most emblematic places in the city.

All the surrounding space is magnificent and monumental.

For its history and what it represents for the city of Badajoz.

It usually lights up, which gives it more spectacular.

Address : Calle Costanilla, 1, 06002 Badajoz, Spain


Looking for a good place to take pictures? You can visit Archaeological Museum of Badajoz, a museum that displays numerous archaeological items in Badajoz. Here you can learn and find out the history of the city as well. Another good place is Badajoz Cathedral, built in the 13th century by order of King Alfonso X "The Wise" and dedicated to Saint John the Baptist.

Badajoz Cathedral

Badajoz Cathedral is a must for all those tourists who visit this city.

Beautiful both inside and outside,impressive altarpiece surrounded by a carved fence and a beautiful choir.

The altarpiece of the main altar is baroque, attracts a lot of attention.

In the choir area they have three somewhat difficult organs to see.

Address : 06002 Badajoz, Spain

Archaeological Museum of Badajoz

Excellent museum, showing a varied and extensive collection of objects, sculptures and art.

A well managed museum and archeological site.

In itself the interior of the building is very beautiful.

Admission is free and the visit highly recommended.

Address : Plaza José Álvarez y Sáenz de Buruaga s/n, 06002 Badajoz, Spain