Plasencia: Best Things to Do

Plasencia, Spain - Photo by dgmoreau from Pixabay

Plasencia is a wonderful city in Spain known for the Plateresque architecture of the Cathedral buildings.

Start your wonderful journey in Plasencia by having historical tour at Palacio del Marqués de Mirabel and Acueducto De Plasencia.

Stroll and tour around Plasencia with a beautiful sight of whitestones view in every corner of the city.

Turn on your camera and capture the medival vibe buildings around Plasencia Plaza Mayor.

If you want to enjoy your time alone in a relax atmosphere, Parque los Pinos offers you a quality time strolling in natural surrounding.



Welcome to Plasencia! Start your wonderful journey to Plasencia by having a sightseeing tour in the city. Parque los Pinos is a five-hectares park known for its sparkling natural beauty and relaxing vibes. In the park, you can enjoy sightseeing some beautiful sculptures, native flora, and various kinds of birds habitat to witness. Here you can just stroll around or sit down on the bench watching the sundown.

Parque los Pinos

A unique park, large, very well maintained and full of surprises, where the peacocks are the kings.

Full of peacocks, ducks and wonderful native flora.

Not only peacocks and ducks but a beautiful area with winding path among rocks and exotic trees.

It is one of the most striking places in Plasencia.

Address : Av. de la Hispanidad, s/n, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Strolling around at Plasencia downtown will give you a feeling of stepping back in time. Plaza Mayor in the city center of Plasencia is a great place where you can see and be seen by people. There are many good cafes and restaurants around the area. You can stop by at one of the cafes and enjoy watching people passing by and busy with their activities here.

Plaza Mayor Plasencia

A beautiful square full of life and movement.

Central square of the city where the town hall, several shops, restaurants and cafes are located.

At the weekend, they make a very nice vegetables, fries, sweets and ham market with good opportunities.

The night lighting is very well done.

Address : Plaza Mayor, 5, 7, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


There is not many souvenir shops in Plasencia. But, there is a famous bookshop you can stop by in the city. It is the Tannhäuser Gate library. This bookshop is located in the center of Plasencia. You can find plenty of books of current and classic literature collections here.

Tannhäuser Gate library

It is the most beautiful and interesting bookstore in the beautiful city of Plasencia.

Lots of current and classic Spanish literature.

They always have very interesting editions.

It is a pleasure to be able to enjoy this place, with its strange books, where they encourage the child's love of reading.

Address : Calle Rúa Zapatería, 22, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Have a delightful culinary tour of Spanish cuisine in Plasencia. In every area of the city, you will always find a good Spanish cuisine specialty restaurant. One of the common food you will find in the city is Spanish Migas. It is a bread crumbs dish that is cooked with olive oil and garlic. After it's cooked, then it's flavored with authentic Spanish paprika flavor. It's then served with chorizo and bacon.


Declared as a Cultural Heritage destination, Plasencia's cultural side is always interesting to explore. You can find the heritage-rich around the city center. The downtown is bustling with the white stone buildings around keeping an important history of the Spanish past. Visit the famous cathedral of Plasencia for the richest old-time vibe.


Planning to tour around Plasencia city? It's best to visit Placensia around May and October. Around the time, Plasencia has warm weather that is suitable to travel outside.


Book a room at Parador de Plasencia for the best stay experience in Plasencia. It's a stunning hotel located in the city center of Plasencia. Set in a 15th-century building, this hotel will give you the real Plasencia's vibe of stepping back in time to the medieval period. It has a beautiful garden in the middle of the hotel. There is also a good restaurant and bar here. But if you are looking for a budget stay in Plasencia, Hotel Rincón Extremeño can be the ideal option for you. This hotel offers a comfortable room at an affordable price. It's located really close to Plaza Mayor. This hotel is known to serve high-quality cuisine in its restaurant.

Parador de Plasencia

The history behind this hotel is very interesting and what a beautiful place to stay.

Rooms are modern and clean full of amenities.

Breakfast buffet is abundant and staff is very friendly.

Location is next to very old medieval constructions, walking distance to main square and magnificent cathedral.

Address : Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer, s/n, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

Rincón Extremeño

A friendly hotel in a fantastic location.

The room is big,clean and comfortable.

Breakfast is wonderful.

Address : Calle Vidrieras, 8, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Have an amazing dining experience with a view at Restaurante Succo. This restaurant is situated around the city center of Plasencia. They serve classic Spain cuisines and a good selection of wine. Enjoy dining with the view of locals passing by the restaurant by choosing a seat on the restaurant's patio. But, if you want to dine around the vibrant Plaza Mayor, Espanol restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the area. It is a restaurant plus bar Located right in the center of Plaza Mayor. This bar has a friendly vibe that will make you enjoy your dining here. They serve local cuisines and good tapas here. You can choose to sit inside, but it's more recommended to sit outside to enjoy the Plaza Mayor's atmosphere.

Restaurante Succo

A restaurant with delicious regional dishes.

The plates are beautifully laid out and it tastes excellent.

Various regional dishes are on the menu.

The wine list also features local wines.

Fast and efficient service too It’s easy to see why this place is so highly recommended.

Address : Calle Vidrieras, 7, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

Cafeteria Bar Restaurante Espanol

Its position in the Plaza de Plasencia is a delight to take a few servings or a coffee in summer.

Great quality of food and exceptional treatment of the staff.

The menu is very varied in terms of rations and typical dishes of southern Spain.

The waiters are superb and quick.

Address : Plaza Mayor, 32, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Do you like cheese flavor? If you do, you can take a short break from your long journey in Plasencia by chilling at Amado Charra. Amado Charra is a cafe in Placensia that specializes in making high-quality cheeses. This cafe has a stylish setting with modern decoration. Besides the cheeses, they also have a good selection of fine wine. But, if you are craving for coffee, Café bar Puerta Clavero is where you should head. It is an old-style small coffee bar with a cozy atmosphere in the city. This cafe is known to serve a good coffee and beer selection that will boost up your mood.

Amado Charra

Obligatory stop in Plasencia.

Artisanal cheeses of the highest quality made with great love and impeccable service

Good selection of wines and craft beers to accompany the cheeses.

A must if you like cheese and you pass through Plasencia.

Address : Calle Trujillo, 7, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

Café bar Puerta Clavero

It is coolest coffee shop with perfect coffees.

All the treatment and the quality and abundance of the food.

Quality in coffee (100% Arabica), Iberian acorn-fed ham with knife and large selection of wines and cheeses of different origins.

Address : Calle Clavero, 2, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Spend your evening at El Corral Tiki Bar. It is a cozy bar located in Plasencia's main square. This bar is known to serve good drinks and cocktails that are served with the dedication of the barista. The barista here is known for his hospitality and of course his skill in making cocktails. From classic to craft cocktails, you can enjoy it here.

El Corral Tiki Bar

If you want good cocktails at a reasonable price, served with sympathy,this is right place.

In this bar they make cocktails and drinks very well prepared and served with great dedication.

They are qualified specialists.

Address : Calle Resbaladero San Martín, 8, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Palacio del Marqués de Mirabel is the first place to begin your historical tour in Plasencia. This historical landamrk of Plasencia can be found at Plaza Mayor. It's a private palace where you can tour around enjoying the antique architecture in every room and also a courtyard inside. You can climb to the palace tower and see the overview of the city from an upper side. Another important historical landmarks in Plasencia is Acueducto De Plasencia. It is a 200-feet-long aqueduct bridge situated on the north side of the city. Dates from the 16th century, the great walls here are well-maintained with a charming park inside the border. Feel the real vibe of the medieval atmosphere here.

Palacio del Marqués de Mirabel

Antique building in an old city with a moving story.

Magnificent view of Plasencia from its tower.

Interesting, the guard very friendly and attentive.

Address : Plaza Mayor, 22810 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain

Acueducto De Plasencia

A very beautiful aqueduct and in good condition, nice photo object.

It is wonderful to be able to enjoy such an ancient architecture and think how they arrived at that building.

The park area around the aqueduct has really been kept nice.

It is impressive how the structure is maintained after centuries and everything that has happened.

Address : Av. Salamanca, 4, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain


Everywhere in Plasencia is compact with white stone buildings sight around. Thus, it makes every corner of the city is instagrammable to capture. Plasencia Cathedral is probably everyone's must-visit place for photography worthy. As the most notable buildings in the town, it's worth to pose and capture in front of the cathedrals. The cathedral itself consists of two cathedrals. It's old from the 13th century and the new cathedral from the 1600s. Tour around and discover the beauty of Gothic architecture.

Plasencia cathedral

It is a fantastic cathedral.

Audio tour in several languages, nice mix of building information and history.

It has an immense organ and a very well preserved stalls.

Address : Plaza Catedral, s/n, 10600 Plasencia, Cáceres, Spain