Municipality of Mérida: Best Things to Do

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Merida is the capital city of Extremadura, Spain. The city is a place where modern and ancient structures blend together.

ince Merida was founded as a Roman colony, today, there are several traces of the history left such as the Roman Circus of Mérida, Teatro Romano de Mérida, Puente Romano, Acueducto de los Milagros, and the Temple of Diana.

Besides Roman monuments, there is a place where people can learn more about Roman art and history, the National Museum of Roman Art.

What makes Merida even more interesting is its typical dishes that can't also be missed while you're exploring the city.

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Visit the Roman Circus of Mérida and see the remains of a site that used to function for chariot racing thousands of years ago. Today, the historical site that can accommodate more than 30.000 people is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you will find some preserved structures such as the Porta Pompae or main entrance, the tribunal iudicium or the tribunal for the judges, and the Porta Triumphalis or the triumph gate. There's also a museum dedicated to the circus located in the area of the site. Another site that is listed as UNESCO Heritage List in Merida is the Alcazaba of Mérida. Alcazaba of Mérida is a Muslim fortification that was built in the ninth-century snd it features and underground freshwater reservoir.

Roman Circus of Mérida

Impressive and well preserved roman circus.

Plenty of information boards outlining the history.

It is a nice Roman ruin where the Roman's played their horse races.

It is worth paying full admission to see everything.

Address : Av. de Juan Carlos I, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Alcazaba of Mérida

This Alcazaba Ruin is a beautiful historical place.

Fascinating fortress with many interesting features.

Particularly the underground fresh water reservoir.

Worth a visit.

Address : Paseo Roma, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


See the impressive collection of Roman art in Merida at the National Museum of Roman Art. This great museum is a must-visit attraction because here you will be able to see really stunning artefacts, mosaics, and sculptures gathered from the Roman theatre and amphitheatre. Besides the impressive collection, the architectural beauty of the building of the museum itself makes it already worth a visit.

National Museum of Roman Art

An outstanding museum both for its content and architecture.

Some huge mosaics with interesting restoration techniques.

Inside it is truly amazing and shows the artifacts very well on 3 floors.

Lots of info in both Spanish and English.

Well worth the time and effort.

Address : C/ José Ramón Mélida, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Mercadillo de Mérida or Merida Street Market is the perfect place to go when you want to shop in Merida. You will find various items from clothing, fruit, and even vegetable. The market itself is not too crowded, so it's also a perfect place for you who just want to people-watch or see how the locals do their business.

Mercadillo de Mérida

Great place for shopping with reasonable prices.

There is too much space for few exhibitors.

There are clothing, fruit and vegetables.

Address : 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Merida has the title as the Ibero_American Capital of Gastronomic Culture in 2016. The title is well=deserved since Merida has many amazing dishes with quality ingredients such as the Acorn-fed Iberian ham, Cojondongo which is a dish made of tomato, red and green pepper, cucumber, and onion seasoned with oil, vinegar, and salt. Also, don't miss to taste the tasty Extremaduran lamb stew while in Merida. The lamb stew is one of the dishes with the most history in Extremadura.


Merida is a city that has been existing for thousands of years. The city was found by the Roman colony that used to reside in Merida, which used to be called Emerita Augusta. The remains of the Roman colony can be seen from the remaining buildings still exist until today. These Roman monuments are used by the people of Merida as a place for celebrations such as Merida's Easter Week celebrations. During this time, Merida becomes alive with music, art, and color from the historical places the city has.


Peak season: April to October are the best times to visit Merida. During this time, the weather in Merida is pleasant for exploring, since it's sunny and there's very little rain.


Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Hotel Velada Mérida that features interesting facilities that guests can enjoy like an outdoor pool and a bar. You can get easy access to get to Merida's popular attractions such as the Amphitheatre of Mérida and the Roman Theatre since these destinations are only minutes away by walking from the hotel. Parador de Mérida is another hotel that provides easy access to Merida's famous tourist destinations. The hotel that is situated in an 18th-century convent is only 14 minutes away by walking from the hotel.

Hotel Velada Mérida

One of the best choices to stay in the area.

Very big room and a huge bathroom.

The breakfast is great.

Reception staff are very freindly and extremely helpfull.

Address : Av. Reina Sofia, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Parador de Mérida

This is a really nice Parador.

The hotel itself is very busy and has a great atmosphere.

Spotless rooms balcony over looking quiet garden.

Pool is pleasant and at a comfortable temperature.

The foods at the restaurant are superb served by excellent server.

Reception staff has excellent English.

Address : Calle Almendralejo, 56, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Get a taste of the delicious tapas and raciones at A de Arco. The restaurant that is located near the Arco de Trajano monument also offers other tasty dishes such as blood sausage, ham croquettes, pinchos, and bacalao dorado. You might as well order the sweet and yummy desserts at the restaurant like cheesecake, tiramisu, and pancakes. Sapori D'Italia is the perfect place to visit when you want to eat delicious authentic Italian food. This place is well-known for its pizza and pasta. The taste of the pizza at this restaurant is even more delicious since it's baked in a wood-fired oven that makes its taste even richer.

A de Arco

Pleasant restaurant for having a meal with your whole family.

The ambience is charming.

It offers delicious meal,drink,and snack.

The waiters are kind and quick.

Address : Calle Trajano, 8, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Sapori D'Italia

A true Italian restaurant, if you are looking to have a good Italian meal it is the place.

Wonderful table service, pizzas and pastas.

Recommended spaghetti carbonara and eggplant lasagna.

The service by the waiter is fast, friendly and professional.

Address : Calle José R Mélida, 21, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Grab a quick bite before you start your exploration in Merida at the Lemon Pie. This nice and cozy cafe serves very good breakfast menus such as cakes, toast, coffee, shakes, and tea. This cafe is popular among the locals, so you might need to wait for service sometimes, but it will be guaranteed that the wait is worth it. Coffee Bar 4L is another great option to have breakfast. Foods from tapas, toast, pastries, to pancakes, are available to order.

Lemon Pie

It is a pleasant and charming cafe and very popular with locals.

The place is spacious and there are usually many people

A good assortment of teas and coffees served by excellent server.

Delicious homemade cakes, wide variety of healthy breakfasts and with a different touch.

Address : calle José Ramón Melida, 10, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Coffee Bar 4L

Perfect place for breakfast or lunch.

It has tables inside and a large outdoor terrace.

They have a variety of teas of various types of good brand.

Very nice waiters and good price.

Address : Calle Antonio Machado, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Barocco Copas Mérida is a great place for a drink in Merida. There different rooms in this bar, but the most fun is on the first floor where there's a live DJ performance where you can dance to great music. You can also come to Jazz Bar, which is another great place to enjoy tasty drinks as well as live Jazz music performance in a fun atmosphere.

Barocco Copas Mérida

Excellent place to drink something listening to good music.

There are all kinds of drinks, they give you snacks and they give you a spectacular treatment.

The waiters and the bartender do the best.

Address : Plaza Constitución, N 2, Local A, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Jazz Bar

A quiet place to have drinks with good music and good atmosphere.

Typical jazz bar, dingy and authentic.

The bartenders are very friendly and they prepare good cocktails.

The waiters area also kind and quick.

Address : Calle Alvarado, 10, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Teatro Romano de Mérida is one of the most famous landmarks in Spain. The impressive historical site that has been existing since 2.0000 years ago features several structures such as a stage, peristyle, and grandstands. The site is used as the venue for The Merida Classical Theatre Festival from 1993 until today. Acueducto de Los Milagros or the Miraculous Aqueduct is another Roman structure in Merida that was built to supply water to the Roman colony that occupied Mwrida thousand of years ago. The area around the site is a perfect place to spend an evening or a picnic while admiring the sight of the structure that still stands strong to this day.

Teatro Romano de Mérida

Stunning and well preserved historical site used for theater purposes.

It is particularly interesting to walk through the various walkways and into the arena.

Visit the museum and see fabulous mosaic floors suspended like paintings.

Definitely worth visiting if you dig historical sites and appreciate ancient architecture.

Address : Plaza Margarita Xirgu, s/n, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Acueducto de los Milagros

Amazing Roman ruins right in the middle of the city.

The majestic towering aqueduct makes you feel like you are in ancient Rome.

Moreover all the storks are on top of them.

If you are in Merida this is place "must have to see".

Address : Av. Vía de la Plata, S/N, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain


Temple of Diana is a perfectly preserved Roman temple located in the middle of Merida. The temple used to function as the main public area of Emerita Augusta, which was a Roman city that existed thousands of years ago which today becomes the city of Merida. The impressively high pillars make this Romans ruins look magical, especially during the night when it's adorned with stunning lighting. Puente Romano, Mérida, or the Roman Bridge is a historical Roman bridge in Merida that crosses the Guadiana River. This well-preserved bridge is considered to be the longest ancient bridge that still survives in modern times. You can walk through the 755-meter building and enjoy the beautiful scenery that can be seen from the bridge, especially during the sunset.

Temple of Diana

Stunning Roman temple in the middle of old Mérida.

Beautiful connection ancient and conteporary architecture.

There are plenty of bars and restaurants surrounding the temple.

A must see, especially at night.

Address : Oficinas del Consorcio, Calle Sta. Julia, 5, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain

Puente Romano, Mérida

Impressive long Roman bridge with contrasting modern bridge in background.

Well maintained bridge from Romans still in use on foot or bike.

In the middle there is an island with a nice garden for a walk or run.

Good views of river and riverside trails.

Address : Paseo Roma, 1A, 06800 Mérida, Badajoz, Spain